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^ A. Jii L.-m/ 

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VOL. V. 




APRIL 1904 -—JANUARY 1905. -' 

Edited by ;■ : 


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Contents of VoLU-ViC V. 

^'.' .■ 

- v: •■,..■■■-■, -'v^f:," ■-.■-;■•- .■;;'■■■/' ■v-.^-v^'^' ; :\/-\.y ■■'.''■:''. '■'.::' Pages, •• •.,■■ 
Editorials and Correspondence, - - - - - 200 

The Massachusetts Seal, 202, - • . 

Early Records of the First Church in Cambridge, Mass. 

Copied by Stephen P. Sharpies, - - - - 33,65,123,167 

Chadwick Notes, --------- gg 

Coat Armor in the United States, by Eben Putnam - 155 • 

The Fairbanks IIodse in Dedhaai, Mass., by Eben Putnam, 147 

Genealogical Books, - - - - --,- - - 198 

Makiiiaui:.s and DeatiIs in GeoivGia Colony, IVGC-ISOO. 

Compiled from Newspaper Files by William Alfred Bishop, 16, 160 

ViTAi^ PvECORDS FROM THE N. H. Gazette, 1765-lSOO. By 

Otis G. Hammond, r 57, 183 

Genealogical Gleanings in England, by Henry F. Waters. 

Edited and CoJX'pleted by Lothrop Withington, - - ■ 1,99 

Wills. Amerie, . 1-2-3-6; Amery, 5-6; Ammery, 3; Amorie, V- ■ . 

4; Amory, 5-6-7-8: Anderson, 8-10-11-13-14; Andrew, ■• ; " : ' . ^^^ - 
' 99-102-104-105-108; Andrews, 15-105-106-109-110-111-112; ' ■ 
;■': Andrewe, 101-103-108; Andrewes, 100-104-105-106-110-111; ' '■ ,■■:/■:■ 

Androwes, 100-101-103-107; AngeU, 113-114-115-116-118- 
< 119; Anger, 120-121-122; Aungell, 115; Aungier, 122; 

Aynger, 121. ■ , .:-..•- ■■vv:.;:^ :■ ■• :;■;■: Wf-v/:: -;'•:■; ■';:>-,: /:/.i :' -■x^:;:,^l0.- 

Notes in Relation to the Webster Family, - - : ; 89,139,183 

Train Band of Woburn and Watertown, - - - - 150 

Form of Request for Admission as Freeman ■-■■■'''':■■■/:■■■-'■ '■r:''^-'- ' '^ 

Mass, Bay Colony - - - - 199 / 

Brewster, Mass., Notice OF Vital Records OF - - - 192 ' 

Notes and Queries. Alexander, 152; Dana, 195; Gove, 153; ; - . . 

Graves, 153; Griffin, 190; Hume, 152; Knapp, 195; Mat- ^ ■ 

tack-Mattock, 152; McK^nnan, 195; Parker, 152; Ross, : ; ?; ^ 

152; Turner, 152. _ ■:■■:■ ^'':-' . ■ •••:,/ • '■■■\:,:.,\'-- -■' " ■■-'^-^•- ■^'■" •"•^ '''■■■■M:-7'\ 

Book Notices - l ; - -'- - ■ - - 153, 154, 192, 194 



X}., •A'- Series. 

Volume- V^ 


Number L 

\ ^95103 









'N £^ /"'■"^f 

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K*^ "fft"^**.®, ">* ^ 











A r 

Vt 1 t —^ 

APRIL, 1904 

' s-^^^ 

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■i:v^. ., ;c 

.•^...ii^';- •■■' 

The ' Genealogical Quarterly Magazine. 


E tJE,r^ FUi NAfVi, EDTfOR. 

COXTE>. 1 S — 'April, l 904 . 

f CTr-'-r-r-,-> ,-^ 5» ■\-^t ttiT T^r > Ti|-r -m <t ,-^ *-r / tp , ^ T ^ 

ilAVwrti/'GKvS AKjD J^rATHS J A" Ci''OKGCii COI-OrvY. 17G3-1S0O. 

' .^J.,iH£i) BlS>IOi\ v'^oiitiuu^fl ) ^. . . . 16 

J- > — , 

J. * 


MA.SS COPIED 15 Y STEPHEN' P SIiARriji.,S ,Cu itniucd / 1'3 

' ' 0. '• 

Tur (]i} NL^KOOiCAL QuAKi FKLY M Yc, A7INE was estaT)lished ill i8<}0 at. the S.ilein Press Historic il Ciil.'- 
logical Record, which later was cousolidated with Putnam's Historical Magazine and the ISIagaxiijC 
of New England History. 

Annual, subscription, ^3. Siuy;le nunibers, 75 cents. • X^sued quarterly, in Ajjril, Jul\-, OctcbcT-, aad 

January. • ' " . • z^- 

Kii<-er<::d at T.ho Post Ofrict Tit IJoaton • Ma^.s., as bccoud l inaltt.i . ' *" ' '". - . ., " ■•.. 

■ :«.. :T.^<- 





•.•■••-■ ^•- MAG-AZINE. 

Vol. V. April, 1904. ^ No. 1. 


By Henry F. Waters. < ' 

■ ■' (New Series.) 

[Edited, arranged, completed, nnd cross referenced, by Lothrop Withlngton, 
30 Little Russell Street, W. C, London, England.] 

{Continued from Vol. IV, page 264.) ; 

Robert Amerie, St. Marie Mavvdlen in Southwarke, Surrey. Will 
4 March 1597/8 ; proved 15 March 1597/8. To sonne William tene- 
ment, honse.s, and gardens in the Lynche in Vxbridge, Middlesex, in 
occupation of one. White, John Humfrye, Lawrence, and a shoe- 
maker, and others. Have surrendered copyhold lands in Manor of 
Eling, Middlesex, in occupation of John Barker, Richard Nashe, 
Thomas Baker, Rafe Borowes, Thomas Kinge, Thomas Legge, and 
widdowe Snibson, to use of Harmon Kipping and Elizabeth his wife, 
one of my daughters, for life of Elizabeth, if Harmon assine to Eliz- 
abeth his land in Fulham. To Elisabeth's son Robert Rogers surren- 
der of land in Elinge in occupation of John Wilson. To my daugh- 
ter JSuzanne, £100. If Harmon Kipping assme his said lands in 
Fulham to Elisabeth, then to her £40. To George Gregorie £3 yearly 
for life etc. To daughter Elizabeth's children £5 each at 21. To 
William Heyfode of Quid Braynford and his wife 40s yearlie and to 
their children at 21 20s each. To James Jenger of Ham 20s yearelie 
and to his three daughters £3 each. To brother Thomas his children 
20s. each ; to his wife ditto. To my elder brother's sonne William 
Amdrie (sic) 20s and his wife 20s, and lOs yearelie. To Robert 
Fawkener and his wife 20s. To Fryswithe her daughter 20s. To 




2 TFa/^ers' Gleanings — Withington. [April 

^f-- my elder sister's daughter dwelliDg aboute Ricelippe 10s. To euerie 
of my tennaunts that paie under 40s a halfe j^eares rent. To Edward 
Bedell and Henrie Williams of Vxbridge 10s apiece to be aideiiige my 
children in their bnsines. To poore of St. Mary Mawdlins dOs and 
20 yearlie for ten years. To poore of Rislippe 40s and 40s yearlie 
ditto. To poore of St. George his parishe, of St. Saviours, and of 
St. Olaves 20s each. Executor to receive only debts set down in my 
r • ■ hand in book of accompts, to be paid at reasonable times without sute 
and at rate of ten in a hundred. To Edward Hanburie of Braynford, 
John Kirkam of Stanes, William Flie the elder of Helingdon, and 
William Mounsey of Helingdon £3 each. To Thomas Wikens of 
London the elder, £3. To John Hill the elder late of Rickmans- 
worth, 40s. To Thomas Fountainelate of Aylesburie £10. To John 
Bush thelder in the Wick nere Kingstone £5. To Steven Palmer 
of Mortlacke £3. To Robert Hitchmore of Craghton 40s, To wid- 
dow Rennard of Cowlystreate £3. To Michaell Welles wife of 
'"" Vxbridge 40s. To William Fowler of Ham 408. To Thomas Rayner 
thelder of Cowlystreate £3. To Richard Saunders of Mersam, Bucks, 
, £3. To one Rocheforde of Bradstreat grocer 40s. To Richard 
Sackvilde draper in Fridaie Streate 40s. Tochikirenor needfull kin- 
red of Robert Nicholas thelder of Hallondein Riselippe £10. Rest 
to Ronne John, executor. Overseers : My friends William Penfolde 
and Harmon Kippinges. Witnesses : William Penfolde, senior, 
- ■ William Penfolde, junior, Jo: Amerie. Lewyn, 25. 

- •• George Amerie of Bishops Nimett, Devon, yeoman. Will 28 June 

1598 ; proved 6 November 1598. To be buried in church of Bishops 
Nimett. To reparation of said church 13s 4d. To poor of parish 
' ' - ' 20s. Wife Margerie Amerie £10. Son Anthony Amorie £G 13s 4d 
and a brasen pann. Son William Amorie two table boards, two cub- 
• , ords and all my bedsteds. Daughter Alice Sander one cow or 40s. 
for the same. Daughter Agnes Morse ditto. Godson John Amorie 
' ■ ' £20 and every of rest of son John Amorie's children 20s. Son Will- 
-^ iam Amorie's children 20s. apiece. Godson George Sander 40s. 
^ ' John and John Sander 10s. apiece. Rest of daughter Alice Sander's 
-J ' ' children 20s. apiece. Daughter Alice Morse's children 20s. apiece. 

If any children die before 21 or marriage etc. To every of my god- 
children 12d. apece. To old servant Thomas Fooke 20s. To every 
of household servants 6s. 8d. Rest to son John Amerie, executor. 
Witnesses : Richard Conningham Clarke vycar of Bishoppes Nimett, 
. - \YDa xhomas thelder with others. Leivyn^ 94. 


1904] Wafers' Gleanings — Withington. • "3; 

RoBERTE Ammkry of Comb-rew, parish of South Molton, Devon, 
joyrier. Will 15 June 1598; proved 2 May 1601. Brothers John 
Ainmery and Robert Ammery of Stone to settle debts, etc. surplus- 
age or oveiplus for maintenance of j^oungest son Thomas Ammery 
except such a})parell as John and Robert think mcete to be given vnto 
Dorothie Berrie daughter of Richard Berrie late of Colrudge, Devon, 
husbandman. To eldest son Robert Ammery at 21 , lands at Combe 
Rewe. Rest to son Robert, executor. Overseers: brothers afore- 
said. No witnesses. Proved by John Price attorney for sou 
Robert. Ilarte, 100- 

John Amerip: of St. Marie's, Maiden, Essex, gent. Will 3 Octo- 
ber 1612; proved 2 December 1612. To wife Dorothy twenty one 
tenements of manor of Paris Garden with one Shedd and if wife 
decease without issue to my two sisters, Elizabeth now wife of Har- 
man Kippmge, and Susan Jackson widow and then to my sisters' 
children, viz. Elizabeth Jacksun daughter of Susan JackBon and 
Mary, Margaret, and Dorothy Rogers the children of said P^lizabeth 
my sister by her late husband Walter Rogers deceased, and Elizabeth 
Kippiiige and all other children of said sister Elizabeth now living by 
aforesaid Harmon Kippinge. Tenements in Oxbridge als Waxbridge, 
county Middlesex, ditto. Tenements etc. called Leylandcs and 
Syrardes in Pen in Bucks, in occupation of Richard Gosnell gent., 
to wife Dorothy paying at dwelling house of my father in law 
Christopher Hanvvorthe in Maldon £5 yearly each to my sisters Eliza- 
beth and Suson. Also to wife Letteram Mershe and two sheepe, 
houses or colts with the mersh without the wall in Coolinge, Kent, in 
occupation of Robert Barham gent. To sister P^lizabeth Kippinge 
£40, and to her children now living at 21 or marriage £5 each. To 
Sister Suzan Jackson £20 to be paid £5 yearly for four years at said 
house of father in law Christopher Hanworthe, and if Susan die, 
balance to her daughter Elizabeth Jackson at 21 or marriage. To 
said Elizabeth £10 ditto. To children of said father in law Christo- 
pher Hanworthe 40s. each and to his kinsman Thomas Hanworth, 
gent. £5. To sisters in law Alice now wife of Eliza Garington, gent., 
Anuastace nov/ wife of Christopher Steele, Ursula now wife of John 
Edwardes, and Margaret Biewer, widow, rings, etc., and to sister in 
law Anne wife of Robert Pope and her children £5 for apparell and 
other necessaries. To right loving friendes IMr. Anthony Wotton, ' 
Preacher of Godes worde in London and to Mr. Raph Hawdon 

4 v.. Waters^ Gleanings — Withington. [April 

Preacher in Malclon £5 each. To Mr. Robert Smith of London, 
Clarke, Mr. Weight, Clarke, Mr. Harrington at Layer de la Hay, Mr. 
Henry Greenewood, Clarke, John Benson, Clarke, Mr. Symmes, 
Preacher in Lee, Mr. Wilson, Preacher in Rochford 40s. each. To 
Mr. Prost the Dutch Preacher at Colchester 40s. and to his wife 20s. 
To said Mr. Prost all my Musicke Bookes as well printed as written. 
To poore of each of three Maldon parishes 40s. To M'"^^ Walker 
wife of Thomas Walker of Purleigh, gent, M"'^ Gyft'ord of Maldon, 
widdowe, M^^-^ Pyke wyfe of Mr. Edward Pyke, Mr. Peter Hutton and 
Thomas Chese of Maldon, scrivenor, 20s. each. To cozen Richarde 
Peter of Uxbridge 20s. yearly for life, he to collect rents for wife 
Dorothy &c. To two daughters of cozen Peter 20s. each at 21. To wife 
of — Gyuger of Ham, Surrey, if living, 208. Rest to wife Dorothie, 
executrix. Overseers : father in law Christopher Hanworthe, Ed- 
warde Lukyn, gent, vncle George Kinge of Cold Norton and brother 
in law Christopher Han worth the younger. Wife not to be molested 
jn freeholds <fcc. by sisters &c. Witnesses: Thomas AVells, William 
Dodd, Thomas Chese. the writer. Fenner, 112. 

John Amokie of Bisshopp Nimett, Devon, gent. Will 20 January 
1613/4; proved 4 February 1614/5. To be buried in the chaunceil 
of Bisshopp Nimett aforesaid by my wyfe. To Mr. Couinghani to 
be buried by my wyfe 10s. To the poor of the same parish 20s. To 
the poor of Northmolton, Twitchin and Luccomb 10s. each. To Jo- 
hane Butler my daughter wife of SamuelButlerscholemaster of Tiver- 
ton my messuage called Est yeo in Bisshopp Nimett in occupation of 
Roger Werrer' except always reserved to my heir all lumber, etc. for 
her life, paying yearly to my heir 8s. To John Butler son of said 
Samuel Butler and Johane all the said messuage for his life after the 
death of the said Johane his mother. Whereas John Thomas of Bish- 
opp Nimett, yeoman, deceased, grandfather to the said Johane Butler, 
did by his last will give to said Johane Butler, £40, in consideration 
of the same I do give her all my messuage called West Yeo in Bissh- 
opp Nimett in occupation of James Hurford for her life, always ex- 
cepted to my heire all tymber Trees viz. Okes, Asshes, Elmes, and 
gribbles, now growing she paying yearly 4s, and after her death to 
Amery Butler son of said Samuel and Joiiane. To my daughter 
Ellyn 20s. to buy her a cloke to begge withall and to her husband 
George Patridge 4d. to buy him a halter. To daughter Alice Amorie 
£100 at 22, and £60 she is to have by the will of John Thomas her 

1904] Waters' Gleanings — Withington, 5 

grandfather, bedding etc. in wcstcott house aud Lanwells House, 
paire of Iron bound Truceles, butt. Iron excill, cart, slyde etc. To 
Samuel Butler the younger £20 which his father owes me. To every 
god child 12d. To every household servant 6s 8d. To John Study 
his wife and children 10s. each. To Christian Stoddeu 13s. 4d. To 
John Chibbett his wife and children 10s. The rest of all my leases 
which I have of Sir Ames Bampfield knight called Whilcntt, etc., and 
the lease, etc., which I have of Christofer Saverie, Esq., etc. I give 
to John Amorie my son whom I make sole executor. Overseers : Mr. 
Robert Berrie, vicar of Knowston, my brother Mr. Anthony Amorie, 
person of Ashollt, Mr. Christian Raishleighe, aud my brother Mr. 
William Amorie. Witnesses : William Amory, Christopher Rash- 
leighe, John Amorye. Rudd^ 12. 

Amory, 1616. See Cogan (Robert the elder), Stretham, Surrey 
Daup-hter Faith wife of Georsre Amerve and her three children, 
Elizabeth, Thomasine, and Faith. Robert Amery, son of daughter 
Faith, his grandmother's gift. Cope^ 77 . 

Henuy Amkuy, the elder of Abotisliam, Devon, mariner. Will 10 
June 1623 ; proved 17 February 1623/4. To wife Marie lease of 
Little Weare in parish of Weare Gifford, Devon, for life, then to my 
three sons Henrie Amerie, Gabriel Amerie and Salathiell Amerie. my 
interest in lease of messuaoe orchard and Burage or close in or neere 
High streete, Towne of Bediford, Devon, after decease of my father 
in law John Lendon, to my three daughters Philipp Amerie, Grace 
Amerie and Hannah Amerie. My estate in Radeford and Buckpool 
in Abbotesham to my daughters Hannah Amerie and Hester Amerie. 
To daughter Phillip Amery £15 at 21 or marriage. To daughter 
Grace Amery £18 ditto. To daughter Hannah Amery £20 ditto. 
To daughter Hester Amery £25 ditto. To three sons Henry Amery, 
Gabriel Amery, and Salathiell Amery, all my part of the Ship named 
Senobia. Residue to sons Henry Amery, and Gabriel Amery execu- 
tors. Overseers : Thomas Leach and Roger Garde of Bediford. 
Witnesses : William Phillips, Thomas Leach, Roger Garde, Richard 
Shere. Proved by Gabriel Amery, with power reserved to son 
Henry. " Byrde^ 13. 

William Amory of Swaynbridge, Devon. Will 20 January 
1623/4; proved 14 February 1624/5, To poor of Swaynbridge, 
£10. To my wife £4 yearly for life etc. and after her decease to 

Waters* Gleanings — Withington, 


remain to her son William and to him I give two table bords, etc., 
and forgive him £5. To my daughter Alice Joyce all my house- 
hold goods remaining at Whitton. To all my children, sons or 
daughters, 10s apiece. To George Sannder my kinsman 20s. To 
all my servants remaining with me one year 10s. apiece. Residuary 
legatee and executor : my son Bartholomew Joyce. Overseers : my 
brother in law William Joyce and m}^ gossip Edward Bowde. Wit- 
nesses : Edward Bowden, William Audrewe. Clarke^ 19 . 

Edward Amerie of March, Isle of Elie, county Cambridge, yeo- 
man. Will 5 September 1625 ; proved 18 October 1625. To be buried 
in St. Windred's church in March. To sonn Robert Amerye ''All my 
Landes that houldeth of the Gannick hold both coppie and free and 
one Acre and a halfe lyiuge at Broadgate, and is of the Ducheshold, 
more 1 give him all my Truncks and vessells lyeinge in Berry St. Ed- 
monds." To daughter Maro;arett her three eldest sonnes £10 at 21. 
To Edward Amery, Anne Amery, Elizabeth Amery, Robert Amery, 
and John Amerye, children of sonn Robert Amerye £6 between them at 
21 . To sonn William Emery nineteen acres of free Land in Sutton St. 
James and nineteen acres of coppj^hold adjoining and tv,'o acres in St. 
Marie Tidd, but if he die before 21, then nineteen acres to my two, 
daughters Elizabeth Amery and Ann Amery and rest to son Edward 
Amery in fee simple. To wife Elizabeth Amerye for life or widowhood 
all houses and Lands unbequeathed lying in iNIarch, but at decease or 
marriage, freeholds to son Edward Amerye, but if he die before 21, 
to two daughters Elizabeth Amery and Anuis Amerye, and copihold 
ditto to son William Amerye. To daughter Elizabeth at marriage or 
21 £60. To daughter Anne Amerye ditto. Rest to wife Elizabeth 
Amerye executrix. Supervisors : John Sheppard, and sonn Robert 
Amery. Have made surrender of coppiholds to John Neale senior 
and Thomas Ward in presence of John Sheppard, Robert Conny, t^.n- 

ants of mannor of . Witnesses: Thomas Ward, John Neale, 

John Sheppard, Robert Conny, Robert Ambry. Clarke^ 116. 

Amory, 1626. See Rogers (Richard) of Aldenham, Herts. Will- 
iam Amery, eldest son of daughter Grace. Her other children John, 
Anne, and Johanna. - Hele, 8. 

RoHERT Amery of South Molton, Devon. Will 2 August, 1626 ; 
proved 27 November 1626. To poor of South Molton 20s. To brother 

1904] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 7 

Thomas Amery's son Robert Amery 403 and to his dafter Mary 
20s. To Thomas Gonne's four daughters £4. To Robert Amery 
sou of Couiro and to his three dnughters £3. To sister Tamsoing 
Amery £5. To brother Thomas Amery £5 to be paid him after decease 
of my mother. To Mackling Locke one lame. To sister in law Mar- 
garet Amery one Ewe sheep. To my three sisters Richard, Elizabeth" 
and Tamsoing all my interest in a tenement called Forde Downe after 
decease of my mother. Executor : motlier Margaret Amery. Over- 
seers and witnesses : Thomas Amery and Thomas Gonne. To Mar- 
garet Gorde, Robert Gorde 12d. each and Henery Games 2s 6d. 

* ^ Hele, 119. 

. Amory, 1627. Sec Mellish (Robert), Sandersted, Surrey. Faith 
Amery wife of George Amery, Salter. Robert Amery son of George 
Amery of London, salter, whose grandfather was Robert Cogan 
deceased. Robert Coi?an gave to Robert, Elizabeth, Thomazine, 
and Faith Amerye, children of his daughter Faith Amery wife of 
George Amery my niece, etc. Skynner^ 27. 

Amoky, 1654. See Lisle (Amye) S' Mary le Strand als Savoy, 
widow. Grandchildren Thomas, Edward, Charles, Benjamin, Wil- 
liam, Anne and Hester Amerye sons of Edward Amerye and Hester 
his wife, Alchin^ 21. 

■ Thomas Amory of Southmolton, Devon, yeoman. Will 26 Jan- 
uary 1655/6; proved 5 June 1656. To cousin Margarett Amory 
daughter of sister Elizabeth Amory £12. To cousins Margarett, 
Honour, and Elizabeth Gunn, daughters of sister Richoured Gunn, 40s 
each. To cousin John Shaxton, son of sister Thomasin Shaxton, 10s. 
To cousin Robert Clot worthy 10s. To late servant Michael Breyley 
308. To godson Robert Tapp 5s, and other godchildren 2s 6d each, 
etc. To poor of Southmolton 12d. weekly in bread for 15 years on 
Sonday at end of divine service by sonne of Robert Amory. To 
cousin Elizabeth Amory now wife of William Lake 20s, and to her 
daughter Johane Lake 20s. To son Robert Amory and his wife 
Mary jointly goods, but if Robert die without child to cousin Robert 
Amory son of sister Elizabeth Amory. Codicil same day. To 
grandchild Robert Amory £60. All goods to sonne Robert without 
condition. Witnesses: John Hobbs of Southmolton, Bald. Wiles, 
Robert Amory. Second codicil 12 February 1655/6. Revoke 20s. to 


8 «,, Walers' Gleanings — Withington, [April 

Robert Clotwortby and 2s 6d to god.children and adds 5 years to bread 
of poor. Witness: Bald. Wiles. Berkeley ^ 208 . 

Thomas Amory, of Galy, Co. Kerry, Esq. Will 3 August 1666 ; 
proved 3 April 1 Q>(j'!:^. To wife Elizabeth two-sixths of persouall estate 
and one-third of reall estate during natural life. To daughters Eliza- 
beth and Lucy another two sixths of personal estate betwixt them 
at IG or day of marriage. As personall estate in Ireland is '' subject 
to Casualties of Warr or Rebellion, daughters to enjoy one-third of 
reall estate till marriage portions are as above etc., the said one-third 
to Sonne Thomas. As wife Elizabeth may be now^ with child, said 
child to have equal share etc. To brothers John, Robert, Henry, 
and Jonathan and sisters Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, one sixth of 
personal estate, brothers at 21, sisters at 21 or day of marriage* 
To Sonne Thomas one-sixth of personall estate etc. Executors : my 

■ three children, but guardians during minority my good friends 
[Michael Boyle] the Lord Chancellor of Ireland that novv' is and the 
now Lord Bishop of Corke [Edward Synge] for managing estate and 
breeding children in Protestant Religion. Witnesses : Tho : Sher- 
ley, Ric. Huyshe, James Yard. Codicill to my will at Dublin in hands 
of Mr. Richard Huyshe at Dublin in my sicke Bed, 16 May 1667. 
Provide for maintenance of Father, Mother, sisters Mary and Anne, 
and brothers Henr}^ and Jonathan. To uncle Robert Elliatt, £20. 
To Captain Crispin £50. Witnesses: Ant. Mulshenoge, Da. Fz : 

' Harrie. If I have any more children, then is my will in Dublin to 

share alike. Witnesses : ditto. Administration to Raymond Fitz 

Morris, Esq. guardians of minor children Thomas, Elizabeth and Lucy 

Amery. Proved again 13 July 1686, by son Thomas. 

, V Hene 39^ and Lloyd^ 91. 

Isaac Amyand, 1739 (Henchman, 250). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 602. - ■ .'■■.;;-•.-.:■ ^■>- :. :.-\^;:v ■-: ■ 

Andkrson, 1598. See Garwaye (Katherine), late of London, 
widow. Son Henry Anderson and bis daughter Katherine and son 
Richard Anderson. . ^ \ L Kidd^ 18. 

Sir Hknry Andkrson, Knight and Alderman of London. Will 
1604 ; proved 23 May 1605.' To be buried in St. Ollives in the 

Ould Jury in vault made for wief. Executor to pay legacies in 
schedule annexed. To company of Grocers to make a dynner on 



1904] Waters' Gleanings — Withinglon. .9 

day of buriall £26 13s 4d. To said company £100 to be employed 
for two yonge men, one a merchant the other a retayler, from two 
years to two yeuro forever. To Katlioriiie Fcbrldgc als Hill, 
daughter of John Febridge deceased, one of the sister's daughters of 
William ITopton deceased, £50 at 21 or marriage, and £5 yerelie 
to her bringing up. The childes parte coming to my daughter 
Katherine wife of Thomas Dereham already advanced to be im- 
ployed in landes to remaiue to Katherine for life, then to their sonne 
Henry Dereham, but if sonu Dereham goe about to outhrowe this de- 
vice, then to be left to get it by lawe, which I accompt he can not. 
'*Backhous" in Norffolck to be part of Innde for daugiiter Katherine 
at rate of £G00 1 paid for same. Remainder to my six children, the 
£1000 advanced at marriage to two daughters Katherine and Elizabeth 
to be deducted. Executor: onllie son and heir apparent Ricliard, to 
whom one third of land, and other two thirds (" Backhouse " in 
West Dereham, county Norfolk, excepted) for three years to pay debts 
and legacies, then without condition. To executor also best basen and 
ewer, chayne of gould, best Dyamond, my sealeof Amies and pearles 
bought of Sir Frauncis Sherry, also small iewell with dyamonds, best 
Tapestry carpet, one longe cushen with two shorte cushens whereon 
ijiy Armes are set. To my four daughters, Elizabeth, Fraunces, Sara, 
and Marie, my mannor of Corningham, Essex, for lives, then to their 
heirs male. To daughter Katherine, as before mentioned. Goods 
in two partes, as by laudable custom of London, one for selfe, one 
for five daughters. Schedule annexed. To sixty poore men for 
gownes, and thereof four of the auncient Saunder beaters. To 
church of Christes Hospitall £50. To poore of St. Bartholomewes 
hospitall in Smithfield £10. To poore of the Compters in the Poul- 
try and Woodstreate £10. To poore of Warde of Colmanstrete £5. 
To poore of Bitterly, Salop, 40s., of Chiswick, Middlesex, £5, of 
Warde of Aldersgate £5. To my aunte Sprat, widow, 408. To 
cosen Bringborne her daughter 40s. To poore schollers in Oxford 
and Cambridge £13 6s 8d. To poore of French and Dutch church 
£3 6s 8d. To Frauncis Kidd, scrivenor, 406. To cosen Garlandes 
wife in Southwark 40s. To goodman Browne of Chiswick 40s. To 
Anne Tomson, servaunte with M"^ Turfett £6 139 4d. To mother 
Bowyer for a ringe aud gowne £10. To Sir William Spencer and 
Lady for gownes £10. To Sir William Bowyer and Lad}^ ditto. To 
my brother Trott and wife ditto. To brother Robert Ijowyer and 
wife ditto. To brother Fraunces Bowyer and wife ditto. To sonne 
and daughter Dereham ditto. To sonne and daughter Cowley ditto. 



10 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [April 

To Jeffery Massey, William KcUet, and servaunte Richard Dick 
gownes of £5 value. To Phillip Dairkius and Reddith Jones and 
wives for gownes f 10 ea'^h. To serva'inte ThoiTif^s Jones a cloake 
and £8. To servaunts John Tither and Thomas Jones cloaks and 
£3 Gs 8d each. To Anne Totye a gowne of 40s. and £8. To some- 
time servaunt Anne Rowe £3 6s 8d. To servaunts Dorothie and 
Sisley gownes and £3 6s 8d each. To Richard the boy a coate and 
£3 6s 8d. To Mr. William Walker, Preacher, gowne of £3 6s 8d 
and 33s 4d. To Mr. Heward and Mr. Travis, Preachers, gownes of 
ditto. To cosen Bradford of Ludlowe £3 68 8d. To widow Slack 
gowne of 40s. To widow Booth of St. Bartholomewes gowne of 20s 
and 20s. To brother and sister Bressey and brother and sister 
Fraunces Garway gowns of £10 each. To cosen ISkinner and wief 
for gowns £10. To Arnold Child a Cloke of 40s and to his wife a 
gowne of £3. To cosens Arthur, Humfry, Robert, and Elizabeth 
Robinson of Rowsam £5. To my friend Beniamine Decroe £4. To 
M^. George Robinson of Rowsam £5. To Sir Stephen Soane, Kniglit, 
gown of £5. To Sir Edmund Anderson, Lord chief e Justice, and 
Ladie £5 for ringes. Towards bringing water to warde of Aldersgate, 
if done in seven years, £50. To Sir Henrie Mountague, Knight, and 
his Ladie for gowns £10. To Mr. Nowell Sotherton and Mr. W^illiam 
Gaylle, my deputies, gowmes. To the Beadle a cloke. To children of 
Henrie Farrington at age or marriage £20, To godsonns Henry 
Garwey and Henry Ilobinson rings of 40s. Overseers: Sir Edmund 
Anderson, Sir William Spencer, Sir Henry Montegue, and ))rethren 
M"^ John Cavill Esq. and Mr. Thomas Garwey. Executor : Sonne 
Richard. No witnesses. Hayes ^ 2S. 

Thomas Anderson of Earl's Colne, Essex, yeoman. Will proved 
1610(?). Mrs. Margaret Harlakinden my mistress. Mrs. Mabell 
Stoner wife of Clemence Stoner, Esq. Mrs. Jane Lawson. Mr. Thomns 
Harlakinden and every one of his children. Mr. George Harlakinden 
of Nether Yeldham and William Harlakinden his son. Richard, 
Helen, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, and Anne Harlakinden, son and daugh- 
ters of Richard Harlakinden, niy maister. Roger Harlakinden, the 
son of my maister. 

Arch. Colchester, bundle Jolly {1609-1612), No. 39. 

^V:^^ ■ : "■:-'^:"' '■ . \ 

Anderson, 1617. See Bressy (Edmond) of Wootton, Bedford- 
shire, gent. Kinsman Sir Richard Anderson, knight, executor. 

Meade, 5. 


1904] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 11 

•; . ::v-A'^^ * . ■; ■• '■:■:■:/. 

Anderson, 1621. See Meene (Henry) of All Saints, South Elm- 
ham, yeoman. Child which Nicholas Anderson had by my sister 
Anne. Arcli. Sujjolk^fde 1621^ No. 74. 

Dame Magdalene Anderson, Charterhouse churchyarde, London, 
widow, late wife of Sir Edmund Anderson, Knight, hite lord Cheife 
Justice of the Common Pleas. Will 2 G March 1617; proved 21 Janu- 
ary 1622/3. To grandsonne Edmund Sheffeild, Esq., son of my sonne 
in lawe Sir John Sheffield, Kt.. 60 ounces of plate. To my daughter 
Ladie Margarett Monnson, wife of Sir Tho : Monnson, Kt. and 
Harronet, £100 in gold and one peece of guilte plate my said 
daughter did like very well of, with a cover formerly the late Lord 
Chancellors, alsoe the custodie of a white linnen quilt she vsed in 
childebed to be left for an Earlome and one Diamond Ringe. To 
grandchild the Ladie Bridgett Leedes wife of Sir John Leedes, Kt., 
bedding, etc., for her maidens to lodge and my best chaine set with 
pearle to wear for my sake. To my daughter Ladie Kathren Booth 
wife of Sir C-reorge Booth, kt. and Banonet, my gould booke which 
was the Ladie Stranges, alsoe one diamond Hinge. To daughter the 
ladie Elizabeth Farmer, wife of Sir Hatton Farmor, knight, peece of 
plate of 30 ounces. To sonns of Sir Edmund Bell, knight, by my 
daughter in law Elizabeth Anderson his wife ditto. To grandchild 
William Booth Esq., son and heir of Sir George Booth ditto of 20 
ounces. To grandchild Anne Vernon daughter of my daughter ladie 
Booth, a Carknett. To grandchild Ladie Booth's second daughter 
my tablet of gould. To sonne William Andersonne Esq. featherbed s 
and hangings at Redborne and a suite of Damaske. To John Monn- 
son Esq., son of my son in law Sir Thomas Monnson, £100 Sir 
Thomas owes. To grandchildren Thomas Monnson, Ludovick Monnson, 
and William Monnson, sons of Sir Thomas Monnson, a spurryall 
each. To Edmund Anderson, son of my son William Anderson Esq. , 
and to the daughter of William Anderson, each 20 ounces of plate. 
To my sister the ladie Rawleigh my border of Gouldsmith worke min. 
gled with black. To Sir John Rotheram, knight, a peece of plate of 
30 ounces. To nephew Sir Edward Raleigh, knight, ditto of 20 ounces. 
To goddaughter Magdalen Monnson, daughter to my daughter Ladie 
Margeret Monnson, my third border of gouldsmith's worke set with 
pearle and best bedsted at Ealinge given me by Mr. Vanghan, silk 
quilt, testerne vallence, etc. To nephewe Cheyney Rotheram £10. 
To cosen Ladie Mary AVilliamsonne 20 ounces of plate. To cozen 
Roger Andersonn his wife ditto, and to his sister and brother Eliza- 


12 Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [April 

beth Andersonn and William Andersonn £10 each. To Ladie Spill, 
man wife of Sir Heury Spillman, knight, one deathes head and a ringe- 
To cozen Robert Anderson his wife plate of 20 ounces. To children 
of cozen Robert Davenport £10. To cozen Sampson and wife, bed. 
ding etc. To cozen Siizan Tooley 20 ounces of plate. To Mr. Rich- 
ard Gadbury and wife £tO. To sister Smith's daughter plate of £10 
or £10 in money. ToDuglas Sheffeild, above the £100 my late hus- 
band gave, £200 to be disposed by executor till she is 18 or marriage ; 
if she die, then to her sisters. To said Duglas Sheffeild second best 
bed at Ealinge, chaiers, stooles, creepers, fyer pann, tongues and 
other furniture in the cliamber; also little basin and silver candle- 
stick which I usually have in my chamber etc. ; also a silver tonne 
and porringer, Cambrick sheetes, headsheet, pillowbeers, and things 
belonging to child bed ; also one suite of Damaske and one of plaine 
lynnen. To goddaughter Magdalene Leeds daughter of my grandson 
Sir John Lccdc.::, lint, one high standing potte guilte in my ciistodie 
in panne (i. c, pawn), and if redeemed then 20 markes, also bed etc. 
To Jane daughter of said Sir John Leedes all white plate of her 
mother's 1 have in hand upon money lente. To grandchild Magdalene 
Sheffeild and Ann Sheffeild, two of the daughters of sonne Sir John 
Sheffeild, bed etc. To Ursula. Sheffeild daughter of ditto 20 ounces 
of plate. To Mr. William Gragg £5. To Mrs. Ann Symes ringe 
with deathes head. To Ellen Giil wife of John Gyll £3. To William 
Ranckocke and wife 40s. To Elizabeth Harrison deathes head ringe 
or a jacobus peece. To Magdalen Sparke ditto. To Elizabeth Mars- 
ton 20s. To servant Elizabetli Burd £10 etc. To servants Henry 
Bragge, Robert More, and Dorathie Cockett wages due. To Alex- 
ander Crackmore £10 he oweth me. To poore of St. Pulchers in 
London £20. To poore of Eyworth £10. 1 devise blackes to my 
children, grandchildren, servantes, and'as many poore women as I 
shalbe years of age at my death. Executors to sett a Tom))e for their 
father and me in Eyworth church. To servant John Smithe wages 
and £10. If I die before His Majestic has granted wardshipp of 
grandchild Edmond Anderson Esq. to Sir Stephen Soames, Knt, and 
myeelfe, I humblie desire his Ma''"' grantt wardship to Sir Stephen 
and my son William Anderson, Esq. Rest to sonne William Ander- 
son, Esq. and daughter Ladie Margarett Monnson, wife of Sir 
Thomas Monnson, executors. Overseer: Sonn Sir Robert l^ooth, 
Knt. and Baronet, and Raphe Whitfeild, Esq. Witnesses: Raphe 
Whitfeilde, William Blawe, Thomas Crawley, John Smith. 

Swarm, 3, 

1904] Waters' Gleanings — Withmgton. 13 

Sir Richard Anderson, 1632 (Audley, 86) . See Waters* Gleanings, 
page 363. v -xv 

Anderson, 1641. See Shcppavd (Thomas) of Maldon, Bedford- 
shire, gent. Friend Henry Anderson of Pentley. Evelyn^ 133. 

Penelope Anderson, daughter of Sir Richard Anderson deceased. 
Will 3 July 1652 ; proved 9 July 1652. To be buried in Old Jewry 
by my sister and other friends. To most deare mother the Lady 
Anderson ringe of £20. Three brothers. Sir Henry, Robert and 
John, each ringes of 20s. To sister Peyton ditto. To sister Warren 
ditto. To sister Bridget Anderson watch of £10. To deare friend 
Mrs. Bridgett Saunge ringe of £20. To Mr. Anthony Hawles the 
Divine £10. To Mr. Robert Mossam ditto £60. To the Lady Spencer 
ringe of 20s. To uncles Mr. Richard Spencer und Sir Edward Spen- 
cer ditto each. To cosen Margaret Spencer, daughter to my Lady 
Spencer, ditto. To cosen Mr. Thomas Bowyer of the Old Jewry 
ditto. To bi'otUer Dr. C'ro^ydoii £40. To iollowinge 5 deuines, the 
Bisshopp of Kilmore, Doctor Brough Deane of Glocester, Doctor 
Dowe, Mr. Goddard, and Master Maxwell, Divines, £25. To poore 
of Old Jewry £5. To poore of Tring and Abury what brother Sir 
Henry Anderson owes for plate which my Lady Spencer gave at my 
christeninge. Executor: George Croydon, M. A. Witnesses: An- 
thony Hintou, Dorothy Johnsou, John 'J'abor. Bowyer^ 200. 

Sir Henry Anderson of Pendly, Herts. Will (undated) proved 
12 August 1653. To be buried in parish of Tring without Pompe 
Loving wife Dame Gertrude Anderson sole executrix. To dear 
mother Dame Mary Anderson £10 for Ring. To sisters Paten, 
Warren, and Bridgett Anderson and brothers Robert Anderson and 
John Anderson £5 each ditto. To wife coach and coach horses, 
plate, furniture of two Roomes, and half the linen she lately marked 
with her owne mark. To cosen John Bowyer £10 for mourning and 
best Nagg or gelding. To Mr. Moses Lee £20. To Mrs. Lydia 
Rycraft £100, and Anne Price and Elizabeth Bettam £20 each. To 
Sir Brockett Spencer of Ofley, Baronet, William Bowj'er of Denham, 
Esq. and Henry vSeser of Benington, Esq. £10 each. To cosen 
Thomas Bowyer of Old Jewry and cosen Richard Hall £5 each. Son 
Richard Anderson charged upon my Blessing to make choice of Said 
Sir Brockett Spencer, Mr. William Bowyer, and Mr. Henry Seser, 
and my deare wife as his guardians. If he refuse, then to daughter 
Elizabeth £2000 more out of Manor of Norton wife to have refusal 


14 . Waters^ Gleanings — Witltington. [April 

of lauds during son's minority now used with Pendley. Friends Mr. 
Thomas Bowyer, Mr. David James, and l\Ir. Richard Hall to see 
that daughter Elizabeth has the profitts when the £2000 shallbc paid 
etc. To iNlr. David James £10. To Waller Church £5. To Willis 
Gardner £30. To Will Grey and Francis Dunckley £10 each. To 
poore of Tring £3, of Wiggenton and Abury 40s. each. To servants 
half years wage. Rest to sou and daughter to be divided by execu- 
trix. To Mr. Thomas King, Phisition, £5. Witnesses: Thomas 
Kinge. p]lizabeth Cocks, and Mary Fo-wler. Brent^ 378. 

The Honorable Dame Mary Anderson, widow of Richmond, 
Surrey. AYill (nuncupative) 2 June 1658; proved 1 July 1658. Mr. 
Robert Anderson, Mr. John Anderson, Mrs. Peynton, Mrs. Warren, the 
Lady Sejnnoure, Mr. Edward Seymoure, her grandchild, and Mr. IMar- 
riott and his wife each rings. Mr, Thomas Seymoure and Mrs. Mary 
Seymoure, son and daughter of Mr. Thomas Seymoure £100 each out 
of money in I\Ir. Robert Anderson's hands. Rest to grandchild Mrs. 
Dorothy Seymoure, daughter of said Mr. Thomas Seymoure, execu- 
trix. Debt due from Mr. Henry Durham £160. To be buried by 
her husband. To executrix a Truncke of linnen in Mr. Sadler's 
hands at Salsbury. Witnesses : Reginald Marriott, Jone Hall, 
Barbara Marriott. Codicil 30 June 1658. Dame Mary Anderson 
did declare debt owing to Mr. Hardwicke and Mr. Stokes for dyett 
for said Mr. Thomas Seymoure and said Mrs. Mary Seymoure to be 
paid out of legacies. Wootton^ 886. 

Henry Anderson, 1676 (Bence, 10). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

John Anderson, 1678 (Reeve, 10). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

David Anderson lately of Boston in New England, administration 
granted 9 January 1677/8 to Robert Thomson, Esq. principal cred- 
itor. [These letters were brought in and renounced. Administra- 
tion as if intestate granted in month of February following.] David 
Anderson lately of Boston in New England, but upon the high seas 
deceased. Administration granted 29 January 1677 to Robert 
Thomson, Esq., principal creditor. David Anderson late of Charles- 
town in North America. Administration granted 20 February 1677 
to John Phillipps, attorney for Catherine Anderson, now in parts be- 
yond the seas, relict. Admon. Act Book, 1678, folios 4, 7, cmd 10. 


Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 


Andrews, 1580. See Sawer (Roger) one of portmen of Towd and 
Borough of Orford. John AndreAvs of Great Yernemoiith, Norfolk, 
aud sister Mary his wife. Arch. Suffolk j Book 28, folio 21. 

Andrews, 1583. See Kinge (John) of Week St. Lawrence. 
Richard son of William Androwes husband of daughter Margaret. 

Butts, 13. 

Andrews, 1585. See Gun (Joan) , of 01n3^e, Bucks, widow. Alice 
Androwe daughter of Richard Androwe at day of marriage. 

Arch. Bucks, register 1584-9, folio 25- 

Andrews, 15S5. See Kinge (William). Margaret Andros my 
wife's kinswoman. Ditto, folio 64. 

Andrews, 1587. See Ashe (John), gent. Elizabeth Andrewes. 

Ditto, register 1587. 

- JoHANE Andrew^, 1593 (Levyn, 5). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 603. 

Andrews, 1597. See Cuthbert (Alexander), Owndell, Northamp- 
ton. Cozen William Androe and his wife. Lewyn, 14. 

(To he continued.^ 




Note. — First printing preea in Georgia wae set up In 1763, and on April 7, 1763, appeared 
the first issue of the " Georgia Gazette." 

(Continued from Vol. IV, page 394.) 

Deaths, 1794. 
Thursday, June 26. 

Died lately in England, Mrs. Tattnall, wife of Josiah Tattnall 
sen., Esq. . '. 

Thursday, Sept. 11. 

Died at Laurel Hill, in MTutosh Co., on "Wednesday, the 13th ult., 
Mrs. Hester Jane Baillie, the wife of Alexander Baillie, Esq. 

Thursday, Oct. 9. 

Died, at her plantation on Wilmington Island, Mrs. Jane Barnard. 

In this city, Mr. Lawrence Cummin. 
Thursday, Nov. 13. ; /, ■,.:^^,,,.,p>,.--....-^ 

Died last Tuesday morning, in this city, on his way to Augusta, 
James Spalding, Esq., member of assembly for Glynn County, in the 
60th year of his age. 

'" ' Marriages, 1795.* 

Thursday, Mar. 19, 1795. 
- . - Married, Dr. George Jones to Mrs. Campbell, widow of the late 

- . Macartain Campbell, Esq. ■ -^'--'■: ■.-■■-: ■■.■■,"^:.--'---y:--:.'^'-\'. - ■ 

Thursday, Apr. 2, 1795. 

Married last Saturday Mr. William Hunter of this city, merchant, 
to Miss Peggy Glen, daughter of John Glen, Esq. 

♦All notices prior to this date are from the Georgia Gazette. Hereafter an asterisk 
— ' will denote tliat entries bo designated are taken from the Columbian Museum ami 

Savannah Advertiser. 


1904] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colonij. 17 

Thursday, May 7. r 

On the 12 iilt. was married, at Mulberry Grove Plantation, by the 
Rev. Mr. M"Caule, John Clarke Nightingale, Esq., of Providence, 
Rhode Ishiud, to Miss Martha Washington Greene, eldest daughter 
of the late Major General Greene. ■ , 

Thursday, iSept. 10. 
Married, Mr. James Flint Bowen to Miss Anne Innes. 

Thursday, Oct. 15. 

Married, in Liberty Co., Mr. John Elliott, son of the late Col. John 
Elliott, to Miss Hetty Dunwoody, dau. of James Dunwoody, Esq. 

Thursday, Nov. 12. 

Married, on Thursday last, at Belleville in Mcintosh Co., Thomas 
Spalding, Esq., to Miss Sally Leake, daughter of Richard Leake, Esq. 

Thursday, Dec. 24. 

In South Carolina, Jacob Wood, Esq., of this state, to Miss Sarah 
Sanders Smith, dau. of James Smith, Esq., deceased. 

At the plantation of Hampton Lillibridge, Esq., near this city, Mr. 
James M'Intosh, to Miss Offat. 

Deaths, 1795. 

Thursday, Jan. 1, 1795. 

Died, in Liberty Co., William Quarterman, Esq. 
In this city, Mr. John Gilbert. 

Thursday, Feb. 26. - V 

In this city, Mrs. Mary Bullock, widow of James Bullock, Esq. 
At Belmont plantation, Mrs. Miller, wife of Mr. John Miller. 

Thursday, Mar. 19, 1795. ^^ : v 

Deaths in Marion Co., South Carolina. 

Gen'l Francis Marion. 

In this city, Mrs. Martha Young, widow of the late Isaac Young^ 
Esq. ■; ".;. 

At his plantation near Augusta, Mr. Briton Dawson. 

Thursday, June 4, Mrs. Eliza Dolcho, wife of Dr. Frederick 

Thursday, June 11. 

On Tuesday evening, died in this city. Sir George Houstoun, Bart., 
a gentleman, whose virtues, both social and private, endeared him in 

18 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [April 

life and whose death is now a subject of sincere regret to his family, 
friends and acquaintances. 

Thursday, July 23. ' 

Died, on Friday morning last, after a severe ilhiess^ Mr. Richard 
Randolph, of this city, a gentleman in the prime of life, and whose 
loss is sincerely regretted by a numerous circle of friends and 
acquaintances to whom he was endeared by his upright conduct 
and pleasing manners. His remains were attended to the place of 
interment by the Grand Lodge of Georgia, the different lodges of 
this city and the Chatham Artillery, where they were deposited 
with masonic and military honors. 

Thursday, Aug. 27, 1795. 

On Wednesday, the 5*'^ inst., died, on 8t. Simons Island, in the 
county of Glynn, Miss Sally Mackintosh, aged three years, the last 
surviving child of Major William Mackintosh of that place. 

-^ "The lovely infant smil'd at death 

Was scarcely heard to groan, 
In silence rcnder'd up her breath 
And left her friends to moan." . 

♦Thursday, Oct. 8. 

Died the 5th inst., Godin Guerard, Esq., late a resident of this city 
Oct. 15. 

Died in this city, on Friday last, Mr. Joseph Butler, son of Joseph 
' Butler, Esq., deceased. :; 

Oct. 22. ■..:..:.■,;■.• ■. V/i^.:.::' ' ■^:^-i/; ;::;v---:VV^^^^ 

Died, Mrs. Mary IM'Allister, wife of Mr. Richard M'AUister. 
Mrs. Clarke, widow of Mr. Jonathan Clarke. 

^ ^ - Oct. 22, 1795. 

At Tybee, Mr. Sims, of Augusta, lately arrived in the " Hiram " 
from New York. , , :_ 

Notice of Mrs. Margaret Spalding, applying for administration on 
estate of James Spalding. 

Thursday, Nov. 5. 

Died, last Friday morning, the Rev. Edward Ellington (of the 
-J ^ Episcopal Church) . 

[1904 Mcirriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 19 

On Sunday, at Placentia near this city, Mrs. Golpliin, wid. of 
George Goiphiu, Esiq. 

Thm-riday, Nov. 26. 

Died, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Hannah Owens, widow, aged 93 
years, during G5 of which she lived in this city. 

Thursday, Dec. 3. 

Died in Providence, R. I., the 3^ ult., Mrs. Amey Jones, consort of 
Mr. Henry C. Jones, merchant, of this city. 

Died, last Tuesday, Mrs. Letitia Lewis, wife of Mr. Lewis, car- 

Last night, Capt. John Burke. n% ^,^,^ ; / - 

Thursday, Dec. 24. ;" j :-; .;' :;. ;• ;:- M:^^;-':.-^;-^ 

Died, yesterday evening, Mr. Francis Stebbins. 

Thursday, Dec. 31. 

Died, at his plantation in Liberty Co., on Sunday morning last, the 
28^*^ inst. [Sunday was the 27^^], Roger Parker Sanders, Esq., and 
on the next day his remains w^ere interred at Midway meeting house. 

Also at St. Mai-y's, on Wed., the 23^ inst., Robert Seagrove, Esq. 

Miscellaneous, 1795. 'J 

♦Thursday, Oct. 8, 1795. ^ ' 

In August last, Phineas Miller, Esq., of this state, was elected 
corresponding member of the Historical Society of Mass. 

Marriages, 1796. 
>■. Thursday, Jan. 7. 

In Liberty Co., Mr. James Holmes to Miss M. Kell. 

:*/ Thursday, Feb. 18. 

In this city, on Monday last, Capt. E. Swarbreck to Mrs. 
Spencer, widow of the late George Basil Spencer. 

In Effingham Co., the 10^^^ inst., Mr. Benjamin Stirk, son of 
^^ Col. John Stirk, deceased, to Miss Catherine Keebler, daughter of 
'Capt. John Keebler, deceased. ^^;^^^^^ -^^^^^^^^^^.^^^^^^ . ; v ;, 

Thursday, Mar. 10. 

Tuesday last, was married the Rev. Thomas H. M'Caule, for- 
g merly president of Mount Zion College, in the state of South Carolina, 

20 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [April 

to Mrs. Eliza II. Montfort, relict of Capt. Robert Montfort, both of 
this city. The kind and amiable qualities of the lady are such as 
to ensure the peaceful and calm pleasures of a matrimonial state. 

Thursday, May 5. 

Married, on Thursday last, at Great Ogechce, Mr. Simon Maxwell v 
Esq., to Miss Ann Stuart. 

Thursday, May 12. 

Married, on Sunday evening last, in this city, George Millen, 
Esq^, to Miss Peggy Dennis. 

Thursday, June 9. 

Married, on Tuesday jlast, in Screm Co., Mr. John M. Wade to 
Mies Anne Holcombe, sister of the Rev. Henry Holcombe, of Beau- 
fort, S. C. 

Last Thursday evening, in this city, Mr. James Alger to Miss 
Sally Deveau, daughter of William Deveau, Esq., deceased. 

*Tuesday, July 19. 

Married, at Philadelphia, by the Rev. Dr. Ewing, Mr. Phineas 
Miller, of Ga., to Mrs. Catherine Greene, widow of the late General 
Greene *. 

Married, by the Rev. Mr. Abercrombie, Maj. E. Hopkins, late of 
Ga., to Mrs. Sims of Philadelphia. 

*Aug. 16 (Tues.) 

Married, last Saturday evening, Mr. Richard Miller, merchant, to 
Miss Jane Johnston, dau. of Mr. James Johnston, printer. . 

♦Tuesday, Sept. 27. 

Married, Thursday evening last, James White, Esq., of Chatham 
Co., to Mrs. Sarah Baker, of Liberty Co., widow of Artemas Baker, 

*Dec. 9 (Friday). 

Married, on the night of the 28th ult., by the Rev. Mr. McWhir, 
Mr. John Gardiner to Miss Jane Whiteford. 

♦Friday, Dec. 16. 

Married, last evening, at Bethabraham, by the Rev. Mr. Nixon, 
Owen Owens, Esq., one of the Aldermen of this city, to Mrs. Cathe- 
rine Troup, relict of George Troup, Esq., an accomplished lady with 
a handsome fortune. 

1904] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 21 

Thursday, Nov. 3. - : i - 

Married, at St. Mary's, Archibald Smith, Esq., of this city, to Miss 
Nellie Zubly, dau. of David Zubl}^ Esq., deceased. 

4 Deaths, 1796. 

Thursday, Feb. 18. 

Died last Sunday, in this city, Mrs. PouUen, wife of Mr. John 
Poullen. ' ' 

On Monday, at the plantation of Col. Josiah Tattnall, John 
Mulryne Tattnall, Esq., who lately arrived from New Providence. 

Thursday, Feb. 25. 

Died, in this city, on Thursday last, Christopher Hillary, Esq., 
of St. Simon's Island, Glynn Co., collector of the port of Bruns- 
wick and Frederica, aged 41 years. This gentleman was an oflicer 
of reputation in the American army during our contest with Great 
: Died, on Sunday last, Mr. George Paul Keller. 

Yesterday evening, in this city, Mrs. Hoist, wife of Capt. George 

♦Tuesday, Mar. 15. 

Died, on Tuesday evening last, James Moore, Esq. 

Died at Bloody Point, suddenly, Mr. Joseph Elliott of Boston. 

Thursday, May 5. 

Died, last Thursday night, Mr. Frederick Fahm, one of the oldest 
inhabitants of the city. 

Thursday, June 9. 

Died, last Tuesday noon, in this city, David Montargat, Esq. 
aged 80 years, upwards of 40 of which he lived in this city. 

Thursday, June 16. 

V Died, last Friday evening, Mrs. Martha Whitefield, widow of 

James Whitefield, Esq., Atty.-at-law. 

Thursday, June 30. >' ; 

Died, on Thursday last. Dr. James Weams Moore. - 
* Tuesday, July 5. ... .^..•.. ;<,.;;. ;:,;,>^,:^-.y^^^^^ 

~ In this city, 8^^ inst., Mr. Barakias Harper, aged 70 years. 

Thursday, July 14. 

Died, suddenly last Tuesday se'night, in Burke Co., Mr. Joseph 


22 V Alarriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [April 

Yesterday morning, in this city, Mrs. Ann Watts, wife of Mr. 
Robert Watts. >,>, ^ :;;>->-.v.v; ■•.-■■••■■ •■■■v^' ; •>.. ;/^- •::-■, ; 

TLuriiuii^, July 28. . 

On the 20^^' inst., at White BliifiF, of a bilious fever, John 
Houstoun, Esq. 

Thursday, Sept. 1. 

Deaths — In Charleston, Miss Hannah Gibbons, daughter of 
Thomas Gibbons, Esq. 

Mr. George Houstoun, son of Sir George Houstoun, Bart, 

Mrs. Jane Taylor, all of this state. 

Tuesday evening, 30 ult., Capt. Edward Lightbourn, aged 25 

Thursday, Sept. 8. 

Died, on the 20^^^ ult., Mr. Jamed Pardue, son of Major Field 
Pardue, deceased, aged 19 years. 

John Lamar, lately wounded by the Creek Indians, we learn has 
since died of his wounds. 

(Thursday, Aug. 25. 

We hear from the Westward that, a few days since, John Lamar of 
Hancock Co., was waylaid and wounded, near his plantation on 
the north side of the Oconee river by a party of Creek Indians.) 

Thursday, Sept. 15. 

Last Sunday died, Capt. Samuel Clark of Rhode Island. 

On Tuesday night, the 13^** inst., died in the 45^^ year of his age, 
The Rev. Thomas Harris M'Caule, Grand Chaplain to the Most 
Ancient and Honorable Society of Free Masons, in Georgia, and for- 
merly president of Mount Zion College, S. C. 

This morning, died, Capt. Robert Harris, formerly of Philadelphia. 

Thursday, Sept. 29. 
Died, Mrs. Elizabeth Whitefield, widow of James Whitefield, Esq. 
Mrs. Jane Bell. ^ ^ -•;•■'/"■; •.^:. ;;;:'■•-;,■•■:,,.;"<_ '■■■■•...■.■■;-■•■;•,.-;/ 

Thursday, Oct. 6. 

Died, on Tuesday last, Mr. James Mirrilies, Asst. Grand Sect. 
and Worshipful Master of Union Lodge, No. 10. 

;, l. . 

1904] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 23 

Thursday, Oct. 20. 

Died, on Tuesday last, Nathan Brownaon,Esq., formerly governor 
of this St?ite. 

Thursday, Oct. 27. 

Died, last Tuesday, in this city, Mr. James Upham. 

Tliursday, Nov. 3. 

Last Saturday, died here, Capt. Christopher Whipple, sen., of the 
State of Rhode Island. ^ ,v - 

Thursday, Nov. 10. . _ 

Died, last Thursday, Capt. Coffin of the brig Mary. 
On Monday, the 7^^ inst., Mrs. Hammond, wife of Col. Samuel 


♦Friday, Nov. 11. 
Died at his plantation in Liberty Co., Nathan Brownson, Esq. 

_/ Friday, Deo. 9. 
• Died, in this city, Mrs. Johnson, wife of Mr. James Johnson, lately 
from Wethersfield, in the State of Conn. 

Mr. AYayne, son of Richard AVayne, Esq. 

Mr. David Wilson. 

♦Tuesday, Dec. 13. 

Died, at his elegant seat " Hermitage," in St. Thomas' East, Island 
of Jamaica, in 69^^ year of his age, John Mackintosh, Esq., of face- 
tious memory. He went from Georgia, in the healthy climate of 
which he acquired his stamina, in the year 1752 

♦Friday, Dec. 16. :.■ .:..^.sy:.:i /'^^■■.'■^v::::,:.r.-: -. 

Wednesday evening, departed this life, Abigail Lillibridge, the 
consort of Mr. John Lillibridge, from Newport, in the State of 
Rhode Island. ; ^ • v .: 

•Tuesday, Jan. 10. .- 

Married, on the 29 ult. by the Rev. Mr. McWhir, Mr. George Som- 
marsall to Miss Ann Arants, both of Liberty Co. 

*Friday, Jan. 13. 
On Thursday, 9*^ inst., James Smith, Esq., to the amiable Miss 
. Kitty Mungen, of S. C. 


24 , • Mai^riages and Deaths in Georgia Colony, [April 

,*Friday, Jan. 27. • 

On Tuesday last, at the honse of Mordecai Sheftell, Esq., by the 
Rev. Mr. Monteath, Mr. W"* Fox to Miss Jane Lloyd. 

•Tuesday, Feb. 7. 

Last Sunday evening, at Wilmington Island, by the Rev. Mr. 
Monteath, Mr. Hury Charles Jones, merchant, of this city, to the 
amiable Miss Lucy Wilmington Barnard, eldest dau. of Major John 

♦Tuesday, Feb. 14. 

On Thursday eve. last on Skidaway, by the Rev. Mr. Nixon, Mr. 
John Bexley to. Miss Elizabeth Mills, dau. of Capt. John Mills, 

♦Friday, Mar. 3. 

Last Sunday eve., by Rev. Mr. Nixon, Mr. John Cole to Miss 
Nancy Carr. 

♦Tuesday, March 14. 

Married at Sunbury, the G^*' inst., by the Rev. Mr. McWhir, 
William Davis, Esq., atty. at law, to Miss Nancy Baillie, Esq., dau. 
of the late Robert Baillie, Esq., deceased. 

.♦Tuesday, March 21. 

Married on Sat. last, Mr. James Derant of Hilton Head to Mrs. 
Elizabeth White, relict of Mr. James White, of Burke Co. 

♦Friday, Apr. 7. 

Last Monday eve., at Lambeth (the country seat of Noble W. 
Jones, Esq.,) by the Rev. Mr. Monteith, Mr. Thomas Rasberry 
Clark Hamilton, merchant, of this city, to the amiable Miss Mary 
Davis, dau. of Mr. John Davis, deceased. 

♦Tuesday, Apr. 25. 

On Wednesday eve. last, by the Rev. Mr. Monteath, Henry Work- 
man, Esq., of Philadelphia, to Mrs. Thompson of this city. 

♦Tuesday, May 2. 

Married on Thursday evening last, Mr. Balthaaer Shaffor to Mrs. 
Jane Godfrey. ■ , ,^/ 

♦Tuesday, May 16. 

On Sunday eve., by Rev. Mr. Monteath, Mr. John Peter Oates, to 
Miss Frances Brown. . ,, 

Mr. James Anderson to Miss Martha Jones. 

■ .:■■■! V-: 

1904] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 25 

♦Friday, June 2. ■ .■■■./':■■ -/f.;^^;^-^^^'^ ::-/nr,^^ . .'■ .■ :v^ ■; : ■ 

On Wednesday eve., at White Blujff, by the Rev. Mr. Monteath, 

^fr. JnmcR Johnston, jiin., of this cit}^ merchant, to Miss Ann lious- 

touu, second daughter of the late Sir George Houstoun, Bart. 

In South Carolina, Mr. Thomas Coachman to Mrs, Mary Jane 

Baiters, widow of Archibald Salters, of 8t. Luke's Parish. 
At Philadelphia, on the 20^^ ult., Major Constant Freeman, of the 

corps of artillerists, and engineers in the army of the U. S., to Miss 

Margaret Cox, of that city. 

•Tuesday, June 6. ^ . 

Married, last Tuesday evening, Mr. David Hoskins to Miss Nancy 
Jernigan. :. 

•Tuesday, June 13. 

Married on Saturday last, at the Union, by the Rev. Mr. Beck, 
Capt. Jesse Johnson of this place, to Mrs. Elizabeth Martin, at pres- 
ent of South Carolina, relict of W°^ Martin of Georgia. 

•Friday, July 13, 1797. 

Married, on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. Mr. Monteith, Mr. 
Richard Dennis, merchant, to Miss Eliza Jane Williams. 

Married on Thursday evening, the 5*^ instant, James Smith, Esq., 
to the amiable Miss Kittie Munger of South Carolina. 

* Friday, -July 14. 

On Tuesday eve. last, Mr. Stratford Brown, merchant, to Miss 
. Ruth Patton. /.-; : ^v;- ^^-/^.•"^-^^■v,^:^^;r,s.. -■^■■- .■.■■ ■■ .^ -. ,.;.• ^s.-- 

•Friday, July 28. * 

Married, on the 21^^ inst., by the Rev. Mr. Monteith, Moses 
James Desverges to Mad. Martha de la Rue, both of St. Domingo. 

^ On the 26 inst., by the Rev. Mr. Monteith, Mr. Peter 

Alther to Miss Agnes Pentz, both of the county of Chatham. 

•Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1797. • 

Married, on Tuesday, 24 ult., at St. Mary's, in the county of 

Camden, by Thomas King, Esq., Capt. Eleazer Waterman, to the 
' amiable Miss Sarah Baldwin of that place. ^ ; 

Friday, Nov. 29, 1797. ■- '-^^ '■^--'■■' ■■''•■ U...-. :-.^.-. 

Married, Mr. Daniel Rerashard to Miss Betsey Waldhauer. 

Friday, Dec. 1, 1797. ■ ^ 

Married, at Augusta, on the 18 ult., Mr. John Macintosh to Miss 
Polly M'Kinne. 

26 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Oolony. [April 

^ ■^■'' '■"""'■" ''■■^:V-:0^^ -;,.vrr:-v:.:i Deaths, 1797. ^ '■■"^' 

\^ . . *Tuesday, Jan. 24. . 

> On Wednesday, the 18 inpt., departed this life, Edward Telfair, 
jun., son to the Hon. Edward Telfair, formerly governor of this 

♦Tuesday, Feb. 14. 

Died, on the ^^^ inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, widow of the late 
Mr. William Wright, a charitable and benevolent woman who, dur- 
ing the American Revolution, assisted many of the officers and sol- 
diers that were on board the Prison Ships in this river, and through 
whose means, we have no doubt, many valuable citizens were re- 
stored to their families. ,. 

♦Tuesday, March 7. 

Died, on Saturday last, Mr. Philip Hearne, formerly Post Master 
of this city. ; ^ ■ ^ ^ 

♦Tuesday, March 21. 
Died lately, at the Bahamas, Jacob Waldburger, Esq., of this city. 

♦May 2. 

Died on Sunday, the 23 ult., in Effingham Co., John Wylly, son of 
Col. Thomas Wylly (in the 9^*^ year of his age). 

♦Tuesday, May 16. 

Died, on Friday last, at Litchfield, in the 32*^ year of her age, Mrs. 
Mary Jane Gunn, wife of the Hon. Gen. James Gunn, Senator from 
this State, in Congress. , ::>. 

♦Friday, July 7. 

Died of an apoplectic fit, about nine o'clock last night, in the 62"^ 
year of his age, Mordecai Sheftall, Esq., an active and useful mag- 
istrate of this city. 

♦Friday July 14. 

Died suddenly, on the 12 inst., Mr. Robert Walton, sen., of 
Richmond Co. 
;- ♦Tuesday, July 18. - ; v 

Died, on the 1^' inst., at his plantation in South Carolina, Adam 
J ■' Fowler Brisbane, Esq., formerly of this state. 

♦Friday, July 28. 
: Died, on the 26 inst., after a short illness, Mr. Titus Powers, one 

of the editors of this paper. 

1004] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. , 27 

Died, on 26*^^ inst., Robert M. Forsyth, eldest son of the late 
Major Forsyth. 

Died, fit Harrock, on Friday, the 14 inst., Mrs. Sarah M. Day, 
^^Hidowof the late Major Joseph Day, and daughter of Philip Box, 
-Ksq., deceased. - -, . . 

•Tuesday, Aug. 1. 

Died, on the 29^^ ult., after a short illness, Mrs. Henrietta McCall, 
«ife of Thonaas McCall, Esq. of this place. 

Died, at Brampton, on the 28*^'' ult., Mrs. Williamson, wife of John 
G. Williamson, Esq. 

•Tuesday, Aug. 8. - 

Died on Saturday evening last, after a short illness, Mr. D. Keall. 

•Friday, Aug. 11. 

Died, at Nassau, New Providence, Mrs. Henrietta Bourguin Jones, 
formerly of this city, and wife of William Jones, Esq., Judge of Vice 
Admiralty, in the Bahama Islands. 

•Aug. 18 (Friday). 

Died, at Friendly Villa (Ogechee), on Monday, the 14 inst., Mrs. 
Eliza Welcher, wife of Joseph Welcher, Esq., and eldest daughter of 
Mr. Willoughby Pugh. 

•Aug. 22 (Tuesday). 

Died, at the Isle of Hope, on the 11 inst., James Parker, Esq., 
aged 60 years, a native of this State. 

In this city, on Tuesday evening last, Mrs. Catherine Garvin, wife 
of Mr. David Garvin. 

•Aug. 25, Friday. ' •' 

Died, on Wednesday last, Miss Sophia Charlotte Jackson, only dau. 
of Maj. Gen. Jackson. 

Thursday, September 9. 

On Sunday last, died, in this city, Mr. James Jordan, and on 
Wednesday, Capt. Robert Phelan, of the brig *' Abigail." - - 

♦Sept. 15, 1797 (Friday). - ^ . 

Died, on Tuesday evening last. Miss Ann Clay Young, the only 
Burviving child of Dr. James Box Young. > 

Saturday, Sept. 23, 1797. 

Monday last, died here, Capt. John Savage, and on Wednesday 
last, also died, Mr. Isaac Hastings. 

28 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [April 

Saturday, Sept. 30. 

On Monday, the 18 inst., died at Green Island, Dr. Alexander 
Stephens. , 

Died, on Monday last, on board the ship " Shepherdess," Capt. 
Devall, bound to New York, when off Charleston, James Moore, 
Esq., one of the aldermen of this city, and captain of the light Infan- 
try Company. 

Saturday, Oct. 7, 1797. 

Died, in New York, eight days after he landed from on board the 
Apollo, Capt. Robinson, Mr. Stratford Brown, of this city, merchant. 

Friday, Oct. 20. 

Died, in 55^^ year of his age, at his plantation "Antrim," near 
Sunbury, on the 9th inst., John Dollar, Esq., a captain of the Conti- 
nental artillery, in the American war. 

Died at Augusta yesterday se'night, Mr. George Barnes, merchant. 

In Savannah, Monday, 16^*', Mr. John Shick, one of our oldest 

Friday, Nov. 10. 

Died, last Saturday night, at the plajitation of Dr. Samuel Beecroft, 
John Taylor, Esq., of Little Ogechee, planter. 

Died, at Augusta, Mr. Robert Brown, of this city^ merchant. 

♦Tuesday, Dec. 29, 1797. 

Died, on the 23 inst., in Liberty Co., Mrs. Hannah Girardeau, relict 
of John B. Girardeau, Esq. 

\ Note. 

♦Friday, Nov. 17. ^ 

Election on Monday, 6*^ inst. For the convention, Joseph Clay, 
Jun., James B. Maxwell and John Pray, Esqs. For the Senate 
Luke Mann, Esq. House of Rep., James Davis, Esq. 

Marriages, 1798. ; ^r 

♦Friday, Jan. 13. 

Last evening was married Major W™. Hazard, aid-de-camp to his 
late Excellency Gen. Wayne, to the amiable Miss Sarah Screven, 
eldest dau. of John Screven, Esq., at the family mansion May River. 
The amiable qualifications of the young lady, united to the pleasing 
engaging and affectionate manners of the Major, promise to render 
the connubial state, a state of real bliss. 


1904] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony, 29 

Friday, Jaii. 26. 

On Thursday the 18th, in Liberty Co., Mr. Moultrie Maxwell son 
of William Maxv^ell, Esq., to MIbs Peggy Stevens, dau. of John 
Stevens, Esq., deceased. 

In Savannah on Saturday last, Mr. Norman Macleod to Mrs. Eliz- 
abeth Pyper, widow of Dr. JohnPyper, late of S. C. 

Friday, Feb. 2. 

In South Carolina, Richard M'AUister, Esq., to Miss Louisa 
Guerard, dau. of Godin Guerard, Esq., deceased. 1 

•Tuesday, Mar. 13. 

On Thursday evening last, Mr. George Enos to Miss Catherine 

♦Friday, Mar. 16. 

On Sunday evening, by the Rev. Mr. Monteath, Capt. Alexander 
Chisholm to MibB Jaue M'Cullough. 

Friday, Mar. 23. 

Married, on Wednesday last, Oliver Bowen, Esq., to Mrs. Ann 
Dorsey, widow of the late Col. Dorsey. 


Tuesday, Apr. 3. 

On Wednesday evening last, Samuel P. Bayley, Esq., attorney at 
law to Miss Hext of Liberty Co. 

On Thursday evening last, by the Rev. Mr. Monteath, Mr. James 
Cachen, merchant of this city, to Mrs. Susannah Aitkins. 

♦Friday, Apr. 13. . . ^ ,.: -: ; \ 

Married, at New London, State of Connecticut, Mr. Alexander C. 
Wylly, of Savannah, to Miss Patty Douglass of that place. 

Friday, Apr. 20. f> 

Married, on Friday last, Mr. David Leron to Miss Hannah Minis, 
both of this city. 

Friday, Apr. 27. ^ 

On Tuesday last, Mr. Thomas F. Williams to Miss Sally Hills, 
dau. of Mr. Ebenezer Hills. •' 

On Wednesday, William Bellinger Bullock, Esq., Atty. General of 
this state to the agreeable Miss Harriet Dcveaux, dau. of Jacob 
Deveaux, of Charleston. 

30 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. [April 

. Friday, May 11. 

Married on Sunday evening last, in this city, by the Rev. Mr 
Bergman, Mr. Christian Gugel to Miss Margaret Shaffer, dau. of 
Baithaser Shafier, Esq. , . 

Friday, July 6. 

On Wednesday evening last, Mr. John N. Braileford to Miss 
Martha Moore. 

Thursday, July 12. ' ' 

On Saturday last, at Woodvillc, Liberty Co., Thomas M'^Call, 
Esq., to Miss Eliza Mary Anne Smith, dau. of James Smith, Esq., of 
South Carolina, deceased. \' ; 

Thursday, July 19. 

Married at Augusta, on Wednesday 11 inst., by the Rev. Mr. 
Boyd, Dr. Denis Smelt to Miss Polly Cooper, dau. of Mr. Ananias 
Cooper, merchant, both of that city. 

Thursday, Aug. 16. 

Married, on Thursday last, Mr. John M*^Fadzin to Miss Sarah 
Laroche, both of this city. 

Thursday, Sept. 6. 

Last Monday, Mr. John Trevor to Mrs. Sarah Oglesby. 

Thursday, Sept. 27. ' 

On Thursday last, at White Bluff, Mr. John Johnston, son of 
Mr. Thomas Johnston, to Mrs. Keall, wid. of Mr. Lewis Keall. 

♦Friday, Nov. 16. : - 

Married, at Auguflta, Mr. John B. Wilkinson, merchant of this 
city, to the amiable Miss Eliza Ray, oi Augusta. 

♦Tuesday, Nov. 27. ; 

On Thursday evening last, Mr. John Courtney, merchant, to 
Miss Ann Judith Read. 

On Sunday evening, Mr. T. R. Box to Miss Ann Netherclift. 

Thursday, Nov. 29. 
On Thursday last, Mr. John Courtney to Miss Ann Judith Ried. 
On Sunday last, Capt. Thomas R. Box to Miss Ann Netherclift. 

♦Tuesday, Dec. 4. 

Married, on Sunday evening last, Mr. William Mills to Miss Sally 
Traufield. ... 


V ■'-■- \,:y .' ■■■.^4. 

190 i] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 31 

Thursday, Dec. 20. 

1 On Thursday last, at White Bluff, Mr. John Bolton to Miss Ann 

Adams, dau. of Natlianiel Adams, Esq. 

On Saturday evening last, Mr. Archibald Jacks to Mrs. Ann 
Jervoise. • .•■^:,-". ■;..":>■ ^-^^^ ^ 

Thursday, Dec. 27. 

On Thursday evening last, Charles Harris, Esq., atty. at law, 
to Miss Catherine M'Intosh, dau. of General Lachlan MTntosh. 

"^''''^^'/"\\ .■'^'::, Deaths, 1798.' ., '■ ■■■.;> r^ ■■-;...../ 

Fridav, Jan. 12. 
On Tuesday last, at Great Ogechee, Mr. John Butler Maxwell. 

Friday, Feb. 2. 

Died in Liberty Co., Mrs. Mary Lowe, widow of Major Philip 

*Feb. 16. (Friday.) 

Died, on Sunday last, Mr. "William Clarkson Lamachin (England), 
mate of brig *'Europa" of Grenada. 

On Thursday night last, in the 32 year of his age, Mr. John How- 
ell Roberts. 

Mrs. Eliza Blount, wife of Mr. Stephen Blount. 

Friday, Mar. 2. 

Deaths. In Oglethorpe Co., Jan. 31, Mr. James Houghton. 

In Augusta, on the 23 ult.,Mr.John Paul Godfrey Zimmerman 
and Mr, Alexander Ross Murray. 

•Tuesday, Mar. 20. 

Died in Liberty Co., on Wednesday night last, Mr. William Steven 
(in a paper afterw^ard he is called Stevens) . 

*Tuesday, Apr. 8. 

Died on Saturday evening last, Mrs. Ann Burke, aged 31 years, 
wife of Dr. Michael Burke. 

Friday, Apr. 21. - 

Died 3^esterday, at her plantation near this city, Mrs. Ann Deveaux, 
widow of William Deveaux. . ; vv ; f ; ^. 

Friday, May 11. 

Died last Sunday, Mr. James Clay, son of Joseph Clay, Sen., Esq. 

32 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 


^> . 

- t-.>'" • 


Friday, May 25. |^ 

Deaths in this city Mrs. Dews, wife of Mr. John Dews. 4 

; At Little Ogechee, Mr. Benjamin Fox. '[' 

♦June 29. ' ■> 

Notice. All persons having demands against estate of Dr. |; 

Nathaniel Mann, late of Mcintosh Co., etc. |i 

July 12 (Thursday). 

Died, on the 6th inst., Mrs. Hannah Gibbons, relict of Joseph 

Gibbons, Esq., aged 72 years. 

Thursday, July 19. 

Died, Mr. Asahel Wright. On Wednesday, the 11 inst.. Miss Eliza 
M. Lange the only surviving child of W"^ Henry Lange, Esq. 

Thursday, Aug. 30. 

Died, on Tuesday last, Mr. James Cleland, Jun., a merchant of 
this city. 

September 6. (Thursday) 

On Sunday last, at the cottage near this city, Mrs. Ann Cuthbert, 
wid. of Dr. James Cuthbert. 

Thursday, Sept. 13, 1798. X 

Died on Friday last, Mr. Jason Hopkins. 

Yesterday, Mr. George Cuddy and Mr. Jesse Johnson. 

Last night Mr. Elisha Elon. 

In this city last Sunday morning, much lamented, Mr. Pefer 
Jaquet Lagarde, formerly a respectable inhabitant of St. Domingo. 

Thursday, Sept. 20. 

Last Monday, Mrs. Ruth Brown widow of Mr. Stratford Brown. 

On Tuesday night, Mrs. Lyon Norden. 

This morning Miss Louisa Macintosh Ward, dau. of John Peter 
Ward, Esq. 

Thursday, Sept. 27. 

Died, on Saturday forenoon, Miss Isabella Mossman, sister of 
James Mossman, Esq. 

♦Friday, Oct. 12. 

Died at Falmouth, in South Carolina, on the 26 ult., Mr. Nathaniel 
Brailsford, brother of Mr. John Brailsford, of this city. 

Yesterday, in this city, Mr. James Plaine of New York. 

{^To he continued.) 







{Continued from Vol. IV, page 2SS.) 

John of John Fergiifon 
Tabitha of W^'^ Wiiifhip ' 

Samuel of Thomas Soden. 
Jofeph of Jofeph Brad ford 
Thomas of Henry Prentice 
Tabitha of John IMorfe 
Snfanna of John Swan 
Benjamin of Edward Manning 
Jolm of John Biitherlck 
Benjamin of Isaac Watson 
P2benezer of Ebeuezer Swan J tin'', 
Hannah of Sam*' Whittemore 
Josiah of Jofiah Robbins 

Luc3^ of Jofeph Ruf sell 
Jane of George Cutter 
: 24. Thomas of Francis Foxcroft Efq^ 

.-:••, Sam" of Sam'^ Sparhawk 

31 Jofeph of W"^ Manning 

Feb. '21. Jonas of Ebenezer Wyeth 

28. Rebeckah of Jonathan Batherick 

Mar. 28. Sufannah of Samuel Whittemore. Junior. 

April 4. Martha of John Cutter 

25 Pilizabeth of David Dunster 

June 6. Lydia of Peter Tufts ;; 

27. Martha of Phillip Cook / . : - 

•July 18. Hannah of Thomas Hall . / - - 

25. Abigail of Phillip Bemus 

Aug^t 1. Samuel of Sam" Rand . '; 

,.,.:; , Nath" of Nath" Cutter Junr'" 
>'■■''■' :M-^''^... : (33) 

July 19 1730 













Jan> 17. 


34 / Recordn of the First Church, Cambridge, [April | 

Aug. 8. 1730/1 Nath" of Solomon Hancock . |, 

22. Hobart of Walter Rufsell ^ 
-■ ' 29. Prifcilla of Caleb Dana ' : —.t 

Mary of James Oz born '; 

; Margaret of John Fefsenden, Jim'" . H 

Sept. 12. Sarah of M^ Greenwood, ' || 

Joseph of Joseph Spragiie, , • . 'I 

Ephraim of Ephraim Ozburu Jun'' ^ 

Phoebe of Thomas Frost ' , I 

Aaron of Joseph Winship ^ fe 
Nathaniel of Nath" Appleton 
Hannah of W" Barrett 

Ruth of Jona Winfhip - > 

James of Benjamin Brazear . :% 

Nathan of Jacob Watson # 

William of William Ozmond - % 

Anna of Gerfhom Cutter 3ti»V Ji- 

Martha of Abraham Hill • : 

turn over to p. 42. I 
Mary of John Dickson Jun^. 

John of John Manning • |;^ 

Persis, daughter of John Permon |- 

Mary of Thomas Sparhawk • |-^ 

Martha of Noah Sparhawk I 

Noah of Noah Champney I 

Hepsibah of Henry Prentice - li; 
Thomas of Thomas Kidder 
Mary of John Ireland 

Edward of D'" Ed""*^ Wigglef worth / '^^ 

James of Isaac Fillebrown ) 

Daniel of Abraham Watson ■ % 

James of Ebenezer Froft ' 1^ 
Rebeccah of Sam'K/Utter 

Jofeph of Jofeph Badger, baptiz'd by M'' Cotton ;^- 

Mary of Samuel Belcher :fc; 












7 . . 







12 . 











•■■ ■ 


March 5. 






Elizabeth of Jofhua Gammage 


A bbbI<*J 

1904] Ilecords of the First Church, Cambridge. 35 

173 1/2 April 2 Atiua of John Cooper Jim'". 

^:y'.-^>'--f^-\'^''':-/ Edward of Edward Dicksou - ' V 

'"^ 23. ■ ' Jose[)lj of Jofeph Hill 
May 7. James of Johu Forgeson - ,^ ^. 

28 . Jonas of W" Dickson ^ r-: - 

: T: Lydia of John Wilfon . . / 

June 11 Elizabeth of Ed w'^ Manning 

: Thomas of Thomas Williams ■ 

Michael, Son of Sam" Smith 
William of Thomas Soden ■ .' -v ■ ' 

Henry of John.Batherick 
Hannah of W"^ Fefsenden 
Dorcas of Daniel Champney, Jun^ 
Elphraim of Ephraim Cook by M"" Abbott. 
Sarah of Zachariah Hill 
Edmund of Phillip IVmns 
William of Johnath" Gates * 

W'" of Sam" Whitmore Jan"*. 

W^ofEdw^ Rnfsell . • ^ ;---;/- '■ 

Lydia of Samuel Cook 
Mary of James Peirce 
Sarah of Jofeph Robbins 

Mercy of John Morse ^^;^^.^^^..:^:^^^^^^^^^^^^^ y: ;; 

Mercy of Nath" Appleton 

Joanna of Sam" Sparhawk 

George of George Cutter 

Pattin, son of Jofeph Rufsell 

Martha of Francis Foxcroft, Efq''. 

Rutli of Mr. Andrew Bordman Jun''. 
25 Jonathan of Thomas Froft . 

Mary of W'" Manning ;■ •■?^: ? :. ^ 

March 4. Mary of David Dunfter ir- 7 

• - 18 Mary of Major W"^ Brattle Efq^ 

April 1. 1733 John of M"" Isaac Greenwood, Mathematical Profef- 
^ <'- Yv :--':'<: :.rA -':■.:■. r--.-- sor '■ "■ ■ ■ =■ ;■"•'';;■;.,. ■,,-■■■■■ 

29 Mary of D"" Ed'^ Wigglefvvorth ' / 

Andrew of Andrew Willfon 



' 6, 






. 5. 



Nov^'" 5. 







• ' 




36 ' ^ Records of the First Churdi^ Cambridge. [April 

Daniel of Ebenezer Cutter . ;. 

Benjamin of Ebenezer Swan, Juii^ 

Mary of Jofeph Adams 

Josliua of John Robbius, Jun'" 

Persis of Nath" Tufts ; • 

Ann of Thomas Dana , \. , 

Samuel of Sam" Whittemore 

Amos of Jonathan Edmunds 

Thomas of Thomas Hall I baptized it att Menotomy 

Caleb of Caleb Dana 

Abigail of Amos Marrett, Jun^. . ' 

Joanna of Jofeph Winfhip 

Elizabeth of Thomas Sparhawk 

Lydia of Jacob Watson 

Ruth of Henrv Dunster 

«/ . - 

Sarah of Abraham Hill 

John, Abigail, Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth & Jonathan, 
all children of y*^ Avidow Oldam by her husband 
John Oldham 

Ammi y"^' Son & Ruhamah y^ Daughter of John Cut- 
ter, — Twins. 

Daniel of William Barr 

Sufanna of Thomas Robbins 

Samuel of Sam" Bull ^. — fi 

John of William Morse #; 

Noah of Noah Champney Ji 

Torrey of Solomon Hancock _U^ 

■ ''■";.. ." --^v""- 

■ ■ • ■ - ■ I^^ 

Martha of Walter Cooper 5- 

Eleazer of Eleazer Parker • : if 

Nathan of Thomas Kidder 

Marj^ of Sam" Hopkins 

Elizabeth of James Peirce 

Anna of Jacob Hill, Jun*" 

Sufanna of Ebenezer Wyeth 

Mary of Ebenezer Shed 

Mary of Samuel Reed - f 

■ . ■ . '■ ■ ■ . ' • i: 

■ . ■ ■ ' k 

■ , '-' 

■ ■ .■ . : m 

• ■ ■ • c 


' April 29 1733 

May 20. - 

27 V .' 

June 3. 


June 10 


July 22. 

Aug^^ 6 



Sept. 30 


Oct. 7. 



jS'ov^T ^ . 



Dec. 9. 








Jan. 6. 



Feb. 17. 




March 3 





1904] Records of the First Churchy Oamhridge. ,37 

1733/4 Mar. 17 Jofiah of Nath" Cutter, Jun^ John of John Wilfon. 
24 Hannah of Edward Manning, IMartha of Sam" Belcher. 

V V 31 Seth of Jeremiah Enfsell 

May 12 Edward of Michael Stanly, brought forth by the 

mother Phillis. 
June 16 . Elizabeth of Maj"" Brattle '• V 

,: Thomas of Isaac Fillebrown 

Elizabeth of Jacob Switzer 

Thomas of Benjamin Brafscr - 

Joseph of Samuel Smith ^ , ^ '■■'/''■''''. 

Nathan of Noah Sparhawk • 

Sarah of Sam" Godding 

Mercy of Nath" Appleton . ■ i' '■ 

Benjamin of W"^ Fefsinden 

Sarah of Jacob Hill. 

Mary of Abraham Watson 

Mary of W" Butterfiekl ■■■r]----: ■^^[.r^,:--^:.-.^- .y,:^--, 

James of James Thompson 

Jofeph of Jofeph Bobbins 

Thomas of Henry Prentice \ : ; 

Robert of Thomas Soden 

: Hepsibah of John Bobbins - 

'^ : ^^ Sarah of Ebenezer Stedman. 

Vide P. (54) 
(44) ; 


October 6. 1729. 

M^ Jonathan Wyeth Imng a Large Copper which I had from my 
Father's houfe in Ipswich, y*^ Weight of y^ copper is 70"'^ which I 
make mention of, y^ in cafe my Executors Should See Cause to Sell it 
to y^ Church, y^ value of it may be known without taking it up. 
, Nath" Appleton. 

Persons Married by Nath"' Appleton from P. (38) 

June 2. , :; John Oldham & Sarah Chadwick " 3 

June IG John Ware & Martha Prentice 

July 25. . James Lanmau & Hannah Manning 





















Records of the First ChurcJi, Cambridge. [April 

1743 Aug. IC- 
Nov'^9. , . 

Dec. 29. 
June 19 
Sept. 17. 
Octobr. 18. 
Nov^* 8. 
Dec*^' 27. 
Jan. 8. 
May 2. 
October. 3. 

March 20. 
May 22. 
Oct. 9. 
Dec. 4. 

June 8. ^ 
June 11. 
Sept. 12 
Oct'^*- 1 
April 21 1748 
Sept. 2. 
Dec. 22. 

Mar. 2. - 

May 11 
Sept. 14 
Nov. 22. 
1749/50 I 
an. 4. 

Zachariah Bordman & Mary Stebbins 

The Rev'^ M*" Jofhua Prentice & Mrs. Mary Angier. 

M*" Stephen P^reiitice & Lydia l*rentice 

Daniel Prentice & Deborah Wyeth 

John Phillips & Mary Pillar 
Calel) Prentice & Lydia Whittemore 
Naphtali Ilarinon & Anna Greenleaf 
David Logan & Sufanna Macpederas 
Cutting Bean & Sufannah Stacey 

Benjamin Cheney & Elifabeth Parker 

Ebenezer Eliot & Sufannah Soden 
Abraham Cutting & Prifcilla Sparhawk 

Samuel Bowman & Hannah Frost 
Joseph Cook Jun^ & Abigail Wiuship 
Solomon Robbins & Martha Sweetzer 
Kdvvard Manning Jun'" & Patience Day 

Abraham Froft & Mary Oliver 

William Warland & Mary Man 

Henry Coolidge & Phebe Dana 

Af a Warren & Tabitha Johnson 

Seth Hasting & Hanah Soden " 

Ebenezer Froft Jun^ & Naomy Dana 

John Hicks & Elizabeth Nutting Jun"". . 

John Mullis & Rebecca Cheyney. 

John Molarb & Sufanna Colfrey 

The Rev. M' Gad Ilichcock & Mrs. Dorothy Angier. 

John Kenrick Jun^ & Anna Dana 
Benjamin Eustice & Elizabeth Hill 
Joseph Gibbs & Elizabeth Palmer 
M*" Benjamin EUcry & M^'" Lucy Vafsall 

M^ Benjamin Brandon & M''^ Elizabeth Foxcrof t. 


1904] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 39 

1750 ■■'■.'" ■-^- '-':•-■ ■''" ^■■- •■■■■■■ -■ ■ .' ^ :V^^.-;:.'; v.. i^.^ 

May 3. John Stratton & Mercy Norcrofs 

'' Aug^*^ 9 ' Mr John Mnfeareen & Mrs Mnrgaret Holyoke 

Aug^^ 14 M'" James Putnam & M^'^ Eleanor Sprague 

Oct"' 11 M'" William EUery & Mrs. Anne Remington. 

Oct"''24 John Ellis A. B. & Bethiah Palmer 

Dec^^ 20 Sam" Walker & Mary Stratton ^ . 

1750/51 .. "-': ''.''■. :' ■;■ 

Jan. 17 . Stephen Palmer Jun'" & Sarah Gammage 

Mar. 28 1751 Abraham Watson, Jun^ & Lucy Prentice 

July 9 Abiel Richardson & Abigail Converse 

Sent thus far to M"". Bordman — Town Clerk 

Nov'*'" 14 Jonas Hagar & Hannah Ellis. 

Aug. 13 1752 M'- John IMico Wendell & M'"^^ Katherine Brattle 

August 19 Elifha Haaar & Mary Fefsenden 

Sept. 28 Rev^ M^ Benjamin Stevens & M''^ Mary Remington 

Oct"^ 16 Henry Prentice Jun*" & Mary Walker , 

^^ Nov. 9 Benjamin Cheney & Margaret Stedman 

Dec. 12. Moses Gleafon & Abigail Brown 

Jan. 11. 1753 The Rev<^ M^ Samuel Haven & M^^ Mehetable 


Jany 18 Gideon Froft & Sarah Ireland 

Feb. 15. John Wright & Hannah Fefsenden 

March 15. W"^ Bordman & Sufanna Bricksey , 

March 29 V. Jonas Wyeth & Hepzibah Tidd. 

March 29 Stephen Randall & Mary Manning 

April 26. M^ Isaac Gardner & Mary Sparhawk 

June 21 . Elifha Gardner & Elizabeth Spaihawk 

Sept. 18. Jonas Earned & Tabitha Morse 

Sept. 20 Rev^ M^ Stephen Badger & M^^ Abigail Hill 

Oct^^ 18, Rev^ M^ Amos Adams & M'"^ Elizabeth Prentice 

Jan. 10 1754 D"" Isaac Rand & M^^ Elizabeth Appleton 

Feb. 19. Capt. Joseph Fitch & Rachel Converse 

28 Stephen Paine Jun'' & Mary Brown. 

■^^ Vid. P. (79) 

(45) - Votes of y« Church. 

Jan. 17. 96.7 Then voted, That as for fuch as hence forward fhall 

defire Communion among us, & are not qualified for 

40 liecords of the First Church, Canibridge. [April 

y^ making a formal Relation. Their Conversation 
being blamelcfse. Questions being put by y^ Elders 
to y*^ faid perfons privately & anf \yered by them, 
& f'^ Questions & Anfwers being Communicated 
Publickly, The f Perfons fhall be Excufed from any 
Relation & be readily Accepted by us. 
March 11, 97 At a Church meeting At Deacon Raftings. 

1. As to perfons making of a Relation. It was 
Agreed upon by y*^ Elders & by a Legal Vote Con- 
curr'd w^'* by y^- Brethren. 

1. That y^ making a Relation be not impofcd upon 
any that Offer themfelves for Communion w*^'' us at 
y^ Ld'-^ Table : But that as for fuch as are Approved 
of by us as to their Converfation. They giving Satis- 

: faction unto y^- Elders Privately & being willing pub- 

lickly to make Profefsionof their Faith & Repentance 
in their Covenanting w*^ G^\ Shall be accepted among 
us, according to their defires. 

2. That as for fuch Perfons as do defire to make a 
Relation in order to their being Received into our 
Commtinion. They shall have the Liberty : 

^ 2- As to y*^ manner of our Receiving fuch into our 
Communion as do defire it ; It was agreed upon by 
, . y^ Elders & by a Legal Vote 'concurr'd w^^* by the 


1. That all fuch perfons be Propounded Publickly & 

ftand propounded y^ Ufual time; that fo if anything 

be known as to any of y*^ f*^ perfons w^^^ fhould 

justly Barr them from our Communion ; The Elders 

privately may be informed thereof in feafon, & fo 

demurr as to any Public Procedure w^'' them : 

• . - ■ 2. That y*^ Churches Content be Explicitly Referr'd 

""' ' ', to as to y*^ perfons propounded, Before fuch time as 

' , . ■ y>' be called upon to Covenant w^'' G*^ in order to 

their being declared Members in full Connnunion : 

3. That y^ Churches Content be taken by their 
Silence, & not b}'' the Manual Vote, as heretofore 
has been ufed & practifed in y^ Church. 


1904] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 41 

At a Church meeting at Rf Bordman's house May 
4: 1G97: upon adjournm* from April 26. at f*^ 
houfc. " ' . ■' 

1) Then Propounded to M'' Danforth & y« whole 
body of y^ Brethren, w*^ had Remonftrated as to y® 
Votes of 3^*^ Church pass'd March 11.9| at y^ House 
of D. Haf tings, Whether if I would condefcend fo far 
as to let fomething be communicated to y^ Church by 
my felf or y^ Elder, wherein 1 received fatisfaction 
from thofe w" ask communion w*'' us as to their 
fpiritual f itnefs for it ; and this to be done at some- 
lime before or w" they are to be admitted as I shal 
judg best & this to remain fo long as y^ peace of y 
Church calls for it ; They would then be fatisfyed 
& give no further Trouble: 
Til is propofal wos con fen ted to by them all ; no 
one exprefsing his Difsent : 

2) Then propounded to them whether if y^ way & 
(46) Manner of Taking y^ Churches confent whether by 

handy Vote, or Silence or any other indifferent fign 
be left to y*^ discretion of y^ Elders ; This would be to 
their fatif faction : 

To this likewife their Confent was given, & no one 
exprefs'd his difsatisfaction : 

Upon which I promifed that so long as y^ peace of 
^^® Church call'd for it, I would obferve w* I had now 
propounded to them for y^ Accommodating y** differ- 
• . - ences w'^^ had been among us. 

Feb. 15. 1716/17 

The Rv^ M^ William Brattle Pastor of the Church 
of Chrift in Cambridge departed this Life. 
April 19. 1717 At a Meeting of the Chh. of Chrift in Cambridge. 

Upon opening the occasion of the Meeting. ' It was 
agreed by the Brethren of y*^ Chh. y^ They would 
by written Votes, Nominate Some Suitable perfons in 
Order to Elect one of them to Settle in The Work 
of the Miniftry & Pastoral Office in This Church 

.42 Recovih of the First Church., Cambridge . [April 




Upon the Sorting & Numbering the Brethern's |^ 

Votes, M'' Fl3nit, M^' Fitch & M^ Appleton were the 
perfons Nominated & the Bretheren agreed & pro- 
ceeded to, their Election of a perfon to Settle in the 
Work of the Ministry, &c. as aforef*^ 

Upon Sorting & Numbering The Votes of the 
Brethren, M^" Nathaniel Appleton was Elected to Set- 
tle in the Work of the Ministry, in order to his taking 
on him the Paftoral ofllce in this Church as God shall 
open the wa}^ thereto. 

After this for more clearnefs & better fatisf action, 
The Moderaf putt the Question to the Brethren, — 

Whether they Cliofe M7 Appleton to Settle in the 
work of y'' miniftry in Order to take upon him tlie 
Pastorall Ofllce upon liim, as God fhall open the way 
thereto? desiring them to manifest their Minds by y^ 
lifting up their hands. 

It pafsed by a full Vote in the Afllrmative. 

Finaly, It was Voted y^ the tlu-ee of his Majesties 
Justices of Peace prefent together with the Two Dea- 
cons be a Committee to reprefent to the Inhabitants 
of the TowH of Cambridge the Election of M^" Apple- 
ton as afores^' & to desire the concurrence w*'' y^ 
Church therein, 
*' ., This is a true Account of the Proceedings of y*^ 
Church of Chrift in| Cambridge, at their Meeting, on 

C the day above written 

Atteft I. Leverett, Moderate. 

May. 13 The Town concurred with the Votes of Church, — M'' 

Remington, Moderate / 

June 10 M'" Nathaniel Appletou gave his anfwer in the Afllrm- 


Oct. 9. M"^ Nathaniel Appleton was ordained Pastor of the 

Chh. of Chrift in Catnbridge ; by the Rev-^ D*" Increafe 
„ Mather, who on y^ f Day, Entertained the afsembly 
with a Discourfe from Eph 4.12. & Dr. Cotton Mather 
gave the right hand of fellowfhip, & with these were 
Joyned the Rever'^ M^ Angier & M'" Rogers in laying 
on bauds. 


11104] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge, ■'■ 43 

.■' {. 

Jan. 7. 1718 Dyed Deacon Cooper 

22. att a Church meeting was Chosen Andrew Bordman 

& Joseph ('oolid<2;e. Deacons, Andrew Bordman re- 
fus^ to ferve as a Deacon, upon w'^' the Church made 
Choice of Mr Samuel Kidder for Deacon 

Attefted p nie 

Nath Appleton. 

May 28, 1722. Att a Meeting of the Chh. at my houfe. / 
Voted, y^ ISF Monis be allowed to partake with us 

V^ at the Lords Siip])er upon y^ Acc^ of the profesfion 1 

he made & y^ Cov*^ y* was given him in y^ Coll Hall i^ 

provided y^ y'' be no objections offer^' against his life . ■ \ 

■ and conversation r 

(47) Att a Church Meeting, Aug^^ 5. 1724. ' 

1. God having in his holy providence removed his [ 
Servant Deacon Kidder by Death, voted to proceed 

to y^ Choice of two Deacons and being defired to v \ 

bring in y"" votes accordingly & M Nathaniel Spar v 

hawk & Mr. Samuel Bowman were Chofen into y^ . ? 

r / ' oflice • ] 

2. Voted y^ y' Should be a Tankard made of y*' Silver \ 
, ^ '■ money y* remains in Deacon Coolidges hands, for y^ " ' 
■r\[:\:.^:^'^:W[ ::,, Communiontable. ' • ' 
;^)g5MiS^^^^^ Att a Chh. Meeting May 24. 1731 - , ,. / • I 
\'i&x The Church upon hearing y^ Evidences relating to - \ 
S?'; ;' 3 ' M*" Thomas Grover being disguifed with drink on y^ ■ 

-:5-^^^ '^ '^^ 12^^' of January last, as allfo what s*' Grover had to •■ ■ ) 

WM? ;^ offer in vindication of himfelf, and Considering allso : 
what he himfelf acknowledged before v^ Chh. as to his 

:.;^:''''c;- ',;•■■ v^;:-f-s.'Vv' ■ do judge ■. ■ ' \ 

V^ I -J;^:^^'-^ -^ Intemperance att other times y^ Church are of opinion, ; 

'■:'-■/■■'-■ ■■■-■r: '^- '--■'' y^ y^ Said Grover Should receive a Solemn admonition ; 

& y'^upon his Submifsion y^"^^ & promifes of reforma- ... ^ 

''^''''^''■'''^''-■■■■■'^:'^'l-^y tiou y* he continue in y^ Enjoyment of Special ordi- ' 

y-:.^rr:y:'<,.^M;-^-: uanccs wlth US. ^'r 

An admonition was accordingly administered to him 

■:^^^,:.::z:.:;i-:-:::% :'/■■. iu y*" prefcucc of y^ Church which he Submitted unto ; 


44 Records of the First CJntrch^ Camhridge. [April 

May 28. 1733- 

acknowledging his Sin of Intempi?rate drinking att 
other times & promifing a reformation & afking y** 
prayers of y^ Chb for liiTii 

The Brethren of y^ Chh. met to consider & deter- 
mine upon y^ Cafes of Several perfons y* had fallen 
into Scandall. 

1. Eleazer Parker who had owned y® Covenant 
formerly, but not Come to full Communion was guilty 
of attempting in a furious rage, Stirred up by Strong 
drink to kill his wife, Swearing he would run her 
through & having a knife in his hand thrust it againft 
her Breft, he was providentially prevented from hurt- 
ing her by a Book she had in her Bofom & having 
been notified to y*^ meeting he appeared & made a 
publick acknowledgement of his Sin, it was accepted 
by y^ Chh. . 

2 The cafe of M'" Jonathan Stedman, a member in 
full Communion was referred to another meeting be- 
caufe he did not appear & y^ Honorable Francis 
Foxcroft Efq^', & Andrew Bordman Efq^, were de- 
fired to disourse with him to make him Senfible of 
his duty to attend at y*^ meeting when notified of it. 

3 The cafe of Thomas Grover was deferred to another 
meeting he having Sent word y^ he was So lame y^ he 
Could not attend. 

(^48 ) Att a meeting of y*^ Brethren of y^ Chh April 12. 


1. M*" Samuel Sparhawk was chofen to y*^ office of a 
' - The Cafe of our Brother Jonathan Stedman was Con- 
f idered & whereas he has been Convicted before Justice 
Danforth of threatning to be y*' Death of his Mother, 
which Cafe was brought before y^ Chh. & he notifyed 
to attend, but refufed & Since that has been Convicted 
-' of prophane Cursing &has been very Scandalous in 

his life for Some years past, — I 

Voted, y* he be Suspended from Communion with 






lOOl] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 45 / 

^v ^ M;<^ : ; ; y^ Chh, in any Special ordinances & y*^ a publick ad- "^ 

monition be dispensed to him att Some Convenient 
^ •';.■:_ ' ■ time att y^ difcretion of our Fastoi- Unlefs he give 

Some manifest tokens of his repentance & make pub- I 

lick acknowledgement of his offences. v 

^ /: ; ; N.B. He has by my advice & direction withdrawn 

from y^ Sacrament for Some years. ^- ■ o 

,■; - , - 3. The cafe of our Brother Thomas Grover was 

Inquired into & it did not appear to y^ Chh y*^ he [■ 

\ , .. - was guilty of y*" Sin of Drunkennefs at y^' time yV - j- 

: was charged upon him & he was acquitted. ■ 

4. Whereas it is Credibly reported y*- Mary ' 

Nutting a Sister of y^ Chh. has fallen into a Scandalous 

breach of y*' 7^'* Commandment & has for a very ^^ 

' Considerable time neglected to make a publick ac- 

:. knowledgement of her offence & to give tokens of ' ' 

::',:'' :.:\. . hcr rcpentancc. 

Voted y* she be notifyed to attend att y^ next Chh. 
■ meeting unlefs She prevent it by making a pul)lick 

acknowledgement of her offence & y^ She Continue ■ 

her withdraw from Special ordinances in y*^ mean time. 
:' 5. Voted y* y*-' Preecinct Committee be allowed to \ 

take Such timber for y*^ repairing y*' fences of y*" 
Parsonage as y> think necefsary from y*^ Chh. Lott . - 

at Newton. 

(49) ' Att a Chh. meeting July 12, 1784. 

. ' A Letter from y® Second & third Chhs in Bofton 
y*^ Church at Rumney Marsh, y" first Chh. in Glouces- 
ter Signed by y' refpective Pastors was read Inform- 
ing us of y*^ Steps yy had taken in admonifhing y^ 

,- . first Chh. in Salem (for living in Scandalous Divif- 

ions & neglecting y*^ methods of peace) agreable to 
y*^ third way of Communion laid down in y^ Platform 
Chh difcipline defiring us to join with 26 other chhs 
to hear & Judge upon y"^ procefs in y^ affair & if 
we Juftifye y^ Conduct to unite our Endeavours in 
giving light & Conviction to y^ Unhappy Chh. & upon 

46 Records of the First Churchy Camhvichje, [April 

y'" perfisting in neglecting y*' means of pence under 
' , y^ Scandalous Divifion & refufing Communioji with 

other Chhs to pronounce y"' obftinate in Scandal &c. 
;. The Chh after Some debate voted a Complyance 
with ye defire of f*^ I;ettei' & voted y^ Honorable y*" 
Lieutenant Governour Phipps, M"" Foxcroft, M'' 
Danforth, Maj"" Brattle, M'" Bordman as delegates of 
y*^' Chh. Only M' Danforth & Major Brattle went 
with me to attend y*^ Service. 


Jan. 26. A Letter from y^ Chh in Marlborough defir'g us to Joyn 

with other Chhs in an Eclefiaftical Council in advife 
in matters of difference between y'" & some of y^ 
members, relating more Specially to y principles of 
y^ Paftor was read to y^' Chh, & a complyance with 
y*" defire was voted & Sam" Danforth & Major Brat- 
. tie Efq'^^ & M^ Sewall were chofen as Mefsiugers'to 

joyn with y^ Paftor in attending y^ service. 
N. B. y« Council sat Feb.. 4. 1734/5 

Feb. 23, 1734/5 Mary Nutting now Mary Nowell made a publick 

Confefsion of lier Scandalous breach of y^ 7^^^ Com- 
mandment which was accepted by y^ Chh & She re- 
ftored to Comnmnion. 

Feb. 26, 1734/5 The Chh & whole Congregation met in Solemn 

afsembly & Imployed y*^ forenoon in prayer & Preacli- 
ing a sermon from thefe words Ezra 9. 5. 6. in y^ 
afternoon y^ Brethren of y*-" Chh met & came into y* 
following votes. Viz. 
1. We apprehend y^ as y*" is a general decay of piet}^ 
among us. So y^ are allso a great many disorderly 
walkers, not only among thofe y^ are baptifed & So 

. - , y reckoned y^ children of 3^*^ Chh, but even among thofe 

y* have publickly owned y*^ Covenant, 3^ea & among 
thofe y* are Members in full Communion with us even 

(50) such as neglect y'' bufinefs, y* frequent Taverns, & 

publick houfes & follow Unlawful! Gaming, &Excef- 
sive drinking Strong drink, and are profane in y'^ 


1904] Records of the First Church, Cainhndge. 47 

Converfatioii, whereby y>' greatly dishonour y'^ Chrif- 
tian name & profefsiou, break y*^ good & wholefome 
laws of y^ Land, mifpend y'' precious time Impoverifh 
y^ families blaft y^ reputation, Impare y'" health, Unfit 
ymfelves for bufinefs, run ymfelves into Inumerable 
Snares & temptations & Extremely hazard y"" Im- 
mortal Souls. . :.,. 

2. We apprehend y^' y^' Increafing & prevaling of Such 
Sinful disorders as y>' have done of late among us is 
very mnch owing to our not Exercifmg y® faithfull & 
friendly watch over one another ; as we have mutually 
& Solemnly Engaged by Covenant ; & to a General 
Lukewarnmefs & Unexemplarinefs among our Selves. 

3. Under a deep Sense of our former defects we hum- 
bly Implore y^ pardoning mercy of God thro Jesus 
Chrift, att y*^ same time J'efolving & Solemnly promiT- 
ing y^ by y*^ help of Divine grace we will Endeavor 
more Effectually to discountenance & discourage Such 
Sinfull disorders for y*^ future, by taking care each 
one to reform himfelf in thefe or other Sins y* our 
Consciences Charge as with, and by being more Cir- 
cumspect & P^xemplary in our Carriage, particularly 
we promife Steddily & diligently to Imploy our Selves 
in y^ bufinefs of some honeft Calling, y^ we will 
carefully avoid di'inking Strong drink wherein is Ex- 
cefs, all Unlawfull Gaming, & y* we will be Cautious 

-' " of going in or Sitting att Taverns and publick houfes. 

And as we would be willing to deny ourfelves even 
.^ . , : our lawfull liberty in many things to prevent others 

from Stumbling thereat ; So we now promise for our 
Selves refpectively y^ in order to discountenance this 
evil & pernicious Cuftom of necdlesly going to & 
Sitting Long att y^' Taverns : we will not frequent 
Such publick houfes either on days or in y^ Evenings, 
except when we have lawfull bufinefs y* Calls us 
thither, & y* we will Endeavour So to order our af- 
fairs as y* we niay but Seldom have occafion to go 
to Such houfes & y*^ when we are obliged to go to 



Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [Apj-il 




Such places we will eiicleavoiir always to Set Exam- 
ples of Sobriety & good order by moderate drinlviug 
& Seafonably departing. 

4. We do Solemnly promile y^ we will more faithfully 
watch over one another, and all among us y^ are in 
any degree related to y^ chh by y'" Baptifm or ovrning 
y*^ Covenant, with a Si)irit of meeknefs, love and 
tendernefs, Counfelling Exhorting & admonilhing 
one another frequently as we see occafion leai't any be 
hardened thro y^ deceitfulnefs of Sin & in thole cafes 
w^in we apprehend is applicable & necefsary we will 
Endeavour to profecute our Saviour's rule with re- 
fpect to admonitions as laid down in Math : 18 : 15, 
16, 17. 

5. That a Suitable Letter be Sent to y^ Inholders & 

N. B. y^' letter is to be piepared & Sent by y^* Pai'tor, 
& y^ purport of it to be an Earneft Exhortation to 
y"' to do what in y'" lyes to prevent Intemperance, 
Gaming or any dilbrder att y"* lioufes. 

And now O Lord God of our Fathers keep thefe 
things forever in y*^ Imaginations of y^ thoughts of 
y** heart of thispple & prepare their heart unto thee. 
I, Chron: 29: 18. 

Att a meeting of y^ Brethren of y^ Chh March 22 

1. Voted, That y'' be a Committee of y« Chh Chofen 
to Confult with our Paftor about such meaiures as 
Shall be thought most likely under y*^' Divine blefsing 
to reform y^ growing disorders y* are among us & 
make report to y^' Chh at Some other meeting. 

2. That y^ said Committee consist of Seven of y^ 

3. That y'^ Honourable Judge Remington y^ Honour- 
able Francis Foxcroft, & Sam" Danforth, Efqr. M'" 
Benjamin Goddard, Deacon Coolidge, M*" Daniel 
Dana & M*" John Cutter be y^ Committee for y*^ pur- 
pofe aforef^. ... 



■ .V/A; i.:.- 




1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 49 

:::'.;/'\:-[^''-:.^:C'^'::^r ;.:,., , The Committee cbofen by y*^ Brethren of y*^ Chh 

.; . V att y^ meethig on IMarch 22, 1736/7 to Confult with 

■ -' ■■" onr Pastor about Such menfures to be taken as Sliall 

■■'.. be thought moft likely (under y^' Diviue blefsing) 

'^■■: ■'-■':: ■■^'■:, to reform y^ growing disorders among us, & make 

report to y^ Brethren att another meeting, do unani- 

moufly agree with our Paftor to report as follows, 

-.;■/ ;• viz : — 

1. That it is matter of humiliation to this Chh y* not 

'(- withftanding y^ promife we make to every one we 

■,■/.: admit to our Communion of zvatching over y"' for y'' 
good tf:c. & notwithftanding y^ Solemn Engagement 
we entered into Some time ago, as to walk circum- 
fpectly our Selves, So to Exercife a more friendly & 
faithful! watch over one another, y^ this duty is Still 
So much neglected, whereby disorderly walkers In- 
:' - stead of being reclaimed are in danger of being 

: hardened thro y*^ deceitfulnefs of Sin. 

- 2. That for as much as it is found by Sad Exper- 

ience y^ y^ Excufeof chriftian watchfulnefs over one 
another (which is y^ duty of every one) is much 
neglected by reafon w^' of. Intemperance, Idlenefs & 
other Immoralities & disorders have prevailed among 
us, greatly to y*^ difhonour of God & of our holy 
profefsion, & to y*^ hurt and ruin of many. ' 

Wherefore we propose & recommend to y^ Chh as 
what we apprehend may be Serviceable for y^ reviv- 
ing religion & Supprefsing growing disorders y^ y'" 
(52) be a number of \yife, prudent & blamelefs Chriftians 

Chofen among our Selves, whofe special care it shall 
be to Infpect & obferve y'^ manners of profefsing 
. ■ " Chriftians among us, & Such as are under y^ Care & 

watch of this Chh & when y^ hear of any SinfuU & 
disorderly behaviour of any of y°^ y^ y^ Inquire into 
y^ truth y"" of & when y^' perceive y^ truth of Such 
evil reports, y^ one or more of y"^" together (as occa- 
fion Shall require) do adminifter Exortations & ad- 
monitions to y*' offender agreable to y*' nature & 
circumstances of y^' offence, with faithf ulncfs but yet 

50 -> Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [April 

with all meeknefs & tenderiiefs, and when Such private ad- 
monitions dont anfwer y^ End, y* y-^' advife with our Paftor 
about a more publick procedure with Sucli offenders. 

And y^ in cafe of open Scandal y* require y^' publick no- 
tice of y^' Chh yJ' Exhibit a Con^plaint to our Pastor ; and 
in all cafes y^ Shall be thought proper to be laid before y*' 
Chh, y* y^' procure & exhibit to our Said Paftor, y*^ Evi- 
dences y* may be had for y^ Support of y^ Complaint & for 
y^ Conviction of y^' offender. 

3. And y^ this method may be y^ more Efectual to anfwer 
y*^ End aimed att it is Proposed y^ y^ be nine of y^ Brethren 
chofeu into this Service, viz — three in y' Body of y*^^ Town, 
one upon y^ Common, one in Charleftown p]ud two att Me- 
notomy, & two on y*^' South Side of y^ river and y^ y^' continue 
in y^ afores'^ Service & Trust for y^' Space of one year. 

4. Finally it is proposed That this Chh Should Exprefsly 
declare y^ y defign of Such a Committee is not to be 
Understood to Excufe private Chriftians from Exercifing y'" 
same Chriftian watch or from administering ye Same private 
admonitions to one another which by y'' Covenant & profefsion 
yy are obliged unto. Nath'' Appleton Paftor. 

Camb. April 8, 1737. 

Cambr. April 13. 1737. 
Att a meeting of y^' Brethren of y^ Church y^ aforesaid 
report of y^ Committee was read & accepted & purfuant 
to y^ Said Report, Samuel Danforth, Andrew Bordman Efq"" 
John Bradifh, Deacon Snm'^ Bowman, Benjamin Goddard, 
John Cutter, Ephraim Froft, Daniel Dana & Deacon Samuel 
Sparhawk, Brethren of y^ Chh were Chofen by y*" church for 
y*' service & for y*^ term Exprefsed in Said report. 

Att a Meeting of y^" Brethren of y« Chh, June 24, 1737. 

; A complaint Signed by Six of y^' Chh Committee for In- 

fpecting y*^ manners &c againft Daniel Champney Jun"^ for 
. . his being difguifed with Strong drink on 26 of April in a 
publick Scandalous manner, was read to y^ Chh. and y*^ S^ 
Daniel Champney being prefent freely acknowledged y^ fact? 
& declared y* he had frequently fallen into y^ sin, for which 
he defired to be deeply humbled & afked forgivenefa of 







1004] JRecords of the First Churcli, Cambridge, 51 

;: ; God & of ye Chh, and promifed by y*^ help of G*^*s Spirit to 

■-.,&;. -y reform, and defired an Intcrcft in our prayers, upon which 

(53) y® Chh pafsed y^ lollov^ing vote viz. — Our Jlrotlier Daniel 

Champney Jnn'' having made a full acknowledgment of y*^ of- 

. ■ ence y^ he had been complained of viz, y^ being difguifed 

with 'Strong drink, and allso of his having repeatedly fallen 

into y^ lilvC Sin, & having profefsed his repentance y*" for, 

It is y^fore voted y^ if our S^ Brother Champney after 

four months tryal of his Carriage & Conversation Shall apply 

" ■■ to our Paftor for his reftoratiou to all Gofpel ordinances 

among us, & upon our Paftor making y*^ S^ requeft known 

to y*-' Brethren of y*^ Chh & if y^' be no new objections as 

to his behaviour y^ he Shall Enjoy all Gospel ordinances 

with us as in times past. 

; ; . Att a Meeting of y« Brethren of y« Chh, May 5. 1788. 

The Brethren voted to choofe a Committee for y"^ Same 
~ purpofes y>' did laft year, viz : — to Inspect y*^' manners of 

profefeing Christians &c. 

They accordingly brought in y'" w^'itten votes for y^ per- 
fons to be of this Committee & the Honorable Francis Fox- 
croft & Andrew Bordman Efq''^ Mr. John Bradish, Deacon 
Samuel Bowman, M^ Benjamin Goddard Capt. Ephraim 
Froft, M^ John Cutter, M'" Daniel Dana & Deacon Samuel 
Sparhawk w^ere Chofeu y^ S'^ service & trust for y*^ Space of 
one year. 

Mem^™ M^ Foxcroft declined to accept of the Service, 
But y* Brethren did not See Cause to choofe any other in 
his room. M"" John Bradifh was chosen to y*^ ofllce of a 
July 23, 1738 

Our Brother Jonathan Stedman gave manifeft tokens of 
bis repentance by his late conduct of himfelf, by a publick 
acknowledgement this day Exhibited to y^' Chh. upon which 
Ihey manifefted y"^ forgivenefs of him and reftored him to 
y^ Charity & to y^ free Enjoyment of Special ordinances as 
' in times paft. 

Att a meeting of y^' Brethren of y« Chh June 15, 1739. 

1. The Brethren Voted to chofe a Committee to Infpect 


52 _ llecords of the First Chtcrch^ Ccnnhridge. [April 

y*^ manners of prof ef sing Christians &c. according to y*^' 
method agreed upon April 13, 1737. 

2. They accordingly brought in y^ written votes for y^ 
Perfons to be of this Committee and y^ Honourable Sam'' 
Danforth & Andrew Bordman Efq''^ Deacon John Bradifh, 
Deacon Sam" Bowman, M^' Benjamin Goddard, Capt. 
' Ephraim Froft, Mr. John Cutter, m^" Daniel Dana & Deacon 
Sam" Sparhawk were Chofeu to y*^ Said Service and trust 
for y^ Current year. 

Vide p. (100) 

Infants Baptized by Nath^^ Appleton, 1734 

Sarah of Deacon Sam" Sparhawk 

Edward of Jeremiah Rufsell 

William of William Robbins 

Nathaniel of Daniel Champney 

Martha of Edward Dickfon 

John of John Morse John of John W^^eth ^ 

Efther of John Manning 

Timothy of Peter Tufts. 

Elizabeth of Ozmant, baptized at Menotomy. 

Mar}^ of Nath" Gammage 

Mary & Paul children of Paul Nowell 

Jofeph of Jofeph Rufsell - 

Daniel of Jofhua Gammage 

Thales, son of M^ Profefsor Greenwood. 

Katherine of Sam^' Whittemore Jun^'. 

Jonathan of Jonathan Cooper. 

Benoni, son of AV' Winfhip. 

Andrew of M'" Andrew Bordman Jun^ 

Peter of Peter Ilurd • - 

Ruth of Amos Marrett Jun''. 

William of Charles Honeywell Jun"". |5 

Ruth of Eliz: Cartwright - I 

:':-^;--:.-.;,..,,^.;,.. James of Caleb Dana ■ :r."^::;i.:'-,-v :■ ^ \ ' .f 

■':^:■:/'f:^;i^^;Cv:;: William- W^'^ Manninpr ■ ' 'i 

June 1. Nathan of Jacob Watson t 




' 3 














March 9. 




V » 


























1904] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 53 

1734/5 ■ ■■■ ■"'■■■■■■'■■-'" -^ ■::/■;-;;;•,•■- '''.7:---p'-^^^^^^^^ 

June 8 Lydia of W™ Dickfon. . ; : ; 

15. Jonatlian of Sam^^ Nuttino- 

CD " . 

29 Francis of Francis Foxcroft Efq^ 

David of John Furgcfou 

Thomas of Thomas Ozburn 
July G. Hepsibah of Phillip Cook 
. ' Samuel of Joimthan Edmunds 

Sybill of Thomas Sparhawk 

Hannah of Cadwallader Ford 

Abraham of Ephraim Ozburn 

Samuel of W^'^ Barrett. 

Richard of Thomas Dana 

Jonathan of Jonathan Star. 

Joanna of Sam^^ Cook • . 

John of Sam'i Bull 
28 Mary of John Whitmore 

Lydia of Joseph Eartlett 

Sarah of Michael Stanley 
Oct. 12. Benjamin of Francis Lock. 

John of Solomon Champney 

Philemon of Joseph Winfhip 

Elizabeth of Isaac Fillebrown 

Thomas of Thomas Champney. 

Mercy of Edward Manning 

Sufanna of Ebenezer Cuttef 

John of James Pierce 

Abigail & Ruth, children of Mathew Mallit. 

Abigail of Ephraim Cook Vide p. (55) 55 


Tabitha of Abraham Hill : z ;^ - (^ ; •:' 

Abigail of Sam^^ Belcher .: 

Benjamin of Sam^^ Smith at Menotomy 

Jonathan of W°^ Bulterfield -v " 

Henry of Sam^^ Godding att Menotomy 

Jofeph & Benjamin, Twins of Eleazer Parker 

Mathew & Margaret, Children of Mathew Mallit. 

Hepsibah of Sam^' Hastings 

















March 21 




54 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [April 

Martha of Ebciiezer Stcdinau 

Samuel of Ebeuezer vShed 

George of Fraucis Foxcroft Efq"". 

Sarah of Major W"' Brattle " • 

Elizabeth of John \yyeth 

Jacob of Henry Prentice 3^^"^ . V 

Richard of Charles Honeywell Jiin^ - , 

Zacheus of Phillip Bemus 

Elizabeth of-Sam" Danforth Efq^'. 

William of Sam" Rand / :-:^ 

Nathan of Josiah Robbins 

Tabitha of Thomas Kidder , ;' . . 

Sarah of Jonathan Cooper 

Jacob of Jacob Hill Jun'^. 

{Elizabeth of Simon Holding 

Sybil of Dr. Edward Wiggles worth 

John of John Goddard 

Edmund of Edmund Dix 

Jane of William Dickson 

Joanna of Samuel Cook 

Lydia of Sam'' Lock 

Samuel of Walter Cooper 

Samuel of Abraham Watson. 

Aaron of Joseph Wiufhip baptized att Menotomy 

Esther of Thomas Robbins. 
Ebenezer of James Nutting 

Ruth of Philip Carteret . .: * 

John of William Withington > 

Ebenezer of Ebenezer Prentice ,.. - 

Mary of Edward Marrett Jun^ 

Thomas of Thomas Sparhawk . 

Zechariah of Zechariah Hill . . 

Downing of Downing Champney 
Timothy of John Batherick . 

10. Patience &.Symon, Children of Symon Sparhawk 

Vide p. (56) 46 















August 1 


August 29 
















■ *'■■■ ^■.'' 

















IfiOll Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 55 

(56) 17. Mary of Sam^^ Bull v ■..;^:^^^ — ^^^^^^^ 

Mary of Ephraiui Cook " ' / v 

■;' 1' • ; V James of Jofeph Bnrtlett ■ ' '; 

24 Katherine of Francis Foxcroft Efq' 
' Hannah of Sam'^ Whitemore Juii^ ' ; ^ 

May 1. Elizabeth of M^' Isaac Greenwood 

John of John Whitmore ^ ' 

Abraham of Abraham Ireland Jun^' ^ \ 

John of John Ireland ' > \:y' -^ : \/ :■:,-:--.■ -v^y^'^^ 

Mary of William Barrett ' : ^ '■[■:':',■.,■'''(':.''.■'"% 

Mercy of Jonas Prentice ; - v 

Sarah of Symon Sparhawk ; ./ -. 

Henry of Nath^' Appleton ,r 

Tabitha of Daniel Champney Juh^' • v ' 

Edward of Edward Dickson 

Ebenezer of W"' Fefsenden ' ■■ ' " 

Amos of Amos Marret Jun'" / 

Edmund of Matliew Mallit. . ; .; r 

Sarah of John IMorse ^^^^^^^\^^^^^^^^^^ . ; ; . 

Joseph of Sam'' Nutting . ' 

Ebenezer of Solomon Hancock ':■,■■-■/■■:.■■ ,.-y 

Sarah of Thomas Dana V^: . 

Sufanna of M^ John Hovey. - ; ■ 

William of John Swan 

John of Gerfhom Cutter 3^^"« / . ; 

Sarah of Jofhua Rand 

David of Michael Stanly 

William of y« Rev^^ M"- Edw*' Holyoke, President. 

Sufanna of James Peirce 

Elizabeth a child of Ephraim Ozburn 

Samuel of Peter Tufts , • ,: ' 

Sarah of William Manning 

Margaret of y^ Widow INIindwell Fesenden. 

Margaret of Charles Honeywell 
Nathan of Samuel Davis . 

Bethia of Downing Champney ^ 

Rebekah of Ebcn"^ Cutter 







































































56 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge, ' - Jl 

■ . Ip 

1738Feb. 5. Mary of W^^ Butterfield -.S^ 

^ Samuel of Sam" Swan ■ 

Mar. 12 Lydia of Jacol) Watson 

. 26. Isaac of W™ Dickson % 

:.>;■-' Lydia of Ebeuezer Stedman ■ ' • ^ 

Ann of Abraham Ireland, Jun*" ■ ' .^ 

April 9. Nathan of Henry "Prentice. 

. Hannah of John Barrett 

16. William of y^ Honorable Francis Foxcroft P"sq^ § 

23. Sarah of Isaac Fillebrown 

, ' 30 Susannah of Abraham Colfry • 

Mary of John Ellis 
May 7. Martha of Walter Cooper *, •; . 

Patience of Thomas Hall. 
. Gerfliom of Thomas Williams v 
Abiel of Widow Pricfilla Hill 
Josiah of John Winfhip ,. . , 

Ebenezer of Noah Sparhawk 

Martha of John Wyeth /, . 

Mary of Mary Parker 

Elizabeth of Sam'^ Belcher . v -^ v; JIJ^-^aT: • 

John of Thomas Robbins 
Benjamin of Samll Lock 
(57) Vide page : (57) 60 

Lucy of Thomas Sparhawk 

William of Major Brattle, baptif'd by M"" Prince. 

Rhoda, daughter of Jofeph Bartlett, baptized b}" M'^ 

Thomas Prentice. 
Mehetable of W™ Morse. 
Elizabeth of Daniel Barrett 
Anna of Jacob Hill Juu'" V ^ 

Abigail of Edward Manning ' 

Robert of Sam^' Smith 

John of M"^ John Hovey '■.: -^-^ .^ ■'::-■'•' ■:"^' ■:■■■■: " 

Mary of James Cutler Jun'" > 

{To be continued.) 


■pf, : 




Vol. V. July, 1904.- No. 2. 

. ' ; GAZETTE, 17()5-1800. 

Collected and arranged by Otis G. Hammond. 

(Continued from Vol. 4, page 290.) ' 

1771, May 31. 

Buckingham St. John, aged 25, native of Norwalk, Conn., graduate 
of Yale, 1768, was drowned May 5, 1771. 

1771, June 7. 
Margaret, wife of Shrimpton Hunt, and daughter of the late Rev. 

William Cooke of Sudbury, Mass., in her 46th year, died in 

Boston, Mass., June 2, 1771. 
Edmund Lawrence of No. Four, Conn., and Abner Comstock of 

Richmond, Conn., were drowned during the week May 4-11, 

Miss Mary Andrew of Milford, Conn., was killed by accident 
,:;, May 1, 1771. --;. ,•■• ,-.,,...■,.:■■;„; v.r-v.-:-., ■.;- 
■ Daniels, of Exeter, N. H., a boy aged about 12, was 

drowned June 3, 1771. 
Joshua Pickering died in Greenland, N. H., June 5, 1771. 

1771, June 14. ' " 

Elihu Brockway and Lewis were drowned in the Connecti- 
cut river, near Brockway's ferry, IMay 17, 1771. 

. • :■ . (57) , \ 

58 From the Kein Hampslnre Gazette, 1765-1800. [July 



John Langdoii, bookseller, and Polly, daughter of Thomas Wal]ey, J 

were married in Boston, I\Ias8., before June 6, 1771. I 

1771, June 21. . ■ • . f 

Zevian Evans, aged about 31, died in East Windsor, Conn., May ? 

13, 1771. .*' ■ 1 

John Stott committed suicide in Accomack county, Va., March 15, | 

1771. |: 

Mr. Jones ^Yas killed by accident in Eaynham, Mass, June 7 , f 

1771. . f 

Isaac Wheeler committed suicide in Ilolden, Mass., May 30, 1771. f 

He left a widow and several children. 

]\Iargaret, wife of Capt. Nathaniel Uowse, aged 47, died in 
Charlestown, Mass., before June 13, 1771. 

1771, June 28. 
The wife of Francis Lewis, aged about 25, was found dead in 

New York, N. Y., June 2, 1771 . 
Mr. Downing and JMr. Davis were drowned at Ware, 

IVIass., June 10, 1771. 
Capt. Henry Cook of Salem, Mass., died in the West Indies. 
Thomas Packer, in his 72d year, died in Portsmouth, N. II., June 

Capt. John Stevenson and Tabitha, daughter of Judge Longfellow, 

were married in Falmouth, Me. 
1771, July 5. V / ^v 

Paul Harrington, aged 19, and John Ball, aged 17, were drowned 

at Waltham, Mass., June 24, 1771. 
Hon. George Craddock, aged 87, died in Boston, Mass. 
Dr. Thomas Leonard, in his 28th year, died in Boston, jNIass. 
John Alford Tyng, aged 42, died in Dunstable, Mass. 

1771, July 12. 

Rev. Moses Badger of Haverhill, Mass., and Miss Mary Salton- 

stall of Boston, Mass., were married in Plaistow, N. IL, during 

the week ending July G, 1771. .-- 

Stephen Chase and Polly, daughter of the late Josepli Frost of 

Newcastle, N. H., were married there. 

1771, July 19. ; 

'A child of Coleman of Weathersfield, Conn., aged about 7, 

was killed by accident June 28, 1771. 







]00i] Fro)n the JVew Ilamjyshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 59 

A son of Nicholas Andrews of INIeriden, Conn., aged about 10, 
was killed by accident during the week June 22-29, 1771. 

Lieut, Samuel I^eed, of Lunenburg, JMass., >vas idlled by accident 
July 6, 1771. He left a widow and 7 children. 

Five of the six children of Benjamin Wadsworth died in Duxbury, 
Mass., before July 5, 1771, within one week. 

1771, July 26. ' . 

Daniel Parmenter, aged 22, was killed by lightning in Hopkinton, 
■■" Mass. 

1771, Aug. 2. ■ - ■ •• 

Ralph Dobinson was drowned at Annapolis, Md., June 29, 1771. 

Allen Merrills was killed by accident in Erinington, Conn., July 
11, 1771. 

Jonathan Higley of Simsbury, Conn., was drowned July 8, 1771. 

>[r. Goodwin killed by accident in Boston, Mass., July 
'■^-:-'27, 1771. ^ 

1771, Aug. 9. 

Richard Jones, aged 96, died in Goshen, Pa., before July 25, 1771. 

Isaac Greenleaf, aged 56, died in Philadelphia, Pa., before July 

John Neilson died in Virginia before July 25, 1771. 

Mr. Birch, aged between 60 and 70, was found dead by sui- 
cide in Newton, L. I., before July 25, 1771. 

Hon. Thomas Wallingford, in his 75th year, died in Portsmouth, 
N. H., Aug. 4, 1771. 

Barnabas Bradbury committed suicide in Haverhill, Mass., Aug- 
6, 1771. 

1771, Aug. 16. . 
Alexander ]\Ic Donald died in Boston, Mass., Aug. 6, 1771. 
Michael Hogan died in Boston, Mass., Aug. 6, 1771. 

Mr. Gray died in Boston, Mass., before Aug. 8, 1771,. 

David Murray was found dead in Ijostou, JMass., Aug. 8, 1771. 
Abigail, wife of William Vaughan, and daughter of Rushworth 
Jordan of Biddeford, Me., died in Scarborough, Me., Aug. 5, 
1771. She had a daughter five days old. 


GO Fro7n the Ne\o Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800, [eluly 

^ Sarah, daughter of Rev. Mr. Champney of Beverly, Mass., died in 
Portsmouth, N. FI., Aug. 13, 1771. She was a sister of Richard 
Champney of Portsmoutli. 
Dnniel Baldwin was drowned at Lebanon, N. H., July 30, 1771 
Ann, wife of Rev. John Moody, in her 63d year, died, in New- 
market, N. II., July 14, 1771. 
Joshua Dustin was drowned at Haverhill, N. H., Aug. 6, 1771. 

1771, Aug. 23. 
Sarah, wife of Hon. Sampson Sheafe, aged 81, died in Newcastle, 
' N. H., Aug. ID, 1771. 

Sarah, widow of Dr. Nathaniel Sargent, and sister of Hon. Daniel 
Peirce, in her 75th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., Aug. 21, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Pendexter, aged 81, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 
Aug. 20, 1771. 

1771, Aug. 30. 

Ebenezer Edwards, aged 43, was killed by accident in Northampton, 
Mass., Aug. 21, 1771. He left a widow and 9 children. 

Nathaniel Wiiiting, aged 83, died in Dedham, Mass., Aug. 24, 
1771. lie left a widow, aged 82, to whom he had been married 
58 years, also 6 children, 52 grandchildren, and 50 great-grand- 

James Libbej^ died in Scarborough, Me., Aug. 18, 1771. 

An only daughter of Ensign Robert Wilson was killed by accident 
in Peterborough, N. H.. Aug. 16,1771. 

John Swain and Jean Wilson were married in Peterborough, N. H., 
Aug. 19, 1771. Their combined ages were 150 years. 

1771, Sept. 6. 

Deacon Foot died in Branford, Conn., during the week ending 

Aug. 17, 1771. 
Mr. Wright was killed by accident in Westford, Mass., Aug. 

23, 1771. 
Nathaniel Mendum, in his 82d year, died in Portsmouth, N. H., 

Aug. 30, 1771. . , . ,,_ ..■. ■- .V - - : 

1771, Sept. 13. 'is .- .;. '^:--'-^:'--/:-^-:,> ■■■_.■ 

Widow Mary Ayersdied in New Braintree, Mass., July 24, 1771. 

She left two brothers, aged 74, the three being triplets. 



1904] From the New Uampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. Gl 

John Gore, Jr., aged 26, died in Boston, Mass., Sept. 3, 1771. 
, Capt. John McKown, aged 64, died in Boston, Mass., Sept. 1-3 

' Sarah, wife of Rev. Conant, in her 43d year, died in Middle- 

. borough, Mass., Aug. 30, 1771. 

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Gerry, in her 56th year, died in Marble- 
^ ^ bead, Mass., Sept. 2, 1771. r 

Jacob Fowle died in Lynn, jNIass., Sept. 8, 1771. 
Capt. Samuel Warner, in liis 34th year, died in Portsmouth, N. H. 
: Sept. 10, 1771. 

1771, Sept. 20, 

Peter Delancey was killed in a duel in Charleston, S. C, Aug. 15, 
.'V ■ 1771. 

Two children of William Davy were burned to death in Charleston, 
S. C, Aug. 15, 1771. 

Bradley, a boy aged about 6, was killed by accident in Plaistow, 

: "N. H., before Sept. 12, 1771. 

William Fullerton died in Portsmouth, N. H., Sept. 14, 1771. 

1771, Sept. 27. 
Mary Burt, aged 98, died in Reading, Mass., Sept. 16, 1771. 

1771, Oct. 4. 
Dr. Siimuel Marshall died in Boston, Mass., Sept. 29, 1771. 
Capt. Israel Abbott of Connecticut river and Benjamin Dennis, Jr. 

of Norwich died at Cape Nicholas Mole. 
Nathaniel Walden of Danvers, Mass., was killed by accident Sept- 

27, 1771. 
Abraham Adams committed suicide in Rowley, Mass., before Sept. 

19, 1771. 

1771, Oct. 11. 

Capt. Josiah Drury, aged 64, was killed by accident in Framingham 

Mass., before Oct. 3, 1771. . 

Rev. Simon Bradstreet, aged 63, died in Marblehead, Mass.j Oct. 5. 

.':1771. ■:-•:■■: 

Rev. Jonathan Parsons of Newburyport, Mass. and Lydia, widow 

of Andrew Clarkson of Portsmouth, N. H., were married in 

Portsmouth, Oct. 3, 1771. 

Robert Gilman was drowned at Merrimack, N. H., Oct. 3, 1771. 

62 From the New Hanipsliire Gazettey 1765-1 SOO. [July 

1771, Oct. 18.''' ■ •■■■>--• ■■■^ - ■--•■ ^- :---■; v-^..'/ 
Rev. John Thomas of Charleston, S. C, died in New York, N. Y. 

Oct. 6, 1771. 
Nathaniel Sessions, father of the Deputy Governor, in his 91st 
year, died in Porafret, Conn., Sept. 25, 1771. His wife, with 
whom he had lived 65 years, died about three months before, in 
her 86th year. They had 9 sons and 3 daughters, all but one 
living to maturity. ; 

1771, Oct. 25. -. -:..-...--,.■. .^ . ■■:.. ■. 

John Oliver of Maiden, Mass., was killed by accident in Penobscot, 
Me. ^■■ 

Eilizabeth, wife of Hon. James Pitts, and daughter of the late Hon. 
James Bowdoin, in her 55th year, died in Boston, Mass., Oct. 
20, 1771. 

Mrs. Turner of Portsmouth, N. H., who went with her hus- 
band to Ireland, died there in July, 1771. 

Eleazer Ward of Portsmouth, N. H., was lost at sea. 

1771, Nov. 1 

Richard Waldron of Portsmouth, N. H., a minor, was lost at sea. 
1771, Nov, 8. 

Zaccheus Wheeler of New London, Conn., was lost at sea Sept. 
22, 1771. 

Nicholas Railey was found drowned at Boston, Mass., Oct. 29, 

1771. ; 

Mr. Hibbure was killed by accident in Sanford, Me., before 

' Oct. 23, 1771. He left a widow and 10 children. ^ 

1771, Nov. 15. 
Richard Hackett and Samuel Smith were drowned at Philadelphia, 
Pa., before Oct. 28, 1771. Both left widows and children. 

1771, Nov. 22. ■ --■--'^■■:^r^"^^^^'V:^ 

Kittredge, a girl aged about 13, was killed ^by accident in 

;: Tewksbury, Mass., Nov. 8, 1771. > ; ?..'•:?, 

Bezaleel Carlton of Bradford, Mass., was drowned Nov. 12, 1771, 

Mr. Dyer of Dorchester, Mass., was killed by accident 

in Jan., 1772. 



Til . 

1004] From the JSTeiv HanijjsMre Gazette, 1765-1800, 63 

Mr. ■ Tuthill, aged 75, Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, widow, aged 

55, sister to William Vassal, Mrs. Mary Caff, aged "52, Sarah, 
wife of Solomon Hughes, aged 42, aud Nathan Foster, Mrs. 
Esther Hill, widow, aged 58, died in Boston, Mass., before Feb. 
13, 1772. 
- Dr. Nathaniel, second son of Hon. Nathaniel Hubbard, late of 
Bristol, R. I., died in Stamford, Conn., before Feb. 13, 1772. 

A daughter of George Abbot, aged about 4, was burned to death 
in Portsmouth, N. H., Feb. 14, 1772. 

1772, Feb. 28. 
P^van Rice, aged 52, died in Newcastle county, Pa., before Feb. 6. 
Moses Dodge was killed by accident in Groton, Conn., Feb. 5, 

1772. He left a widow and 4 cliildreu. 
A son of Jonathan Smith, Jr., aged about 11, was killed by acci- 
dent near New London, Conn., Feb. 6, 1772. 
Miss Elizabeth Simpson died in Boston, Mass., during the week 
■- ending Feb. 15, 1772. 

1772, March 6. ' . 

f Thomas Dunn was killed by accident in Boston, Mass., Feb. 24, 

Stephen March died in Portsmouth, N. H., Mfa'ch 1, 1772. 

Capt. John Brown died Tuesday, jNlarch 3, 1772. 

Hon. John Hill, Esq., aged 69, died in Berwick, Me. 

1772, March 13. * - . 

Bezaleel Woodward and Polly, daughter of Rev. Dr. Eleazer 
Wheelock, were married in Hanover, N. H., Feb. 5, 1772. 

1772, March 20. 
Rev. Israel Loring, aged about 90, died in Sudbury, Mass. 

1772, March 27. 

Mrs. Thwing, aged 101, died in Cambridge, Mass., in Jan., 

' ;;: 1772. - 

Mrs. [Mary] Williams, aged 102, died in Cambridge, Mass., in 

Feb. 17, 1772. 
Mr. [Isaac] Ilolden, aged 96, died in Cambridge, Mass., March 
8, 1772. 

64 From the J^ew Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800. 

Matthew Haines, mariner, lately from New York, was found, 
dead in Boston, Mass., March 13, 1772. 

Ebenezer Brown of vSquantani, aged about 50, was killed by accident 
March 15, 1772. 

Kuth, wife of Jolni Barrell, Mr. Lucas, and Mrs. — 

McCuliosb, widow, died in Boston, Mass., before March 19, 1772. 

Kev. Joseph Crocker, in his 58^^^ year, died inEastham, Mass., be- 
fore March 10, 1772. 

Ephraim Hanson died, in Dover, N. H., March 24, 1772. 





1772, Aprils. - ■:•.., «- 

James Fish, of Falmouth, Mass., was drowned at Newbern, N. C, ^. 

before March 20, 1772. | 

Rev. Nathaniel Webb, in his 67^'' year, died in Oxbridge, Mass., |^- 

March 14, 1772. He left a widow. If 

George Crawford and John Anderson were drowned in Long Island #;; 

sound, Feb. 22, 1772. ..- |^ 

1772, April 10. ^ |; 

Capt Monsieur Bunbury of Portsmouth, N. IL, aged about 35, was f 
killed by nccident on board his ship at sea during a storm which 

began Jan. 29, 1772. He left a widow and three children. |i 

A son was born to Col. and Mrs. Phelps of Orford, N. H., March t 

-21, 1772. . ■ •■ / '§ 

A cliild of Mr. Nelson of Lyme, N. H., aged 5 years, fell into a Ir" 

kettle of beer, INIarch 17, 1772, and was fatally scalded, living | 

only 48 hours. | 

A child of Capt. Peters of Moorestown was killed by accident, f 

March 15, 1772. f 

1772, April 17. f 

A son of Benjamin White, aged about 5, was killed by accident in |;- 

Boston, Mass., April 9, 1772. | 
William, son of the late Gov. Tailer, died inNewburyport, Mass., 
April 10, 1772. 
, Capt. Bartholomew Cheevers, aged 88, died in Boston, Mass., April 
8, 1772. . ■ ■ ■ ,,-^:.., - 

. ( To be continued.^ : : , - 







{Continued from Vol. V^ page 56.) 

1739 '■"■■■"- ^ . ' .-^..,,:, :-,//.;- ,--^^ '.■.■:■ 

- 14. Sarah of Sam" Bull '^'■- '':,'' ■'X:.:'\ ■: • : 

■:.■:." Jofliua of Jofhiia Rand . . 

21. Samuel of Wm. Dana 

John of James Nuttins: 
28 EdAvard of Edward Marret Jun'" 
Feb. 11. ]\Iary of William Barrett 

Amos of Amos Marret Jun* 
Margaret of David Osburu 
18. John of Thomas Kidder 

Samuel of Jonathan Cooper 
25. Abraham of Ebeuezer Kendal by M' J. Cotton 
March 11. Layton sou of y'" Tlonoura,])lc Francis Foxcroft Esq^ 

25. F:iizabeth, Daughter of Ruth Cheney 
Abril 1. John of Nath" Appleton 
Anna of Jofiah Robbins. 
April 8. John of Ephraim Ozburn ... ■ 

William of Richard Champney 
; 15. Jofeph of Henry Prentice 3'^"«. \ ',■ 

Mary of Abraham Ireland Jun*". 
■: 22. iMary of Jofeph Rufsell 

29. Ebenezer of -Dan'^ Champney Jun''. 

Jonas of Jonas Prentice ; 

May 6. Jofeph of Sam' 1 Nutting V .^^ ^^ "' 

IMartha of John Goddard ., 

JunelO. Sarah of Samuel Cook V v 

July 15. Dorothy of Deacon Sam'' Sparhawk \ : 

Thomas of W"' Fefsenden 
• 29. Prifcilla of y^' Revd Edward Holyoke, Preside 

'f .: . : Hannah of W'" Dickson 

-• ■■ - ■ (65) 





■■' ':■-■■.- ■ • . ■' -Iv 

6Q Records of the Fii\st Churchy Camhridge. [July 

Ang 5. ]\Iary of Mary Chad wink wife of Nath^' Chadwick 

12. Nathaniel of John Cutter 

19 Philemon of ThoTiias Kobbins , . " 

Sept. 2. Mary of Ebenezer W3^eth 
Michael of INIichael Stanly 

16. Andrew of Abraham Colefry . 

Oct^""?. Samuel of Bethia G rover - 

14, Sileuee, daughter of Thomas Dana, N.B. His wife 
" dyed a few days after her delivery. 

~ 21. John of Angus Graham - ... 

Nov. 4. Elizabeth of Edward Dickson. 

Nov. 18. Samuel of Nath" Chadwick 

■ 1739 ■"-:;.;■■ 

Nov. 25. William of John Morse " , 

Keziah of Thomas Goddard .' 53 

(58) ' ~ : Verte 

Dec. 2. Abiel Daughter of Charles Ilonywell 

16. Lucj of Abraham Hill 
Aaron of Peter Tufts 

23. Katherine of Thomas Sparhawk 

30. James of James Peirce • ; : ; . 

1740 ^ .';-■„■--■::. ,;; ,; 

Jan. 20. Elizabeth of Mathew Cox. 

Feb. 10. Benjamin of Walter Cooper 

17. Isaac of Tabitha Hill 

March 2. Kebecca of Jofeph Bartlett -• 

30. John of y*^ Honourable Francis Foxcroft. 
Lucy of Col. W"> Brattle 

T" Silence of Solomon Champney 
Jofeph of Daniel Ilovey 

April 6. Abigail of Thomas Ozburn 

April 20. Rebeckah of W"' IManning 

27. Ebenezer of Ebenezer Stedman "" • 

May 11. Samuel of Nath" Appleton ^^^^^^. ; ; : 

18. Jofeph of Jofeph Cook 

25. .Abigail of Henry Prentice 3*1"^ ' ; 

June 15. Eunice of Ebenezer Bradifh. 


1904] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 67 v J\ 

1740 June 29 Martha of W^" Fefsenden Jun''. ; ■■-■■.:. :-S '^ ■-:':'■/■■' '^-'^ ^ \. 
July 6. John of John Barrett I ■ 

Elizabeth of David Ozborn \^ 

13 Joseph of Ebenezer Smith " | 

August 10 Samuel of y*^ Honourable 8am^' Danforth Efq'". ] 

17 Mary of Amos Marrett ^ -X 

24 Lydia of Daniel Barrett ■ ; . ,V 

Sept. 14 Andrew of Sam'' Belcher ,, . ^ . . • 

Nov'^'' 2 William of Richard Champney : ' * 

Nov^^BO Elizabeth of John Wyeth ^^^^^ ^. ; ^ 

John of Jacob Hill Jun'". -^^^^^^/^ ;: A 

Dec'^''21 Judah of Edward Marrett Jun"". .^^/^^ ^ ^ ^^ . ;. 

1741 . . :■ . '.■-;';■;;-;■;■ \'v:V-^^^ ' ^ " ^"■^^■' ^' 

Jan. 4 Rachel of Ephraim Osburn V ^^ 

Jan. 14 Lydia of John Whitmore .■• 

■ Abraham of Abraham Hofsey - jl 

Jau^ 25 Sarah of Henry Prentice i ^ 

■ .. Joshua of W^' Barrett ■ 'V '. ^n 

March 1 Agnis Daughter of JMathew Cox h 

March 8 Elizabeth of John Ireland \ 

March 15 Hepsibah of John Bradifh Jun*" baptized att Deacon t" 

Bradifh's houfe, she being dangerously 111, and dyed "" 

y^ next Lords day morning. ' ;■, 

29 Daniel of Capt. Sam'' Gookin ' ^' 

Sarah of John Bradifh Junior who lives with \ 

Eb: Bradifh ^^ 
April 12 Benjamin of W™ Dana baptized on y« South Side of 

:'.::;;■ ^^- ■;.-•'■:■-■. y'^ river. V, ■;..:.■- . ■ ■ . - - ..--'■" 'y 

. ;■ 19 Mary of Samuel Champney Jun''. :{ 

A 26 Hannah of Nath" Chadwick \ ^ ^ ^ 

May 10 Sarah Ebenezer Stedman ) 

17 Lucy of Jacob Watson. ■ ■ - ■- ^. y-- ■■':-^-.;<;:?^-rr:-'. ■ ■:■ _ > 

May24 James of Jonas Prentice 1^ 

June 7 Ruth of Thomas Robbins, William of Angus Graham r 

14 Jonathan of James Nutting V 

21 Sarah of Thomas Kidder v . 

July 5 George of y^ Honourble Francis Foxcroft Efq''. ;i 

12 Mary of Solomon Hancock • S; 


68 Records of the First Church, C amhridye, [Julj 

1741 July 19 Tabitha of Daniel Chamney Jun*". 

' , -■ Ebenezer of Jofeph Cook : . 

"26 Simon of Jonathan Cooper ' ' >. -. 

A.ugust2 Mary of Abraham Colefrey . 

30 Mary of Hannah Smith alias Hannah Daniels, 
Sept 6. Stephen of John Goddard . ^ .. 

13 John of Amos Marrett 

20 George of Noah Sparhawk, Samuel of Samuel Kent. 
Nov^^'" 1 Mehetabel of y*^ widow Jemima Batherick. 

8 Henry of Edward Dickson, Samuel of Sam" Cook. 

Nov^'" 17 Elias of Elias Mason, Baptized att his houfe y*^ child 
came a month too soone & was dangerously 111 
.'-V'- with fits. ^ " 

29 Jonathan of Jonathan Brooks. 

Dec. 20 Abigail of James Pierce. 
27 Anna of Isaac Watson Jun'". 

1741/2 /:■:;:':■: \\^t-;-:-':- 

Jan. 3 Jofhua of Nath^' Gammage 

17 Margaret of W" Fefsenden baptized by M'" Tho'* Prentice. 

Jan. 31 Jonathan of Michael Stanly 
Feb. 7. Sufannah of William Murch 
Feb. 14. Thomas of Col: William Brattle Esq^ 
March 28. David of Jofeph Bartlett 
April 4. Elizabeth of M^' Andrew Bordman Junr. by M^ Walter. 

Oliver of Thomas Sparhawk 
April 11. Elizabeth of Thomas Ozburu 
Hannah of Thomas Goddard 
18. Nathaniel of AValter Cooper 

Nicholas of W"' Fefsenden Juu^ 

■- James of John Tomb. 

May 16. Thomas of Edward Marrett Junior. 

July 4. Ebenezer of Thomas Robbins. , ' 

11. Noah of P^benezer Wyeth 

j/vV • ' < Mofes of Eliphalet Robbins I 

^^18. Mary of Daniel Hovey | 

25. ' Isaac of Abraham Hofsey ' | 

Eunice of Nathaniel Kidder . ' $ 

Aug.l. Sufannah of Peter Tufts | 

22. Sarah of Daniel Barrett i 








1904] Jiecords of the First Church, Cambridge, 69 . \ 

29. Ebenezer of Ebeiiezer Bradifh . . : ' ' . K- ' ; V 

Thomas of Thomas Kidder, Baptized at his house • 

y*^ child dyed. / ; V; r 

Sept. 19. Benjamin of Jofeph Cook C v 

Oct^"" 3. William of Henry Prentice 3';"«. 

:■; 10. George of Caleb Dana -> .; ■ }' 

C 24. Mary of Capt. Sam^' Gookin V^ \ 

Nov^^ 28. Jonathan of William Barrett .a.-; • .■ 

Dec'"' 5, Richard of Richard Champney 54 ^ 

:;^'V^V:;,i::-. ■:^.. -. •,/., ^./ _/-..^". Vid. Page (64) ' i 

(60) Persons Admitted TO FULL Communion BY Nath^'^ Ai*PLET0N. v 

1738 Jofeph Adams J un'". < :' - • f 

Dec. 8. EphraimFroft] • " 

_: Samuel Froft I Children of Cap* Ephr Froft I 

Martha Froft. j ^ " V 

■ Abigail Cutter D. of J. Cutter ^^ / ■ 

Mary Kidder ^ 

Jan>' 28. Katherine wife of Rich'^ Champney. • 

1739 W^vFefsenden Jun^— Student B. A. - • 

March 25. Susannah Torrey 

Elizabeth Winship D. of J. Winfhip 

May 6. Edward Marrett, Jun'* by dismifsion from D'" Colman's 

20. M"" Jeremiah Wheelwright 
Daniel Prentice 

Sarah, Wife of Mofes Herrington 
Rebekah Daugh^'' of Jofeph Adams. 

Sept. 8. Stephen P'efsenden B.A. 

Dec. 30. Oxenbridge Thacher B A. 
Mathew Cox. 
Mathew Bridge. Student 
Martha Wife of Nehemiah Cutter 

Martha Bordman ( 

Mary Bordraau 1 ^"'- "^ ^apt. Bordman. 



70 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [July 

March 2. Stephen Prentice Jun'". 

1740 Mercy, wife of Jonas Prentice •" - 

April 20 Elizabeth wife of Joseph Cook 
Sarah Hiude 

May 25. W™ Morse by dismifsion from Watertown 

August 10. William Angier 

October 5. Ruth Whittemore 

Nov. 30. John Whitmore 
Caleb Prentice 
Samuel Angier 
: Jemima W of Abr^"^^ Hofsey 
Margaret Appleton 
Mary Stibbins 
Mary Man. 

1740/1 Jon* Wyeth 

Jany 25 Jofhua Prentice B.A. 

James Read 

Sarah Wyeth D-- of Jon* Wyeth 

Rebekah Morse 

Anna Morse 

C Drs. of W™ Morse. 

Feb. 8. Abigail Grant 

March 22. Prudence Hill D'" of Abraham Hill 

Elizabeth Palmer D^ of Stephen Palmer 

1741 Isaac Fillebrown & Hannah his wife 

May 17. Jofeph Cook 

William Warland 

Thomas Robbins Jun^ 

William Lawrence ) c-^ -^ . 

/ , .,.„ \ Students ■ 

; \ James Mills ) 

;, - ,> :;/ ; f Elizabeth Livermore ' : • 

W$-}M^'\i Anne Remington 
■'v^v . Lydia Whittemore 
Sarah Gammage 
:,y,..y>,:M-: Mary Hill, D-- of Jacob Hill 
;>;fe/ :;\ Lydia Shed 

1904] Records of the First Qhurch, Camhridge. 71 

17il Hannah Fillebrown D'' of Isaac Fillebrown 

May 14 Mercy Tufts, D''. of Nath^' Tufts 

Mary Hovey 

Margaret Ireland ' . . • 

Mary Hill, D^^ of Abraham Hill •- ■■.■■.-■::■:-: 

Anne Ellifton ;> : 

Mary Bafoot 

Hannibal, negro of D'" Wiggleaworth 

Roger, negro of Henry Prentice 
23 Rofe, negro of M*" Bordmau. 

July 12. Jofeph Been Jun'". :;-::: 

1741 Owen Warland 

Francis Winfhip . ' ■: . • 

' Samuel Haftings ' . 

Sarah Chadwick. 

Sept. 6. 1741. Thamazen Ireland, D'" of Abraham Ireland 
Martha Prentice, D'" of Henry Prentice 
Abigail Hill, D'' of Abraham Hill 

Sept.13.1741 Widow Lydia Pettis— Sacr* day. 

1741 M^^ Sarah Bordman wife of A. B : Jun\ 
Nov*^"". 1. Mary Ireland, wife of Thomas Ireland 
Hannah Smith, alias Daniels 
Abigail Bowman, D'' — of Deacon Sam^^ Bow™ 
Susanna Soden D*" of Thos. Soden 
Mary Parker D'' Eleazer Parker 

December 27. Jonathan Ireland V-; 

- Samuel Bird. Student. 
':.'::-:: '^r;::--:-,.-:^ Mehetabel Foxcroft, D' of M"" Foxcroft. 
J ; ^; Lydia Prentice, D^ of John Prentice 
;■ - ;v: .f - Elizabeth Mallett, D"- An. Mallett. 
Feb. 21. Mary, Wife of Andrew Mallet, Jun^ 

Feb. .28, William Dana & Mary his wife, — by dismifsion 
from Newton. 

(61) ' . . _ .__ -;:;.;-;:■:; 

1742 April 17. Andrew Sever '::-:-[..::'^:rl:^!^.:-: '-i,::--idi'^'-^i--. 

Eliphalet Robbing : . •; 

John Oldham 


•t-v. ;■;..■:: 


72 :, Records of the First Church, Camhridfje. [July |. 

1 742 April 1 7. Elizabeth Sever, Wife of A. Sever 
. Jemima I\obbins, wife of E, Robbiiis 

:,:. ■;, ;;^: '■ ; Miiidwell Fefsendeu, Widow 

: I Elizabeth Cox, Wife of Mathew Cox 

• Hannah Hastings \ Daughters of Jon'* Hastino;s. 

■ Abigail Haf tings 

" 11 Sufanna Dana, Dgh^^ of Tho^ Dana 

June 13. Samuel Cook 

Nov'^f 23 M'- Gad Hitchcock 

1747 May 11. Ebenezer Thompson 

July 81. Rebekah AVigglesworth D^'^ of D"" Wigglesworth 

Total 519 



Sarah Haftiugs -^ |' 



August 8. Solomon Robbins f 

Oct. 3. Rebekah Hicks, Daughf of John Hicks. 

1743 ', '^^ '■^'-'"/'■'- ■ I 

Jan^' 23. Mary Angicr ^ ' t 

March 20. Nath'^ Gammage . ,- \ 

Elizabeth A ppleton ; 

' Elizabeth Foxcroft * ' . • ^ 

1743 Andrew Bordraan M^'. Son of Capt. Bordman 
July 10. Beniamin Stevens M^ ^ 

Sept. 5. Abigail, Wife of Solomon Champney 

Nov^"" 6. Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan Fefsenden ;. 

1744 JNr Mathew Cufhing ^ ' . I 

April 15. Abraham Hofsey, by dismifsion from Lyu |. 

Sept. 30. John Brown M^' 


n^A/b Solomon Prentice Jun'' by Dismifsion from Lexington. 

Jan^ 20. Martha Switcher f 

1745 Hannah, Wife of Noah Bowman by Difmifsion from ^ 

Dec*''' 29. Lexington , \ 

1746 April 13. Lydia Kidder, D'' of Thomas Kidder . ' | 

Sept. 28. Sarah, wife of Abie! Richardson 


1747 Dec''^ 27. Mrs. Lucy Vafsall, widow of yMate Col : John Vafsal 

. - -- . — - - ~.. . — _ . — . „ — _ ^ 

1748 April 8. Oliver Peabody B. A. | 

. ^ i 



lOOi] Records of the First Chitrcli^ Camhridge. 7 

1748 Sept. 25 Jonathan Road ' ' -■--'^''''■■.''':^ ■■ .^'-^'y''-^^^^^^ 

Kezia Read his Wife ^^: ^^^^^^ - v ; ^ 

> Mfirv, Avife of Snm'^ : HastinGjs ' . 

■■' Naomi, wife of Ebcnezer Froft, Jun''. 


Nov''' 20. ]\Iary Sanderson 

1748/9 Stephen Palmer, Jun^ 
March 12. Mehetable Appleton 

Susanna Hastings 

May 7. 1749. John Dana & his wife 

1749 Aug. 27. Sarah Rand D'' of Sam" : Rand 

Mary Winship D^ of Jofeph AVinfhip. 

Dec'''' 17. Deborah Wife of Daniel Prentice 

Elizabeth Daughter of Deacon Prentice 

Feb. 11. Sufannah Bowman. 

1751 Aug. 25. John Ellis Jun'. B.A. 
Ebenezer Shedd, Jun"". 
Joanna wife of Ebcnezer Shedd. 

1752 April 5 Nathan Tufts 
John Stratton 
Mercy Stratton his wife. 

May 31. Abigail, wife of Abiel Richardson 

1753 Jan. 21. John Rand A.M. 

March 18. Jason Haven Student 

April 29. Jonathan Brooks 

May 20. John Haf tings 

July 8. Abraham Cutting . 
Mofes Richardson 
'':yM:ff::\ Bethiah Ellis, Wife of Mr. John Ellis 
' '':^^:::oy^-^^^^^^^ Lydia Tufts Dghtr. of Peter Tufts 
Sept. 9. Alice Fefsenden, wife of Eben'" Fefsendeu. 

Feb: 1754 Cap* Ebenezer Stedman 

Mervial Brown, daughter of Rev^' M'^ Brown Haverhill 
Hepzibah Prentice, daughter of Deacon Prentice 
\ Martha Hill, daughter of Abraham Hill , 

Martha Sparhawk daughter of Noah vSparhawk 

>/l:- V- 

1754 Elizabeth Ilolyoke ) The Frefidents 
April 14. Anna Ilolyoke J Daughters 

June 9. Henry Cooli'lge 
Phoebe his Wife 
; "' Mary Wigglesworth, Daght of D'" Wigglesworth 
Jane a negro woman of Widow Kent. 

Aug. 4. Hannah Wife of James Read 


Elizabeth Epes ) ^^ ,. ^^ ^ 
Prifcilla Holyoke | ^'"^"^ Daughters. 

April 11. Jacob Watson 

Isaac Watson : " / 

Aaron Hill " ' -:■ 

John Caldwell 

Lydia V/atson wife of Jacob Watson 
Tabitha Kidder D'' of Tho^ Kidder 

1757, Jan^'. 16. Lydia Wife of Peter Tufts 

March 13. Mary Rand Daugh^^" of Sa muel Rand 
July 3. Anna Rand wife of W"^ Rand 


74 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [July f; 



Nov'»'-. 24. D'-. John Wright 

Anna Morse, Wife of Josiah Morse 

1755. ~~~ 
March 16. Mary Wife of Henry Prentice Jun'". | 

Aug. 31. Florence Wyman, wife of Wyman f 

Elizabeth Dana |; 

Dec. 21. Ebenezcr Thayer, B.A. ) | 

1755 Elias Smith B.A. | Students | 

P eter Tufts Jun^ Vide P. (62) '■ 

(62) ■ .^ , ^ ~~~~~~~~ ^ :■■-,' / I 

1756. William Gammage f 
Feb. 15 James Froft / ,. /v I 

Elizabeth Froft his wife 

Tabitha How, — Wife of William How 

Elizabeth Epes 

Sybil! Sparhawk ) t, i ' %' 

_*' o 1 1 y Daughters of Thomas Sparhawk i^ 

Lucy Sparhawk ) I 

Rebekah Gammage of Joshua Gam. Dec^. & 
Sarah Hill, Daughter of Abraham Hill DeC^. , 



1904] Ilecords of the First Church, Cariibridge. .75 

1757 August 28 Mary Tbachcr Danghf. of Eb : Thacher dec*^. 
y^ first admitted in y"' new INIeeting house. 

October 23 Nathunie! Sparhawk , ■ i. 

, Lydia Sparliawk his wife ......... .•.•:. 

December M^ William Kneelaud, Tutor att Col. 
. 18 Abigail Wife of W"^ Gammage 

1758 July 30 Samuel Lock. M. A. 

September Elizabeth Wife of Sam' ^ Sparhawk Jun''. 

23 Efther wife of James Honey well 


Daughters of Deacon Sparhawk 


1759 March 11 Ebenezer Wyetii 

May G. James Lovel 13. A. 

July 8. Anna, Wife of Jofiah Mafon 

Number total 600. 
August 2G Thomas Gardner » 

■ Joanna Gardner, his Wife 

Sarah Gardner — his Sifter. 
.: ■ Katherijie Sparhnwk \)"^' of Thomas Sphk Efq'". 

October 21. Mary Earned, Daugiiter of Abijah Earned 

1760 July 27 Sufannah, wife of Sam" Choate 

Sept. 21. Jofhua Phipps 

Martha Phipps, his wife 
Abigail Gove (dism*^ & rec*^ to 2^ Chh. in 
Dorchester, 1808.) 

1761 Samuel Rand, Jun^ 

June 28. Rebekah Rand his Wife 

Aug. 23. Amos Toppan, M.A. 

Dec^'. 13. JohnWyeth, B.A. 

1762 ■ Amos Marrett 

Nov. 14. Abigail Marrett, his Wife. 

1763 - : .- ^ ■ .. 

Aug. 21. Abigail Prentice D-''^'" of Henry Prentice, Jun^ 

76 Itecords of the First Churchy Cambridge. [July 

, 1763 Sept. 25. Enfigne Man. Stiid^ att College 

- Oct. 16. Elizabeth WyethDt*'- of late John Wyeth 
Hannah Bowman D*''" of Noah BowiJUiLi 

■■!> ■ 

Nov*"^ 7. Isaac Hofsey B.A. 

Dec. 10 Hannah Haley 
Rachel Haley 


April 1. 








James Munroe 

Lucy Monroe, his wife 

Chriftopher Marfh. B.A 

The widow Hannah Sprague 

Eunice Kidder, D^" of Nath'^ Kidder 

Rachel Kent, Daug'*' of Sam^' Kent. 

Rebekah Rokwell 

Jonathan Crane, B.A. 
Phoebe Foxcroft. 
Anna Dana 

1765 Jonas Prentice Jun^. 

Aug^* 18 Widow Mercy Cooper, 

Aug^^ 25 M*". Stephen Sewall, Profefsor &c. by Difmifsion, 


from y^' Chh. in York. 

Oct 13 Mary, y° wife of John Kidder 

1766 Abraham Watson Jun"^ 

Feb. 2. Lucy AYatson his wife. 

May 30 Joanna Cook | ,3,^„ght,,,, ^f Sam" Cook. 

..v;'r Sarah Cook j 

Nov. 9. Mansfield Tapley. 

xj^ . , Marv his wife. 

1767 Sarah, Daughter of Cap^ Stedman 

March 1 Lydia, Daughter of Doctor Moores - 

April 20 Jane Boucher or Bouchee. 

Esther Bryne, Wife of James Bryne 

June 21 Sarah Watts. 
- v.- Hannah Kidder. 





1904] Records of the Fird Cliurcli^ Ocnnljridge. 11 

17G7 Oct^^ 11 Caleb Prentice Jan'". B.A, r ^' 

1768 Nath" Ward 

Jan. 31. Ebeu^ Manumg \ ^- ^^• 


Jofeph Smith 

May 22 Stephen Hall B.A. 

Margaret Fefsenden 
Mary Barton. 

Number total G56 vide P. 63. 

(63) ,^ ■ ,;V;;. ;; ■^:::;,- 

1768. Jonathan French Stud* 

Nov. 7. Rebekah Kent, D'^ : of Sam'i Kent 

1769 Jany 1. Joseph Pierce Palmer. — Student \ 

Feb. 26. Elizabeth Brandon 

April 23. Eliz^i^laughter of Cap^ : Stedman 

Rachel Waters, Daugt, of M'^ Stedman 
^ Sarah Daughter of Ebe" Bradish 

Susanna Foster, Daughter of M" Marrett " 

Rebekah, Daughter of Rebekah Oliver 

June 18. Stephen Peabody. — Student .{ 

Prudence Wyeth :: ; 

. V Tabitha Champney :- 

August 20 Mary Hancock! 

\ Daughters of Solomon Hancock Deed. 
^ - Sarah Hancock J 

Oct. 8. William Mayhew B.A. " . 

James Miller Jun*". ■ 

Violet a negro woman of M'" Funeuil 

1770 Jan. 28 Gideon Frost 

Mar. 25 Isaac Mansfield B.A. 

July 15. Thomas Miller 

Hannah wife of Nath^^ Sparhawk 

Sept. 9. Joseph Miller ;V 

MM:-'';^-^^:^:--'- Eunice Miller, his wife. 
Elizabeth Goddard 

78 JR,ecords of the 'First Olntrcli^ Cambridge, [J^^^J 

1770 Eliziibetb Bond ..::.• :^^^.^- ^-.- 

Sept. 9. Mary Dana (Difmifsed to the care of \^^ Chh. in 
Worcester, July 2G. 1812. 

Sept. 17.. Timothy Tufts By difmifsiou from y« 

Anna Tufts, his Wife. 2"^ Chh. in Cambridge. 

Nov'''" 4, Thomas Read 

Daniel Watson . . ; ; 

Anna, AVife of D. Watson 

Jonas Wyeth =s^ : ' r v 

Hepsibah Wife of J. Wyeth 

Richard Honeywell 

Eunice, wife of R: Honeywell 

John Walton . 

Mary, wife of John Nutting 

Sarah Read, Daugh''' of J. Read Deceafed. 

Dec'' ""SO. Henry Dickfon 

Kezia, wife of John Walton 

1771. April 21 Sam'^ Smith Earned & Mary, his Wife. 
Elizabeth Champney, Widow 
Mofes Adams, — a Student. 

Number total 700. 
1771 Aug. 11. Simeon Pratt & Phoebe his wife 

Charity Raimond, Daughter of M*" Raimond 
Lucy Dana, D'" of late W"^ Dana 
Mary Dickson D'' .Tosiah Dickson 
■ Mary Phillips D'' of John Phillips : 

Aug^* 18. Seth Ilaftiugs & by dismifsion 

Hannah, his wife from Watertown 

Oct^»^ 6. William Dana 

Jonathan Cook 
- - ' ; Efther, his wife. 

Martha Prentice widow 

Mary Lamb 
. • ' ' Abigail Pratt 





Dec. 1. Mary Wife of W"^ Dana 
Mary Mansfield 

1904] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. :' 79 

.■'■■■ -■/■.-' 

■ ■■■■■■■■- . *- ■ . . ■ ■■ .--■■. 

Dec. 1 1771. Joanna Earns 

Beiijainiii Guild B. A. 











Chriftiana Wainwiwht 

Betty, y'' wife of Noah Wyeth 
Lois Fitch 

Aaron Tufts & Mary his wife - 

Nathan Watson & Margaret his wife ' ; 

. ., Sam^i Prentifs B.A. "";"'. 

• y John Putnam 

Deborah, Wife of Henry Collins 

Eunice Mansfield, admitted by Rev*^ M"" Hunt being my 
Self confined by bodily Weaknefs 

April 18, Jofiah Temple ^ 

Elizabeth his Wife -- -^k-:^,.: :'.:-}-/r.^. ■■^- ; 

Mary, y"^ Wife of Joshua Converse 

Aug. 8. Jonathan Haftings Jun^ A.M. 
Nath-' Jarvis 

Elizabeth, his wife 

Oct^"'" 3, Eunice Bradifh, Daughter of M^ Eb"*- Bradifh 

Elizabeth Cook ) ^ , . -r . , ^. , 

T^ . ,-,1 y DaujTjhters of Jofeph Cook 
.. Eunice Cook j 


Nov. 7. Abigail Moores Dg^'". of T Moores. ; 

28. Chriftian Fuller, wife of Fuller. 
Jemima Hofsey D*^ of Abr. Hofsey 

1774 Feb. S.Sarah Warland 

March 20. Theodore Parfons B.A. 

Elizabeth Clough 
^ V V ■ Vide p. (125 ) 

(64) Infants Baptized by Nath"* Appleton. 

1742 ^■' ■ " ',' '■ 

D*^^^^'-. 12. Mary of the Rev'^ M"" Edw^ Holyoke Prefident 
Dec*''^ 24 Joshua of Andrew Sever. Baptiz"' att his houfe, y^ 

child not being fit to be brought out, & apprehended 
" 1^; not likely to Continue many days. • 

80 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [July | 

Dec^^ 26. Elizabeth of Ephraim Ozburii ";' ; ^ 

Mary of Elias Mafon | 

1742/3 Jan. 2. Parsons of Ebenezer Smith ■ f: 

9. Jofiah of Jofiah Crosbye f 

Feb. 20. John of John Ireland ' $. 

INIartha of John Cheney - ;| 

John of John Wyeth | 

Rachel of Samuel Kent. ' I 

Grace of Daniel Smith " ^ 

Abia;ail of Joshua Rand ; f 

Lois Dauo;hter of John EUes | 

■■■..-■'■■ '• ■'-?/ 

Sarah of "W^'". Dana. ' - | 

Mofes of Nath" Chadwick | 

Elizabeth of Col: W' Brattle . •; |: 

Mary of Elizabeth Hinds - ^ f 

Ebenezer of W"^ Manning by M*" Cotton f 

John & Ebenezer Twins of Ebenezer Stedman | 

Hannah of Mathew Mallet 1. 

■ "" .. %^ V ■ M... 

Thomas of John Barrett I, 

Samuel of John Whitmore . | 

William of William Ano-ier t' 

Ruth of y^ widdow Maddocks. J 

Daniel of Jonathan Cooper f 

Aug. H. Phoebe, Daughter of y° Honorable Francis Foxcroft | 

Efq^- by M^ Cook. | 

Sept. 5. Mary of Charles Honeywell § 

Elizabeth of John Goddard . . 1 

25. Jofeph of Michael Stanley f 

Oct. 2. Jofeph of Elizabeth Harper. " .• 

16. Nathaniel of Jonas Prentice f 

30. Georoe of James Pierce ) , ^^ ^ ,. " # 

T%/r ^rni rM- ^ by M"". Preuticc ir 

Mary of Thomas Oliver J *^ i^ 


March 6 


April 3, 

April 17 












. -7. 


Nov. 27. Mary of Thomas Ireland by Mr. Emmerfon |J 

Dec. 18. Alice of Ebenezer Fefsenden * ' I 

25 Ruth of Nath'' Gammage ' |' 

1743/4. - ■ ■ ^ ■^'" •-■ -.■:--:;-t->v. .■ ■ ^-;- •■;- ' ^ | 

Jan. 1. Solomon of Samuel Cook ^ 

■■ . . . .,'■■■ ■'*' 

. •.:..---.i. -.-,r... . .-:•-.. ,..■-'.:..*,. ■: ,"^., .'. ;t 

■■■•.. ■■.'"' . ■..■• ■• ■ .■■ . ■■ ' ■. ' ■ ■ ■ .... ■.'■ '•'■■'.,.',■ ■ ■^' 

J' ' ' ' * ■ "K 


■ *,. 

■ ^•' 

1904] JRecords of the First Clnircli\ Cambridge, 81 

Jau. 15. 1743/4. Edward of Edward Marret . Jiin"^ y^ Same day y^ 

■;:::>'-•' Mother dyed. 

' ''■ 29 Jolm of Jonathan Brook?! 

Feb. 12. Thomas of Thomas Thwirig, — baptized on y^ 

South Side of river 
j\Iarch 4. Sarah of Ebenezer Bradifh v • 

18 Mary of John Cheney • <r- 

April 1. Abigail of John Oldham, by M'- Turell ; 

15. Samuel of James Nutting • -, . 

Sarah of Solomon Hancock 
29. Ebenezer of Solomon Champuey 
June 17. Aaron of Zecliariah Bord man ' 

July 29. Mary of M^" William Fefsenden Jun^ 
Augusts. Eleanor, Daughter of Josiah Brown 

David of David Gleafou . . 

12. Jonathan of Nat" Pattin ' : : 

Ezra of Thomas Robbins 

Benjamin of Thomas Goddard v . 

Molly of Thomas Dean 
: 26 Thomas of y Honorable Sam" Danforth Esq^', 

Mary of Sam" Champney, Junior 56 

(65) . , ;::,•:.;:;: 

Sept. 16. Sarah of Thomas Kidder J' 

: > Abraham of Abraham Colfry 

Eunice of Sam" Felch 
30. William of Jacob Watson ^ .- 

Oct. 7. John of Henry Prentice 3^i"^ : ; 

:; -": Walter of Thomas Cox : : ^ ^^ ^ fe ;^- 

- 14. Bethiah of Jacob Hill, Jun^'. 
Margaret of Dan' Ilovey. 
28. Sarah of Abraham Hofse}^ 
Nov^'" 18. Francis of y'' Honourable Francis Foxcroft. 

Gilbert of Edward Dickson 
Dec^'' 2. Jonathan of Richard. Champney 
Dec^^ 30. Daniel of Daniel Prentice, by M'" Abbot 

Daniel of Daniel Smith, on y^ South Side of river 
1744/5 Jan. 13. Ephraim of Ephraim Mallit 

27 Caleb of William Barrett 
Feb. 3. Thomas of Thomas Ireland 



liecords of the First Church, Camhridge. 


March 3. 

March 31. 

Zechariah of Ebenezer Shed ' ; 

Elizabeth of Elisha Browu. 

Margaret of Daniel Barrett, 

Eunice of Ebenezer Bradifh 

Hannah of James Lanmau 
April 14, Ruth of W" Angier. '' ) \ " " 

John & Hannah Twins of John Phillips. 
28. Prudence of John W^yeth 
' ^":. ■■'.>■■ ■ Caleb of Caleb Prentice 

Sarah of Abraham Watson '. y / ; 

Nathaniel of John Morse 

Margarett of Isaac Watson. 

Mary of JamesLanman 

Martha of Ebenezer Stedman • C 

Rachel of Ephraim Ozburu , . 

Tabitha of Ebenezer Smitli 

Solomon of Solomon Prentice Jun^. 

Samuel of Walter Coope:r by M'^. Goddard 

Andrew of Andrew Bordman Esq'". 

John of M*" John Chipman. 

Benjamin of Michael Stanly 

Lydia of Jonas Prentice. - : 

Nath'> of Eliphalet Robbius 
29 William of William Dana 
13. Mary of James Read 
27 John of David Logan, by M^ Abbott 
Nov""^ 10. John of Deac" Sami' : Sparhawk 

Hannah of James Peirce 
Nov^'" 24. John of Isaac Fillebrown Jun*". 
Dec^'' 8. Aaron of Robert Croel 
1745 — . . ■■':'. • 

080*^^ 15. Benjamin of Benjamin Cheney 
- Lydia of Thomas Hastings 

Jan. 5. 

June 2. 







■ (■: 










by M*- Cotton 


Jonathan of Joseph Cook, 
y^ river. 
12. Johnof Nath'* Gammage 
Feb. 9. Solomon of Jonathan Cooper 

Baptized on ye South Side of 


■t. ' 

1904] Be cords of the First (Jlnn^cJi^ Cambridge. 83 

Mercy of David Gleafeii 

Abigail of Abraham Cutting 
Mrirch 23. Jacob of Tlenry Prontico, 3^^"^ 

Eunice of Jacob Walton 

Sufannah of Eben^ Eliot. 
30 Hannah of Elifha Brown 
April 6. Sarah of Eben*- Wyeth •', 

Torrcy of Solomon Hancock 
20 Abigail of Thomas Sparliawk 
April 27. Elizabeth of Eben^ Fefseuden 

Hepzibah of Thomas Oliver ~ ■ 

May 18. Ruth of Sam". Felch 
August 10. Sarah of W™ Fefsenden Jun^ / ' ^ 

Ruth of John Goddard . ^^^ ^ ■ - . 

Sarah of John Oldham V, 

17. Esther of Jonathan Brooks T 

Sept. 7. Margarett of Daniel Barrett. , . .;.; 

14. Jemima of Abraham Ilofey 

- ' * Sarah of Daniel Prentice , > 72 

(66) : . Verte 

Sept. 21. Ebeuezer of Ebenezer Bradifh 
28 Thaddeus of W°'. Brown 
Samuel of Mathew Cox 
Octobers. Thomas of Owen Warland 

■ 12. Aaron of Zachariah Bordman ; 
' " 19. Martha of W". Fefsenden 
Nov. 16. Caleb of Caleb Prentice. - 

30. Benjamin of Thomas Kidder 
Dec. 7. Sufannah of Joshua Rand, y^ child being 111, it was bap- 
tized att his houfe ' V 
•>c 21, Noah of Richard Champney 

- -' Rebekah of Sam". Kent ^ ..■'■'.":::■■■'■-:■■ .:'''■-'■:'.. ■ 

Feb. 8. Hannah of W" Barrett ; 

15. Jofhua of Noah Bowman . ; :' 

22 Mary of Thomas Ireland . >• v J; -;S: ^ 

March 1. Mary of W" Angier - . .^^^^^^^^^^v^^^ :;^^ ' . 

:~ ■ 8. Margaret of James Lanman 

: : Thomas of John Phillips ' , 



' ■■■■■■■'-■■: ■■ ■ I 

•■-'■' ■- - . ■ . '■■;■■:■;-:■ p 

'■-'..■-■'■ - . .- ■'-^, 

84 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [July 

■1747. ■-■ ^^■""■-■- •■>-■-'■ ^ •••■■. ■^■ ;.-;.. ^^ ■.■': :;■>, ^.. .• J v;-?,^. . ^:..'' ' ■f- 

April 5. Robert of Robert Croel 
I • 12. Isaiah of Edw^ Dickson 
W>> Nathaniel of Nath^' Kidder 

, :;^ '26 Samuel of Samuel Bowman > * 

Hannah of Isaac Fillebrown Juu*". - 

May 17. Rebekah of Jacob Watson 
Isaac of Isaac Watson 
24 Thomas of Daniel Champney, Jun^. 
July 5 Mary of John Morse : 

12. Elizabeth of John Ellis. 

Sarah of Nathaniel Winchefter of Brookline 
: Thomas & Nathaniel, — Twins of Thomas Goddard being 
111, were Baptized after meeting att his own houfe both 
being poor, & one very 111. 
July 19. Abigail of Sam^^ Champney - 

August 2. Andrew of Ephraim Mallit. 

16. Eunice of Sam^' Cook. : -7 

23 Mary of Elisha Brown. ' / 

Jofeph of Jofeph Cook Jun'". 
John of M"* John Winthrop 
Margarett of Edward Manning Jun^ 
Mary of Daniel Hovey 

Sarah of James Read : > 

William of W°' Fefsenden Jun^ 
Elizabeth of Ebenezer Stedman , 

Sarah of Sam'* Hastings. 

Lucy of M*'^ Lucy Vafsall, widow of y^ late Col. John 
Vafsall, y^ Child about twelve da^^s old att y*^' Father's 
' William of Henry Prentice 3**"^. 

1747/8. .V ■- ■ -. - . I 

'Jan. 24. Hannah of Ebenezer Eliot | 

Feb. 21. Samuel of Sam>' Felch | 

March 27. Mathew of Mathew Cox I 

April 3. Abigail of Solomon Robbins, Baptized on y*^ South Side. I 

10. Deborah of Abraham Frost | 

24, Lydia of Jonathan Cooper 







* 1. 






1904] Records of the First Church, Camhridge, 85 ■ ^ 

April 24. Sufanna of W" Brown, Baptized by M^ Townsend. 

}k[uy 1. Elizabeth of Noah Bowman. "^ 

8. Lucy of Daniel Smith • . ; • 

29. Mary of Abraham Snow ;■ ■ ;. - -^ 
July 17 Joseph of Downing Champney ^ 

Phebe of Henry Coolidge ' V \ 
," Infants Baptized to y^ - 

Bottom of this page ; 

'■':\''r-^^^^ 1148 . '""•■ -\" -'l 

24. Owen of Owen Warland Baptized att his houfe y^ child i 

dangerously 111. . 67 > 

(67) I 

31. Hannah of Solomon Prentice Jun^. r . - •■ 

August 7. Ebenezer of Ebenezer Smith J 

Deliverance of Margaret a maid servant of Mrs. Oliver ^ 
28. John of Jonas Prentice by M'' Cook. 
Sept. 18. John of y*^' Honorable Sam^' Danforth Efq'". 

25 Jonathan, Robert, Jude, & Mehetable, Children of Jona- \ 

than Read. ; 

Jonathan of John Ireland i 

Elizabeth of Caleb Prentice. " ; ^ ; ; . ; 

Samuel of Richard Champney \ 

Sam'^ of James Pierce : , ■ > , " ] 
Rebekah of Nath'^ Gammase • "- ^^^^^^ ;^ / i . • 

Isaac of Isaac Watson . ^>^^^^ ; ■ r : ; 

Sarah of Daniel Prentice " H v - ' . c 

Jonathan of Jonathan "Wyeth \ 
Hannah of Thomas Hastings ; ■ *>^ 
Adam of M^ John Winthrop 
James of Daniel Barrett 

Elizabeth of John Hicks. - . ! 

Rebecca of Jofhua Rand \ 

1748/9 Feb. 5. Eleanor of Ebenezer Bradifh. \ 

/' Sarah of Jonathan Brooks. '"'' . < 

lE^eb. 12. Samuel of Thomas Ireland. Lucy of Sam^* Kent ) 

Edmund of Sam" Bowman John of Stephen Sterns. 

19 Ebenezer of Ebenezer Frost Jun^. ' \ 

26 Elizabeth of Robert Croel r 

October 2 





Nov^^'' 6. 

■ ' ' '--■ 










Records of the First Clmrch, Camhrkhje. 


April 2. 
May 7. 
June 11 
Aug. 13 

Sept. 10 
Oct^'^ 15 

Nov*''" 12 

Dec^'- 10 
Jan. 22 
Feb. 11. 

April 8. 

Anne of Thomas Newman V 

Samuel of Ebenezer Steclmau 

Sarah of AV"' Angier 

John of Andrew Sever 

Sarah of John Dickson Jun^" ■ 

Ebenezer of Solomon Hancock . 

Samuel of Elifha Brown on y^ South Side. 

Sarah of Samuel Hastings 

Joel of Jonathan Read 

Sarah of Abiel Richardson. . 

Thomas of Thomas Robbins, Jun'^ 

Henry of Henry Prentice 3*^^"^. 

Solomon of Samuel Cook. Samuel of Caleb Prentice. 

James of James Read. 

May 6 


May 27 

.."•-;';■■. '. ,, _ . 

June 10 


July 8 


Aug. 12 




■J' ■ • * \ 

Sept. 8 
: 30 

William of Mathew Cox 

Anne of Owen Warland, by M*' Cotton Brown 

Lucy of W™ Dana. Thomas of Jonathan Fefsenden, on 
y« South Side of y^ River. . 

Mary of Isaac Fillebrown Junior 

Stephen of Mr Wm Fefsenden Jun'". 

Daniel of Daniel Hovey 

Mary of Abraham Hofey 

Seth Ingerson Son of W^' Brown 

Samuel of M^ John Winthrop 

Ebenezer of Nath" Pattin, att his own houfe. 

John of John Goddard 

Jonathan of Daniel Prentice 

William of Robert Croel 

William of Afa Flagg. 

Lucy of Ebenezer Fefsenden ' 

■ : > - 60 children Vert Page (68) 

(68) 1750 
Oct^'" 14 Abigail of Thomas Hastings. Elizabeth of Joseph Cook. 

21. John of John Hicks, Sarah of Nath" Oiaddick. 
Nov^'' 18 Elizabeth of M^ Benjamin Brandon. 
Dec. 9 Zechariah of Zechariah Bordman, by M"* Cotton. 
16 Isaac of Solomon Prentice Jun^. 

1904] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 87 

1751 Jauy. 5 Sufannah of Thomas Ireland 

Feb. 8. Lucy of Sam" Kent , , ; ^ >.^. . ■ V , ^ 

" Benjamin of John Ellis Jun"" \ 

17 Hannah of Samuel Bowman 
John of John Dickson Jun'' 
24 Mary of Ebenezer Frost Jun"" . . ; ..^ ;,/';. 

March 17 Caleb of Jofhua Rand . • : 

31 AVilliam of M^' Benjamin Ellery 
May 12 Sufannah of Abiel Richardson 
26 Sarah of Edmund Froft Jun^ 
June 2. 1751 1 Baptized 3. children att Brookline, viz. 

of Sever 

of Sharp 

of Bofton, Mr. Sealy Scots. 

June 9. Oliver of Abraham F'rost 
July 21. Sarah of Richard Champney 
Samuel of Isaac Watson 
26. Jonathan & Joseph Twins of Jon^ Wyeth 
James of James Read 
Sufannah of Abraham Cutting 
August 4. Jonathan of M^ Jon^ Hastings, by Mr. Cotton of Newton. 
Sept. 8. Daniel of Daniel Barrett 

Sarah of Henry Prentice 3*''"^ by Mr. Cooper. 

Elizabeth of Thomas Robbins, by M*" Prince 

Joshua of Jonathan Brooks 

Deborah of Stephen Palmer Jun"^ *. 

Thomas of Jonas Prentice 

Ann of Ebenezer Shed Jun*" ■: / 

Owen of Owen Warland 
Phoebe of Jonathan Reed i \ 

Mary of M"" W°^ Fefsenden Jun'" ^ ^ : H / 

Ebenezer of Ebenezer Smith ' ;': A-. 

Abraham of Abraham AYatson Jun'". " 

James of M'" John Winthrop 
Samuel of M"" W"^ Fletcher ■: 

Benjamin of M'" Benj"* Brandon 
Abigail of John Oldham 



■■-■■■.. : ;■ 














■■.-:.•-'■ ■ 





88. - Uecords of tlie First Churchy Cambridge, 

1752 April 12 • : ' 

Elizabeth of Isaac Fillebrowii Juii'" 
19 Benjamin of Abraham Hosey 
June 7. Hannah of John Ellis Jim' B. A. 

14. Nathan of Nathan Tufts by INI/ Th^ Prentice 

21. Mary of Lieut^ William Brown, about 70 years of age. 

28. Samuel of Daniel Manwaring of Boston 
August 30. Thomas of Tliomas Hastings 
Oct'"" 1. Walter of M^ Jonathan Hastings - 

15. Mary of DanielPrentice. 
Isaac of Isaac Bradifh. ^! ■ 
Jonathan of John Hicks. . . 
Nathaniel of John Morse. ,. 
Ebeuezer of Ebenezer Wyeth Jun''. 
George of Martha Hubbard. 

Stephen of Stephen Palmer Jun' 
Elizabeth of Isaac Watson. 
Nathan of Richard Champney. 
Elizabeth of William How. 
William of M'^ John Winthrop. 
Samuel of Capt. ICben'" Stedman. 
William of Jofeph Cook Jun'". 
Gerald of Hannibal, D^ Wigglewths Negro man. 

^: ' ■ 63 Children besides y® 3 Brookline children. 
^^^'■''f ■; -r ' ^''^ Vid. Page 69 

Abraham of Thomas Ireland 
Samuel of Caleb Prentice . .^r' 

Mary of Mofes Richardfon 
Edmund of Edmund Froft ; • ;• 

John of Henty Prentice Junior.. 

Joseph of James Read, Baptized att his own houfe y^ 
- child apprehended to be dying. 

Elizabeth of John Phillips ^' H^- ,^ •; v:-y . ! . 

Samuel of Nath*' Kidder /^ i ■^■/^f^ ^ 

Sarah of Owen Warland 

Abigail & Elizabeth Twins of William Bordman. 
Sarah of vSamuel Kent. 

(2^0 he continued.) 










March 4. 


















' *"i 






.x!- ■-:■■ 


A number of years ago, when I began to slud}^ the de- 
scendants of John Webster of Ipswich, I soon found that the 
Websters of Essex County were 8o mingled with other Websters 
of different families that it would be necessary to take all Web- 
sters that I met with on the Records. The three principal Web 
ster families, of New England, are first, those descended from 
Gov. John Webster of Counecticut. There is a tradition that 
Gov. John first came to Cambridge or some other portion of Mas- 
sachusetts ; his name does not occur on the Cambridge Records. 

At all events he was very early in Hartford from whence he 
went to western Massachusetts. The histor}' of this family is be- 
ing very thoroughly investigated by Rev. M. R. Webster of Roch- 
ester, N. Y. The family is a large one and widely scattered. 1 
have found members of it in New Hampshire and eastern Massa- 

The most numerous family of eastern Massachusetts, New 
Hampshire and Maine is the descendants of John Webster of Ips_ 
wich. Clerk of the Rolls. I have collected over a thousand families, 
the descendants of John of Ipswich and Mary Shatswell. 

The third family is that of Thomas Webster of Hampton. 
This family is not a large one. They have, however, given me 
much trouble since they went into the same localities as the de- 
scendants of John of Jpswich and gave their children the same 
names. Daniel Webster belonged to this family. Daniel's father, 
Ebenezer, was one of the early settlers of Salisbury, N. H., having 
been employed by the proprietors to make a settlement at that 
place. His associate in this work was John Webster, who was no 
relation to him, but who was a descendant of John Webster of 

The late Prentice Webster, when he compiled his history of his 
branch of the Webster family, concluded from some imperfect in- 

90 J^otes in Ttelation to the Webster Family, [July 

vestigations that this John Webster was a cousin of Ebenezer. 
But John, the cousin of Ebenezer, settled in Hampstead, as is 
Bhovn by his tombstone and numerous records. The line of John 
of Salisbury is John^ of Ipswich and Mary Shatswell, John^ Web- 
ster and Ann Batt, John'^ Webster and Bridget Huggins, John'* 
Webster and Sarah Greeley. John of Salisbury was John'^ Web- 
ster, and he married, first, Ruth Clough ; second, widow Susanna 
(Snow) Gale. _ 

John of Hampstead descended from Thomas Webster of Hamp- 
ton in the following line : Thomas^ Webster and Sarah Brewer, 
John^ and Abiah Shaw. John,^ who settled first in Newbury and 
afterwards in Hampstead, married Elizabeth Luut. In a deed he 
calls Jeremy Webster brotlier, and he named a daughter Abiah, as 
did several of his descendants. I have very full records of the 
families of John of Ipswich and Thomas of Hampton and shall be 
glad to give any information I can in regard to these families. 
The Rev. Melvill R. Webster of Rochester, N. Y., will be very 
glad to hear from any descendant of Gov. John AYebster of Con- 
necticut. • 

I have met with a number of Websters who do not belong to 
either of the above families, and my present object is to give a 
short account of three or four of these families who were in this 
country before 1760. 

In the roll of those who served in King Philip's war we find the 
name of Benjamin Webster. There is some doubt as to whether 
he was of Beverly or Salem ; perhaps after the war he resided for 
a short time in Ipswich. His name does not occur on the town 
records of Salem or Beverly, except in one instance. 

Benjamin Webster was paid P for work on the Highway's in 
Beverly in the year 1689. Benjamin Webster was John Gainers 
man in Ipswich in 1681. Some unknown Webster left a widow 
Grace, in Beverly, where she was living in 1697 when she received 
from the Selectmen a peck of Indian, and 1/2 pk. of Rye meal. 

Dec. 13, 1700, Widow Grace Webster of Beverl}' married Chris- 
topher Brown of Salem. There is no record that this Widow 
Grace Webster ever had au}^ children. The estate of Benjamin 
Webster does not appear on the Probate Records. 

On Jan. 7, 1715, William^ Webster of Beverly married Susan 

1904] Notes in lielation to the Webster Family . - 91 

Tbej Lad the followiDg children born in Beverly : 

i Elizabeth^, bapt. Sept. 1, 1717. : -' v 

ii Susanna, 3 b. Feb. 1, 1717; bapt. Sept. 1, 1717. 'V 

iii WiLLiAM,3 b. 18 March, 1719. 
: ' iv LyDiA,3 b. Feb. 22, 1722. ^ - ^ . x^^^ 

V Benjamin,^ b. July 15, 1727; in. April 4, 1755, Sarah Col- 
s burn. 

Benjamin Webster of Dudley made his will April 9, 1755 and 

mentions his wife Sarah. No children. He signed his will by a 

mark. He was of middle age, and enlisted for three years in his 

Majesties' service ; was in perfect health. FI is will was probated 

> July 17, 1759. ' 

- vi Robert,^ b. Sept., 1730; m. Molly . 

vii JoHN,3 b. Sept., 1733 ; m. Dec. 12, 1758, Lucy Colburn. 

Benjamin and John's wives were sisters, and daughters of An- 
drew Coburn of Beverly. 

William Webster of Dudley, cordwainer, purchased June 8, 
1745 land in Dudley of Joseph Baker, yeoman. 

William^ Webster and Susanna his wife, sold to Joseph Picket 
5 June 18, 1744, his house, barn and lot in Beverly, Mass. This 
lot contained seven poles and was given to William Webster 
by William Trask. William and Susanna both made their marks. 
This is the only transaction on tlie Essex deeds in which the name 
of William Webster appears. He was evidently poor and did not 
own real estate with the exception of this lot. 

Benjamin- Webster of Beverly married Ruth Gray and had the 
following children : 

i Grace3, b. Aug. 11, 1713; m. June 11, 1733, William Neff. 
ii Martha.^ b. July 12, 1715. , : :^ : -:^^^^^^^ 

iii CHARiTy,3 b. Sept. 26, 1717. •--.^'r^f^^SQ^^^ ' 

iv JuDiTH,3 bapt. Mar. 8, 1717/8; m. Jan. 23, 1751, Samuel 

Colburn. ■■•' ^ ^^ -^ •:/::••:•:■:' ^'-^'.;:v^.^^ 

v Benjamin,^ bapt. July 18, 1724. ,.■"/-.■ 

Ruth Webster was dismissed from Beverly, Mass. to Windham 
Church Oct. 25, 1728. 
Benjamin and his wife were both members of the Church in 

92^- ''J^ in UeJation to the Webster Family , [July 

Windham, Conn. Ilis will was made Jan. 29, 1762, he being 
sick. He mentions his four daughters, Grace Neff, Judith Coburn, 
Martha and Charity Webster. Sept. 10, 17G8, Martha and Charity 
Webster of Windham, Conn., and jNIay 2, 1767, Samuel Coburn, 
Jr., and Judith Coburn acknowledge receipt from Ichabod Down- 
ing, Adm. Estate of Benjamin Webster late of Windham, Conn, 
their father. 

I have made diligent search to see if I could prove anything 
in regard to the parentage of the above William and Benjamin, 
but I can find no records of any kind to show that they were even 
related to each other. 

In absence of all proof T am inclined to think that they were 
brothers, and sons of Benjamin and Grace Webster. Benjamin 
and Grace were evidently poor or we should find some records in 
regard to them at Salem ; tJie boj^s were probably, as was custom- 
ary in those days, put out to service, on the death of their father. 
This left the widow free to marry again. They both name sons 
Benjamin, and Benjamin names a daughter Grace ; they both move 
from Beverly to neighboring towns, Benjamin going to Windham, 
Conn., while William went to Dudley, Mass. 

The name AYebster died in Benjamin's family at his death, but 
we are able to trace William's descendants to the present time. 

Letters of administration were issued to William Webster, of 
Dudley, cordwainer, on the estate of his late son William Webster 
dec'dOct. 28, 1746. 

Robert^ Webster, b. Sept., 1730; m. Molly . She mar- 
ried, 2nd, Joel Gaston. 
Children : 

:' Hannah,"* m., 1780, Joseph Jephson. 
V Annie,"* m., 1784, Watson Robinson. 
Achsah,'* m. Sylvanus Rich. 
• -V Susanna, "* m., Feb. 28, 1792, Jacob Nash. 
' - Robert,^ b. in Goshen, 1776 ; d. April 15, 1848 ; m. Mar. 28, 
1811, Rebeckah Hamilton of Conway, Mass. 
- Molly,4 b. Feb. 12, 1766 ; m., 1786, Oliver Barrows. 

William,^ died young. 
Robert seems to have wandered around considerably. - 
Robert Webster of Killingly, Conn., bought land of Samuel 
Fairbanks Sept. 27, 1754. 

1904] JSFotes in JRelation to the Webster Family. 93 

Robert Webster of Killingly sold to John Webster of Dudley, 

John Webster of Dudley sold land to Robert Webster of Kill- 
ingly, Conn., May 7, 1761. 

Robert Webster of Dudley, Mass. sold land to Archable Jewel 
of Dudley June U, 1762. He then went to Chesterfield, Mass. 

Robert Webster of Chesterfield sold land to Samuel Healey of 
Dudley Jan. 29, 1763. 

He was at the head of a company of men who marched from 
Chesterfield two days after the battle of Lexington to the defence 
of eastern Massachusetts. He lived in the part of Chesterfield 
which was set off as the town of Goshen. 

Pie was commissioned captain in Fellows' Regiment June 7 
1775. Aug. 17, 1777 to Aug. 22, 1777, he served as private,' 
marching to Bennington. The roll is dated Chesterfield. 

Robert Webster,^ b. 1776, Chesterfield, Mass; d. April 15, 
1848, Goshen; m. Mar. 2S, 1811, Rebekah Hamilton, b. 1872^ 
Conway, Mass; d. Oct. 3, 1876, East Hampton, Mass. 
Children : 

Mary , ^ m, Bradley Packard. 

Caroline,^ b. 1814 ; m. Oct. 3, 1847, Franklin Narrimore. 

William H.,^ b. Oct. 1816; d. Aug. 2, 1886; m. Martha 

Washburn. - 

Robert F.,^ b. 1819; d. Jan. 1, 1857; m. Nov. 28, 1844, 

Mary Parsons. 
Elizabeth,^ b. 1822; m. Nov. 17, 1747, Charles Childs of 

Montreal, Can. 

John Webster^ {William'^)^ b., Beverly, Mass., Sept., 1733 ; m., 
Dec. 12, 1758, Lucy Coburn. He is said to have had four sons, 
as follows : 

Benjamin."* John Webster of Thompson, Conn., sold land 
to his son Benjamin of Thompson, Conn. *'The farm on 
which I have Lived many years." March 3, 1806. 
I have no further information in regard to Benjamin. 
\ Andrew,^ b. 1760; m. Sally . 

William.'* These last two names are from tradition. 
John,"* b., Thompson, Conn., Nov. 20, 1769 ; d. Jan. 6, 1853, 

Dudley, Mass; m., 1st, Mary Harden ; m., 2nd, Elizabeth 

Waldron. — 

94 JSfotes in B elation to the Webster Family. [July 

Children: ~ - / . - 

Samuel/' b. Jan., 1792; cl. Feb. 28, 1861, Dudley, Mass. 
- ^ V -^ Williani,5 b. 1792. 

: Andrew,^ b. Sept. 18, 1794; d. Jan. 3, 1864, Dudley, 
Jobn,^ b. July, 1796, Thompson, Conn.; d. Dec. 3, 1855, 
,; Dudley, Mass. ; m. Nov. 8, 1840, Clarissa Thompson, b. 
V . .;i 1802; d. Oct. 28, 1887. 

Ills only son, Henry T.^ Webster, in Co. E, 14th Mass. 
\\\■^\: '):,\l^^y Artillery at Fort Whipple; d. May 19,1864. 
; Killed in action at Spottsylvania Court House; never 
7 Edmund.^ .. • 

Hiram. ^ 
Cady,"'* m., 1st, Jan. 26, 1860, Maria T. Hancock ; m., 

2nd, Charlotte . 

Lucretia.^ '; 

Mary,^ m. Baker.- 


I have the names of many of the descendants of this John 
AVebster. M. R. Webster spent much time in endeavoring to con- 
nect this line with that of Gov. John Webster, but was unable 
to do so, and they remained isolated until they were traced to 

There was a Thomas^ Webster in Upton, Mass. in 1771, who 
was born in 1725 and died in 1802. So far this Thomas Web- 
ster has not been connected with any of the known families of 
Websters. Even the name of his wife is in doubt. One account 
says it was Mehitable Clemens. At the time he made his will he 
calls his wife Elizabeth. She was born in 1725 and died in Upton 
Oct. 3, 1819, aged 94. 

Children : 

Samuel,^ b. Aug. 14, 1757 ; d., Warsaw, N. Y., Mar. 27, 1820 ; 

m., 1st, May 1, 1779, Lucy Warren; m., 2nd, Beebe. He 

resided in Upton, Sutton and Monson, and finally went to the 
Holland Purchase, N. Y. He was a stay-maker. He had six chil- 

Benjamin,^ b. Sept. 13, 1759 ; m. — — Hall of Providence, 
R. I. 

David,2 b. Dec. 13, 1762 ; d. Nov. 5, 1810. 

1904] JVbtes in Relation to the Webster Family. 95 

{,:;;; Tlioma8,2 b. Feb. 16, 1766 ; d. July 21, 1856 ; m. Nov. 8, 1801, 

Lois "White. He lived in Upton and had eight children. 

V .; Jonathan,^ b. Oct. 9, 1750 ; d. Sept. 2, 1833, Chester, Vt. ; m. 

Nov. 17, 1776, Martha Carpenter, daughter of Joseph and 

V Mary (Nason) Carpenter, b. probably in Rhode Island. He 

had five children. 
' He resided in Sutton, Mass., until four of the children were 

born, then in Upton, Mass. He went to Reading, Vt., July 6, 
1796, and removed to Chester, Vt., in 1807. 
" Meliitable,- never married. 

Elizabeth,'^ m. Dec. 23, 1722, John Hunt. 

Thomas Webster of Upton, bought land of TimothyAldrich, 
; : / July 4, 1768. 

Thomas Webster of Upton, had supplied himself with firelock 
on a three montlis' term of service, Nov. 21, 1780. 

Quite a number of his transactions in land are on record. 

James Webster, m. Feb. 26, 1729, Mary Cheney at Gloucester, 
Mass., and had son James, b., Gloucester, July, 1729. There is 
no further record of this James. 

James Webster,' m. Isabel . He was admitted to citizen- 
ship in Cape Elizabeth, Aug. 17, 1727. 
I Children : 

John ,2 b. Sept. 5, 1726; m. Int. Mar. 1, 1748/9, Catherine 

Mary,^ m. George McLillan. 

James, 2 m. Sept. 22, 1756, Patience Webber. They went to 
Gray, Me., and had seven children. 

Thomas, 2 m. Nancy ; resided in Gray, Me. 

William,2 b. 1740; d. Dec. 19, 1808; m. Int., Oct. 20, 1761, 
Anna Strout;m., Dec. 24, 1769, Mrs. Jane Little Yeaton. Four 

June 7, 1766, John Webster,- Mariner. George McLellan and 
wife Mary. 2 Thomas- Webster, James- AVebster, and William^ 
Webster, in right of their father James^ Webster, late of Fal- 
mouth. . ■ 
This family is still living in Maine. 

There are many other Websters on the records at Portland, who 
• have not yet been identified with any of the known families. 

{To be continued.) 


!.■ ■ y 



Joseph and Sarah Chaddock, or Chadwick, of Brookfield, Mass. 
had seven chiklien born in that place. These chiMren are entered 
twice on the town records : once under the name Chadwick and 
once as Chaddock. Their son Calvin spelled his name Chaddock, 
Who was this Joseph Chadwick and from what place did he re- 
■ V -^ ; move to Brookfield? 

.; -\:-''yu :.','■ Abner Cutler, married Ruth Chaddock; published Dec. 21, 

Mm; 1772, at Brookfield. 

-:. ■ Joseph Chadwick of Brookfield, made a deposition in 1764, 

which is on file at East Cambridge in the Probate Registry. The 
name is signed there Chadwick. 

There was one or more families of Chadwick in Maiden very 
i. '^ . early. I find tlie following records : 

Joseph^ Chadwick, of Maiden and Ruth his wife. Div. of 
John Maddock's Estate. John Maddock was of Barbadoes and 
Ruth Chadwick was daughter of John Maddock of "Watertown. 
,■'-':^:r''ji'■'\'x■■k':-..'^,. Joseph Chadwick m. Ruth Maddockes, of Watertown, Sept. 13 

'-M^^^^^ 1710. - 

, ■ s- > ISM Children, born at Medford. 

'■■C'^'-^^^^^ Joseph,^ b. July 11, 1714. ""■;.■. ^ r:-.'^,:- :;' '^ 

'i^l:l-:'m^^^ Ruth,2b. Oct. 21, 1716. '■ ■;,-..,/■:.'; .' 

v; ^>M■;f;■;V•:■:^• -'■■ , Born at Maiden : 

■SKiltS^^ Josiah,2 b. May 28, 1723. ^^. ''v':' ../V'^'v'v-.'^ 

;(:'|;-§::^H.:;"^^^^ Lydia,2 b. ^^r. 19, 1725. 

■:);^-:-;^''^^^^ John,^ b. Nov. 16, 1727. 

,;• ...S^ Ruth Chadwick,^ of Maiden, m. Phineas Walker of Brook- 

^{<M::-M!^^^^^^^ field, July 3, 1736. 

" : ; f^^^^^^^^ Another branch of the family in Maiden is, as follows: 
; ;r f^:'i^^^^ James^ Chadwick, son of John,^ b. 15 (2) 1653. 

":';-#::■:; ^■;^^^^ James^ Chadwick, m. 12 mo. 1676, Hannah Butler. 

f ^^-\^ ■ ; r^^^ Mar 20, 1732, Joseph'' Chadwick of Falmouth, County of Barn- 

stable, son of Joseph Chadwick, ^ of Maiden, sold fifty acres of 
4; land which the Great and General Court laid out to his father 
^ ^ :" (9G) 


Cliadvnck Notes. 


James- Chadwick, in the township laid out to the Narragansett 
soldiers. - ' 

Joseph Chadwick/ of Falmouth, m. Nov. 2, 1732, Mary 
Jenkins of IMalden. " 

Children : " '" 

Lemuel,^ b. Mar. 19, 1734; d. young. : • 

Joseph,^ b. July 27, 1735 ; d. young. ' "v v 

Daniel,^ b. April, 1738. 

Martha,^ b. Feb 26, 1740; d. young. ' v , 

Mary,^ b. April, 1743 ; d. young. 

Martha, 5 b. Sept. 28, 1744; d. 1809. ' ■ y 

Joan Chadwick, wife of John, d. 11 (5) 1674. 

The question arises were these two Joseph Chadwicks any re- 
lation to each other and were they any relation to the Joseph Chad- 
wick, of Brookfield? The^ Joseph Chadwick, of Brooklield, was 
said to have been born in 1724, and to have died at Hanover, 
Mass., at the house of his son Calvin, in 1812, aged 88. Can any 
one give the key to this puzzle ? 

, "^v ■ .:; S. P. S. ■ 

' *- ' '" 


:i;:v: ;-^^^^^ the •, '■y'"^"' 


Vol. V. October, 1904. No. 3. 


By Henky F. Wateks. 

' • ' (New Series.) 

[Edited, arranged, completed, and referenced, by Lothrop Withington, 
30 Little Ruseell Street, W, C, Loudon, England.] 

{Continued from Vol. V, page 15.) 

Robert Andrew of Harleslon, Northampton, gent. Will 21 Jan- 
uary 1603/4; proved 10 February 1603/4. To be buried in North 
He of Harieston church by late wife Elizabeth. To repairing of bells 
of Harieston church and frames and ropes 20s. To poore of Haries- 
ton and vicinity 30s. To poore of Marshalsea etc. 40s. To daugh- 
ter Anne Andrew £160-13-4 about the £500 for fines of tenants in 
Creke als Cricke whereof she hath received part etc. To son Richard 
Andrew 400 marks and £10 a year. To second son William £100 
which brother Gent and cosen Robert Shortgrave owe. To said cosen 
G^nt and Mary his wife plate. To cosin Maister Richard Cortes a 
ringe. To friend Maister Flamsted of Rushton plate. To uncle 
Mr. George Andrew of Northampton 20s. To son in law Francis 
Duffield and daughter Alice, his wife, plate of £8. To their eldest 
daughter Elizabeth Duffield at 21 or marriage £20. To their other 
daughter rings. To son in law Mr. Edward Symonds and daughter 
Elizabeth, his wife, plate etc. and their other children one ring of 208 
between them. To servants one half year's wages. Son William to 
devise the "Homes" etc. in Harieston to his elder brother Thomas 
Andrew, my son. As servant Nicholas Priest owes £43-6-8 as paid 
by £10 yearly, to be lent by executor and friend Mr. Flamsted to 
•tenants etc. and Nicholas Priest to be forgiven other debt of 20 nobles 
if he pay etc. Forgive to tenants one half of quarters 'rent. To 
brothers George and William 20s. each. Residue (debts and Colman*s 
wife of Spratten being paid) to eldest son Thomas Andrew executor. 

.- (99) 

100 " Waters' Gleanings — Withlngton, [October 

Overseers : my Lorde and friend Sir Robert Spencer, Kt. Lord Spen- 
cer, Francis Morgan Esq. cosens Mr. Thomas Thornton and Mr. 
Robert Shortgrave and friend Mr. Fiamsted of-Rushton. AVitnesses : 

John FUimsted, Lewis Atterbury, Richard Wales. 

... ..:;/,..■,.,...■ . Hart e, 23, 

Ann Androwes of Cardiff, Ghunorgan, widow. Will 28 July 
1608; proved 7 February 1608/9. To 8* xMary's church in Cardiff 
£8. To vicar of Cardiff 6s. and Thomas the Clerk 2s. To S' Jone's 
chui'cli in Cardiff 10s. To poor 40s. To reparation of bridge of 
Cardiff 20s. To my son Richard French messuage in West street 
Cardiff bought by late husband John Andre we of John Davyes Doc- 
tor of Phisck, also messuage I lately purchased of Edmund Mathew 
Esquire late in occupation of Thomas Button deceased and also store- 
house etc. by Bluntes gate purchased by late husband John Andrewe 
of John White to hold in tayle male as by statute of 22 Henry VIII 
with remainder to his sons John, Edward, Richard, and Robert French 
and then to Walter Nichols and Richard Nichols, sons of my daugh- 
ter Katherine More, then to my heirs. To said Walter Nichols 
messuage purchased of Edmund Mathewe Esq. in West Street in oc- 
cupation of Harry Smith, also £20 for building, and house by East 
gate in tenure of one John Garvase want catcher. To Edward French 
messuage lately purchased of Sir William Harbart K^ by the Towne 
Milles. To Richard Nichols house by East gate of Johan Hengod 
widow. To Henry Hore and Katherine his wife all debts due. Ex- 
ecutor: Sonne Richard French. To my sonne Toby all Tything hay 
belonging to the Tything barne of Cardiff, saving to son Richard etc., 
etc., rent of said Tything to Richaul Nichols. To Walter Nichols 
and Richard Nichols my newe house in Crokerton in hands of John 
Rees. Rest to executor. Witnesses : Cradock Sherr}'' Clarke, Henry 
Ball, John David, David Uoyd, Henry Hoore, John Yeard, Toby 
French. " * ^ Dor set ^ 18. 

Richard Andre wes of London, shoemaker. Will 18 January 
1610/1 ; proved 10 February 1611/2. To Mother Margaret Andrewes 
£35 part of £40 legacy which my brother Raphe Farmer did give to 
be received of Mr. John Farmer of London, grocer, executor, of 
Raphe Farmer. To cosen Elizabeth Brett of Darford 40s. Rest to 
John Brett, husband of cosen Elizabeth executor. Witnesses : Robert 
Brett, William Hartley, Thomas Bedle. Fenner^ 17. 

1904] Waters' Gleaning.'^ — Withington. 101 

Daniel Androwes, citizen and draper of London. Will 10 Sep- 
tember 1612 ; proved 10 November 1621. Have bv indenture 3 Maye 
1606 souid to Henry Smj^th, citizen and draper, three messuages in 
Edelmeton als Edmunton, Middlesex, one barn and five acres and 
said Henry Smyth by indenture 6 May did convey said premises to 
nephew John Clotterbock. To brother Giles Clotterbock all personal 
state paying my brother Israeli equal my brother Henry Androwes 
etc. To cozen John Wilkin 40s. To Mary Clotterbook daughter of 
John Clotterbock 20s. To my sister Clotterbook my gymnal ringe. 

Brother Giles Clotterbook, executor. Witnesses : Daniell Clotter- 
book, Michaell Boyle. Fenner^ 94. 

Andrews, 1613. See Wilmer (Robert) of Everton, Northampton- 

Thomas Andrew^e of Harleston, gent, my daughter Dorothy his 
wife and Robert, William, and Elizabeth their children. Capell, 2. 

Edmund Androwes, citizen and Fishmonger of London. Will 2 
August 1616; proved 19 August 1616. To be buried in Fishmongers 
He in St. Michaell next Crooked lane, being parish where I dwell. 
To poore of St. Michaell 20 dozen of peunie wheaten bread. To comp- 
nie of Fishmongers £10 for a Cupp. To brother Phillip Androwes 
citizen and fishmonger 50s. To Governor and Masters of hospitall of 
Bridgewell £5 to be spent at a drinking at their pleasures. To elder 
Sonne Richard Androwes lease of Ligars Wharf next the Bridgehouse 

in Southwarke, Surrey, held of Wydow Pynson and John her 

Sonne. Forgive said Richard Androwes debt of £100 etc. etc. To 
Sonne George Androwes £100 at 21. To sonne Stephen Andrcwes 
lease from Fishmongers Companie of the Whyte lyon in Bridgstreete 
als Newfishstreete where Isaacke Heminge Fishmonger inhabiteth 
and lease of 11 acres from Mr. AYyndam in Stepney als Stebenheath, 
Middlesex, and also £50 at 21. 

To daughter Barbara Gates wife of Thomas Gates, .Citizen and 
Fishmonger £70, making £250 with £60 already paid, etc. To grand- 
child Elizabeth Gates daughter of Barbara £10. To my daughter 
Elizabeth Greene wife of John Greene £250. Any debts of Thomas 
Gates and John Greene to be deducted etc. To two daughters Vrsula 
Androwes and Abigail Androwes £500, i. e. £250 at 21 or marriage. 
Children charged on my blessing not to sue for child's part as by 
custom of London. Whereas I Edmund Androwes and George White 

i > J > -■ » .' • , 

,j.. « » * » " !♦• * 

102 Wafers^ Gleanings — WitJiington, [October 

of London, Joyner, one of my overseers are joyutlie possessed of 
certayne leases in Sbadwell in parish of Stepney als Stebenheath 
aforesaid from Dean and Chapter of St. Faules and have erected ten- 
ements at great cost etc. etc. my moitie I devise to my executrix. 
To loving wife Elizabeth Androwes executrix freeholds at or neere 
Black wall in Stepney purchased of Mr. Leuet lately deceased, to 
hold for her life, then to my youngest sonne Stephen Androwes. To 
eldest Sonne Richard Androwes all freehold and inherited coppie holds 
in countie of Hertford, and also coppie holds in ditto purchased of 
Philip Androwes ("East Parke") of one Whitehead, and of Francis 
Androwes, also house in bleue mayde alley in Southwarke, Surrey, 
lately mortgaged by one Thomas Cheynej^ etc. To sonne George 
Androwes lands in Lewisham, Kent, held of Mannor of Eastgreenwich 
bought of Mr. Laneer servant to the Kinges Majestie. To sonne 
Stephen Androwes £250 lent unto Montou Jennynges gent vpon 
mortgMge of messuage called by signc of the Mearemayde in Newfish- 
streete London wherein Nicholas Ilaughton Fishmonger inhabiteth. 
Residue to welbeloved wife Elizabeth Androwes Executrix. Overseers : 
George White abouenamed and Steven Streete Citizen and grocer. 
Witnesses : Robert North, Tobias Daltou. Cojye, 78. 

[Same folio. Nuncupative will of Robert Andrews, St. Gregorie 
Scrivenor. Will 29 Julie 161G ; proved 3 August 1616. All to wife Ann 
executrix. Witnesses: Mr. Roderick Powell, Reymond Robotham, 
Scrivenor, Elizabeth Jones, ^servant to said Robert Andrewes. 

John Andrew of Ringshall. Will 19 February 161.5/16; proved 
14 March 1615/16. Son Robert and his son John. Daughters Marg 
aret and Abigail. Arch. Suffolk^ book 48^ folio 229. 

Em Andrew of Stratford, Suffolk, widow. Will 13 November 
1616; proved 23 January 1616/7. To brother George Hudson the 
£40 he' is bound to pay. To his daughter Margery Reeve £10 and 
to her children 40s. each. To Thomazine AVyseman and her children 
ditto. To Martha Burton, daughter of said George Hudson, £7 and 
to her three children 10s. each. To two sons of George Hudson the 
younger 40s. each. To kinsman Christopher Hudson £40 he hath. 
To his son Christopher Hudson £20 his two daughters Sarah and 
Margarett £10 each. To kinswoman Elizabeth Grigson £3 and to 
her sister Ann Willowes £3 and their brother William Willowes 40s. 

* • t « . ♦-'■■; % 

' ( ' K. . I - « 

'i; It. <;'^» .1- 

1904] Waters* Gleanings — Withington. 103 

To daughter of kinsman Thomas Hudson £5. To kinsmen Thomas 
Homes, Richard Homes, John Homes, and George Homes 40s. each. 
To kinswoman Gary Thurston 409. and to her child 5s. To servant 

V Katherine Davie 20s. To Mr. Rogers preacher of Dedham in Essex 

• 40s. To poore of Stratford £4. Rest to brother George Hudson, 
executor. Kinsman Christopher Hudson, x)verseer. Witnesses: Ed- 

V mond Adams and John Keepe. Weldon^ 5. 

V . Sir EusEBT Akdrewe, Churwelton, Northampton, knighte. Will 
■ ■ 17 July 1619 ; proved 19 October 1619. To poore of towne of Bi- 

feilde and Westroppe, of Chnrwelton, of Prestons Magna and Parva, 
of Woodford, and Hinton, and of Heledon each use of £20, or £100 
, in all. To daughter Frances Andrew £1000 at 17 for her preferment 
in marriage. To son John Andrew at 21 £500. To son Thomas 
Andrew ditto. To daughter Margarett 1000 marks at 16. To daugh- 
ters Elizabeth Andrew and Semer Andrew at 17 ditto. Household 
stufCe, plate, etc. to remain in Manor house of Churwellon for use of 
wife while a widdowe and also to wift'e Jewelle and Ornaments she 
vseth for adorning and apparellinge of her person, also my Darye 
and milche kyne, to see children brought uppe in feare of God etc. 
To brother Nathaniell Andrew £100. To servant Euseby Barbon 
£100. To servant Thomas Webber £100 he assigning interest in 
; " Parsons Ferme ; " to executors. Money due, for lands sold, b}^ Mr. 
; Thomas Crewe of Steane, Northamptonshire, Esq. to be used for 
i;:;;' dobts, etc. etc. Lease made to Mr. Robert Raynsforde, John An- 
' drewe, and Edmund Farmer to be assigned to my sonne and heire 

• when of age, etc. Executors : Wife, Robert Rainsforde of Steuerton, 
Northants and my brother John Andrewe. Overseers : Sir AYilliam 

;: Spencer, Knight, John Wirley of Darford, Esq., Laurence Bolton of 
Graneborowe and brother Thomas Andrewe. Witnesses: Thomas 
• , Trist, William Clifforde, John Pudsey, Thomas Ladd. Codicil 25 
- July 1619. For a monument in North He, neire my Fathers monu- 
: ment 100 marks. To servante Joane Forde for faythfull service £10. 
V- To sister Elizabeth Watson 20 lambes to be indifferently runne out of 
: the parke. To sister Susan Purefoy ditto. To the deaffe fellowe 
r Roger Teder £10. To Jane Tuke 20 lambes. ParTcer, 91, 

Alice Anurowes of St. Martin in the Vintrey. Will 26 March 

. 1621 ; proved 31 October 1621. To sisters Elizabeth Androwes and 

Vy Agnes Androwes £10 each. To poore of St. Martins in the Vintrey 

20s. Rest to my maister Michaell Handcorne, executor. To said 

104 ' Waters^ Gleanings — Withington. [October 

sisters Elizabeth and Agnes Androwes and sister in law Helline 
Penne pewter, etc. etc. Witnesses : Richard Rochdale, scrivenor, 
Robte Rochdale his servant. ■ Dale^ 79. 

Akdrewes, 1626. Sec Gould (William) of Water Lambeth, Surrey. 
Cozen Thomas Andrewes draper in London. Hele^ 7. 

Lancelot Andrewes, 1626 {Hele, 109). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 609. ... 

Francis Andrew the elder of Hadleigh, Suffolk. Will 31 October 
1625; proved 21 November 1G26. To sister Ann Cole widow bond 
to Mr. John Britten for £280 for purchase of messuage occupied by 
Lemond Tompson and two closes formerly mortgaged by Thomas 
Facon and Elizabeth Facon and after conveyed b}' said Elizabeth 
Faucon and Thomas Faucou etc. To sister Ann Coll messuage where 
Edward Tompson dwelleth etc. Mr. John Britten, Mr. Phillip Eldred, 
and IMr. Peter Alston to deal kindly with my sister and sonn in matter 
of fines and all to come out of estate of ever true, kind and loving 
wife who has assurance for life at dwelling house and lands at Copp- 
dock which were her father's to bring upp children etc. etc., Sister 
and brother Edward Andrew to sell messuage in Benton in Eladleigh 
late in occupation of Henry Smith, cotage in occupation of John Rush, 
two cottages on Hadleigh bridge, one in occupation of Edmund 
Goldesborow, the other in Angell street wherein Brockill lately dwelled 
and cotage wherein Elias Stowe thelder did lately dwell, proceeds to 
four daughters Elizabeth, Ann, Jane, and Sara. To sonne Frauncis 
Andrew house where I dwell at decease of wife. To sonne Edward 
Andrew tenement wherein Baker the Knacker dwells. To said dangh- 
ters Elizabeth, Ann, Jane, and Sara lands in Coppdike purchased 
of St. John Brewse and Mr. Christofer Foster to hold till sonn Francis 

pale etc. etc. For money payable to Mrs. cousin Fuller w^ife 

with Mr. John Britten, Mr. Phillip Eldred, and Mr. Peter Alston to 
sell soe much of land and wherever I have fee simple, viz : house 
wherein Thomas Bennett dwelleth with close lying towards Fyrmer, 
lands called Fyrmer, overhouse feild and Ilallawaie in Coppdicke and 
little Belsted in Suffolk, paying to said Thomas Fuller, and any over- 
plus to sonne Francis, if Francis is able to pay residue etc. wife to 
presently let him have lands had by exchange from Sir Clipposby 
Gawdye, Francis behaving dutif till}' and loveingly upon my blessing 
etc. Sister Cole to be helpful to my children, especially daughters. 


^1904] Waters' Gleanings — Withington. 105 

my estate (thanked be God for what it is) not being able to doe what 
I wold. To incorporacion of Towne of Hadleigh £3, wishing to spare 
more, desiring Mr. Maior the Alderman and Burgesses to doe my 
sonn Francis that kindness in their power and accept him for their 
Town Clarke etc. To poore of Hadleigh 40s. To Mr. Britten, Mr. 
Alston, and Mr. Eldred, and brother Edward Andrew, Mrs. Francis 
Alston, and sister Cole rings of 40s each. Household stuff is part 
Sonne Francis's from his grandfather. Residue wife's before mar- 
riage. Rest to wife. Executors : wife and son Francis. No wit- 
nesses. Ilele, 120. 

Andrews, 1626. See Herrick (Elizabeth) , Leicester, widow. Son 
in law^ INIr. James Andre we. Hele^ 141. 

John Andrewes, libertie of the Tower of London, gent. Will 12 
October 1625 ; proved 19 October 1626. To daughters Elizabeth 
Andrewes and Ann Andre wes £40 each at 21 or marriage. To son 
Thomas £40 at 21. Executor: Friend Mr. John Duffeild, now of 
late ma3'or of Rochester. Overseers : Henry Rowland of libertie or 
Tower and Richard Greene of All Hallow's, Barking. Rest to son 
John Andrewes now at sea. Witnesses : Richard Greene, scriv 
enor, Henry Rowland, Christopher Fell, Thomas Rowland. 

Ilele, 142. 

Robert Andrewes, Cittizen and merchantailor of London. Will 
26 ^September 1626 ; proved 10 November 1626. To be buried in 
churchyard of St. Mary WoUhurch. To son Nathaniel Andrewes now 
in the Summer Island £10 out of £20 his brother John Andrewes my 
son doth owe and other £10 to John. To son John 2s, son Thomas 
£10. To daughter Elizabeth Collyns £10, and to said Thomas An- 
drewes and Elizabeth Collyns lease of house at Enfeilde after death 
of wife. Rest to wife Anne, executrix. Witnesses: Thomas Cate- 
ward, scrivenor, John Shawe, Thomas Andrewe. 
Commissary Court of London {Town)., register 25 {1626-9 folio) ^ 
117. . J ." 

James Andrew of Borowe of Lester, county Lester, mercer. Will 
8 May 1622; proved 14 September 1627. To be buried by over- 
seers : Mr. Thomas Sacheverell, Mr. Toby Herycke, William Davy 
and Richard Inge, to whom 40s. each. To Kinfolk as follows : cosen 
John Soutton 20s., cosen George Soutton, cosen Essabell Souton, 

106 ;; , ; . Water's' Gleanings — Withim/ton. . [October 

cosen Jane Sotton 408. each, cosen Margaret Sotton 20s., cosen 
Anyes Wyggen £40. To cosen Margaret Wyggnes 20s., cousins 
William 20s. and James Chapman 10s., cousins Elinor, 40s. and Sara 
Yorke 20s. My mother Mrs. Elizabeth Herycke 20s. Godson Jo- 
seph Secheverell 10s. St. Martins parish 40s., St. Maries 20s., St. 
Margaret 20s., All Saints 20s., St. Nicholas 10s. To old Ilospitall 
poore £3. To new Hospitall 20s. To poore of Loughborowe 30b. 
Rest to son James, my heir and executor, with my gold ringeandhis 
mother's gold ring, jette Ring and two taffety hatts one wrought the other 
plane Hatt with sipers bands, one more taffety liatt bordered with vel- 
uett and siper band, siluer and gold purse paire of fine white gloves layd 
with gold lace, pin pillow wrought with gold and siluer, two long 
ditto wrought with cruell, fine hoUand smocke with gold lace at the 
necke, bearing sheete of lawne with other line linnens belonging to 
small children, one gowne of Morrado wrought and one petticote of 
redd durrance with velvet lace about it &c. 

If son James die, then after £100 to the poor all my own kinsfolk 
in number eleven of them shall have the rest of my substance that 
is ungiven and my cosen Anyes Wygenes to have all my whole house 
&c. and my other house that John Swane dwelleth in that house I 
give to William Ilarthorne wyf, my cosen Ellen Yorke by that name, 
paying to the town theis rent this I give to her and her heirs forever 
never to be sold away from her children. Skynner^ 90. 

Philip Andrewes of Norwich, merchant. Will 1 September 1627 ; 
proved 1 January 1627/8. To children of brother in law Mr. John 
Forth clerk and Susan his wife £10 each to bee paid by executors 
of Katherine Andrews widow his mother after her decease. To 
children of brother in law John Manning and Hester his wife and 
child ehee is now bigg with ditto. To two children of brother 
Samuel Andrewes ditto. To two children of brother Thomas Dickerson 
lOs. each. To godchildren 5s. each. Rest to mother Katherine 
Andrewes, executrix, for life then to brother Nathaniel. Witnesses : 
Hester Frummenteall, Susannah Foorth, Esther Mannyng, Rebecca 
Bentley. . ' Barrington^ 4. 

Oliver Andrews of Foxhearth, Essex, woollen draper. Will 31 
March 1629 ; proved 16 October 1629. To wife Alice tenement in 
St. Peters, Sudbury, Suffolk, purchased of Richard Bland in occu- 
pation of Richard Sheldon. To wife £210 not to claim dower and 


1904] T^^ Gleanings — Wiihington. r 107 

all goods. To sonnes John Andrewee and Oliuer Andrewes six acres 
of freehold meadow in Sudbury parte in the North nieadowe neere 
the usuall gate and rest towards the Towue Watermill and also two 
acres leasehold purchased of Avice Doggett widowe. Also two 
Butchers' Stalls with soUers in Markett place Sudbury purchased of 
John Curd in occupation of Charles Bull of Melford. To sonne 
in Law Thomas Polly and Alice his wife my daughter five acres 
in Windmill Field in Sudbury purchased of John Crud (sic) 
Butcher &c. To sonne in law John Meade and Bridgett his 
wife butchers stall purchased of John Curd between stall of said 
John Meade and one William Smith of Melford wherein Thomas 
Gibson standeth and occupied by George Tungate of Lavenham, 
Butcher &c. To sonne William Hewett and Francis his wife my 
daughter Butcher's stall in Sudbury purchased of William Bowen 
between stalls of John Curd and Thomas Godfrye in occupa- 
tion of William Curd, son of William Curd thelder &c. To sister 
Margery Pennyfather widow £5 To daughters and daughters in law 
20s. each. To grandchildren, viz. : John Andrewes (eldest son of 
John), Oliver Andrewes (eldest son of Oliver), Oliver Polly (son of 
Thomas Polly), Oliver Meade and Oliver Hewett 40s. each. To Mr. 
John Firmyn, minister of Foxhearth, 20s. To poore of Foxhearth, 
St. Peters, and St. Gregorys, 20s. each. Executors : son John An- 
drews and son in law Thomas Polly. Overplus of estate to sons 
Oliver Andrews, John Meade, and William Hewett. Witnesses : 
Gabriel Godard, Edward Pennant, William Pack, Edward Pamont. 
:■- ''^ Ridley^ 91. 

William Androwes thonger of Sutton, Courtney, Berks, yeoman. 
Will 4 January 1634-5 ; proved 25 March 1635. To poore of Sutton 
Courtney £5. To soone VV^illiam household stuff, plate, &c. To 
daughter Jone betsted in the redd Chamber, ditto in uppermost 
Chymny chamber, plate, &c. Executrix to bring up children with 
profits of lands in occupation of my father William Androwes. To 
neighbour Richard Middleton £3. To servant Anne Fulks 20s. Rest 
to wife Pollen, executrix. Overseers: Father in law Edward Bigge, 
Roger Bolwer of Rettelsdan, Bucks, Robert Loder, jr. of Harwell 
and William Phillipson. Witnesses : Thomas Saunders, Robert 
Phillipson, Thomas Reade, William Bostocke. Sadler^ 27. 

Henry Androwks, Esquier, Alderman of London. Will 7 Au- 
gust 1638; proved 17 October 1638. Estate as by custom of Lon- 
don, one part to wife, one part to children, one to sell. Now wife 

108 _■■ Waters' Gleanings — Withington, [October 

Anne to have as by marriage settlement. Daughter Ann Fenn has 
had £2000 and daughter Elizabeth Mico £1600 or £1700. Other 
children to have as much as daughter Anne and son Daniel Androwes, 
sons in law James Fenn, and Samuel Mico to have child part above 
what already given. To servant Mandwill £50. To Mr. Leeche, 
preacher at Bowe church, £10. To Mr. Meddlyon, minister of Wan- 
stead, £5. Forgive Mr. Peter Symons, minister, £5. To Dr. Howell 
£5. To Mr. Downham, minister in Walbroke £10. To cosen Clo- 
terbooke what he oweth. Executors : sonne Daniel Androwes and 
sonnes in law James Fenn and Samuel Mico. To Frances Cheney, 
my wife her sister's daughter £50. To sonne Henry Androwes all 
lands in Wilts purchased from the Patentees for the like lands granted 
by his Majestic, remainder to sonne Stephen Androwes, then to sonne 
Daniel. To poore of St, Stephens in Walbrooke £o, of Lay ton £5- 
Witnesses : Jer : Leech, Robert Titchborne, Francis I>Iorse, notar}^ 
public. Proved by Samuel Mico, executor. Proved 19 February 
1638/9 by Daniel Andre we, reserving right of third executor James 
Fenn. 7 May 1700 administration to John Wale of Suffren Maldon, 
Essex, gent, concerning Inderture. 31 May 45 James I (sic i. e. of 
Scotland 1612) between Thomas Bond and defunct as to lands for 
use of Mary Andrewes widow. Zee, 127. 

Thomas Andkewe, Cittizen and dyer of London. Will 10 De" 
cember 1640 ; proved 8 June 1641. Estate as by custom of London, 
1/3 to wife Margaret, 1/3 to children Daniel Andrev/e, Margaret An- 
drewe, Sara Andrewe and Elizabeth Andrewe, and other 1/3 as 
follows : To Isaac Joyner and Robert Tourney of Springfield, Essex, 
Clerkes, 26/8 each for rings. To late servant Elizabeth Ray, wife 
of Christopher Ray of Chelmsford, 20s. To servants Anne Manning 
and Sara Salmes 10s. each. To wife house in Springfield where I 
live for life, then to son Daniel. To wife profits of house in Spring- 
field occupied by Richard Harwood purchased of Bartholomew Peasely 
till Daniel is 21. To kinsman John Andrewes 26/8 for ring. Rest to 
four children, wife to sell land in Mannor of lattle Lever, parish of 
Bolton, County of Laucasheire, or my brother Andrew, clerke, to sell 
&c. Wife Margaret, executrix. Overseers, brothers William and 
Edward Andrewe. Witnesses: Richard Harwood of Springfield, 
yeoman, William Smith ditto ditto, Henry Sharpe, scrivenor. 

• • , .. . ^ Evelyn, 72. 

John Andrew [Aston, parish of Ivingoe, Bucks]. Will 20 March 

:■ k>:- 

1904 J Waters' Gleanings — Withingfon. 109 

1641/2 ; proved 1643. To poore 20s. To wife Elizabeth all 

firewood and household stuff. To soune John Andrew £170. To 
- daughter Alice Hill £100 or to be disposed of in lands by Henry Hill 
her husband, son Richard Andrew and son in law John Lucy. To 
one of my grandchildren John Dudley £20 at 14 for apprenticeship. 
To grandchild Anne Dudley £20 at marriage or 21, or if she die, 
to my daughters Mary Sparkes and Alice Hill. To daughter 
Elizabeth Markham, mother of John Dudley and Ann Dudley in- 
terest &c. To my daughter Markham, my daughter Lucy, my daugh- 
ter Sparkes and daughter Hill 10s. each. Rest to sonnc Richard 
Andrewe, executor Overseers: my four sonne in law John Lucy, 
Robert Markham, Edward Sparkes, and Henry Hill. Witnesses : Jo : 
Duncombe, John Bennett. Camphell^ 97. 

Andrews, 1642. See Harrison (Margaret) of Battersey, Surrey, 
widow. (Campbell, 34). See Waters' Gleanings, page 465. 

Andrews, 1642. See Bankes (John). Son in law Mr. Thomas 
Andrew. • Campbell^ 102. 

Andrews, 1649. See Davy (John). Daughter Elizabeth An- 

drewes and her sons. Son in law Mr. Natuaniel Andrewes or his 

^ father. Sister Andrewes' sister. Fairfax^ 85. 

Andrews, 1649. See Rooke (George) of Moncks Horton, Kent, 
gent. Wife's uncle Dr. Andrews, late Bishop of Winchester. 

Fairfax. 106. 

Jane Andrews of Daventry, widow. Will 16 February 1648/9 ; 
proved March 13 1648/9. Daughter Elizabeth Marriatt. Her seven 
children. Daughter Mercye Andrew. Loving kinsman Edward 
Farmer, Esq. Loving sister Mrs. Mary Farmer. Daughter Kathe- 
rine Andrew house I now dwell in in Daventry, lately purchased of 
Edward Farmer, Esq. Edward Farmer a witness. 

Arch. Northampton^ 3d Series^ Register B, folio 10. 

John Andrews, 1650 (Pembroke, 20). See Waters' Gleanings, 
. page 603. 

Peter Andrewes, 1650 (Pembroke, 152 and 472). See Waters' 
Gleanings, page 1318. - . 

John Andrews, 1654 (Alchin, 814). Same as Pembroke, 20. 
Printed as above. .: 


• 110 : i^?.. Waters^ Gleanings- — Withington. [October 

;. Nathaniel Andrewes, 1654 (Alchin, 386). See Waters' Glean- 
. ings, page 1300. • • ■ ■' ' 

Elizabeth Andrews, 1654 (Alehin, 472). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 1300. ^ 

Andrews, 1658. See Hitch (Mildred) of London, widow. Niece 
Martha, wife of John Andrewes. WooUon^ll5. 

Joseph Andrewes of London, merchant, being bound on a voyage 
to Guinea. Will 15 April, 1664 ; proved 26 May 1666. To brother 
Matthew Andrewes and wife Ann, and brothers Samuel Andrews 
and Evance Andrews and brother in law John Glover and Sarah his 
wife rings. To said Sarali Trunk of linen. To uncle Thomas Ev- 
ance and Mary his wife and his six children. Aunt Hannah Evance 
and her four children, uncle in law Henry Hatsell and Susanna his 
wife and son Henry, cousin Nathaniel Mansfield and his wife, cousin 
John Evance of London, cousin John Bickley and Garthrett his wife, 
all rings of 10s. Ditto to friends Zacharias Wilson of London, Obediah 
Hughes of Plymouth, Devon, Joseph Hyumers, John Webb of Lon" 
don, merchant tailor and wife, Richard Spingold, William Beale, 
William Empson of London, and wife Mary Grigson of London, Jer- 
emy Carter of London, merchant, and Jeremy Carter his sonne. To 
Elizabeth Lloyd of London, spinster, silver tankard marked I. A. of 
about 20 ounces and a ring of 10s. To her brothers and sisters Ben- 
jamin Lloyd, Susanna Lloj^d, Charles Lloyd, Frances Lloyd, John 
Lloyd and William Lloyd each rings of 10s. To said Elizabeth 
Lloyd, £200. Rest to freind Jeremy Carter the Elder of London, 
merchant, executor. Witnesses: Richard Tapps, John Whitlock. 
Sam'^ Law Scri. ^^.. ^;:;-:/.. ;-:-;v;>^' -1-. \''"''r,-'\-.-: ::-■-. Mico^ 68. 

■ Andrewes, 1666. See Fletcher (WilHam). Cozen IMatthfewe An- 
drewes of London, Esq. :: . Mico^ 93. 

' '' Richard Andrews. Will 26 September ; proved 17 Jul}' 

1666. To wife Sarah lease of house in St. Alphage where I live, 
also lease of ^ Phillips two houses in same parish belonging to the Cur- 
riers Company, also lease of Mistres Colcourts house at west end of 
St. Panics and also Mr. \^iller's lease near St. Gregory's, also ]\lr. 
Rawwoth's lease near St. Gregory's by St. Paules, and also INIr. 
Phillip's lease by the Bridgehouse, also all personal estate. To my 
sister Barbara Barnes £10 and to the six children of m}' cousin 

1904] ' Waters' Gleanings — Withington. Ill 

Wilkins £5 each. 'To brother aDcl sister Haviland 40s. each. To my 
maid Sarah 40s. " Mico^ 110. 

Andrews, 1668. See Wood (Thomas) Hackney. Middlesex gent. 
Kinswoman Mrs. Anne Andrews. Hene, 73. 

Sara Andrewes, 1669 (Coke, 101). See Waters* Gleanings, folio 

Andrews, 1669. See Bankes (Caleb). Sister Margaret Andrew 
widow. Coke, 133. 

Matthew Andrewes, Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge. 
No date; Proved 28 September 1674. Of the £1236 for which 
I receive £74 per annum from Walnuttree Court and lands in Essex 
I give to my mother Mrs. Damaris Cudworth £100, to brother Richard 
Andrewes, Esq. £336, brother Mr. John Andrewes £400, brother 
Thomas Andrews £400. To sister Lady Abney £400. To sister 
Lady Abney bond from vncle Warner for £180-10s. Of £200 in Sir 
Edward Abuey's hands to Father Dr. Raphe Cudworth £20. to 
brother John and Charles and sister Damaris Cudworth £10 each and 
to brother Sir Edward Andrewes £10. To cosen Archer for her tender 
care of deceased brother Samuel £10. To objects of charity, to be 
distributed by my mother £10. Remaining £900 (sic) of said bond 
and bond of £50 from brother Richard Andrews Esq. to brother Mr. 
John Andrewes, executor. Residue to executor with all my Books 
excepting to Queen's Colledge Library all Medicinall Books said Li- 
brary is not already furnished with. Witnesses : Jn^ Wickens, John 
Wickens junior. Bunce^ 31. 

Andrews, 1676. See Emarton (John) of Whaddon, Bucks, yeo' 
man. Jane Andrewes £5, and Robert Andrewes 20s. 
• ■ . Arch. Bucks ^ file 1676. 

Andrews, 1680. See Alwyn (John) citizen and merchant taylor. 
Father in law Mr. Benjamin Andrews and mother in law Mrs. Anne 
Andrews. North^ 85. 

Thomas Andrews, Cittizen and Dyer of London. Will 21 Jul}^, 
1687 ; proved 2 May 1688. Estate in three parts as by laudable 
custom of London, one part to wife Anna Andrews, one to my child 
or children which shall be living or wife Anna goeth withall at de- 
cease, and other one third, viz : To wife Anna all plate, household 


112 ..-^^ Waters' Gleanings — Withington. [October 

stuff &c. To my honoured mother Mrs. Damaris Cudworth mourn- 
ing for herself and father in law Dr. Ralph Cudworth, also for 
mourning to brother Richard Andrews Esq. £G0 and to brother in law 
Sir Edward Abney, my dear lady Abney and daughter Ann Abney 
£50 each, and to Ann a piece of plate of £'10. To sister Abney £15 
ditto. To conzeus Sir Jno and Lady Francis Parker, my lady and 
sister Massant £20 each, brotlier Jno. Cudworth £15, Honoured 
motlier Anna Shute £20, sister Elizabeth Shute and Aunt Shute 
widdow £10 each for rings. To Mr. Jno. Webster 40s. ditto. To 
Mr. Robert Gilpin and wife £16 for mourning. To Mr. Richard 
Baldwin if living with me £6 ditto. To nurse Mellchap ditto £10. 
To poore of Newintonstocke-towne where I now live £3 to be disposed 
of to wife Anna and 40s. to Lady Abney for charity. If sonne or 
Sonne's daughter or daughters or my daughter or daughters die be- 
fore 21, to rest &c. Residue to children living at decease of wife 
Anna. To wife Anna as my marriage articles &c. messuages &c, 
and if cliildreu die, after decease of wife to my brother Richard An- 
drews. Whereas my Father Francis Shute, Esq. by his will did in 
case of death of his only sonne my brother in law Mr. Joseph Shute 
bequeath his said dwelling house knowne by signe of the Crowne in 
St. Peters, Cornhill, against St. Peters church to his two daughters, 
viz : — m}^ dear wife Anna and her sister Madam Elizabeth Shute, 
and it pleased God to take my brother Mr. Joseph Shute, before he 
was of age, who in his will made in his sickness did confirm his 
father's will, now therefore my interest in the said house to children, 
and, if they die, after death of wife to brother Richard Andrews 
Esq. Executrix: wife Anna. Overseers : Brother Richard Andrews, 
Esq. brother in law Sir Edward Abney, Kt., Mr. John Webster, 
Draper, and Mr. John Greene, an Attorney. If brother Ricliard die 
before my wife, his interest to sister Lady Damaris Abney and her 
two present daughters, my niece Lady Frances Parker and Anne 
Abney. The house in Cornhill wholly to wife Anna. Witnesses : 
Robt. Gilpin, Rich^^ Baldwin, Jos. Williams. Foot^ 57. 

Benjamin Andrkwes, 1688 (Foot, 112). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 1068. . 

JoANE Andrews of St. Bartholomew the Great, London, widow. 
Will 2 April 1692; proved 17 May 1G98. Nephew and nieces Richard, 
Joane, and Mary G ilium, son and daughters of my cosen Ricliard 
Gillum, each £10 at 21. If they die to cosen Samuel Lee. To Robert 


1904] Water's' Gleanings — Withington. 113 

Lee, son of my cosen John Lee deceased, Is. To John Lee his 
brother and son of John Lee deceased £10 at 21. To Robert Lee 
son of coscn Robert Lee deceased £10 at 21. To Elizabeth Lee 
daughter of cosen Robert Lee deceased 12d. To cosens John, Eliz- 
abeth, and iVnne Swayne £10 each at 21. To cosens John and Jo- 
seph Slye, sons of cosen Joseph Sly, taylor, £5 each at 21. To Mr. 
Robert Lee son of Robert Lee large bible without clasps. To Martha 
and Mary Slye daughters of ditto 12d. each. To friend Francis 
Camfeild, Bartholomew Close, tobacconist, his wife Elizabeth and son 
Jacob broad pieces of gold. To Stephen turner. Milliner in Barbican 
and John Pickett, son of John Pickett of Farnham, Surrey, ditto. 
To William Newell St. Bartholomew Close, wine cooper, £40, and 
his wife Judith £10, and other children William, John, Judith, Mary, 
Josia, Grace, and Sarah Newell £5 each'at 21. To said Judith Newell 
junior my cloak, and if she die, to her sister Mar^''. To cosen Samuel 
Lee new mazarine knitt wascott and scarlet t dyed serge petticoate. 
To Joane Chandler wife of Henry Chandler silk Forrandum gowne 
etc. etc. etc. Rest to Samuel Lee. Executor: William Newell senior. 
Overseer: Francis Carafield. Witnesses: Samuel Holmes, Henry 
Harvey, Tiio : Cutchen Scrivenor in'Southwarke. 10 December 1698 
administration to residuary legatee Samuel Lee, executor being dead. 
:[:V;::'r-- . ' ' Lort, 112. 

Sm Edmund Andros, 1713 (Aston 44). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 272. 

. John Angell of London, merchant taylor. Will 27 September ; 
proved 3 December 1558. To be buried in parish church of St. 
Awstine at Pawles Gate in the High Quyer next the organs. To 
the blessed sacrament a whiteclothe of nedellworke fringed with 
four knopps gilte. To same church of St. Awstine a new vestment 
of blew velvett stole vanell purils with a new avvbe and a new 
Ammes. Also a robe of white Dammaske embrodered beneth with 
a purfell of clothe gold to be occupyed on the blessed virgin Maryes 
Days. Also to same church in honor of God and Sainte Nicholas 
a myter and two lyttell wopes for children. Also to high altare 
12d. Also to said church a legend new bound for children, in the 
firste parte thereof the firste iii lessons for euery Sonday and doble 
feaste, in the second parte the pistells for euery sonday and prjm- 
Cypall feast in the yeare.. Also my four Frychsor.gc books with 
twenty masses of four parts, my four books of exultayit of four and 


114 Waters* Gleanings — Withington- [October 

five parte with all other my songs necessary for all times of the year 
remaining in a chest by the High altars. To poore 13/4. To my 
buriall 6s. To monastery of Syon 40s. To monastery of Shcne 20s. 
to be prayed for. To fryers of Grenewych 6/8. To fryers of 
Smythefeld (d/S. To daughter Br3^dgett £10 at day of marriage &c. 
To daughter Elizabeth which is married £3 and to Agnes her daugh- 
ter 6/8. To son Robert £10 a siluer pott &c. To cosen Thomas 
Angell of Canterbury and his son 6/8 each &c. To cosen Thomas 
Froste 6/8. To godson John Pecock 6/8. To goddaughter Katherin 
Sherewood 6/8. To brotherhood of St. John Baptyste yf they come 
to buryall 5s. To Company of Clarkes 5s. Residue to wife Marga- 
rett, executrix. Overseers : mv lovinge and good Mr. Mayster John 
Pecock and trusty freind Henry Sherwood. To Mr. Pecock a payre 
lennes of Amber and a flatt gold ringe. Witnesses : John Ruddys- 
dall, rector of St. Augustin, John Pecocke, Henry Sherwood, John 
Kyndon, Thomas Lord. Arch. London^ register 2.^ folio 265. 

Edward Angell, citizen and vintner of London. Will 13 July 
1603 ; proved 21 December 1603. To brother John Angell £5 and to 
his son Robert Angell £10. To brother Thomas Angell's children by 
first wife 50s. apeece. To brother Randell Angell all debts he owes. 
To children of brothers Robert Angell and William Angell £5 each^ 
To poore of Peakeerke, North Hants, where I was borne 20s. To 
repairing of bridge of Peakerke 208. To Brethren Willm Angell, 
fishmonger, and Robert Angell, gr<jcer, tenement in Gelley, als Jelley 
Alley, in parishe of St. Bartholomewe in warde of Breadstreete 
bought by indenture 14 January 43 Elizabeth of Thomas Crosier, 
grocer. To John Rodes minister now curate of St. Bride's 10s. and 
his Byble frely againe and to preach at my funerall yf he live to see 
it. To Richard Britten now Bedle of same parishe 10s. To poore of 
ditto 40s. Rest to brothers William Angell and Robert Angell, exec- 
utors. Witnesses : John Rodes, minister and Bennett Mulsho. 
. ; Boleiji, 102. 

John Angell of Sutton, parish of Stanton Harcourt, Oxon., hus- 
bandman. Will 20 July 1622 ; proved 12 September 1622. To son 
in law Francis Falkener 40s. To William Pencot £6-3-4 and to her 
three children 58. apeece. To kinsman John Angell £6-13-4 and to 
her two children 5s. apeece. To sister in law Elizabeth Angell 10s. 
To wives sister Mathew Savage 203. To wives mayde Dorothie 
Bayly Ss. To John Barfoote 40s. To Walter Smith 12s. To daugh- 

- 1 ■'■ ■.•■ 

1904] : ' TFo^er^' GJeanings — Withington. - 115 

ler Aun Augell £100 to be put out for her and house after decease of 
wife. Rest to wife Ann, executrix. Witnesses: Thomas Savage, 
JohnBarfoot. Codicil 17 August 1622. To William Pencott £6-13-4 
more and to his three children 12d more. To Mathej' Savage 20s. 
more. To vncle Thomas Savage 40s. To William Wood 40s. For- 
give Robert Falkener of Wittney 20s. of the £5 he owes. 

SavilCy 80- 

Angell, 1622. See Wilkes (Judith), widow of Ralph, S^ Bot- 
tolph Billingsgate. Eldest daughter Elizabeth Angell. 
r ; Arch. London, hook 6 (2618-1626/7) , folio 134. 

Thomas Angell of St. Saviours, Southwark, Surrey, citizen and 
vinter of London. Will 28 June 1625; proved 29 July 1625. To 
be buried in St. Saviours. Goods in three parts according to laudable 
custom of city of London. One part to wife Joane, executrix. One 
part to three children, Thomas Angell, Margarett Angell, and Doro- 
tliie Angell, at 21 or marriage. Of other one-third, viz : To poore 
of St. Saviours £3, to brother Edmund Angell 20s., and his daugh- 
ter Marie, my cosen, 20s. To servants Robert Chaddocke, William 
Maye, Matthew Outred, Elizabeth Howe, Amye Maye, and Eliza- 
beth Parenall 20s. each. To friends George Garrad, citizen and 
grocer, Nicholas Newton, citizen and sadler, William Drayton, citi- 
zen and cooper, and John Edwardes, citizen and Letherseller los. 4d. 
each. Residue to three children. Freeholds to son Thomas Angell- 
Witnesses : Ric : Landon, Sir Robert Chadwicke, William May, 
Fonnsson Cossepp. Clarke^ 76. 

*, JoANE AuNGELL of St. Saviours, Southwark, wi^ow. Will 23 No- 
vember 1625 ; proved 27 January 1625/6. To be buried in St. Sav- 
iours church by late husband Thomas Aungell. Mother Jane Pestle 
of St. George, Southwarke, executrix. All goods to three children, 
Thomas Aungell, Margaret Aungell, and Dorothie Aungell. To 
sister Annis Windever gold ringe with Tur-coise stone. To sisters 
Jane Foulks and Margaret Hunt rings. Overseers: brother in law 
Richard Windever and friend William Drayton, citizen and cooper. 
As to estate left me by will of late husband Thomas Aungell during 
minority of son Thomas, to bringing up of children &c. To servant 
Elizabeth Howe 20s. above gift by late husband. AVitness : Richard 
Paxton, scrivenor. Codicil 15 December 1625, mother Joane Pestle 
being dead, brother Richard Windever,. Thomas Foster, Nicholas 

116 • 1 Vafers' Gleanings — With ington . [October 

Newton, and William Drayton, executors. Witnesses: Thomas 
Goodbard, Augustin IIopsou, Thomasine Cassey. Ilele^ 10. 

Robert Angell, citizen and grocer of London. Will 23 July 1 C28 : 
proved 11 December 1628. To be buried in St. Michael Pater Noster 
in Royal on North side of chancel with a small monument like one in 
St. Martin Vintrey made for Mr. Billinge showing what I was with 
my two wives and children which I had by them. I will my debts 
be paid, "referring myselfe to my bookes and to the truth." Personal 
estate according to laudable custom of London. • To wife Elizabeth 
one-third of personal estate and one-third of freehold lands in lieu of 
dower. To three children Robert, Johti and Anne Angell one-third 
of personal estate and one-third reserved to myself ,&c. If wife de- 
sire a certaintie allotted, then to her in lieu of her third, the leases I 
had with her by marriage, viz. of Martin Brookes Richard Gardiner, 
William Houlton what was John Stopes amounting to £80 per annum, 
together with the Clothemarke with implements, plate, monies, &c. 
she brought sett downe in my old private wastebooke folio 184. 
And forasmuch as she hath bene ever a most lovinge and kinde wife, 
unto her as much more &c. so as I loose not above £2000 of Ham- 
burgh money in bad debtts, her childreiis' portions of £1500 being 
deducted &c., issuing out of lands bequeathed to son John Angell 
and as £40 per annum being due to her out of messuages given John 
and the lease at £16 per annum 21 1/2 years remaining of my dwel- 
ling House at Putney, etc. etc. To wife Elizabeth. Her daughter 
Dorcas Joiner and son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth Medlicott and 
her father two brothers and sisters, to children their portions (£300 
each and £300 extra to Thomas) and pieces of plate of £10 with my 
armes, and to others four nobles each. To poore of St. Michael 
Royal if monument allowed £10. To Brother William Angell and 
his children married and unmarried rings. 

To Godchildren William Hayward, Robert Greenowes, Robert 
Wood, Robert Clepole, and Thomas Medlicott, each 40s at 14 to buie 
bookes, and they and also nephew Hayward's sons and niece Green- 
owes sons recommended to executors as. apprentices at a reduction 
of £40. if their parents desire &c. To John Angell, son of my 
brother John, and his two sisters and Francis Angell's two children 
Robert and Johane 40s. each at marriage or 21, if they take thriving 
courses. To faithful friend Stephen Walpole and wife £3-10-0 for 
rings. To poore of Putney, Surrey, 40s. to be distributed by wife 


Waters' Gleanings — Wit king ton. 


^'poorest and most honest people of the two Coiimpters, Newgate 
Ludgate, Kings Bench, and Marshal Isea to everie prison 20s. To 
pooreof Pekooke, Northamptonshire, 50s. to be distributed b}' cosen 
Thornas Angell. To old Elizabeth 20s. To faithful servant Thomas 
Sandford £10 &c. If my man John Markham is not content to serve 
rest of time with executor, the executor to place him with an honest, 
suflicient Merchant Adventurer or one free of that Companie, or to 
pa}^ one hundred marks. No fiinerall to be made, but an evening 
service, unless wife and overseers agree, then onljMnourners, brother, 
overseers, wife, children, and servants, not exceeding £40, and father 
in lawe and Brother Thomas Arnold do also mourne and likewise 
cloaks be sent my men Saudford and Master and to Mr. Walpole and 
my wife's children and sonne Medlicott. To Companie of Grocers 
£10 in plate unto my Amies and name. Dr. Low to preach at fun- 
erall and have £5 for sermon and mourning and Mr. Worme to have 
£4 on eondicion Dr. Low maie preach. Old Elizabeth to also mourne 
and the children of the h(jspitall, and to the hospitall £o and to everie 
of the children a white loaf of bread. Residue of my one third to be 
one half to daughter Ann Angell, one quarter to son John Angel 
and one quarter to son Bobert Angell. As to freeholds and custom- 
ary lands, to sonne John Angell grange called Saltmarsh in Kanyton, 
county Yorke. lately purchased of Sir John Smith, Kt. and lands in 
Stringham adjoining Saltmarsh. Rest of lands to son and heir 
Robert, he to cherish his brother John, his sister Anne, and be instead 
of a father and guai'dian to them and to honour and love his said 
mother in lawe &c. If son Robert die without issue and unmarried, 
he to be a kinde vnckle to his sister Anne and ni}^ grandechilde Robert 
Greenowes. And if Sonne John die ditto, then one quarter of his 
lands to my grandchilde Robert Greenowes and one half to wife for 
life and then to daughter Anne and other two quarters to daughter 
Anne &c. To said grandchild Robert Greenowes at 21 a basin and 
ewer of £24, well knowing God hath given him by his. father a greater 
portion than m}^ younger children hath &c., and as his parents dearly 
loved my sonne Robert in their lifetime, the tuition of Robert Green- 
owes till 21 to son Robert, praying the right honorable the lord Mayor 
and the rest of Alderman to like thereof &c. To mj^ nephew John 
Angell £20 and ordaine him counsellor to executor, but if he refuse, 
ditto to friend Bobert Rochdale. Overseers : brother Mr. William 
Angell, cosen John Angell, Richard Rochdale, and friend Mr. Stephen 


Wafers^ Gleanings — Withington. [October 

Walpole. Son Robert, executor. Witnesses : Richard Rochdale, 
Bcrivenor, Edward Howgrave His apprentice. Barrhigton, 111. 

William Angell, Esq., late Sergeant of IJis Majesty's Accatorie, 
and cittizen and fishmonger of London. Will 10 September 1629; 
proved 31 October 1629. To son John, Tavern in Old P'ish street 
called White Talbutt, also a shoppe there wherein William Wilsone, 
Fishmonger, keepeth, discharging bond of £200 due Mr. Wood, £200 
due one Mr. Drury at the Stockes and £100 due one . . . taken upp 
by Mr. Browne, Broker, and also any incumbrances by deeds of mar- 
riage between vs or his brother Edolph. To daughter Bridgett An- 
gell £1600 &c. To cosen Robert Angell 40s. for ringe. To Wil- 
liam Angell, grocer, ditto. To brother Halsey and sister Halsey 20s. 
each as tokens. To Roger Bamford ditto. To poore of parish where 
buried not exceeding £10. To poore of Narborowe, if not buried 
there, 20s. To the boie new made doublett and hose. To Thomas 
Roundish 20s. Residue in six parts as follows : To children of 
daughter Joyce Greenose, one part. To son James Angell one part. 
To children of daughter Katherine Pemberton one part. To chil- 
dren of Mary Clepole, one part. To daughter Helen Norton, daugh- 
ter Martha Lucy, son Robert Angell, and daughter Bridget Angell 
one part. To children of son Mr. John Haward born of daughter 
Elizabeth Haward, one part. Whereas son John Angell had assured 
him on marriage £300 per annum, and I have given him the gentleman 
portership of Winsor castle which cost me £150 aboue twenty four 
yeares past and likewise the Surveyorshippe of the Hospitall of St. 
Katherines which cost £70 and also £50 for his chamber in the Temple, 
and he had about £500 of me since his marriage and the Serjeants 
place of His Majesty's Accatorie cost me £1500 whereof he is sworne 
to enjoy after death of my sonne Robert Angell, who hath nothing 
else but said office, John having already £36 per annum thereof as 
sworne 1 February 1628, John to be content &c. Executors : second 
son James Angell and Robert Bamford of Rye, Sussex, gentleman. 
Overseers: sonnesJohn Angell and Robert Angell. Witness : Richard 
Gill, scrivenor. Ridley^ 83. 

Thomas Angell of Southwark, Surrey, Vintner. Will 26 Feb- 
ruary 1633/4; proved 23 April 1634. To sister Margaret Wright 
wife of Wright £10. To sister Dorothie Angell £10. Rest to 

1904] . Wate?^s' Gleanings — Withington. ' 119 

wife Alice, executrix. Tenements in fee at Thames Ditton, Surrey, 

in occupation of Parsons, in Cranford, Kent in occupation of 

Thomas Bredbam, in Ighton Kent in occupation of Shoobridge, 

and two cottages in AYyton Norfolke, in occupation of Thomas May, 
and all other lands to wife Alice, paying to freind and Neighbour 
John Pairish 55s. in discharge of all debts if he will accept of same. 
Witnesses : Richard Paxton, scrivenor, Richard Jones, John Done, 
Richard Longham. • Seager^ 32. 

Angell, 1636. See Bateman (Robert) merchant in Rotterdam. 
Brother in law Robert Angell. Sisters daughter Elizabeth Angell. 

Pile, 7. 

James Angell, cittizen and fishmonger of London. Will 31 March 
1638 ; proved 26 April 1638. Goods according to custom of London. 
To wife one third and my six children one third. To wife use of 
dwelling house in orchard in Enfield To sister Greenehouse 40s. To 
friend Thomas Hewley of York 40s. for ring. To Mr. Tempest 
Milner ditto. To ancient servant and now partner, Richard Wrigles- 
worth, chest, pile, benches, Tables, painted cloth, beddes, cesterne 
and Pumpe of lead in Shoppe of my House (fee. Dr. Roberts, 
parson of Enfield, to preside at funerall. Rest to six children, sons 
at 21, daughters at 21 or marriage. If any die, then to son Thomas. 
Executor : said Richard Wriglesworth. Overseer : said Tempest 
Milner. Witnesses : Thomas Mosly, John Gibbs, John Rolf, 
scrivenor. . Lee^49. 

Angell, 1688. See Joyner (Dorcas) of Putney, spinster. 
Brother Jolm Angell. Lee, 159, 

Anne Angell of St. Bartholomew Exchange, London, widdow. 
Will 16 March 1640/1 ; proved 31 March 1641. To be buried in St. 
Bartholomew Exchange. To sister Susan Downes of London, wid- 
dow £250 and to her children Hester Tonnge, Elizabeth Atkins, Be- 
atrice Downes (and her son £3), Mary Ash (and her two children £3 
each), John Downes and Robert Downes £30 each, except £25 to 
Beatrice and Robert. To Anne Tonnge at 21 or marriage, to Thomas 
and William Tonnge at apprenticeship or 21. To William Atkins 
and three other children of Elizabeth Atkins £3 each. To sister's 
ionne Richard Saunders £10 and his wife 40s. and his brother John 

. .".V ily ■. .,^;' 

120 Wafers' Gleanings — Withington. [October 

and sisters Anne and Elizabeth £30 each. To Avis daughter of John 
Meadow £3 a year for ten years. To Elizabeth Townsend £4 and 
to her daughter and son 20s. each. To Mary Pickb(.)ne £6. To Anne 
daughter of cosen Rawlins 30s. for ring. To late servant Elizabeth. 
Goodby £10. To Henry Brograve and wife 50s. each. To god- 
daughter Anne Carleton 40s. and her mother 20s. To Humfrie Wolfe 
£4. To overseers Thomas Soane, wharfinger, and George Downes, 
clothworker, £5 each. To Dr. Graunte £4. To William Bowyer, 
Cittizen and vintner, and Captain Langham, 50s. each for rings. To 
Anne Nailer wife of Christopher Nailer ditto and her son John at 21 
£3. To Walter Smith, scrivenor, £3, and to Anne his wife 40s. for 
rings. To AVilliam Danvers£5. To George Danvers 40s. To Thomas 
Shillingworth 40s. To parish clerk of Saint Bartholomew 40s., and 
to the sexton 30s. To Poore of St. Bartholomew Exchano'e £4. To 
Winifrede, Mr. Danvers maide 40s. Rest to Susan Downes, exec- 
utrix. Overseers: Thomas Shillino worth and Georiie Danvers. Wit- 
nesses : Walter Smith, Thomas Chillingworth, Michaell Smith, 
Mary Gaige. Administration 29 April 1(')52 to neece Mary Nash 
by sister's side left unadministered by executrix Susan Downes. 

Rebecca Angell, 1676 (Hale, 28). See Waters' Gleanings, page 

1110. ■ ; - : . " . .,-.;: 

John Angek of Little Clackton. Will 12 April 1587; proved 5 
May 1587. Wife Agnes. Son John niy messuage called Talbots. 
Son William and son Henry £60 at 21. Executor to put my son 
John to skoull. Daughter Constance. 

Com. Essex and Herts {old number 5 in 1587 bundle). 

.Angek, 1589. See Churchman (Jone). Daughter Jone Anger 

-; ' ; Com. Essex and Herts {old number 86 in 1589 bundle). 

i •• Anne Anger of Ingatstone, widow. Will 31 July 1608; proved 
27 October 1608. Grandchild Anne Claydone wife of William Clay- 
done. Daughter Anne Dier. Grandchild Mary Dier (at 18). Ex- 
ecutor : Eriend Anthony Brasier the younger. Overseer : Simon 
Cooper. Witness: Thomas Dier. 

': Com. Essex and Herts^ filed ivill {old No. 6 in Me 1608). 


1904] Waters^ Gleanings — WiUiington. 121 

William Anger of ClactoQ Parva, Essex, j'eoinan. Will 13 Au- 
gust 1616 ; proved 25 July, 1616. Son AYilliam at 21. Second son 
John and third son George. Daughters Margaret and Constance. 
Wife Margaret. Francis Levitt supervisot'. 

Com. Essex and Herts ^ filed ivill {old No. 6 in 1616 bundle). 

Margaret Anger of Clacton parva. AYidow of William Anger. 
Will 1616. Ditto. 

Ann Anger of Boxted, Essex, widow. Will 8 June 1618 ; proved 
17 June, 1618. Sou Robert. Son Henry. Grandchild Elizabeth 
Anger. Cosen Ryse of Fordham his children (two .sons and — 
daughters). Daughter Ann. Thomas Gleson a witness. 

, Arch. Colchester, bundle Tyler, No. 122. 

William Anger, 1622 (Com. P^ssex and Herts. File 1622/3, No. 
186). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1187. 

William Anger of Langenhoe, Essex, yeoman. Will 6 May 
1623; proved 21 May 1623. Brother Robert Anger. Henry Anger 
son of brother Henry. Brother Jolm Anger. Wife Margaret Anger. 

Com. Essex and Herts, file 1622/3, No. 21. 

William Aynger of Worrnley, Herts, laborer. Will 18 October 
1623; proved 19 November 1623. Five cliildren Riciiard, John, 
William, Anne, and Katherine, xiid apiece. All the rest to wife 
Anne and she executrix. Thomas Bumsted a witness (and the writer 
of the will). Proved at Stortford. 
.; ^ f Co7n. Essex and Herts, fide 1622/3, No. 107. 

John Anger, 1624. (Byrde, 19). See Waters' Gleanings, 
page 1187. 

[In act book No. 3 (1623-1626), folio 44, 22 May 1624, John 
Pye and Richard Batler [sic], executors of John Anger of Dedham, 
allege that deceased owed said Richard Batler £10 outside the diocese 
of London]. 

•Anne Anger, of Wormley, Herts, widow. Will 7 October 1625 : 
proved 7 November 1625. Son John, son William, daughter Kathe- 
rine. Son Richard (executor). If all die, remainder to William 
Maton of AVormley or heirs. Proved at Stortford. 

Com. Essex and Herts, file 102516, No. 153. 

Anne Anger, 1625 {Com. Essex and Herts, file 1625/6, No. 
177). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1189. 

122 . Waters' Gleanings — Withington, 

Angek 1626. See Brag (John) of P^dwardston, Suffolk, >^eoman. 
Grandchild Anna Anger, daughter of son in law John Anger of 
Dovercourt, Essex. Tlele^ 62, 

JoYSEN Angek, 1628 {Com. Essex and Herts, file 1627/8^ No. 
18). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1191. 

• William Anger of Little Clackton, yeoman. Will proved 1628. 
Son William. Daughter Margaret at 18. Daughter Elizabeth Anger, 
Brothers John and George Anger. Wife Bridget. 

Com. Essex and Herts, file 1628/9, No. 5. 

John Aungiek, LL.D., Trinity parish, Cambridge. Will 19 April 
1627; proved 12 October 1630. To Mr. Prime, Minister of Trinity 
if he suffer me to be buried in chancell £3. To Trinity College 
whereof I was once a Member £10 for poore schollers and good stu- 
dents and £10 for books for library. To eldest brother Frauncis 
Lord Aungier £20. To sister Elizabeth Parot £5 and sister Catherine 
Irby £5. To wife Anne for life a tenement where I dwell, also tene- 
ment occupied by Jeremy Goose, hosyer, also tenement purchased of 
Samuel Smith, of Cambridge, chandler in Great St. Mary's in occu- 
pation of iMr. Godfrey, also lands in St. Ives, Hunts, then to Geruld 
Aungier eldest son of Francis Lord Aungier. To Francis Aungier 
second son of brother Edward Aungier, coppyhold in Meminford 
Abbatts, if he die to Marie Aungier, eldest daughter of Edward 
Aungier. To godson Giles Cotton gilt boule. To godson Thomas 
Aungier and god daughter Mary Aungier ditto. To servants 40s. 
To my releiuer and privileged man John Pottill 208. Rest to wife 
Anne executrix. Witnesses : Wm. Searle, Sam. Twyn, John Har- 
woode. Scroope, 84. 

( To he continued.) 







{Continued from Vol. V, page SS.) 

1753 NoY^'" 18 Elizabeth of John Dana 
25. Mary of Stephen Randall 

December 2. John of Nath" Sparhawk, I Baptized y^ child att y® 
South Side meeting houfe. 

16. Ebenezer of Ebenezer Shed Jun''. 
Dec^^ 30 Amos of Jonathan Read 

Elizabeth of Zech>' Bordman 

John of Daniel HoYy 

Daniel of Nathan Tufts. ^ ^^ : ■ . . 

1754 Feb. 3. Abraham of Abraham Frost 

10. John of Ebenezer Smith : , , / 

17. Lucy of Jonas Wyeth 

24. Belcher of Solomon Hancock. 
March 3. Andrew of Noah Bowman 

17 Elizabeth of Deacon Sam" Sparhawk 
il; V ' Sarah of Gideon Froft 

John, Michael &: Elizabeth, 3. of Michael Gill whose wife 
owned y^ covenant. 
.31. John of Mr. Jonathan Hastings 
James of James Frost. 
Phoebe of Mathew Frost 
William of Peleg Stearns 
Lucy of Abraham Watson Junr. 
Judith of Afa Flagg, brought forth by y^ mother. 
Daniel of Ebenezer Froft, Jun*". 
Abigail of Jonathan Kimball 
Tabitha of Jonas Lamed 

Hannibal of Hanibal, D"" Wigglesworths Negro Servant. 
21 Abigail of Thomas Ireland . 

William of Isaac Bradifh 

• ■ (123) 











. \ 












124 Hecords of the First Churclt^ Cambridge. [October 

1. Robert of Henry Coolidge 
Nicholas of M^ W"^ Fefsenden Jun'". 
Joiiatlum of ^V'^iliiam Brown, by M"' Cotton 
Elizabeth of Jonas Prentice, by M^' Emmerson. 
Thomas of Thomas Hastings 
John of Stephen Palmer, Jun"". 
John of John Oldham. 
Joseph Stacey of James Read 
Dec^'" 1. John of Peter Tufts Jun''. 

., Rebekah of Isaac Fillebrown Jun''. 
8. William of Caleb Prentice. 

Sufannah of Jofiah Morse. 

Abigail of Abiel Richardfon, South Side. 

Jofhua of William Gammage, by M^ J. Prentice. 

Anna of Daniel Dana 

Zechariah of John Hicks 

John of Doctor John Wright 

Mary of Jacob Caldwell 

Daniel of Daniel Parkhurst 

Lydia of Ephraim Ozburn 

Sufannah of Sam" Thatcher Jun"". 63 children. 

Vide Page (70) 
(70) June 1. Thomas of Henr}' Prentice Jun'". 

William of Isaac Watsoji 

July 27. John of John Warland 

August 10. William of W'" Bordman 

Sept. 14. Stephen of Edmund Froft 

Mofes of Mofes Richardson 

21. William of Capt. Ebenezer Stedman 

:■ Mary of Ebenezer Wyeth 

28. Sufannah of Aaron Hill 

; . ,, Bial, daughter of Jane, a negro woman of M""^ Rents by 

Hannibal, her husband, lately deceafed 

Oct^'^ 5. Ezra of William Dana 

19. Gideon of Gideon Frost 

Nov*'^ 2. Abigail of Thomas Ireland & Marj^ of Owen Warland. 

Dec''*" 21. Nathaniel of John Stratton 









J 2. 








1904] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge- 




April 18. 









Sept. 26. 


Feb. 22. Nathaniel of Abraham Cutting 

March 7. David of John Morse 

Benjamin of y^ widow Elizabeth Cox. N. B. Her husband 
'^:^y'''/>'r,'^ '"■''■ Mathew Cox was killed Suddenly by a fall from an 
apple-tree about 3. Weeks past. 

Hepzibah of Daniel Prentice 

Tabitha of W"^ How 

Walter of widow^ Lydia Cooper, N. B. her husband Wal- 
ter Cooper dyed lately. 

Mercy of Jonathan Cooper 

Joseph of Stephen Palmer Jun*". 

Mary of Zechariah Bordman 

Sarah of David Larned 

Henry of John Kemball Juu'". of Watertown 

Abigail of Isaac Bradifh, by Mr. Morse 

Daniel of Richard Champney 

William of Eben^- Smith 

Ruth of Thomas Robbins ,:;:., 

Richard of Thomas Gardner - / 

October 24. Katharine of Jofiah Morfe . 

1757Jan> 9. Anne of Peter Tufts Jun^ 
Feb. 6. Henry of Caleb Prentice 

Jacob of Jacob Bull 

Ebenezer of William Fefsenden 

Hannah of Jonas Prentice ^ i ; 

Daniel of William Gammage 

David of James Froft - 

Nathaniel of Solomon Champney Jun*". 

Elizabeth of John Oldhams widow 

Jonas of Ebenezer Wyeth 

Thomas of Owen Warland, the laft child Baptized in y*^ 
old Meeting Houfe _ 

August 14 Persis of John Morse, the first child Baptized in y^ new 

Meeting house. . ^ 

Aug. 21. Katherine of Mofes Richardfon . • : ^ 

Sarah of John Hicks ■'■■'". 

Sept. 18. Godfrey Son of Abiel Richardfon 

March 13 


April 10. 


May 22. 

July 17. 

126 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [October 

1757 '""■■■■■ ^ ' 

Sept. 25. Hannah of James Read 
Oct'''' 9. Daniel of Nehemialj Mafon of AYatei (own 
Elizabeth of W^ Rand 
23. Jerufha of Henry Prentice Jun^. 
Mofes of W"^ Bordman 
Nov^'' 6. Stephen of Thomas Hastings . 

27. Benjamin of John Batherick ^. / 

Dec^^U. Sarah of Henry Holden , ^ 

25. Jonathan of Edmund Frost. 

1758 ^ 

Jan^ 29. Abigail of Stephen Randall 

Feb. 12. Deborah of Ebenezer Frost Jun^. 

March 19. Robert of D^" John Wright 

, John of Gideon Frost 

26. Jofhua of Stephen Palmer Jun^". 
April 9. David of David Smith 

May 21. Samuel of Daniel Prentice, by M'" Prentice Charlestown. 

63 Children Vid. P. (71) 

(71)1758 June 25. George of [Daniel] Parkhurst 

Abigail of Isaac Bradifh 
July 23. Anna of William Plow 
August 6. James of Sufannah Hastings who dyed in childbirth. 

Mary of Jofhua Rand 

Mary of W"^ Darlin " v ' 

Rebekah of Jacob Bull 

Rebekah of M"" Jonathan Haftings. 

Abraham of Thomas Ireland 

Jonathan of Jonathan Cooper, Jun^ 

James of James Honeywell ■ . 

Jofhua of Ebenezer Wyeth 

Elizabeth of Peter Tufts Jun'-. . ' 

William of Josiah Morse. 

Elizabeth of John Clark : ; 

Mary of Samuel Sparhawk Jun^'. 

Jan> 28. Lydia of Caleb Prentice 

Feb. 25. John Chamberlain of John Thwing 






























1904] Becords of the First Church, Carnhridye. 127 

1759 " '■'"' ■ ' ' ' --^^■"■'"-'^ ■■" '-y '■'■' , [ ' 

March 11. Lydia of Capt. Ebonezer Stedman 
April 8. I^-Inry of OTren Warland 

John of John Strattou 

Anna of Daniel Watson , ■-'■'■_ — 

Abigail of W'" Gammage ■ ■ >• 

William of W™ Honeywell Jun^ 

Mary & Lucy. Twins of Abraham F'roft . 

Thomas of Jofiah Mafon 

John of Daniel IJovey 

Rebekah of Isaac Fillebrown Jun^ 
August 12. Jonas of Jonas Larned 
Sept. 16. John of Seth Haftings 
Sept. 23. Sufannah Macke}^ of William Bordman 

Sarah of Abraham Watfon Jun''. 

Lucy of Jofinh jVIafon 
Oct'^'- 28. Mary of [John] Kemball of Watertowu 

P^benezer of Samuel Thacher Jun"". 

Sarah of Stephen Palmer Jun''. 

Elizabeth of Dr. James Froft. 

Henry of Caleb Prentice 
1760 elan. 13. Elizabeth of Nehemiah Mafon of Watertown 

Thomas of William Rand 

Samuel of John Hicks 

Ebenezer of Thomas Haf tings * 

William of John AVarland 

Jane of Peter a Negro Servant of y*^ widow of Mofes 
Bordman, by M""^ Kents negro woman, his wife. 

Hannah of Edmund Froft. .- 

James of James Honeywell ; 

William of Ebenezer Wyeth : 

John of Sam*' Choat. 

Abigail of Thomas Mayo. 

John of Jacob Bull. , 

Lois of Sam'^ Chaundler 

Elias, son of Mofes Richardfon 54 

Sufannah of Aaron Hill Vid. P. 90. 






1760 elan. 



March 23. 


















128 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [October 

Children Baptised on t^ South Side of y'' Rivek, by other 

Ministers, as y^ brought y*^ account of y" to me. 
{!?.) -^" •'■--^'-■-■ 

1737 March 27. Jonathan-of W" Dniia by M'' Cotton Newton. 
1747/8 Mar. 6. Mary of W°^ Dana by M»" Storer 
Mar. 20. Elizabeth of Joseph Cook by M^' Cotton 
1748/9 Mar. 12. Sufannah of John Oldham by M^ J. Cotton 
1749. May 14. Abigail of John Dana, by M' Cotton Brown 
1750 June 3. Henry of Henry Coolige by M'' John Chandler 
October 7. Eunice of Jofeph Cook, by M^' C. Brown 
1752 April 19. Caleb of Henry Coolidge, by M'' J. Cotton 
1755. Mar. 30. Nathaniel of Nath^' Sparhawk by M*" Storer 
1757". May 15. George of Nath^' Sparhawk, by M^ Potter 
1759 May 13. Noah of Nath^ Sparliawk, by M'' Mirriam 
1761 April 3. Mary of Eliphalet Robbins, by M'" Jackson 


Persons who owned y^' Covenant & had y^ Children Baptized, 
OR to Qualifye y"selves for y^ Baptism of them. 

From P. (16) 
1747 Sept. 27. Edward Manning. Junior. 
Nov. 22. Edward Thwing & Patience his Wife 
1748. April 10. Abraham Froft 

July 17. Henry Coolidge ; 

Dec. 25. John Hicks 
1V48/9 Feb. 12. Stephen Sterns 

1749 Augst 27. John Dickson, Jun^ • 

1750/1 Feb. 3. JohnEllis,Jun'-B.A. • ' 

1752 Mar. 15 Abraham Watson, Junior . -^ * -. 

1752 Dec. 31 Martha Hubbard 

1753 Jan. 21. Elifha Hagar & Mary Hagar his wife. 
1753 Mar. 25. William How 

'^"■' Oct^^ 7. William Bordman .- ^ : - 

Joseph Brown . .' ■'::0-r' 

Nov. 18. Mary Randall 
•c' ■; Decemb'" 2. Nath'* Sparhawk & Lydia Sparhawk, his Wife I gave 
'•■; ■ y'" y^ Covenant att y*^ South Side meeting 

:. 1904] Records of (lit First Ch^irch, Camhridge, 129 

1754. Feb. 17. Jonas Wyeth ' J. . ; 

March 17. Gideon Frost 

;: - Mercy Gill wife of Mich' Gill 

*>: March 31. James Frost ; \ . ; ; 

Elizabeth his wife. - - . .; ^ , 

" ■ April 21. Peleg Stearns ' ; . . : 

'July 7. Jonas Larned :/ 

- 1755. Feb. 2. Daniel Dana ^ - ■ 

May 18. Sam" Thatcher, Jun"". /' ^ 

:/ Ji^'ly 27. John Warland & Ebenezer Brown 

/ 1756 April 18. Jonathan Cooper Jun'". 

May 30. David Larned 

: ! Sept. 26. Thomas Gardner 

1757 April 17. Solomon Champney Jun'". and Rebecca His wife. 

July 3. Caleb Dana Jun*". 

Decern 4. Henry Holden .. 

; 1758 Feb. 26. David Smith . C.^:^-^ ^^^^^ v- '^^^ 

': 1759 Feb. 25. John Thwing. ^^^^^; V^ ^^^^^V^^^^ ■ > 

May 6. Daniel Watson 

June 4. William Honeywell, Junr. 

1760. June 1. Sam" Choate. 

Thomas Mayo i 

Sept. 7. Sam" Chaundler 

November 2. James Bryant 

.. Dec. 28. Jedidiah Larned, Mary his Wife, Bethiah Champney 

1761 April 26. Elizabeth Dolly 

Sept. 27. Hannah Wife of Benjamin Hill 

1761 Ort'''" 4 Benjamin Hill who was prevented y*' last Sabbath by 
.},;■*:'-:; Illness ., .• . • . , 

■^ Nov. 22. Jofeph Allen. ^. ' " : ' 

Nov'''- 29. John Kidder & Mary his Wife 

1762 May 9. John Nutting ' v . ' . 

1762 June 6. Amos Marrett : \^^^/^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ J^ 

1762 Oct. 3. Sam" Gookin Jun"". i >^ !^^^ 

■%:^j^y--{, ,.;---^^-, Mary Durrant ■'■-.■ .4 :,4. .■■."':''' ;^'^v. ■-'A- ^ 

1763 Jany 23 William Bowles ^^^^^^r- • ^^^^^^ 1 '^ PC / 
1763 Mar. 27 Elifha Holmes H" ' i^^ " ;^^^ ' 
1763 May 1 James Ballard • 

130 jRecords of the First Churchy Cambridge, [October 

Noah Wyeth & Betty his wife 
Thomas Hovey 
Jonathan Dana 

Chriftopher Grant Jun^" & Sarah liis wife 
Mary y*^^ Wife of Nath" TuftB. ■ - • 

Robert Twadell 
William Darling 

Thomas Thwing, Juu*" & Elizabeth his wife 
Simon Howard 

Richard Dana ■ 

Mar}^ Barrett 
Ebenezer Sever 
James Kettle 

John Barret & Phoebe his wife. 
Sarah y^ wife of Sam^' Hill 
Richard Honeywell 
Jofhua Convei'se & Molly his wife 
Jon^ Fefsenden Jun' & Elizabeth his wife 
Sam" Fefsenden & Sarah his wife 
Jacob Watson 
William Tufts ' 

Jofeph Miller 
Downing Champne}^ 
Nathaniel Prentice 
James Holton 

Edward Richards, Mary Richards, his wife. 
April 26. Joel Fisk, & Ruth his wife 
Zechariah Shed. 
Henry Dickson. 

Widow Elizabeth Cook. Vert P. (113.) 

Rec'^ this 20^'^ Aug : 1698 of Lieut* Remington y^ fum 
of eight pds fifteen fhillings & eleven pence mony, 
being fo much toward the fubfcription of ten pounds 
V; mony due March 25, 1698. I fay rec*^ in part y^ day 
■ : above mentioDcd. p W"' Brattle. 

Vera Copia 

Mem : that -y^ mony now brought by y*^ Lieut* does & fhall 

fatiffye for y'' whole ten pounds in cafe y*" Lieut* 

1763 Aug^' 


1764 Jan. 






; Feb. 


March 25 











- Aug«* 






1765 Mar. 








1766 Jan> 




August 17. 



1767 Jan. 


April 26. 




1904] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 131 

brings no more, plus 8s. 2. Dec. 98 : 6^ 6^ 5^ 4. In all 
9. 15. 11. a rec* given of y*^ whole. 
Rec^ this 4^^ July 1699 of Lieut* Remington the fum 
of eight pd 15.3*^ being fo much tow'd y*^ fubfcription 
of ten pd mony due March 25 : 99 I fay rec^^ in p* y^ 
day above mentioned p W™ Brattle. 

Vera Copia 

Oct. 31 : 99. Then Rec^ of Lieut* Remington y« fum 
of four & twenty f hillings & a penny, being in full y® 
\ remainder of y^ above mentiou'd ten pound due 

March 25, 99. Rec^. P W°^ Brattle. 

Received this 26 June 1699 of Mr Kidder the fum of 
feven pound fixteen f hilling mony being fo much to- 
ward the fubfcription of ten pound mony due March 
2b. 1700 I fay rec^ in part y^ day above men- 
tioned . . pW™ Brattle. 

Dec. 6. 1700 then rec*^ of Mr. Kidder 1.10.6. in part 
of y*^ remainder of y^ above ten pounds jW. Br. 

(75) Persons Adult who ownkd y^ Covenant 

& WERE Baptized by N. Appleton. 

-^ '■■ Vid. P. (37) 

1753 April 29. Jonathan Brooks 
1755. July 20. James a Negro man Servant of Lieu* Governor 

Phipps. /^ :"■•;, .'' 

1755 Dec. 28. Hannah Edmunds 
1760. Jan 20. Peter, a negro man Servant of Mofes Bordmans 


1760 Feb. 3. Lydia y^ Daughter of D"". Francis Moores 

1761 August 10. Cato, a negro man Servant of M^ Jonathan Haf tings. 

1762. Oct^^ 31. Jofhua Thomas 

1763. Jan^ 30 Mary Hephen ■■,::,::.--:-^^^": ^, 

1763 Sept. 25. Enfigne Man a Student att y« College 

Dec. 25. Tamazen Haftiuga a young woman from Medfield. 

1764 Aug^* 5. Rebekah Kenny -...a V 
.:-•- Oct^^28. Samuel Hill " ,.,:;':,/.■;;; .J^^^ 

1765, July 28. Abigail Remick 

132 Records of the First ClaircJi^ Cambridge. [October 

1768 Dec. 29. Jane, a Negro woman of Elizabeth Nutting Bap- 
tized att her houfe in y^ Prefance of a Number of y*^ 
Brethren of y^' Chh. She being iu a very low State 
So that it was not Expected vShe would live to y*^ 
Sabath — She moved to be Baptized in y*^ time of her 
health. But being put off till She was taken Sick & 
no profpect of her Coming abroad again, She was 
defirous to have that ordinance admiuiftered ; Ac- 
cordingly She was propounded to y^' Congregation & 
1 delivered b}^ word of mouth her confefsion for her 
grofs & Scandalous Breach of Seventh Commandment 
and y*^ Chh voted y^ acceptance of y*' Same & y"^ 
Confent y^ She Should be Baptized in Private Seeing 
She could not come abroad, which was accordingly 

Oct^"' 1. 17G9. Philip, a negro servant of M'" Abraham Watson 

Aug. 5. 1770. Mary Lamb 

May 12, 1771. Jerufha, a negro Woman living with Lieut John 

Dec. 1. Anne, a negro woman of Jon* Ilaf tings, Esq^'. 

1772 May 3. Silas Bobbins 

1772 May 15. Lydia, y^ Wife of John Phillips, who did not know 

but y* She was Baptized in her Infancy untill her 
Father Liformed her a few days ago that She was 
not ; and being in a very weak & languif hing State, 
not likely to live many days. She Earneftly defired 
to be Baptized, upon which 1 Consulted with a num- 
ber of y^ Neighboring principal Brethren of y*^ Chh, 
- * who universally advized to y*' Complying with her 

defire : accordingly a number of them accompanying 
I propounded y^ Covenant to her and then admiuif- 
tered y*^ ordinance of Baptifm to her as She lay in 
y^ bed. 

1773 Nov*"" 7. Abigail Moores, Daughter of D'* Francis Moores, she 

was allso admitted to full Communion. 

1774 April 10. Mary Blackman 

April 17 Mary Todd * ' ' . " 

April 24. Anna wife of George Douglafs 

1904] Records of tlic First CJiurcJi,, Camhridge. 133 

1775 April 15. Thankfull of Stephen Palmer Jun^ 

1776 April 28. Dilla a, negro woman belonging to M'", Sam'^ "White 

ofWatertown, by reason of bodily linefs &Weak- 
- .. nefs 1 Baptized her att her Master's houfe, the 

Deacons, & a number of y^ Chh being prefent. 

1781 Nov'^'' 10. Deborah Dickson, by M'". Foster of Littleton 

1782 Jau>' 27. Nathaniel Bowman in his 15^^^ year Grandson of 

Noah Bowman, by M^. Melleu. 
August 25. Beulah Prentice, who was admitted to full com- 

^ Vide P. (131) 
(76) . Camb. May 20.98: 

Then Rec"^ of Deacon Haf tings y*^ fum of nine pounds 
two fhillings. which together w^^^ w^ I have rec^ formerly 
from y^ Deacon does make y^ full fum of ninety pounds 
mony, & is in full for my Salary for y^ year fixteen 
hundred ninety & feven. 1 fay rec^ in full fatisfaction 
to March 25. 1G98. . • , p W^Brattle 

Vera Cop. 

Cambridge May 16 : 1699 : 

Then rec^^of Deacon Haf tings the fum of three pound 
thirteen fhilling & eleven pence w*^^^ together with what 
' ' I have rec^ formerly from the Deacon does make y^ 

fumme of ninety pound mony, & is in full for my Salary 
from y^ town the third year w^'' ended March 25.1699. 
I fay rec^ in full p W'^^ Brattle 

Vera Copia 

Cambridge May 20.1700. ' . 

Then reciev'd of Deacon Haftings ye fumme of one 

pound twelve fhilling & eleven pence w^'^ together with w^ I 

have rec*^ formerly from y^ Deacon does make y*^ full 

fumme of ninety pound mony & is in full for my Salary 

from y^ town the 4'^ year w^^' ended y^ 25^' of March, 

1700 I fay rec^ in full p W^ Brattle 

Vera Copia 

Cambridge May 5, 1701. 

Then Rec^ of Deacon Haf ting the Sum of five pound 
eleven fhil. & 4^ w*"^ w^ three pound one fhilling & five 

134 Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. [October 

pence which is difcouuted makes 9.12.9. w*^^ together w^^ 
what I have rec^ formerly does make y*^ full fum of ninety 
pound mony & and is full for my Salary from the Town 
the 5^^' year w^^ ended the 25 March 1701 I fay rec^ In 
'; full . P W. Br. 

Vera Copia :' 

June 15, 1702 

Then liec*^ of Deacon Hasting y^ fum of 1 .7.5.w^^w^^' 1.18. 
2.w''^Idifcount& w^^ w^ have rec^ formerly does make y® 
full fum of ninety poundmony & is in full for my Salary 
from y^ Town the fixth year w*^^^ ended March 25, 1702. 
I fay rec^^ in full p W. Br. 

Vera Copia. 


Camb: May 17, 1697. 

Then rec^ of Deacon Ilaftings y*^ fum of two pounds 
feven fhillings & eleven pence, w^^ together w^^ w* I have 
rec*^ formerly from y^' Deacon does make y*^ full fum of 
ninety pds monj^ & is in full for my Salary from y^ Town 
y^' first year w*^^ ended March 25, 1697 I fay Rec^ in full 
fatisf action for ye first year, p W"^ Brattle. 

Vera Copia May 17, 97. 

My Salary from y<^ Town is ninety pds mony & anu. & 
y^ Overplus mony : 

For y^ Year 1697. 




May 17, 97 

Rec^ then of 

Deacon Haftings 





Rec*^ then of 

y® Deacon 




June 15. 

Rec^ then of 

y^ Deacon 





Rec^ at Col. 




July 6. 

Rec^ at y® Deacon's houfe 




* 19 

Rec^ at Col 

• '■■■ . • _;""-. 




Aug. 2. 

Rec^ at Col 





Rec^ at Col 

'*.".'■ *' 





Rec^ at Col 





Sept. 13. 

Rec^ at Col 





Rec*^ at Col 





1904] Records of (he First Ghnrch^ Cambridge, 




Rec*^ at Col 



Rec^ at Col 



Rec^ at my houfe 


Rec** at my houfe 



Rec*^ at my houfe 



Rec<^ at my houfe 





















Reckon'd Dec. 20. 97. w**^ y^ Deacon at my Study then 


& had rec*^ tow'* 

my Salary 2^ year 




Jan : 3. 

Rec^ at my houfe 

. . 





at my houfe 





at my houfe 




Feb. 15. 

at my houfe 





at my houfe 




March 14. 

at my houfe 

Anno 1697 





Apr. 5. & 23 

1. 0. 9. 






May 3. & 17 


1. 4. 





. 31. June 19. 

0.16. 9. 

1. 5. 





June 28 

1. 0.11 




July 6. & 19 

1. 0. 9. 

1. 7. 


. .2 



Aug. 3. & 16 

0.15. 4 

1. 0. 




Aug. 30. Sept. 13. 1. 0.11 






Sept 27. Oct. 12. 

1. 3. 5 

1. 1. 





Oct. 28. N. 8. 

1. 4. " 





Nov. 22. D. 6 

0.19. 2. 






Dec. 20. J. 3: 

1. 2. 1: " 






Jan: 17: & 31 : 

0.18. 0: 






Feb. 15 & 28. 

0.15. 3. 





May 31, 1703. Then rec^ of Deacon Hafting the fum of four 
pound thirteen & fix pence w^^ w^^ what I have formerly receiv'd & 
difcounted does make y® juft fum of ninety pound & is in full for my 
Salary from y*^ Town y^ laft year which ended March 25, 1703 I fay 
Rec^ in full. . Per W*^ Brattle, Vera Copia. 



136 ; Iiecords of the First Church, CcDuhridge. [October 

Camb, June 26, 1704, :-: 

Then rec^' of Deacon Hafting y^ fiim of tliree pound one fbill & 
10^ w*^^' \y^'^ w^ I have formerly ree*^ & difcounted does make y^ juft 
^um of ninety pound & is in full for my Salary from y^ Town y^ laft 
year w^^ ended March 25, 1704, I fay rec*^ in full. 

Vera Copia p W°^ Brattle. 


Cambridge Apr. 21. 1707. 

Then rec*^ of Deacon Cooper the fum of five pound two fhilling 
& feven pence w^'^ together with what I have formerly receive'd does 
amount to y® fum of ninety pound mony, & is in full for my Salary 
from y® town for y^ year feventeen hundred & fix All former years 
with refpect to my Salary being cleared. I fay rec** 

Vera Copia ' p™^ William Brattle. 

Lands belonging to the Church & Congregation in Cambridge for 
y^ use of y^ iMiniftry. viz. 

1. The Land on which y^ Parfonage houfe Stands, about 4 Acres. 

2. The high way Marfh, So called running from y*^ River up to 

Boston great road, Marfh Meadow and Upland about 8 

3. Three Acres of Salt Marfh Lying down by y^ late Liu^ Governour 

Phipps' Farm, Given by Andrew^ Belcher Efq*" to the Rev- 
erend M'' W^" Brattle & his Succefsors in y^ Ministry in this 
Chh. & Congregation The Deed of •y*' Same is among my 
Deeds to be given to my Succefsor. 

4. A Lott of Land att Menotom}' Called Bare Hill, about 40 Acres. 

The Farm att Lexington for y*^ ufe of y^ Miniftry was sold many 
years ago, the money put out upon Intereft And y^ Agreement with 
y^ Town & My Self was that Two thirds of y^ Intereft Should be 
Annually paid to me, the other Third to be added to ye Principal 
that it might be a growing Estate ; accordingly 2 thirds of y® Orig- 
inal Intereft & of the Increafing Intereft has been Annually paid to 
me by y^ Treafurer of Said Monies : M'^^\ Doctor W". Knecland 
Esq"", is y* prefent Treafurer. 

[The above is on page 78 of the original record. It is without date 
but is in the handwriting of Nathaniel Appleton. 

Lieut. Gov. Phipps died in April 4. 1757. — S. P. S.] 

1904] Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 




From page (44) 

James Nutting & Mary TowDSend. 

Aaron Teal & Sufannah Cook 

John Warland & Mary Manning . • 

David Larned & Mercy Morse 

The Rev*^ M"^ Jofhiia Prentice & Mrs. Margaret Appleton , 
Abraham Cutting & Mrs. Merrial Brown. 
Walter Cooper & Lydia Kidder. 
Eliphalet Northey & Mary Sanderson. 
Daniel Sawin & Sufannah Wyeth 

Edward Jackson & Sufannah Dana 

Jonathan Cooper Jun"^ & Mercy Prentice 

Daniel Robbins & Mary Norcrofs 

Thomas Gardner & Joanna Sparhawk ;, 

John Savell & Abigail Williams 

Nath»' Kingsbury & Sarah Hill 

Ephraim Segor & Abigail Stratton 

William Winchip Jun*" & Abigail Bowman 

Samuel Woods & Mercy Manning 
William Dolley & Elizabeth Townsend 
Jacob Bull & Rebekah Gammage 
Caleb Dana Jun'" &, Sarah Ballard 
Edward Sheaf & Efther Sever 

Reuben Prentice & Martha Hubbard 
David Smith & Mary Hagar ^ * 

William Soden & Abigail Bright. 
Charles Hill & Sarah Prentice. 
October 20. Eli Cooley & Mary Phipps 
Oct''^ 25 John Clark & Elizabeth Hindes 
Oct''' 27. William Smith & Sarah Scott 
DecemV)er 1. George Lamb & Sarah Dana 
Dec'''" 8. Jofeph Rand Jun"" & Martha Moores 
Dec'''" 9. Jason Hazzard & Lois Jones 
Dec'"" 22. John Thwing & Sarah Chamberlain 












.■■■■ ■ 


March 13. 












August 7. 










March 1. 

March 25 















Records of the First Churchy Cambridge. 

1758 March 23 







1759 J an^ 















Octob : 22 

: \\ 

Nov. 4. 
Nov. 15. 

Dec. 27. 

Oct. 25. 
Oct. 27. 

Samuel Sparhawk & Elizabeth Gardner • 

Samuel Aspinwall & Sybill Sparhawk 

Rev^ M^ Nathan Fifk & Mrs Sarah Hill 

Thomas Durant & Mary Hubbard 

The Rev*^ M^ Jonas Mirriam & M''^ Mehetable 

Samuel Shed & Elizabeth Ireland 
Thomas Mayhew & Abigail Moore 
William Heath jun^. & Sarah Learned 
Samuel Chandler & Lois Thompson. 
John Bartlett, Tabitha Kidder 
Samuel Rand & Rebecca Watson. (Vid. P. (89) 

Wood Sent in Anno 1700. 

1700. From & By. M^ Gookin, D^ Gibson, J. Oldham, 
S. Sparhawk, Dan. Dauy, M^^ Shove, Ephr. Froft, 
Father Watfon, Edw^ Winchip, G. Squire, John Wyth, 
W™ Wyth, W"\ Rufsell, Jafon Rufsell, JohnDickfon, 
Nath : Pattin, John Williams, John Fillebrown, Sam 
Cook, Sam. Kidder, Nat. Cutter, Jofeph Winchip, 
Edward Marrett & Jof. Hovey, Amos Marret, Abr. 
Watfon, Nath. Langley & Mrs. Phips, M^ Fefsinden, 
Elisha Bull, J, Crackbonc, M^ Goff, Mrs. Hill, Sam. 
Champney, Serg* Cooper, G. Luxford, Thos : Pren- 
tice, W"^. Cutter, J. Stedman. . ' , 

Die proximo Oct. 23. 1700. 

Henry Smith, Joseph Cook, Capt" Foxcroft, Nath. 
Hancock Jun^., John & Daniel Hastmg, 

Beujam : Chenej', Jofeph Coolidge by M^ Cook, 

Abraham Hill for M^ Aaron Bordman, M*" Andrew 
by Butterfield, John Bunker. 

Nath. Robins Sen*". .- 

In all 47 loads 1700. 

Wood sent in 1701. 

Edw<^ Winchip, W^ Rufsell, Jafon Rufsell. 

Sam. Sparhawk, Sam. Kidder, Sam. Cook, Nich. 
Fefsinden, John Watfon, Jonath. Butterfield, G. 
Luxford, M'". Goff, G. Patten, Sam. Cooper. 
Tho: Prentice, Wid: Hill. 
{To he continued.') 


Contributed by Stephen Sharples. 

James Webster a Scotishman and Mary Hay an Irish maid were 
married 14^'^ Feb. 1658. Such is the record as found on the books of 
the town of Boston in New England. 1 do not know of any of his 
descendants of the name of Webster but descendants of his daughters 
and grand- daughters are numerous. He died in Boston in 1689 and 
was survived by his widow Mary. 

By occupation he was a brewer and had land near the Mill Pond at 
the foot of Sudbury St. 24, 2m. 1665, James Webster hath a graunt 
of land in length towards the town Highway 44 feet in Breadth, in 
the Northwest 45 foot, towards the pond 45 foot, and on the East 
with James Burgess Land for which he is to pay 12*^ per yeare for 
thirty yeares term which he is to enjoy same. 

The above lease was renewed May 30, 1681 for 70 yeares at 3^ 

James Webster was warned April 2nd, 1682 that he was 17 years 
in arrears for rent due the town amounting to 17^. In 1657 James 
Webster was one of 26 members of the Scots Charitable Society. 
James Webster was night watchman in 1663. 

■ He made his will Oct. 19, 1688 and signed it with his mark. It was 
probated by Mary Webster, Oct. 15, 1689. He left all his property 
to his wife, after her death to be equally divided among his children 
with the exception of James who is to receive 40^ Mary Webster 
died March 25, 1712. ... 

Children: ,..::■'>■;.- .pv:..."''^ '■■'-/ 

2 i James, b, July 16, 1659 ; m. Mary . ' • 

3 ii Thomas, b. June 11, 1661 ; m. Deborah . 

I iii . John, b. Aug. 5, 1664. 

5 iv William, b. March 25, 1666; m. Mary Moseley. 

6 V Elizabeth, b. May 14, 1670. : r : ?^ 

7 vi Mary, b. Dec. 9, 1672 ; m. Joshua Hensha. 

2. James Webster {James)^ b. Boston, July 16, 1659; m. Mary 
Administration was granted to Mary his wife Nov. 2, 1711 

He was a housewright. Mar. 4, 1742, Mary widow of James Webster, 


. - 140 ^otes in Relation to the Webster Family. [October 

house vvriglit, Rebecca Parkman, widow, Margaret Webster, spinster, 
Johu James of Newport, R. I., shipwright, and Mary his wife? 
Elizabeth Webster, spinster, and Abigail Wescott, widow, both of 
Newport, made a deed to John Wheelwright. 

Feb. 16, 1747, William Webster as Atty and in his own right 
sells to Joseph Russell a brick house on Long Lane. The parties to the 
deed were William Webster only surviving heir to his father William 
Webster son of James Webster, John Kneeland, merchant, Margaret 
Webster, spinster, Rebecca Parkman, widow, ^ of New Haven. 


^'- i . Mary, b. July 16, 1686; m. John James of Newport, R. I. 

> ' \ , ii James, b. Aug. 27, 1688. 

iii' Elizabeth, b. Aug. 14,1690. ■ -' 

." • ' iv Rebecca, b, Dec. 3, 1692; m. Oct. 6, 1721, Nathaniel 


'• ' V Susanna, b. June 7, 1663; died young. 

vi Abigail, m. Westgate of Newport, R. J. 

8 vii William, b. 1697; d. Dec. 28, 1725. 

viii Susanna, b. Sept. 20, 1701. 

■ ix Margaret, b. Feb. 11, 1702/3. 

3. Thomas Webster {James)., b. Boston, Mass., June 11, 1761, 
d. Exeter, N. H. ; m. Deborah. So far no records of Thomas and 
his wife have been found which give her surname or place of birth or 
death, nor have any records giving the dates of birth of his children, 
' - ' come to hand. All that is known of his family is from deeds re- 
corded at Boston and Exeter. He first appears at Exeter July 16, 
1700 when he is called Merchant and buys of Robert Wadleigh Jr. 
for £42.10^ five acres in Exeter which did belong to Henry Magoon. 
He continued to buy various portions of this Magoon land until 
about 1720. ' - 

Nov. 11, 1717, Thomas Webster of Exeter, innholder, quitclaims 
to his brother William Webster of Boston, shopkeeper and house - 
wright all his interest in their father James Webster's estate. This 
deed serves to identify him. In only one deed is the name of his wife 
mentioned. Jan. 18, 1728, Thomas Webster of Exeter, innholder, 
exchanges with Jeremiah Bean, for a tract of land in Exeter at the 
Masthouse hill made over to my son Nathaniel Webster, a lot of land 
in Exeter, containing 31|- acres and also another tract in Exeter on 

1904] JVbtes in Belation to the Webster Family. 


the otherside of the way leading to Tuekaway and bounded by 
Edward Steven's land and Spocasit River. Deborah Webster his 
wife relei)ses her right of dower. 

Sept. 20, 1727, Thomas Webster of P^xeter, innholder, for love, 
goodwill and affection, gave his daughter Deborah (wife of Zebulon 
Giddings of Exeter) land near my dw-elling house, begining at S. IC. 
corner of my fence thai turns away to the old burying place and so 
runs West as the fence as far as the old Rincrtaile tree standin<i on 
east side of my shop, thence on a straight line to the old "Pumb'* 
bushes by the old well which was formerl}^ and from said bushes 
East to my fence again by the lane and so by the fence to first bounds, 
it being for a home lot and garden where Zebulon Giddings has a new 
frame for a dwelling house, being -|- acre. [Zebulon Giddings house 
was still standing, 1900.] 

June 26, 1728, Thomas Webster of Exeter gave his son Nathaniel, 
land, house and barn in Exeter. 

.Oct. 28, 1732, Thomas Webster of Exeter, gave his daughter 
Deborah and her husband Zebulon Giddins 80 acres in Exeter, lying 
on a branch of the Piscasset river. 

Nov. IG, 1733, 'I'homas Webster of Exeter for love &c. gave his 
daughter P^lizabeth, 100 acres at Hudsons brook, between Plais- 
steds way and Tuekaway road and Pesecessick River. 

Dec. 1, 1733, Thomas Webster of Exeter for love &c. gave his 
son Thomas 2 tracts of land in Exeter on the West side of little 

Jan. 8, 1734/5, AVhereas Thomas Webster gave 100 acres of land 
to his daughter Elizabeth Webster now wife of said Francis Bouden 
Nov. 16, 1733, bounds not being specified it is agreed that the 
bounds shall begin at a hemlock on the north side of Tuekaway 
road marked R. W. being Robert Wadleigh. 

Jan. 20, 1737/8, Thomas Webster of Exeter yeoman, for love of 
his son in law Zebulon Giddings of Exeter gave him all his right 
as proprietor in Chichester. There are no records of the death of 
Thomas or of the probate of his estate. He probably died about 1740. 

Children: ;^- ,,.::■ ;'■;:•-■ ^. -.,,, ■ 

9 i Thomas, m. Susanna -. '' i:^--'\/' '\''x '• ^f-r--''"^''-;'' 

10 ii . Nathaniel, m. Martha Gilman. . 

11 iii Elizabeth, m. Francis Bowden. 

12 iv Deborah, b. Nov. 11, 1701 ; d. Feb. 2, 1767. 

142 ' Noi^^ Webster Fa /iiily. [October 


5. WilliamWebster(7ames),b. March 25, 1666 ;d. Oct. 13,1720, 
Boston; m. Nov. 25, 1696, Mary Moseley, bapt. 1st Church Boston 
April 29, 1694, aged 17 years, daughter of Captain Samuel and Ann 

William Webster lived all of his life in Boston and there are a 
number of real estate transactions in which he was engaged on 

Webster's Arch on Washington St. near the Herald office is 
referred to in the following deed. Ephraim Savage sold to him 
Nov. 21, 1711, a lot on the west side of Cornhill. The front was 
20 ft. on a way 6 feet wide. Webster can build under or over the 
said passage way but must keep it 10 ft. high. 

Apr. 27, 1720, he petitioned that the selectmen may be impow- 
ered to sell unto him the Fee of a piece of land formerl}^ leased by 
the town to his predecessors. The Town granted this petition but 
the land was not conveyed until after his death. Then for the con- 
sideration of £108, the lot was conveyed to Joshua AYroe and Jona- 
than Williams his executors. This lot which was the one that James 
Webster leased, was bounded as follows : S. E. by Sudbury St. 59 
ft. N. E. on William Burgess 48 ft. N. W. by the Mill Pond 52 ft. 
S. W. on the high way & vacant land 45 ft. From 1714 to 1717 he 
was measurer of boards. In 1714 and 1719 he was tythingman. 
His will was made Oct. 4, 1720 and probated Oct. 17, 1720. In it 
he mentions his wife Mary, sister Elizabeth Hawksworth, brother- 
in-law Jonathan Williams. Eldest son William wharfkeeper. Son- 
in-law Joshua Wroe, and daughter Ann Wroe. Daughter Mary, 
daughter Rebecca, lame and infirm. The youngest sons to be put 
out to board and "he of them that shall take his learning best, and 
is capable thereof shall be brought up in the college out of my estate. 
Evidently they did not take to learning as neither of them graduated 
from the college. , 

Children : . 

Ann, b. Feb. 24, 1698. 

Mary, b. July 3, 1701. 

Rebecca, b. March 5, 1707. 

Sarah, .b. Nov. 25, 1710; m. int. Nov. 22,1729, George 

James, b. Feb. 12, 1713; d. 1739. 

Samuel, b. Sept. 11, 1716. 




• « 


• • • 







, v\ 

1904] JVotes in Relation to the Webster Family. 143 

6. Elizabeth Webster (t/ames), b. Boston, Mass., May 14, 1670 ; 
m. Jan. 19, 1690, David Stevens; m., 2nd, Feb. 27, 1699, Peter 
Hawksworth, of Boston. 

Children : - : 

i Anna Hawksworth, b. Dec. 13, 1700. 
ii Martha Hawksworth, b. Dec. 23,^1702. 
iii Margaret Hawksworth, b. Sept. 7, 1705. 

7. Mary Webster (James), b. Dec. 9, 1672; m. Nov. 7, 1700, 
Joshua Hensha. ^ 

Children : 

i Daniel Hensha, b. Dec. 3, 1701 ; m. Mar. 30, 1723, Eliza- 
beth Bass, 
ii Joshua Hensha, b. Aug. 2, 1703; m. Dec. 27, 1733, Eliz- 
abeth Bill. , 
iii John Hensha, b. April 15, 1705; m. April 16, 1730, Mary 

Stedman, of Cambridge. 
iv James Hensha, b. Feb. 17, 1706-7; m. Nov. 18, 1731, 

Ruth Walker. 
V William Hensha, b. Nov. 26, 1708. 

vi Samuel Hensha, b. Aug. 4, 1711 ; m. June 7, 1738, Eliz- 
abeth Webber, 
vii Thomas Hensha, b. April 1, 1715 ; m. int. Jan. 25, 1741, 
/- Keziah Fowle. - 

8. William Webster (James, James), b. 1697 ; d. Dec. 28, 1725 ; 
m. April 14, 1720, Elizabeth Simpson, b. Oct. 3, 1699, d. April 28, 

'1725, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Simpson. Administration 
was granted to the widow Elizabeth Webster. Inventory Jan. 17, 
1725. By the account of John Simpson it appears that the widow 
died before May 30, 1726, as he credits himself with money lent the 
widow in her last sickness. 
. Child: . .-';■.■:.■;■•■'■ ■■' V 

i William, b. Feb. 16, 1724. His grandmother Mary Web- 
ster was appointed guardian June 14, 1726. Feb. 16, 
1747, William Webster, cabinet maker, was attorney for 
Margaret Webster and Rebecca Parkman &c. 

9. Thomas Webster {Thomas, James) b. ; d. Exeter, 1749 ; 

m. Susanna April 1, 1733. Thomas Webster Jr. of Exeter^ 

144 - Notes in Relation to the Webster Family. [October 

husbandman, sold to Anthony Crosbie of Hampton, weaver, all his 
right to ^ of a proprietors right in Gilmantown which came to me by 
my father Thomas Webster of Exeter, inuholder. Nov. 13, 1736, 
Thomas Webster of Exeter, cordwainer, sold to Timothy Winn of 
Woburn, Mass. Bay, 1/2 a proprietors riglit in Oilman Town. 

May 2, 1744, Thomas Webster, innholder and wife Susanna of 
Exeter sold to Moses Sweet of Exeter tailor 1/4 of an acre in Exe- 
ter. Administration of the estate of Thomas Webster of -Exeter 
was granted to his widow Susanna May 30, 1749. In the inventory 
is one negro man valued at £450. Susannah's account was rendered 
in 1769. In this are the following items. Maintaining Susanna 70 
weeks from her father's death till she was 7 years old £176. Nathan- 
iel 245 weeks at 50/ £612. Thomas 140 weeks at 50/ £350. The 
estate was divided as follows. Thomas the eldest son a double por- 
tion. Elizabeth wife of James Folsom. Mary wife of Bille Giiman, 
Susanna wife of William Bennett, Deborah wife of Dudley Becket. 

Of the children only the births of Elizabeth and Mary are found 
on the records and I have not been able to find the date of a mar- 
riage. The names and marriages given are all from deeds and pro- 
bate records. March 30, 1769, Thomas Webster, baker, Nathaniel 
Webster Jun., cordwainer, Dudley Becket, cordwainer, and wife Deb- 
orah and William Bennett, shipwright, and wife Susanna, which 
Thomas, Nathaniel, Deborah and Susanna are children and heirs of 
Thomas Webster of Exeter, dec'd) for £4, and 5 shill. paid in pro- 
portion to our several interests by James Folsom of Exeter, barber 
and peruke maker, quitclaimed all their right to 3 acres in Exeter, 
on N. W. side of new highway leading to Capt. John Oilman's mill 
to Joseph Thing's dwelling house, beginning at highway at corner of 
Joseph Swasey's land. ; 

Children: y 

Mary, b. Aug. 10, 1730; m. Bille Oilman. ' 

Deborah, m. Dudley Becket. 

Elizabeth, b. June 21, 1740; m. Dec. 1763, James Fol- 

Susanna, b. 1742; m. William Bennett. ; ' 

Thomas, b. 1745? 

Nathaniel, b. 1747?; m. Deborah 

10. ^Nathaniel Webster (Thomas^ James) ^ d. Exeter 1745; m. 
Martha daughter of John Oilman. The will of Nathaniel Webster 



• _ " 

• • 



• « • 


*■'■-/■'■" " '' 






1904] Notes in Relation to the Webster Family. 145 

was dated Jan. 22, 1744 ; proved Feb. 27, 1745. Children as below. 
Brother in law, Zebulon. Giddinge, executor. Mentions father-in-law 
John Gilman. Nathaniel Webster was granted 50 acres in Exeter in 

Will of John Gilman of Exeter, dated May 2, 1751, proved Jan. 
26, 1754. Mentions grandsons John & Nathaniel Webster. John not 
to sell his land without permission of his uncle Zebulon Giddings. 
He also mentions his granddaughter Deborah Gilman wife of Tlie- 
ophilus Gilman. 

- .-Children: ' \ ' •' . '■ -V^^.^^-:^^.,^^; -^^ 

'/{':.j i John. ''■-— ^-^ -^ >'^-. ;■/■.■ ''v'..r\';u^ ■■^;-:-' '^.' /:;":■' '■ 

20 ii Nathaniel. 

21 iii Deborah, b. April 29, 1729; m. Theophilus Gilman. 

• . . . ■,_>■- ■ ^ . ■ 

11. Elizabeth AYebster (Thomas^ James), m. Feb. 18, 1734/5, 
Francis Bowden, son of Michael Bowden of Lynn, Mass. 

Nov. 27, 1735, Nathaniel Webster of Exeter, yeoman, for love 
for sister Elizabeth (wife of Francis Bouden of Exeter, coaster) gave 
her all my right in house, land and pew in Exeter that said Francis 
conveyed to me bearing date the fifth day of this instant Nov. 
Children : 
■ i Deborah Bowden, b. Dec. 7, 1735. v 

ii Rebecca Bowden, b. Sept. 28, 1740. 

12. Deborah Webster ( 7%07?ia.s, James)^ b. Nov. 11, 1701; d. 
Feb. 2, 1767 ; m. Oct. 12, 1724, Zebulon Giddings, b. May 10, 1703 ; 
d. May 30, 1789. He married for his second wife. May 8, 1773, 
Mrs. Joanna Cottle, widow ot James Cottle of Newburyport. 

v;; They had eight children. 

13. Ann Webster ( William, James), b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 24, 
1698 ; m. June 30, 1719, Joshua Wroe of Boston. He was constable 
in 1720. - - ■;: • ■.::■■ -^c/-^^^ --':::;-■■■' ■-:---:::^,. 

i Joshua, b. Jan. 30, 1723. X ; ;;?■; 

14. Mary Webster {William, James), b. July 3, 1701, Boston, 
Mass.; m. June 17, 1731 , Samuel Marshall of Boston. 

;■; Children; • ' 

' ' i Samuel Marshall, b. June 16, 1735. 

ii John Marshall, b. Jan. 1, 1736. 
^-^^ i William Marshall, b. Feb. 9, 1738. / ^ 

146 Notes in Itelation to the Webster Family. 

15. James Webster ( William, James) b. Feb. 12, 1713 ; d. 1739 ; 
M. Int. April 12, 1735, Margaret Adison. She married, second, 
Thomas Jeffries. 

James Webster sold 1/10 of a dwelling house in Cornhiil to 
Samuel Marshall May 9, 1735. 

Children : - * 

i Margaret, b. Oct. 31, 1735. v .^ 

ii James, b. March 9, 1738. 

16. Mary Webster (Thomas, Thomas, James) b. Aug. 10, 1730. 
m. Byley Gilman. For their family see the Gilman Genealogy. 

17. Elizabeth Webster (Thomas, Thomas, James.) b. June 21 
1740. d. 1824. m. Dec. 1763. James Folsom son of Peter b. 1737. 


i James Folsom, b. Aug. 12, 1765. m. Oct. 15, 1786 Sarah 
: ii Elizabeth Folsom b. Mar. 5, 1767' 

iii Thomas Folsom b. May 11, 1769 m. Edna Ela. 

iv Nathaniel Folsom b. April 2, 1771 m. Nov. 6, 1800 Mary 

V Peter Folsom b. Feb. 22, 1773, d. June 1817, Eennebunk- 

port. m. Susan Jenkins, 
vi Polly Folsom b. July 12, 1776. m. 1802 Nathaniel Jef- 

ferds. '! 

vii John Folsom b. Nov. 5, 1779. m. Hannah Swazey. 

{To be continued.) 

->.i. ;;■..■ ".' .' . , • -.; " "■: • ./ • . ■ • 


By Eben Putnam. ; 

It is not often that tradition withstands historical investigation. 
The growth of interest in ancient things, the demand for the truth 
versus sentiment and romance have led to the discovery of weak 
or missing links in the chain of evidence relied upon to confer great 
age or certain associations with most of our cherished landmarks. 
But in the cose of the Fairbanks house, investigation, while discoun- 
tenancing various rather absurd statements, has onl}^ resulted in 
strengthening the evidence that in this structure we may have the 
oldest building in New England. Not that the house as a whole is 
of the great age claimed for it but that the original central house is 
actually, barring unimportant self-evident changes, the original house 
erected by Jonathan Fairbanks, probably at the time he settled in 

!. This contention may be accepted as proved, inasmuch as it is 
possible at this day to prove such a statement. 

The Fairbanks house today consists of the original house (the 
two ground floor rooms, the chambers above, and the garret), a small 
modern leanto attached to the eastern end, a late leanto the entire 
length of the main house, and two gambrel roofed wings, one at 
either end. Probably neither wing dates back one hundred and fifty 
years but there is some indication of greater age in the eastern wing. 
The original frame ie practically intact, although important por- 
tions, as the sill, have rotted away, and the chimney girts have given 
way under the strain of the weight resting on them, resulting in a 
settling of the entire front of the house. 

~ The roof is the most interesting section of the house. It is very 
steep, framed in the old English fashion and is very likely the only 
surviving example of that style of framing as practised in New 

5 ' 

148 TJie Fairhanks House in Dedliam^ JTass. [October 

Parts of the walls were filled with a plaster of hay and clay, and 
other evidences of antiquity are the small window openings of which 
two remain. In the peak of the roof were casement windows and 
there is in existence, though not in the old house, one of the frames 
containing the diamond shaped panes set in lead. The large, and 
therefore early, bricks of the chimney are laid in clay, and wooden 
ties are found, another ancient custom — a survival even of classic 
days. Possibly the chimney is not as ancient as the frame, but all 
parts of the old house are very old. Of especial interest is the inside 
clapboardiug for wainscot. 

The original door was to the west of the present door and its 
position is easily traced. 

The existing stairs and upper fire place, and certain other fea- 
tures in the eastern rooms, are modern. 

The inventory of the estate of Jonathan Fairbanks who died 5 
Dec, 1668, mentions the hall (kitchen), parlor, hall and parlor cham- 
bers, and tht garret, an absolutely correct description of the present 
building without the several additions. Moreover the inventory names 
"the room called the new house", "the chamber in the new house", 
"the working cellar", "another cellar", and "the cellar-yard". The 
room called the "new house" was a depository for farming imple- 
ments ; the chamber, as usual, a storehouse for grain. There is no 
evidence that the "new house" was used as a habitation and it may 
not have been connected with the mansion house. The cellars were 
probably separate structures and not connected either. In the work- 
ing cellar were lathes, etc., and in the other cellar dairy and beer 
utensils. The original house had no cellar. 

Through the formation of a Fairbanks Family Association, which 
now holds the title to the property, it is hoped to raise a fund sufficient 
to restore the old house, or at least to place it in such a condition of 
repair as will enable it to be preserved for centuries longer. What- 
ever is done should be done very soon and should be carried out un- 
der the supei'vision of some architect qualified for the work. Such 
a man should be a student of old time construction, perfectly familiar 
with every detail of the framing and construction of such buildings ; - 
else many a valuable bit of evidence will be destroyed in the work 
of restoration. There is no work so sad for the student of antiquities 
to observe as the usual so-called restorations. With the best inten- 
tions architects and workmen unfamiliar with the history, life and 

1904] The Fairbanks House in Dedham^ Mass. 





% ■-■■ 



customs of bygone days have ruined many a prized relic of the past. 
Much money will be needed to carry out the work properly, several 
thousand dollars. First, a most careful and accurate survey is 
necessary, and when the work of repair and restoration begins 
there should be no question of letting it out by contract. It must 
be done by day labor by skilled mechanics under skilled and well 
paid supervision. Ample opportunity can be found to separate the 
original house from so much of the decaying, though picturesque ad- 
ditions in such a way that the actual original building may stand forth 

The present occupant is Miss Rebecca Fairbanks, of the eighth 
generation, but she is soon to leave the ancestral home when, unless 
immediate and proper care is taken, there is danger of its destruc- 
tion. To guard and preserve this precious relic — a matter of con- 
cern to every descendant of our Puritan emigrants and of pride to 
every New I!lnglander — money is needed, and at once. The Trea- 
surer of the Association is Rufus G. Fairbanks of West Medway, 
.and the family historian is J. Wilder Fairbanks of Boston who is al- 
so the editor of the Fairbanks Historical, a quarterly publication de- 
voted to the interests of the family. Either of these gentlemen will 
gladly welcome communicatious relative to the homestead. 

The ancient brass sun dial, evidently the very "brass dial" men- 
tioned in the inventory of Jonathan Fairbanks, is preserved in the 
cabinet of the Dedham Historical Society. It bears the inscription 
"J. F. 1650". 




'; < 


From Middlesex Files, 1G49. 

Before the choice of officers of the company of Woburne the fol- 
lowing persons did take the oathe of fidellity 

Nathanniell Whitney 

John Baldwin 

Joseph Parkis ; : ; .. 

Richard Poste 

John Parker 

Willyam Chamberlain 

John Nutting 

John Ted 

Dated 9 - 2 - 1649. Lt. Johnson by the Joint consent of the 
Company of Woburne is chosen Captaine, and allso Sergeant Carter 
is by Joint consent chosen to be Ensigne. 


From Middlesex Couim FiLiis 1653. 

Let this honored Court know that wee the traine band of Water- 
town have chosen Lt. Mason to be our captaine and sergeant Beeres 
to be our Lieutenant. Here is also the names of certain men whom 
upon this occasion have taken the oath of fidelity. 

• Samuel Stratton Sr. Richard Bloise 

Samuel Stratton Jr. John CoUer 

John Stratton Antony Beeres 

John Knop ' Frances Bowman 


William Preese Samuel Benjamin 

•:.■■': . (150) 



Watertoivn, Mass., Train Band. 






Joseph Child 
John Boarden 
Stephen Paine 
John Cloiee 
Samuel Woode : 
Mathew Smith 
Daniell Warren 
John Page 
Richard Child 
Edward Sanderson 
Jonathan Whitney 
John Pearce 
Richard Smith 
John Conledg 
Henry Spring 

Abraham Williams 
I sack Mixsor 
Samuel Barnard 
John Spring 
James Knop 
Nicolas Cady 
John Barnard 
Thomas Pratt 
Robert Harrington 
Thomas Leeson 
John Traine 
Thomas Straite 
John Bush 
John Fiske 
John Biggalough 







Webster, Ra^d, June 19, 1719. Whereas my deceased husband, 
. Samuel Rand by his will, dated Feb. 25, 1706, gave me all his estate 
^during my natural life, and also power to give said estate to which 
of our sons I pleased, reserving the thirds for my subsistence, and 
that he to whom I bequeathed the estate should pay legacies specified, 
I give to son Samuel Rand all that estate, I to be allowed a comfort- 
able subsistence, Samuel to give to each of his brothers one two year 
old heifer and one ewe lamb, viz to John, Richard and Nathauiel 
Rand ; to his sisters Easter, Mary and Sarah each one two year old 
heifer. Susanna Webster formerly wife of Samuel Rand Dec'd. 

William Webster. 

Deed recorded at Exeter, acknowledged at Newcastle. 

Jan. 81, 1721/2. William Webster of Newcastle, farmer, for £8. 
sold Capt. George Walker of Portsmouth all his right to common 
land in New Castle. 

Who was this William Webster, had he any descendants ? 

'■ ■'-¥■ T; 


Turner. Full iuformation desired regarding Capt. Nathaniel 
Turner, one of New Haven's Founders. VTus he sou of John Tur- 
ner of the Mayflower ? 

Hume. Ancestry desired of Nicholas Hume, married in Boston 
1714, to Joanna Everton. What was the surname of his 2"^ wife, 

Alexander. Jane Alexander was married before 1770 to Archi- 
bald Morrow, 2"^ to a Mr. Service, 3^*^* to Joseph Walker of Lan- 
caster, Pa. Died in Washington Co., Pa., about 1816. Her ancestry 
is desired. v. 

Also the ancestors of Joseph Walker. His father John Walker 
entered land in Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1743. 

Ross. John Ross, son of James of Carricfergus, County of 
Antrim, Ireland, came to America about 1723. John was a sea cap- 
tain, he married in Conn, and had a son Robert, who was a Presby- 
terian minister. Information is requested of him and his descend- 
ants. ■;' ■ .^*., .■ 

Mattack - Mattock. Will some reader of the Quarterly furnish 
information regarding Stephen Mattack who testified in court 5-2 
mo. 1653 that he was aged 22, and had been in service ten years* 
having been sent over by Mr. Peters and Mr. Wells and assigned to 
Elder How of Watertown, now deceased. He was now living with 
Nathaniel Treadaway of Watertown who claimed two years more of 
his time. He had never been taught to read nor had the promises 
made in England been carried out. Bond does not mention this man, 
and Pope omits the most interesting and vital part of the above dep- 
osition. *** 

Parker. Wanted information concerning the immediate descend, 
ants of Joseph Parker of Chelmsford one of the first proprietors 
there and who may have lived in Dunstable. What relation was he 
to Robert Parker of Cambridge? B. K. P. 


} ■ 153 JV^otes and Queries, • [October 

^ GoBE. Who was the ''daughter Mary Gobe" named in the will 

of Ralph Mousal of Charlestown, 1657. She was a minor. Was she 
.:, Mary Gove? - 

Graves. The original inventory of Thomas Graves of Charles- 

■ town, in court 25-10-1655, is headed "An Inventory of the goods and 

; Chattels of Rere Adrairall Thomas Graves deceased the 31^^' of the 

5^ mo 1653." See also Savage, Wyman, and Putnam in Essex In- 

; stitute Hist. Col. Has any further information been discovered 

'-■■''": relative to how "Mr. Thomas Graves" obtained that title? . 

History of the Hinsdale Family in France, England and Amer- 
ica 1170- 1904 A. D. Comi)iled from the notes of Hon. Sanford 
C. Hinsdale of Denver, Colo., by Herbert C. Andrews is now com- 
pleted and ready for publication in octavo form (about 500 pages), 
handsomely printed, and bound in buckram. The book will be pro- 
fusely illustrated with portraits of members of the family and old 
homesteads, and with fac-similes of autographs and old documents. 
There will be complete indexes of names and places. 

The volum.e includes an extended history of "the ancient and 
noble family de Hinnisdal" of France, whose pedigree extends back 
to 1170 A. D., and from whom the American branch descends, with 
an account of the Huguenot emigration, and a resume of the English 
I ■:'-%:.y': ■:'::_■: researches upon the family. In this country the record commences 
I 4 Sj- with Robert Hinsdale of Dedham, Mass., who was slain by the 
I '^0-y:-'f::- Indians at Bloody Brook, Deerfield, Sept. 18, 1675. 
I '''-:,-^^''M'y'''''^'' This valuable book is the result of many years of research and 
I :^^-y^^'P%- correspondence on the part of Hon. Sanford C. Hinsdale, 801 Con- 
I ':,/:-- tinental Bldg., Denver, Colo. Mr. Hinsdale has not only carefully 
w f examined town records, state archives, private MSS., and published 
volumes, for data referring to the name, but has been put to great 
expense to secure translations of the French archives. 
::'Sl:r-:::^'-''r:-^-.: It is necessary to secure 300 subscriptions at $5.00 each before 
the book goes to press. In no way can we show a deeper reverence 
■ ;vy for our ancestors or a keener sense of duty to their posterity than by 

assisting in publishing the story of their deeds. 

':^:\.::'-'- '■' ■ Only a small edition of The Hinsdale Genealogy will be issued 

and it will not be electrotyped. In addition to the 300 books sub- 

ff scribed for in advance by members of the family, 100 volumes will 

be reserv^ed for public libraries, historical and genealogical society 

r - collections, etc., at the original price of $5.00. After these have 

been disposed of, the publishers reserve the right to advance the 

price to $7.60 per volume. 

4 ■ 

r? ,; 

1904] . N^otes and Queries. 154 

Old Planters Society. A meeting of the Old Planters Soci- 
ety was held in the Chapel of Boston University, Boston, October 
19, 1904. 

On the 19th of October, 1630, about 110 men asked the General 
Court to be made freemen, among them many of the Planters here 
before VVinthrop's arrival. This meeting was held to commemorate 
that event, and descendants of many of these men were present and 
addressed the meeting, which was well attended. 

Augustine Walker of Charlestown, merchant, lived in a 
*'three story house." See inventory of his estate, 1654. 

"Memorial Poems and Brief Ancestral Record of the Webster 
Family and Descendants," by J. C. Webster, Hartford, 1904. 
Such is the title of a small book that we have received from the 
compiler. It begins with a brief notice of Benjamin Webster of 
; Wilton, ]\le., the writer''^ father. This is followed by a number of 
poems some by the author of the book and others extracted from 
various authors, and, finally, on page thirty one, we have the '• An- 
cestral Histoiy of The Webster Family and Descendants." This 
history begins with the family of Thomas Webster of Hampton, the 
Emigrant ancestor of the compiler, and is followed by the families of 
his descendants in one line, through Ebenezer, Joseph, Joseph, and 
Benjamin, with a slight digression to the family of Daniel Webster- 
The family of Benjamin Webster and his descendants is given in 
detail, but with very little attempt at arrangement, and there are no 
cross references. It has two indices, one to the poems, and an index 
of names. The book is in no sense a history of the Webster Family 
but merely a collection of the names of the descendants of Benjamin 
Webster. The author did not even take the trouble to give the 
names of the children of Joseph and Maria (Goss) Webster which he 
had, as they were furnished him at the same time he received the fami- 
lies of Thomas and Ebenezer. 


. TUB 




Vol. V. January, 1905. No. 4. 


V By Eben Putnam. 

To the European whose impiession of a Republic has been obtained 
either from reading ancient history, the story of the French Revolu- 
tion, or the noble declaration in our own coustitution that all men are 
born free and equal, it doubtless appears incongruous with what he 
- deems to be due to republican principles that Americans should 
claim and make use of heraldic bearings. 

A coat of arms has come to be regarded as an assertion that its 
owner is of gentle birth, with all that that implies. In a monarchical 
country, it is too often a far greater incentive to prove one's right to 
gentility for profit to one's self than simply to search into the past 
from laudable curiosity or pride in one's forbears. 

If a republic does not concede rank to a man of birth regardless 
of his achievements, why should its citizens put forward a claim to 
gentility b}' using coat armor? 

Many Americans look upon the subject from much the same 

standpoint. Not that they understand the '• free and equal" clause 

■ of the constitution as the stranger would interpret it, but they feel a 

proper resentment against those persons who would claim superiority 

simply because of social position inherited or obtained without achieve. 

V ment either in their own person of some near ancestor. 

'^- An understanding of the origin and true significance of a coat of 

arms would undoubtedly go far to do away with the unpopularity of 

armorial bearings, as well as to bring about proper regulation for 

t^eir use. 

|; Heraldry, as now in vogue, reduced to a system governed by rules. 

is the result of a development which took place during the awakening 


» •' 


Coat Armor in the United States. [January 

of feudal western Europe, when chivalry was at its height. It was 
a distinct advance in aesthetics. From the earliest times of which 
history tells, man has souaht to ornament himself or his armor with 
some sign or symbol. Perhaps he adopted a symbol intended to pro" 
pitiate a divinity ; perhaps a boast of some former deed of prowess ; 
possibly he wore a badge of rank, citizenship, or tribe. Nearly all 
races of men have more or less developed a system bearing resem- 
blance to what we call heraldry. 

The fighting man, a term which would comprise at first all mankind, 
but as society became more complex the military class only, would have 
some particular sign or symbol which he venerated or honored. 
Doubtless the rise of a pure Christianity checked largely the use of 
certain symbols, and may account for the non-appearance of heraldic 
devices upon some of the tombs of noted warriors of the centuries im- 
mediately preceding the period when heraldry full grown bursts sud- 
denly upon our horizon. 

The custom of fighting in armor which concealed the face and per- 
sonal characteristics was undoubtedly the cause of a systematized 
heraldry. The tournaments of Germany and of other feudal coun- 
tries ; the gathering of armies and especially of knights from all parts 
of western Europe, for the expeditions to the East and for recovering 
the Holy Land, spread broadcast the newer heraldry and established 
a custom which has come down to modern times. Heraldry has been 
subjected to the vagaries of fashion. Simple, useful, rules long suf- 
ficed for the proper cataloguing and description of the cognizances of 
the great houses and their military followers. But as the necessity of 
heraldic devices grew less the importance of one's coat of arms faded. 

There came a time when the aristocracy of England, differing from 
the nobility of the continent, represented more and more the money- 
making class ; when wealth, becoming more widely distributed, carried 
luxuries and ambition from class to class. The civil wars, the mi- 
gration of country people, and the openings afforded energetic, ambi- 
tious men, resulted in a desire to learn of one's ancestry. The same 
came to pass in America and indeed is going on today. There is this 
difference, that if a new man in the 16*'^ century could establish his 
right by descent, or lacking that obtained what was practically a 
patent of gentility, a grant of arms from the College of Heralds, he 
obtained a much more important footing in the world than any 
similar proceeding would yield him today. In those days there 
did not exist the modern facilities for investigation, and evi- 

■; . 1905] Ooat Armor in the United States, 157 

. dences were accepted or rejected from different considerations than 
■■ would now obtain. This was the period of the Heraldic Visitations* 
;: : and out of them has grown up the claim thai a person must either be 
.able to prove his descent from some ancestor of his name recorded in 
■: a Visitation pedigree as entitled to coat armor, or take out a new 
grant, and that any modern coat not of either the above origins is 
; : *' bogus." 

This contention is vigorously denied, and, moreover, an ever 
= strengthening party of well equipped historical critics is seeking to 
obtain a more rational interpretation of what in England constituted 
an armiger and a gentleman, two apparently entirely distinct classes. 
The outcome of this contest will be awaited with much interest in 
America, as the radical party, that of common sense, and apparently 
best grounded in examples and history, very nearly take the popular 
American view. 

Coat armor \\i\s been in use in the European colonies in America 
from the time of the fust settlement. It was the custom of the home 
countries, and as such perfectly familiar to the colonists. 

Whatever rights existed and Avhatever rules prevailed in the 
old home regarding the use of heraldic insignia, were adhered to 
by the American colonist. He may have been Dutch, French, 
German, and, if entitled to arms, he did not change his bearings to 
agree with the rules of English heraldry. This independence haS 
always prevailed and thus in America we find examples of the her- 
aldry of all western Europe. And, as is well known, the rules of her- 
aldry in the different countries vary in point of colors, in charges, 
and in the manner of placing the charges. .. 

Persons in official position, if possessed of an heraldic seal, almost 
invariably made use of it in sealing important documents. But there 
was little if any display of heraldic bearings in private life, until the 
means of the colonists permitted them to indulge in the luxuries of 
imported gravestones with armorial bearings, and for the more im- 
portant members of the community to vie with the royal officials in 
reviving the use of heraldic devices. Hatchments at the funerals of 
the more wealthy town dwellers, where the fashions would prevail, 
were probably the most conspicuous instances of the display of coat 
armor. In the country districts the use of arms for purposes of 
display must have been rare, for the opportunities of procuring such 

♦ The pedigrees in the Visitations abound with errors and must be accepted with cau- 
tion; nor are they complete. 

158 Coat Armor in the United States. [January 

representations were not great. A colonist visiting London fre- 
quently had a seal ma'de or procured a drawing of a coat of arms, 
which he at least would have knov^n if bogus. In matters of this 
sort we must judge largely by our present standards. Recalling to 
mind the greater immediate importance attributed to gentle birth at 
that day and its accepted evidence, coat-armor, is it likely that a 
reputable gentleman, even though he were only a colonist, brought 
up with much the same standards of honor as we of today, would de- 
liberately manufacture false evidences ? 

The son or grandson of an emigrant visiting England or the Con- 
tinent, probably had some knowledge of not distant relatives. Burke's 
General Armor}^ was not on the counter of the stationer. There was 
required some special knowledge, unless he was satisfied that the 
arms in Guillim or contemporary works properly appertained to the 
family from which he was descended. The opportunities of the colonist 
to learn and verify family tradition in tJie 17th and 18th centuries 
were much greater than we realize, and the only interest which a coat 
of arms has to one is that of its association with his family. There is 
no reason to believe that the popular error of modern times, that a 
coat of arms appertains to a name rather than a particular family or 
branch of a family, was the reason of the assumption of many coats 
of arms in colonial times. Then, as now, persons sometimes actu- 
ally believed tliemselves members of an armorial family, wliich inves- 
tigation proved erroneous. But these errois arose almost entirely in 
comparatively kite years. The writer believes any American should be 
allowed to use, without being subject to criticism or ridicule of self- 
appointed critics, a coat of arms which has been accepted by his an- 
cestors as theirs by right and so identified with his family, provided 
he is satisfied in his own mind as to a proper origin of that coat. 
But he should not hesitate, if it too nearly approaches the arms of 
another family of the same name and race, whom he knows to be en- 
titled to those arms, to make such a change in his own coat that his 
sense of honor would dictate. - 

Yet, remembering the dissimilar national origin of our people and 
the approximation of un-English surnames to the English standard, it 
is not unreasonable to expect the same duplication of armorial bear- 
ings in the United States that one finds even in England, where there 
have been frequent honest attempts to difference the bearings of fam- 
ilies; and where also the custom has sometimes prevailed of granting 
to a new man a coat of arms so nearly resembling those borne by 


Coat Armor' in the United States. 


well known and historic families, to whom he is in no way related, 
that a gross deception was officially connived at. 

The writer certainly advocates the adoption of distinctive coat- 
armor by Americans of established position, when it happens that 
their hereditary right to arms cannot be proven, not as a badge of 
gentility, but as a personal distinction to be transmitted to their de- 
scendants. Such an emblem would prove a tie among members of 
the family more enduring than the possession of wealth. 


In the Massachusetts Archives (v. 158, 229) is a letter from 
Michael Ilillegas, dated 20 Aug. 1781, addressed to Gov. Hancock, 
on the importance of preserving the records of public bodies during 
the Revolution and advising the adoption of measures similar to 
those adopted by Pennsylvania. Hillegas was an influential citizen 
and prominent merchant of Philadelphia, born in 1729. He served 
the Colony and vState of Pennsylvania in responsible capacities, and 
also the city of Philadelphia. He compiled and edited minutes of 
the proceedings of the Revolutionary bodies in Pennsylvania under 
authorization of the State in 1781. He died in 1804. ^ > ^^.^ &. 

•:'. >■*.' 1,* ■..■■;■■.,'. 


..... 1763-3800. 


: - {Continued from Vol. Vy page 32.) . 

; - Deaths, 1798. -^ 

; *Friday, Oct. 19. 

Dcatbs. Mrs. Eliza Dennis, the amiable consort of Richard Dennis, 
Esq. "' ' 

Miss Louisa A. Wyld, dau. of Major John Wyld. 
j • Mr. John H. Carleton. 

\ Mr. Ichabod Higgins, Pilot. 

Mr, John Carson. 
; Died on the 14*^* inst. Mr. William Bridgen, Mate of brig ''Brother', 

I of Boston, age 25 years, a native of Middletown in Connecticut. 

I : . Thursday, Oct. 25. 

j ; , ~ . ' On Thursday last, Mrs. Elizabeth Dennis, wife of Richard Dennis, 

i;'; " Esq. 

; ' *Tuesday, Oct. 30. 

j - ' Died on Saturday last, after a short indisposition, Mrs. Susanna 


-• Putnam, wife of Henry Putnam, Esq. 

I ~ Thursday, Nov. 8. . : ;:. , 

: ' \ , Died Mrs. Ann Cole, wife of Mr. John Cole. 

!/ - - *Friday, Nov. 16. " : 

Died last evening, Mr. John Tate, merchant of Augusta. 

-" '^ ^ *Tuesday, Nov. 20. 

Died late, at Col. O'Neals, M'^Intosh Co., Mrs. Margaret M'Leod. 
In this city, last Saturday night, Mr. John Dunlop, aged 78 years, 
great part of which time he lived in this city. 

Died, in this city, on Sunday evening last, Edward Jones, Esq. 
! • (160) 

• :. Marriages and Deaths in Geovgia Colony. 161 

Friday, Nov. 23. / 

Died in this citv, Monday night last, William Pray, Esq., of Bryan 

Co. , ■'.•, .... ,:-;.^. .; 

♦Tuesday, Nov. 27. 

Died at the plantation of Col. Wylly near Savannah, on Friday 
last, aged 102 years, negro Caesar, father of the celebrated Parson 
Andrew. He was a faithful servant of the late Jonathan Bryan, Esq., 
for 42 years when he gave him his freedom. 

♦Tuesday, Dec. 4. 

Died on the 22 ult., at his plantation in South Carolina, John Lewis 
Bourguin, Esq., late a member of the legislature of that state. 

On the 26"^ ult. at Thunderbolt, Mrs. Caroline Harriet Denise, wife 
of Nicholas Joseph Denise. 

Thursday, Dec. 13. 

Died on Thursday last, at Mrs. Galoche's near this city, Mr. Hugh 

Thursday, Dec. 27. 

Died last Thursday, at his mother's plantation near town, after only 
one day's illness, Mr. James Galoche. 

- Marriages, 1799. 

Thursday, Jan. 3. 

Married in Liberty Co., Mr. Samuel Wilkins to Mrs. Faarleigh, 
widow of Peter Faarleigh. ' 

Friday, Jan. 11. ^ 

Married in Effingham Co., Lieut. Benjamin Morel to Miss Susannah 
Giudrat dan. of Henry Giudrat, Esq. 

Thursday, Jan. 24. 

Married yesterday se'night in Liberty Co., Mr. Joseph Jones, son 
John Jones Esq., deceased, to Miss Mary Maybank, dau. of the late 
Col. Andrew Maybank. ^ :: . v : • .-^ , ; ; 

Thursday, Feb. 21. . . r: 

Married last Sunday evening, Mr. Frederick Herb, to Mrs. Mar- 
garet Aspen, widow of Mr. Michael Aspen. 

Thursday, Mar. 7. 

On Sunday last, Mr. Thomas Robertson, to Miss Rebecca Elom, 
dau. of Mr. Elisha Elom, deceased. 

i . , ,162 Marr lay es and Deaths in Georgia Colonij. [January 

; Thursday, Mar. 28. 

Married last Wednesday se'night, Mr. "William Smith, jun., mer- 
! chant, to iMiss Susannah Pinder. 

,j ' Thursday, April 18. 

Married last Sunday evening. Dr. George Harral, to Miss Charlotte 
Wright, dau. of Mr. Edward Wright. 

Thursday, May 2. 

Married, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. Ralph Clay, to "Miss Me- 
laine Boisfeillet. 

Yesterday evening, Thos. Netherclift, Esq., to Mrs. Catherine 
Burke, widow of Capt. John Burke. 

Fridaj^ May_3, 

On Sunday evening, Mr. Willis' Hall to Miss Mary Taylor. 

Thursday, May 9. 

Married, Mr. William Mills to Mrs. Ann Campbell. 

Friday, May 17. 

• Married at Augusta, on the 5th inst.. Dr. M. Burke of this city 

: to Miss Betsey Elbert, dau. of the late General Elbert. 

Thursday, May 23. 

On Tuesday last at Statesburgh, S. C, Mr. William Taylor of this 
place, merchant, to Miss Mary C. Miller, dau. of the late Andrew 
Miller, Esq. of North Carolina. 

Last week in Liberty Co., Mr. Samuel Law, to Miss Mary An- 

On Monday evening last, in this city, Mr. Nicholas Tuete, to Miss 
Mary Burke. 

Thursday, July 4. 

Married, on Tuesday evening, Mr. Benjamin Burroughs of Augusta, 
to Miss Catherine Eirick, of this city. 

Tuesday, Aug. 13. '- 

Married, on Thursda}' evening last, by the Rev. Mr. Holcombe, 
' - ' Mr. John Whittendel, meichant, to Miss Betsey Harrison. 

Thursday, Aug. 29. 

Married, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. William Morecock, to Mrs. 
Elizabetli JNIilligan, widow. 

Thursdav, Oct. 3. 

Married last week, in Liberty Co., Col. John MTntosh to Mrs. 
i^-" '■ Stevens, widow of Mr. AViiliam Stevens. 


1905] Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 163 

Thursday, Nov. 14. 

Married yesterday evening, Mr. Joseph Machim, to Miss Harriet 
Cecil, dau. of Leonard Cecil, Esq., deceased. 

Thursday, Xov. 28. 

Married on Thursday last, in Effingham Co., Mr. William P. Wilson, 
of this city, merchant, to Mrs. Ann Abigail Greenhow, widow of Mr- 
James Greenhow. 

Thursday, Dec. 12. 

Married on Thursday last, in Liberty Co., Mr. James Roberts, to 
Miss Hannah West dau. of Mr. William West. 

Deaths, 1799. 
Thursday, Jan. 10. 

Died in Liberty Co., in the 69*^> year of his age, John Mitchell, 
Sen., Esq. 

Died yesterday in this city, Mr. George Faries, house carpenter. 

Jan. 11. . 

Died in this city, Mr. Harvey Hall, formerly of Wallingford, State 
of Connecticut. 

Thursday, Jan. 17. 

. Died on Friday last, at Abercorn on Savannah River, Mr. George 


On Tuesday forenoon, in this city, Mr. Thomas Harrison, aged 52 
years. • ;-." 

Thursday, Jan. 24. 

Died yesterday, at Mr. Shad's, on Wilmington Island, Mr. George 
Garber, in the 40^'* year of his age. ;: 

Thursday, Jan. 31. 

Last week in MTntosh Co., Joseph Woodruff, Esq. 

On Saturday last, in this city, John Petty, Esq., of New Prov- 

Last Sunday, atGreat Ogechee, John Wereat, Esq., aged 65 years 

Thursday, Feb. 7. 

Died on Tuesday last, in this city, Mr. Clement Stebbins, mer- 

Tuesday, Feb. 19. 

l^ied on Friday evening last, in Effingham Co., Mrs. INlary Ann 
Bostwick, wife of Samuel Bostwick. 

- / 

164 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony, [January 

Friday, Feb. 28. 

Died on the P^ of January last, at West Point, State of New 
York, Mrs. John Ingcrsol, of this phice, merchant. 

Thursday, Mar. 14. 

Died Uist Monday se'night, at Little Oo:echee, aged 81 years, Mrs. 
Jane Judith Bourguin, wido^Y of Mr. Benedict Bourguin. 

On Tuesday night last, in this city, Mrs. Ann Bolton, wife o^ 
Mr. John Bolton, merchant. 

Mar. 28. • 

Died last week, in Libert}^ Co., Mrs. Mary Ann Axon, vvife of 
Dr. Samuel Axon. 

Thursday, Apr. 25. 

Died on Saturday last, in Liberty Co., Joel Walker, Esq. 
Died this morning, Mr. George Lamb, merchant. 

Tuesday, May 14. 

Yesterday morning, departed this life John Elem, Esq. 

Thursday, May 16. 

On Monday- morning last, departed this life, John Glen, Esq., of 
this city. 

Friday, May 17. 

Died on the Island of St. Simon, the 9^^ inst., Mrs. Sarah 
M'Intosh, wife of Col. John M'Intosh. . 

Thursday, May 23. 
: Died last week in Liberty Co., Mr. Ferguson Parker. 

In Effingham Co., on Friday iri^ht the 17 inst., suddenly, Mrs. 
Scruggs, wife of Mr. Gross Scruggs. 

Thursday, July 4. ^ 

Died, in this city (of which he was a native), in the 54*^ year of his 
age, James Habersham, Esq. ' .:^':'''^-^\,'.- .\'--. . ^ i - 

Aug. 29. ) ■r:: '■-"'- 

Died this morning, universally lamented, Dr. Goodwin Wilson, co- 
partner of Dr. James B. Young. 

Thursday, Sept. 5. 

Died on Saturday last, in Liberty Co., Mrs. Elizabeth Bettie, wife 
of Mr. John Bettis. 

1905] Marriages and Deat] IS in Georgia Colony. 165 

Friday, Sept 20. 

Death ou Sunday morniug, Mrs. Hannah Hills, wife of Mr. Thomas 
Hills, merchant. 

Same evening Mr. John Cochran. 

Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Neyle, wife of Sampson Neyle, Esq. 

Last evening, Mr. James Borhmd. 

Thursday, Sept. 26. 

Died yesterday evening, Mr. James Borden, formerly of Augusta. 

Thursday, Oct. 31. 

Departed this life, at Albany, in the state of New York, ou 
the 9^^ of October instant, the Reverend Walter Monteath, late 
Pastor of the Presbyterian Congregation in this city. 

Friday, Nov. 8. 

Died, on Saturday morning last, Mrs. Sarah Lawrence, wife of Mr. 
Samuel Lawrence, merchant. 

Thursday, Nov. 14. v, . 

Died, lamented by all who knew her, on Sunday evening last, Mrs. 
Hope Wall, wife of Col. William Wall. 

Died, on Monday afternoon, Miss Margaret Bush of Philadelphia. 

Died after a few days illness, on Monday last, Miss INIary Lloyds 
daughter of Benjamin Lloyd, Esq., aged 14 years and 8 months. 

*'P3arly, bright, transient, chaste as morning dew she sparkled, 
was exhaled and went to Heaven !" 

Thursday, Nov. 21. 
r. . Died on the 19^^^ inst. Major John Habersham, aged 45 years. Li 
the late Revolution he early defended the rights of his country and 
was promoted to Major in the first Continental regiment of this State. 
Thursday, Nov. 28. -3; ,; 

Died last Saturday, at his plantation (the Hermitage) Mr. Thomas 
Johnston, formerly a merchant in this city. 

Died on Tuesday night, Mr. John Heniman, and yesterday morning, 
Mrs. Ann Margaret Ring, relict of Mr. Christopher Ring, both of 
the oldest settlers in this country. . ; ^. 

Tuesday, Dec. 3. / 

Died on the 22"'' ultimo, at Augusta, Augustus C. G. Elholm, Esq., 
Att'y at Law. 

Thursday, Dec. 5. 

.. Died last Sunday, at St. Simons Island, Capt. William Mcintosh, 

son of Gen. Lachlan Mcintosh. 

166 Marriages and Deaths in Georgia Colony. 

Friday, Dec. 6. 

"Died on Sunday last, the P' inst., at St. Simons Island, Maj- 
William ISfTntosh, son of Gen. M'lulosb. lie was born in this state 
and just entered his fortieth year of age. He obtained his rank and 
was a distinguished officer in the late continental revolution army of 
America, from the beginning of that war to the end of it. Alas ! 
our firm disinterested patriots of '76 are daily decreasing." 

Thursday, Dec. 12. 

Died on Sunday last, in this city, Mrs. Catherine Roe Netherclift, 
wife of Thomas Netherclift, Esq. 

Thursday, Dec. 19. 

Died on Friday last, Mr. Joseph AYilliam Spencer. 
Yesterday, Mr. Joseph Roberts, tailor. 

Thursday, Dec. '2&. 

Died on the 15^^ inst., in Richmond County, Gen. Elijah Clarke- 
Died Dec. 25, in the 54^^* year of her age, Mrs. Susannah, the 

wife of Major Jo hn Wyld of Savannah. 

Friday, Mar. 29. 

" On Monda}^ last, at the Superior Court, in Liberty Co., came on 
tne trial of David R. Corker, for the supposed murder of Mr. Audley 
Standiford, son of the late Col. John Standiford, deceased. The 
jury brought in their verdict, Manslaughter. On the day following, 
in the face of the Court, he was branded with a hot iron ''M" on the 
ball of the thumb of the left hand. 

The trial of Stephen Corker, his brother, charged with and impli- 
cated in the^same crime could not be brought in, for want of material 

{To he continued.') 






{Continued from Vol. V, page 138.) ; 

Nov. 17 1701 Dan. Dany, Dan. Chamney, Jos. Chamney, G. 

Squire, Nath. Sparhawk, Nath. Laugley, In all 28 

21 " Capt Foxcroft, Benj. Cheney, Aar. Bordman. 

Henry Smith, Nath. Robbins. 
Dec. 3. Andrew Bordman 

Feb. 18. Jofeph Winchip ' 

(81) Wood Sent me Anno 1697: 

M'" Goffe, one load M"" Fefsenden one load Jofeph 
Cook, one load. Samuel Cooper, one Wain. load. 
M'" Pattin, one load 

Oct. 25. 97. M^" Kidder one load Nath. Robbins, one load 

Philip Cook one load John Cooper one load Widow 
Hill one load, Abraham Hill one load. Goodman 
Luxford one load M^ Sam. Gookin one load, W" 
Wyth one load. 

Oct: 26. Benjamin Goddard & G. Collis, one load 

Nov. 3: M^" H. Bordman, one walnut load 

: . ^ 9, ^: ;; M^ Watfon, sent one load dry wood. 

12. Jofeph AVinchip one load. 

13. G. Warl'^ & M'" Bunker, one load wain. wood. 
Dec: 11. Elifha Bull, one load-wood. 

Jan: 17. Daniel Dany one load-wood 

19 : M-* Andrews fent one load W M' Goff. 

In all 22 loads fent in anno 1G97:. 

• * 

Wood paid for Anno 1697/8. 

Nov: 3. To John Rufsell 3 cord 

To Abr : Hill (fee. 8. cord 5 foot 
To Jofeph Cook, 6 cord 














. 6. 





168 7 /Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

Dec. 6. 1697 To Abr: Hill,— 3 cord, 1 foot. 

8/ {■'■'■'■ ; To Nath : Pattin,— 9 foot 
Jan. 1. ^^^ " * To ]\r Goff for 13 foot w^. 
Jan. G. ; To M'" Dnnfter's fon 6 foot 

^ -G ' ^ To ditto for 6 foot wood 

12. --^ To M"- Goff. 3. cord 

^- Sent in Since Nov : 3 : y^ day that I was married 
I • :' From my good neighbors in town. 

Nov: 4 : 97. Goody Gove 1 pd Frefh butter 

M'"^ Bordman 1 pd Fr : Butter 
^ 5 DocV Oliver a line Pork 

6 Sarah Fergufon 1 pig 

10 The wife of John Hafting, 1 pig 

12 Old M^'^ Watson, 1 cheese, 4 pd Butter 

10 M^« Gates 1 pd Butter, 1 cheefe 

12 Goody Gove 1 piece Frefh Beaf 

15 The wife of Amos Marret, 1 pig 

15 M'-^ Clark,— 1 bottle syrup Gillifl. 

16 M*"^ Jackfon a chine of poik 
Goody Palmer — 1 leg of pork 

22 M''^ Pattin | bush : Apples 

26 The wife of Nath Hancock Jun"" a pig 

27 M^^ Bordman, 1 pig 
25 M^^ Parker 1 p« pork & 21b. Safages 

Mrs. Deming 1 p^ pork 
Dec; 3. M'^s Stacye, — 1 Goofe : . 

6 -'//r Goody Warland 1 Ribfpair 
8. M""^ Remington, 1 Leg Pork &c. 

G. Brown on y*^ Couion, 1 p^ pork 
1 '• M'^ Remington, Safages & white pud. 
14 M"^^ Deming — a rib spare 

~ ' Sam* Chamney's wife a leg of pork and 

■ '. Safages 0. 3. 

Ruth & Bethiah Hicks Safages & pud- 

' ' •-':r-..r'- dings ■- a :,-■■:..■ ■ "^■- ?■-; 0. 

^ ; ' 18 M''^ Gates a leg of Pork & 4 chickens 0. 

21 The wife of Sam' Hafting Jun'' leg pork 0. 

'i M*" Andrews a peice of Pork & Safages 0. 


























































































1905] Records of the First Church, Cavihridge. 1G9 

Dec: 24 97 M^^ Remington, a pig & pet Toes 

G. Clark over y^ water — | bush beans 
Mrs Gates Saf sages & pud. 

27 M'-^Pattin 1 pig 
The wife of Nath Sparhawk, 1 pig 

28 Goody Gove 1 pd Fr. Butter 
Jan : 7 The wife of William Ruf sell 1 goose 

8 The wife of Sam^ Sparhawk a Ribspare 0. 

12 The wife'of Jafon Rufsell a pig 

12 Goody Gove a pig 

M^^ Bordman, — a p^ pork 
15 The wife of Jacob Chamberlain a pig w'^' 

y. • V Toes &c. 0. 1. 8 

M*'^ Hicks 1 peck apples 
Feb. 1 M""^ Parker | peck peafe 

Feb. 4 M^' Sam^ Gookin a breaft mutton 12 lb. 

6 M*"^ Deming a line of mutton, 4 lb. 

10 M*"' Gates, a Ribspare, Saf & pud. 6 

11 M^- Pemberton | O. E. cheefe 
14 The wife of Henry Prentice 1| fr. But. 

18 The wife of Nath. Hancock, Jun''p'^ pork 

25 . The wife of Jason Rufsell, 1| Safages 
' ., . 4d: " 0. 

26 The wife of Gerfhom Swan a piece of beaf 0. 
28 . The wife of Sam. Kidder 1 bufh apples 

March 4 Coufin Oliver a line Pork 

• 7 The widow Palmer 10 eggs 

8 V Old M'-^ Watfon, 15 eggs 

12 •; Coufin Oliver Safages 

11 The wife of Jofeph Coolidge 6 oranges 

12 Cousin Oliver, — Pud. white & black 

19 The widow Palmer, 3 oranges 
28 Gerfhom Swan, a mefs of Fifh 

Apr, 2 M*" Fefsenden -J bush Oysters 
:..<\^n--2 :■:':;/' M'^ Amfdall, 1 Codfif h 

7 The wife of G. Clark over y'* water 1 lb 

fresh but. 0. 





















: 0. 


































170 :■ Records of the First CJmrch, Cambridge. [January 

Apr. 12 97 The wife of Z. Hicks a mefs of eeles 0. 0. 6 

May 4 . M''^ Amfdall a ribfpair of pork 0. 1. 2 

20 : Jofeph Cook, 10 pigeons 0. 0. 10 

21 The wife of Jofeph Coolidge a quarter veal 0. 4. 6 

(82) Wood sent in, Anno 1698. 

Nov. 9. 98 9 from G. Collis ; Watson Sen"- «fe Jun"- Pattin ; S. 

Cooper, J. r3ickfoii, Sol. Prentice, Jun^. AYid. Hill, 

Eph. Frost. 

3. Jofeph Cook; Edw^ Winchips, Jofeph Coolidge. 

3. G. Luxford, M'' Fefinden, W^ Wyth. 
Dec. 2. & 10. 3. i\PGoff. M'" Aaron Bordman, William Gookin : 

2. Abr. Hill out of Lieu^ Rem*^ lot; Sam Kidder. 


. Wood pd for 1698. foot. 

Dec: 1.98. Pd. M'' Cook for 1- 4 cord 12. 

9. p^]\P Cook for 1- 4 cord 12. 

30. p^ Eben Swan for 0- 4 cord 3. 6 

p^M^Gofffor 0- 6 cord bark 8. 

Jan ^ p*^ W Cook for 2- cord 16. 

p^ Nath: Pattiu for 0- 4J -*• 6 

Jan: 13. p'^itto 1- 4 cord 12. 

26: p'^M^Gofffor 3-4 cord 1.' 8. 

Feb. 1. p** N. Pattin for 1- 4 0. 12. 

2. p*^ M'- Cook for • 1- 7 cord 0. 15. 

10. } p^ M"^ Goff for 2- cord 0.16. 

13 \ p^ N. Pattin for 0- 5 W. wood 0. 5. 

18 p'l N. Pattin for 0- 5 W. wood 0. 5. 

24 p'^M'-Cook 1-4 0, 12. 

March 4 ^ p^^ M-" Cook for 1- 4 0. 12. 

. p"*M»- A for 0- 4 V 

, p'lN. Pattin. /',•-;-. .•/-■ "-.vV- e-:'^:--. / -^ 

Wood paid for 1699.1700 

Oct. 1699 M'-Cook 8 foot ;- 0. 8. 

Ab. Hill & W: Rub. 19i 0. 19. 6 

Nov. 2. M'-Goff 13^ 0.13. 6 

Nov. 3 M'^Cook 12 0.12. 


Nov. 18 1699 

M^ Cook 


Dec. 12 



Jan. 8 

M"- Cook 


1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 171 

: - ■ • 0. 12. 

' ; 1. 15. 

0. 12. 

.- 112 = 14 cord 5. 12. 

Wood paid for Anno 1700. 

Sept. 14. 1700 To M'^ Cook 8 foot 0. 8. 

To J. Rufsell at y'' farms 2 cord 0. 18. 


Nov: 4. 97. 2 powtbering Tubs* 0. 9. 

1 Tub of Beaf 154 pds salted Oct. 29. 1. 18. 6 

Nov: 10 : 97 Wine w" married & fiiice to y^ day 3. 0. 

Bear 19. 6^ Hay S''^ 3. 19. 6 

Butter 1 firkin q^ 68i'^ at 7.2* 2. 2. 6 

Mifling 4 bush, at 5^ 1. 0.0 

Nov. 6. Beaf at ]\P Bordmans 31^^ 0. 9. 

10 2 Turkeys 5^ 10 fowls 7^ V 0.12.0 

1 quarter lamb, Beaf & Mutton 0. 8. 8 

19 Indian Corn 4.6. Meal 5.9^' 0.10.3 
Wheat meal 1 bufh. 6.0. 0. 6. 6 

• Beans ^ bufh ' 0. 2. 6 

20 Mutton 2.3^ Eggs 2.9^ Petty things 6^ 0.11.0 
23 : 4 bufh Ind. corn 12^; 3 bufh. Ind meal 9.9 1. 1. 9 

" 2 hogs qt^ 230»»^^ at 3.2 p lb. 3. 7.0 

Nov. 19 ; 1 pig alive 10^ V 0.10.0 

■J bufh Salt 3« Gates 16« . - 0. 19. 

Oct. 97 Malt 8 bufh. 40^^ Cyder 31b 5. 0. 
^ • • Mall 8 bufh & 3 of Ind. Meal from Sandw. 2. 12. 

Nov. 19: Wheat 4 bush, at 6. p bufh 1. 4. 

1 firkin of butter 2. 5. 4 

Wood 11. 4. 

^ bar : 10% 2 fmall Tubs 6^ 2 Bar. 7« . . 1. 3. 

Dec. 7 2 hogs from M'- Stone 235'^^ at 3.2 . .. 3. 8.6 

beaf 1 quarter 75'bs at 2.2 0.15.7 

Chefes 8 .^^^^^^. ; _ : -^^^ 1. 11. 

^ Shoes for my felf & Scipio. 0. 17. 

* for saltiug nieiit. 

172 ' Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 


Jan. 7 1697 Frefh butter 4 pd. at 8'^ ;^ 0. 2.8 

Mutton 12^ To Petty things 7^ ,. 0. 8. 

Feb. 2. ■;■' To Eggs & Mutton, Milk &c. ' 0. 9. 6 

3.''':': To Stockings 8^ ..•.;. 0. 8.0 



21 ^ 

28 • 

March 14 : 






52 ^^ 15^5*1 . 52. 15. 5 

Scipio 7.6^1 Med 2' Petty 4* 6 0. 14. 

Dowlace 50^ To Neckcloths 12' Pillbeers 

&c. 22^ 4. 4. 

Coz G. 18^ Sarah's Qu. 30« Molaf. 2.4'^ 

Hare line V 3. 1. 4 

To Grease 8A^ M' M^ford 18'^ Wooftard 

&Pet. 12^ ^ 1. 18. 4 

To a pillion 32^ Petty 8^ ab^ y^ b 14« 

Mut. 2^ Scip 22^ 3. 18. 

To a girl 2.4^ To 6 bush Malt 24^ 1. 6. 4 

To a bonnet 7.4^ mony 20'' Sug^ 46 3. 13. 4 

Legs of Pork sent in t*^ winter 99. 

4 M'" Remington ; Mrs Blower ; Mrs. Stacye : Mrs 

4 Goody Gove ; Mr. Andrews ; Mrs. Stedman : Couf 

Mrs. Hancock Jun*" 

RiBSPAiRES. Anno 99. Winter. 

4 Goody Warland ; Ruth Hicks ; Couf. Oliver : Deac. 

Haf tings. 
5. Mrs. Amfdall ; Mrs. Coolidge ; Capt" Foxcroft ; 

G. Gates; N. Rob. Jun"" 
Mrs. Deming Mrs Patten; Cousin Oliver 

Pigs sent since Nov. 20. 99. 

5. M" Sparhawk M''^ Jackfon ; M'' Saltonftall ; Sam. 
Cooper's wife. Jafon Ruf sell's vfife, Jan. 2. 99 

7. Goody Luxford; Eph. Froft; M" Ab. Rufsell ; 
Goody Chamberlain ; Goody Gove ; Coufin 
Oliver. Feb. 3. 99 M^^ Ruth Hicks. 

3. M" Rordman, Old M"" Hancock, M" Remington. 




Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 


Jan. 14. 99. 

20. -;: 
March 25 

Nov. 8. 99 


YouDg M" Hancock a p' pork . 
M" Bordman a line of veal •«' "^ 
Sam. Cooper's wife a p' of pork 
M'* Parker a piece of pork 
Old M""' Hancock a p' of pork. 

Wood brought in gratis Anno 1699. 

1. Jouath. Butterfleld ; 2. John Wyeth ; 3. Sam 
Cooper. 4. Ed. Winchip ; 5. N. Patten. 6. 
W"^ Rufsell; 7. Jafon Rufsell; 8. John Fille- 
brown; 9. Eph. Froft, 10. Elifha Bull: 11. 
Nich. Fefinden ; 12. Sam. Coolv. 13. G. Col- 
lice. & B. Goddard 14. John Dickfon ; 15. 
Abr. Watfon. 
9. n: Father Watfon; 2. Jofeph Cook; 3. Lien* 

6. -j Remington; 4. W. Wyeth & Tho. Stacye ; 

5. G. Luxford ; 6. Doct. F. Gibfon. 

1 . Stephen, Daniel, & John Haftiug, 2. Henry Smith ; 
James Clark. 

1. Andrew Bordm. 2. Aaron Bordman, 3. M^ 
Andrews 4. Samuel Manning, 5. M'" Goff. 

10. 3. 

17-24 5. 


Oct 6. 1702 

24 loads. -l 

Oct 8. 

4 loads 

Wood brought in Anno 1702. 

Father Watfon : Eben : Swan : John Williams : 
Samuel Cook : p]dw^^ Winchip : Jonathan Butterfleld : 
John Fillebrown : Abr: Hill: Goodm. Pattin : 
Jofeph Winchip ; William Rufsell : Jafon Rufsell : 
Nath : Cutter : John Dickfon : Sam. Kidder: Nath : 
Robbins, Jun*" : G. Collis & B. God^i : John Hafting : 
M'- Gookin: G. Froft: G. Luxford: Elifha Bull 
Abr. Watfon : Sam. Cooper. 24 

G. Warland or [father & son]* John 
Bradifh : Thomas Prentice : John Stedman. 4 

Daniel Dana : Sam' Sparhawk : Nath^ Spar- 
hawk ; Benj : Cheney : Nath : Langley : Gerfh : 10 
Davis : J. Squiie, Sen"" - ' 


* In short hand. 

174 ■ '■ Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

Oct. 27. 1702 M'-Goff: Natb : Hanc : & Phil Cook Betw : 

[them] Henry Smith: Jofeph Coolidge : Nath- 4 
aniel Hancock, Sen'' M' Bordman, Sen' : Downing 
Chamney 8 

Wood brought in Anno 1703. 


Oct. 5. 1703. 

25 Loads ^ 

John Halting : Zech. Hicks & J. Stedman : Jacob 
Hill : Deacon Hafting : Edw^ Winchip : Eb. Swan : 
Jacob Watfon Sam^ Cooper : Abr : Ireland : Jafon 
Rnfsell: Nath: Pattin : Ephr. Frof t : Jonath. But- 
terfield: Nath. Cutter: ^P Fefinden : M^Goff: M'" 
Gookin: M'" Kidder: Abr. Watfon: W™ Cutter: 
Sam' Gibfon: Elifha Bull: B. Goddl & G. Collis : 
W"^ Rufsell: John Dickson : 25 

Lieutenant Marrett : Lieut Cook : Nath : Langley : 
Andrew Bordman. . , . 

Wood brought in Anno 1703 

Dec. 15, 1703 Sam* Sparhawk : Nathaniel Sparhawk : Daniel 

Dany : Downing Chamney : G. Warland: Thomas 

In all 40 loads Prentice : Nath Robins Sen'' Nath Robbius Jun"" 

Henry Smith ; Samuel Manning : John Bradifh. 




Nov, 6 & 7. 

Wood brought in Anno 1704. 

4. Andrew Bordman : Father Watfon : Abr. 
Watfon: Sam^ Cooper. 

7. Capt" Pelham: Doct' Gibfon: G. Bobbins 
Sen"": Nath Robbins Jun"" : John Fillebrown : W'" 
Rufsell: Jafon Rufsell : 

10. Abr. Hill: Nath Pattin: Father Addams : 
Edw^ Wiuchip : G. Gove : J. Dickfon : M'" Whit- 
timore : G. Swan: Philip Cook: G. Collis: 

6. G. Froft: S. Kidder: Jon. Butterfield : M'' 
Gookin M^^ Bordman : Sam. Cook : 

12. M' Goff: Col. Foxcroft: W Hill: M''. 
Fefinden : AV" Warland & [father] : Joseph Cool- 
idge : Sam' Sparhawk : Nath : Sparhawk : John 
Oldham: Dan. Dana: John Squire: Nath Langley. 

1905] . Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 175 

v^ V^ Wood brought in Anno 1706. . . 

Oct : 21. 1706. C Father Watfoii ; Tho. Prentice : M^ Goff : M^ Sol. 

I Phips. Gerfhom Dnvis : Jod. Bntterfield : The Wid. 

17 loads -^ Watfon: Lieut. Marrett. Gerfhom Swan: Nath 

^ ; . . \ . Pattin: Nath Cutter: Sam^ Cook: Doct'' Gibfou : 

■■r-y'-::'-'''^--'-..:''''^--'' VG. Robinfon. Jon Gove John Stedman: Jacob Hill 

(85) Wood Reg" 

■^■y):y':B'': Anno 1697 Wood rcc^ Loads '22 

- ' v-^;.--'-- "■ : 1698 — • " • ' '•' ^ 20' 

Wi':i^' y, . 1699 29 

: V 1700 36 

■ -;:^' ":;■:::- -^v;- 1701 : 28 

1702 . 45 

,; 1703 40 

;.- V 1704 ^ 39 

1705 31 

1706 27 

1707 . 33 

1708 32 

• ■ 1709 31 

1710 19 

1711 35 

• , 1712 ■ 30 

(86) > November 18. 1729. 

My good friends & Neighbors have for Several Years 
paft have in y^ fall of y^ year brought me a Consider- 
' able Quantity of Wood gratis Some years between 

30 & 40 Loades, Sometimes above 40 Loads, which 
good and Laudable cuftom y^bad been dead for some 
years before the Rever"^ M^' Brattle's Death, was re- 
vived by good Father Pattin about ten years ago & 
< ' continued by y^ friendfhip of y^ pple. The loads of 

wood brought this year 1729. Viz. 
Nov. 3.1729. W^Rufsell; W"' Cutter; W^MVinfhip ; Jafon 

Winfhip ; John Winfhip ; Jofeph Adams ; John 
Swan ; Ebenezer Swan ; Ephraim Froft ; Jonathan 


Records of the First Church, Cambridge, [January 

Nov. 18. 1729 

Nov 20. 

Butterfield ; Jonathan Butterfield Jun*"; Phillip Cook ; 
John Kidder; Jonathan Gove; Solomon Prentice ; 
Sam' Cooper ; Ebenezer Cutter ; John Fillebiown ; 
John Batherick ; Ephraim Cook ; Samuel Cutter. 

Jonathan Gates ; Abraham Hill ; Jafon Rufsell ; 

Walter Rufsell; Henry Dunfter; Jofeph Robbins. 

]\PKent; M'' Honeywell ; M^ Goddard ; M-" Rob- 

: ' bins ;M^Rand Isaacfillebrown,2 Ozburns. M'^ Peirce : 

'■yy:'-:/.:^::'-^^':-:v'^ Edward Dickfon Jofeph Rufsell; IVP Soden ; M'' 

;„:,:/ Haf tings ; John Cutter. 

forty one in all. 

Nov: 24. 1730 John Fillebrown ; W"^ Rufsell; John Cutter; W°^ 

Cutter ; AY"' Winfhip ; John Winfhip ; Jafon AYinf hip ; 
Ebenezer Swan; Jafon Rufsell, M^ Holt ; Henry 
: Dunfter; Jonathan Butterfield; Jonathan Butterfield 

Jun''. John Cutter Jun'"; P^benezer Cutter; W° 
Dickson; Edward Dickson; Nath'^ Robbins; .Tohn 
Cooper, Jun''; Ebenezer Fefsenden ; Nath' Cutter; 
Sam'^ Rand. Jofhua Gamraage ; Ephraim Cook. 
Amos Marrett, y^ next Aveek M ^ Goddard, Thomas 
Robbins, M-^ Honeywell, M^' Kent. 29 loads 

y^ next week Solomon Prentice, Henry Prentice^ 

. • • . . Jacob Hill, Jonathan Wyeth. 

Nov. 17. 1731. Jason Rufsell: Henry Dunfter; Jonathan Butter- 
• field : Jonathan Butterfield Jun': John Wilson : John 
. ' - • Kidder : Isaac Watson : Deacon Bowman : Amos 

Marrett : Josiah Robbins : 10 Loads. 

18. M^ Goddard: N. Robbins: Thomas Robbins: 

M^ Honeywell : Charles Honeywell : M"" Kent : 
- : Ephraim Ozburn : Elkinah Ozburn : 8 Loads. 

, ' .:• 21. Walter Rufsell : W°^ Dickson : P^ben^ Cutter : M^ 

Rand : P]dw*^ Dickfon : John Fillebrown ; Solomon 
Prentice : Henry Prentice : Jonathan Haf tings. 
■ . '^%::--':-/-;: ':'";■.-' -■' ' ■ ■■■ ; '". ' ^ ' ^'^ ' ■. 9 Loads 

;^. / 27 Loads in all 

Nov. 15. 1732. W"^ Rufsell : Jason Rufsell : Henry Dunfter : John 

P'illebrown : Sam^' Whittemore : Phillip Cook : J. 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 177 

Kidder: iStephen Prentice : Nath" Robbies : Jacob 
Hill : M^" Goddard : Tlios. Robbins : Charles Honey- 
well : M'" Kent : Thomas Ozburu : Isaac Fillebrown ; 

Brafier: M^ Asbury : Peter Hurd : James 

Ozburn : John Cooper: Deacon Bowman, 22 Loads. 
Dec^^ 22. 1732 Edward Dickson : Ebenezer Cutter: John Cutter 

Jun'' 3 Loads. 

Nov. 14. 1733. W" Rufsell: Jalbn Rufsell : Henry Dunfter: 

James Ozburn: Philip Cook: Stephen Prentice: 

: Henery Prentice: Beuj : Goddard: J. Kent: W^ 

'. ' Rand: M'" Foxcrof t : Deacon Bowman: Nath'' 

Robbins: Jacob Hill : 14 Loads. 

Ditto 16. , Isaac Watson : W^^ Morse : Jofh Gammage : Amos 

Marrett : John Cutter: Eben Cutter: Thomas Rob- 
bins: Isaac Fillebrown : Pierce: Ozburn: 

Brafier: W.Cooper: 12 Loads. 

(87) Wood Carted by 

Nov^'' 19. 1734 W"^ Rufsell : Jafon Rufsell : Henry Dunfter : James 

Ozburn: John Dickson Jun'"; Edward Dickson: 
Phillip Cook : Nath :Kidder : Isaac Watson : Walter 
Cooper : Solomon Prentice Nath : Robbins : Jacob 
Hill : Henr}^ Prentice : Amos Marrett, Jun'' ; Jonath" 
Hastings: Jofhua Gammage, Edmund Froft. Thomas 
r Soden, Peter Hurd, Thomas Ozburn, M'" Forgefon, 

M*" Kent, Ebeu^- Cutter 24 Loads 

Jan>' 1. • • M^ Goddard: M^ Foxcroft. Tho^ Robbins; Tho^ 

' v\ :. Robbins; Tho** Ozburn: Andrew Bowman, John 
Wyeth, 6 Loads. 
Nov. 25. 1735 My good Friends & Neighbours brought me 22 

Loads of wood. 
Nov. 15. 1736. M"* Foxcrof t M'" Dunfter John Dickson Junr 

Edward Dickfon Jofeph Robbins Sam'^ Cook Nath" 
Kidder Isaac Watson Thomas Goddard Stephen 
Prentice Sam" Prentice Walter Cooper Amos Mar- 
. . , rett, Samuel Rand Charles Honeywell Thomas Rob- 

bins Ebenezer Cutter Thomas Soden Bartlett. 

19 Loads. 
Jacob Hill, which makes y^ 20^'' Load. 

178 . Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

Nov*'^ 22. 1737 M'' Foxcroft, Edmund Froft Joseph Bartlett Thomas 

Soden Ebenezer Fefsenden Amos Marrelt Stephen 

' ■' " Prentice Deacon Bowman Thomas Goddard Isaac 

■ Watson Nath" Kidder Sam" Cook John Dickson 

Thomas Robbins Charles Honeywell, Sam'' Kent Sami* 

Rand, James Peirce Thomas Ozburn Ephraim Ozburn, 

Benjamin Brafier Isaac Fillebrown Ebenezer Cutter 

M*" forgeson AValter Cooper. 25 loads. 

Jacob Hill John Wyeth from my Farm. 

Nov*"" 14. 1738 Amos Marrett Henry Prentice Jacob Hill Waltei" 

Cooper Stephen Prentice John Dickfon Edward 
Dickson Isaac Watson Thos. Goddard Thomas Rob- 
bins Charles Honeywell ]\P' Kent Sam" Rand Isaac 
Fillebrown Thomas Ozburn Ozburn Edm*^ Froft 

• Tho« Soden Col. Goffe 18 Loads Bartlett 1 Load. 

Dec. 14. Ebenezer Cutter, Fergufon 2 Loads, cut y™ 

y^'f elves. 

Nov. 20. 1739. Amos Marrett Thos Soden Jofeph Bartlett Nath : 
^ Kidder Stephen Prentice Isaac Watson Isaac Fille- 
brown Wyeth Furgerfon mr Kent Sam- 
Rand John Dickfon Walter Cooper John Cutler 

Henry Prentice Edward Dickson Tho^ Robbins 

Ireland Jacob Hill Charles Honeywell Edm*^ Froft. 

21 Loads. 
Nov'"'" 21. 1740 Henry Prentice Jacob Hill Amos Marrett Edmund 

Froft Walter Cooper Snm" Cook Nath" Kidder John 
, Whitmore Jofeph Bartlett Thomas Soden Charles 
Honey\yell M*" Foxcroft 12 Loads. 

Jan. 20. Jofhua Rand Furgefon Sam" Rand Thomas 

Robbins M^ Goddard, Amos Marrett Henry Prentice 

Jon* Wyeth Solomon Prentice AYalter Cooper 

Stephen Prentice Jon^ Cooper John Dickson Edmund 

. Dickson John Wyeth Jon* Hastings 16 Loads. 

Nov. 1741. Jofeph Bartlett Stephen Prentice Walter Cooper 

Isaac Watson Edmund Froft Jun'' Amos Marrett 

• > 6 Loads 
Dec. 10. John Dickson Edward Dickfon John Whitmore 

Charles Honey w^ell M"" Foxcroft Capt. Bordman Henry 
Prentice Jon* Wyeth 8 Loads. 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 179 

Dec. 15. 1741 Sam" Rand John Cutter Brooks Thomas Rob- 
bins . 4 loads 

■ 22. Jofhna Rand Tliomas Soden Thomas Ozbiirn 

Tufts — — Ireland 5 Loads 

(88) Wood brought from y^ Newton Lott by my good 

Friends & Neighbors. 

Oct*^^ 22 1742 Deacon Sparhawk, W°^ Cheney, Samuel Champney 

Richard Champney, Amos Marrett, Deacon Prentice, 

Sam*^ Haftings, Daniel Champney, Gideon Froft. 

V •: 9 Loads. 

From Mknotomy. 1 

Nov^^' 10 John Whetmore. Nov'^^" 12. Charles Honeywell 

Thomas Robbins M' Goddard, M'' Palfrey Walter 
Cooper Nov. 15. Thos. Soden Nov'^' 17 Sam^i Cook 

John Dickfon. Dec. 14. Jacob Watson M^ Brooks 
Dec. 23, John Wyeth. 

Jan^ 4. James Peirce Jofhua Rand W'" Tufts Thomas 

ozborn Isaac Fillebrowu, Abraham Watson. 
, 18 Loads 

March Edward Dickson, John Cutter 2 Loads. 

In y® whole for this year 29 Loads. 

Nov^'' 9. 1743. Deacon Sparhawk Richard Champney Thomas 

Sparhawk, Tho^ Thwing Deacon Prentice, Daniel 
Prentice, Samuel Haftings Gideon Froft 8 Loads 
from Newton. John Wyeth, Jon'* Wyeth, John 
Dickson, Isaac Watson 4 loads from Menotomy. 
11. 1743. Jacob Hill, one Load. Walter Cooper, Jonathan 
Cooper Edmund Froft Jun^' Thomas Soden Samuel 

December. Rand, Charles Honeywell, James Peirce, Thomas 

Ozburn, W" Tiifts Thomas Robbins May 10. 
Stephen Prentice * 24 Loads. 

1744 Col: Brattle, Deacon Prentice, M'" Haftings, John 

Wyeth, Deacon Sparhawk, Richard Champney, M^' 
Gardner, M'' Sever by Benj. Cheney, Thomas Soden, 
Charles Honeywell, M'' Brooks Sam" Rand 

12 Loads. 

180 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. [January 

1745 Deacon Prentice, M^'^^riaftings, Charles Honeywell 

; Read, W°' Fefsenclen 5 Loads. 

374C Jacob I J ill, John AVyelli, Jonathan Wyeth, Sam'' 

Haftings, Edmund Froft, Jun% Samuel Rand, Stephen 
' ' V - Prentice, his own Wood, Deacon Sparhawk, from 
Newton 8 loads. 

1747 Deacon Sparhawk, Stephen Prentice, gave y 

wood, Isaac Watson brouglit it, Edmund Froft, Caleb 
Prentice, Nath" Kidder, Isaac AVatson, Sam^' Hast- 
ings, Jacob Hill, Thomas Soden, Jonathan Wyeth, 
Deacon Whittemore, Richard Champney, Samuel 
Rand, .John Wyeth, April 1748. M'" Stedman. 

1748 • Stephen Prentice, Deacon Prentice, Deacon Spar- 

hawk, Sam^^ Rand. 
• After an Entire Interruption of Carting wood from 

y*^ year 1748, There was some revival of that 

1756 Deacon Sparhawk, M' Gardner, John Fefsenden. 

Nath" Sparhawk, M'" Larned, M^ Thwing, Capt. Dana*^ 

M'" Thomas Sparhawk 8 loads from y^ Chh. Lot att 

Nov'"- 23, 1763. Edmund Froft, Gideon Froft, Randall, 

Nath" Kidder, John Dickson, Jonas Prentice, 

Thomas Robbins brought 7 Loads of Wood from my 
. ' Farm. 

(89) Persons Married By Natii^^^ : Appleton. 

From P. (79) 

1759 Oct''^' 18. Thadeus Mafon, Esq"" & M'% Ann. Fayerweather 
Dec''*' 25. Nathaniel Chadwick & Sufanna Molarb. 

1760 June 26. Jofhua Phipps & Martha Ruggles. 

26 James Pierce & Alice Fefsenden. 
Oct'*'- 1. Mansfield Tappley & Mary Wyeth. ' 

Nov''''20 John Hancock Jun*- & Martha Sparhawk ' 

Dec'"- 18 Capt. William Angier & Elizabeth Dana 

1761 Feb. 4. Benjamin Hill & Hannah Manning 
May 20. Isaac Watson & Rebekah Tufts 

Nov'"^ 5. Daniel Barrett & Elizabeth Barrett. . - 

1905] Records of the First Church, Cambridge. ', 181 

1761 Nov*"- 26. William Bowls & Sarah Brown 

1762, Sept, 16. Stephen Dana & Eleanor Brown 

Oct*'^' 4. Thoinjis Afpinwall & Lucy Sparhawk 
Nov. 23. Samuel P'efsenden & Sarah Spring. 
December 9. M"" Sam^' Cutt & Mrs AnnaHolyoke A. M. * Thanks. 
9 Isaac Corey & Ruhamah Comee, — Evening ) ^Da'y.^ 
30. Daniel Leeds, B. A. & Abigail Gove 

1763 Jan> 10. Jonathan Hill & Lydia Cooper 
March 16. Thomas Soden & Ruth Livermore. 
April 21. Thomas Hovey & Elizabeth Brown. 
May 5. Samuel Cooper & Hannah Geoghegan. 
May 19, AVilliam Darling & Mary Warland 
August 4. Chriftopher Grant, Jun'^ & Sarah Watfon 

. August 9. W Stephen Sewall & M'"" Rebecca Wigglesworth 

^ August 18. James Munroe & Lucy Watson 

Sept. 2. Jonathan Fefsenden Jun'" & Elizabeth Parker 
Sept. 22. The Rev^ M*' Bunker Gay & M'"^ Abigail Prentice 
Oct^' 25 M^' William Kueeland & Mrs Elizabeth Holyoke 
Dec'*'' 1. James Kettle & Mary Goo j^in » . 

1764 Feb. 24. Samuel Hill & Sarah Cutler 

March 6 Thomas Thwing Jun"- & Elizabeth Parker 
April 26 Samuel Cook Jun'" & Elizabeth Dickson 
■ - June 7 Isaac Clark & Elizabeth HiU 

Nov . 8 John Ranfhon Sigourney & Eunice Kidder 
Nov^'" 21 John Goodwin 3^"'^ & Efther Bradifh 
~ Nov''^ 22 Nath" Prentice & Abigail Logan Married by the 

Hon'*^« Judge Danforth Esq'" 

1765 Jan. 3. Jofhua Converse & Molly Wyman Married att y^' 

Nehemiah Fuller & Chriftian Wood same time- 

Thus far I have delivered in the Names of y*^ 
Perfons married by me to Andrew Bordman Esq' 
Town clerk " • 

1765 March 6 Joseph Ayree & Sufanna Brooks 
April 18. Joseph Miller & Eunice Coolidge 
June 17 William Barber & Elizabeth Clifford 

Vide Page (111) 

182 Records of the First Church, Cambridge. 

(90) The Names of Children Baptized by Nath^^ Appleton. 

1760 Oct'" 19. Charles of Tbaddeus Wvman ) ,, ,, ^ 

barah 01 Jon'* Cooper, Jim' ) *^ 

26. Orlando of Caleb Dana, Jun*" 
Nov^M 6. Elizabeth of Gideon Froft. 

23. Samuel of Sam'' Kent 

■ •-.■'■..,■ * 

Ebenezer king of Isaac Bradifh 
Dec'^^' 7. Richard of Zachariah Bordman 
Susannah of John Stratton 

,. 28. James of Bethiah Champney 
Mercy of Jedidiah Larned 

1761 Feb. 8. Elizabeth of Cap^ W"^ Angier 

22. Sarah \ 

& > Twins of Jon^ Wyeth 

Hepzibah ' 

Sufaunah of Jedidiah Learned 
March 22. Elizabeth of B' John Wright 

Katharine of Benjamin Euftis of Bofton. 
April 26. Samuel & Sarah, Children of Elizabeth Dolly 
May 10. Blake, Son of Nath'' Sparhawk 

Silence — Son of Widow Merrial Cutting Her 
husband died laft fall. 
24 Mofes of Jofhua Rand 
Daniel of W"^ Gammage 

Daniel of Daniel Watfon. - 

July 3. Samuel of Sam'' Rand Jun. 
19 Sarah of Solomon Prentice 

Hugh & Jofeph, children of Nehemiah Mafon. 
Thomas of Thomas Gardner ' • " 

August 30. Mary of Edward Jackson ■ ■ ; ; vP : • 

Sept'"" 6. Jofhua of Stephen Palmer Jun^' .: 

13. Jofiah of Jofiah Mafon ^ : H^ 

27. Prifcilla of Benjamin Hill • 
Oct'"' 4. Hannah of Cap* W"^ Angier i 
Oct. 18. Hubbart of Hubbart Rufsell 

Nov'" 1. Samuel of Abraham Froft, by M'" Bridgham. 

{To be continued.) 

-J%- ■ ■ ■ 


i V , By S. p. SlIAEPLES. 

(Continned from Vol. V, page 146.) 

18. Thomas Webster {Thomas, Thomas, James), b. Exeter, N. 
H. The following notes probably apply to this Thomas AVebster, 

• but I have been unable to find anything in regard to him after 1798. 
' March 28, 1772, Thomap. Webster of Exeter, yeoman, for £20 sold 

Eliphalet Giddings of Exeter, innholder, about u7 rods in Exeter 
that was set off to me as my share in estate of my father, Thomas 
Webster. Susan Webster signed the deed. She was his mother. 

Thomas Webster, of Exeter, was in Shortridge's Co., Poor's Reg- 
iment, June 29, 1775. Thomas Webster, of Exeter, was in i\Iart<- 
ten's Co., Oilman's Regt; marched July 22, 1776. Thomas Webs- 
ter enlisted for three years Feb. 13, 1777, out of Morris' Co. 4th 
Regt. Militia. 

March 7, 1785. Jonathan and Daniel Tilton Admin, of estate of 
Jacob Tilton of Portsmouth, for £27 sold Thomas Webster of Exeter, 
baker, all right to J acre with house and barn in P^xeter on highway 
from Exeter to Epping. 
'. - March 24, 1785. Thomas Webster of Exeter, baker, for £30 sold 
Eliphalet Giddings of Exeter, P^sq., my dwelling house and adjoining 
and. And all my rights in about 4 acres in Exeter which was set off 
to my mother for her thirds in my father's estate. 

Aug. 14, 1798. Thomas Webster of Exeter, baker, for $10 sold 
Benjamin Pierce, sheriff of Exeter, blacksmith, 10 rods in Exeter. 

I have no record of wife or children. 

li' 19. Nathaniel Webster (Thomas, Thomas, James), b. 1747? :m. 

• Deborah . He lived in Exeter and Gihnanton. Dec. 14, 17G9, 

Nathaniel of Exeter, cordwainer, sold Dudley Becket of Exeter, cord 
wainer, all right I have or shall have to estate which may be coming 


184 J^otes in li elation to tlie Webster Family . [January 

or due to me by heirship out of or from estate of my father Thos. 
Webster late of Exeter. Deceased. • 

. Nov. 28, 1789. Nathaniel Webster of Gilmanton, cordwainer^ 
sold Emerson Porter of Gilmanton, a house and barn in Gilmanton 
on the laud which I have laid unto said Emerson, with the hogspen 
and fence on said land. 

Wife '^Debrah" signed deed. 

Oct. 29, 1702. Nathaniel Webster of Gilmanton, cordwainer, for 
$700 sold John Webster of Gilmanton, yeoman, 40 acres in Gilmanton 
which is my homestead farm. 

Oct. 20, 1802. John Webster of Gilmanton, yeoman, for $350 
quitclaimed to Nathaniel Webster of Gilmanton, cordwainer, and to 
''Dabrah" his wife, during either of their natural lives, all interest in 
40 acre lot, being the homestead farm I bought of Nathaniel. 

Query, Was John the son of Nathaniel and Deborah? 

Dec. 30, 1808. John Webster, of Gilmanton, sold to Noah Weeks 
and in the 40 acre lot. This deed is given to Weeks "subject to a 
lease which I have given to said Nathaniel for his support." 

20. Nathaniel Webster (2Va^/ia7i/cZ, Thomas^ James). 

Nov. 17, 1752. Nathaniel Webster of Exeter, laborer, for £300 
old tenor sold Theophilus Oilman of Exeter, blacksmith, all right "j 
have to lands, tenements and hereditaments w4iich my father Nath- 
aniel Webster of Exeter gentleman, deceased, was possessed of at his 
death together with pew in meeting house, which said father gave me 
in his will, it being the wall pew on the lower floor adjoining to the 
men's stairs in the s. w. corner of the meeting house and adjoining 
to Capt. John Oilman's pew." ' . 

Dec. 13, 1755. Nathaniel Webster of Exeter, husbandman, for 
£900 old tenor, sold John Connor of Exeter land in Brintwood, given 
me by my Grandfather John Oilman, in his will. 

June 15, 1764. Nathaniel Webster bought land lately belonging 
to the estate of Rev. Mr. John Odlin, deceased, and sold it the 
same day to Jonathan Oilman. 

Early in the last century there was a famil}^ of Websters in Sand- 
wich, N. H. The father of this family seems to have been James, 
but I have no account of the name of his wife. 

Children: ' • 

1 i William. 
• r.:\ ii Josiah. 

; :; -; 1905] jSIotes in Relation to the Webster Family, 185 

■:^.p:\^r 2 iii Sarah. ■;■:'. 

;>^v: 3 iv Isaac, b. Feb. 21, 1774. 

' " 4 V John. ■ 

5 vi Daughter, m. Asa Pettingill. 

. : :^ The above family may belong to the family of James of Boston 
but I know of no proof of this fact. I do not find any account of 
■ > them on the records of Rockingham Co. 

1. William Webster {James)^ m. April 10, 1804, Hannah Pettin- 

^^^^^^^^:-fe 6 i James, b. Dec. 15, 1807 ; d. March 7, 1885. 
7 ii Josiah. 
'•; : 8 iii William. 

^ ;•-■- 2. Sarah Webster (Ja?7ie5), m. April 27, 1784, Elisha Mudgett. 

i Elisha Mudgett. 

^ ^ ://;,■';; : ii David Mudgett, b. July, 1796 ; d. March 17, 1889 ; m., 1st, 
; : / . Sarah Burnham, 2nd, Kate Philbrick. 

:'-'c._:S:r'-^y.. iii Orlando Mudgett, m. Margery Hinds. 

^^^ ^V^;^ >■; ^^ iv Moses Mudgett, m. Clarissa Eaton. 

%-'^''y^''''-j^yM"C::-:-^ Jesse Mudgett, m. Jane Burnham; b. May, 1816; d. Aug. 
-;'''"'" '"-^' 12, 1885. 

V -. vi Sarah Mudgett, m. Nathaniel Tukesbury. 

V vii Mary Mudgett, m. John Watson; m., 2nd, Stephen Vittum. 

viii Dolly Mudgett, never married. . . 

'shUV^^^^^ ix Samuel Mudgett, m. Sarah Eaton. 

:vi- \ 3. Isaac Webster (James), b. Feb. 21, 1774; d. April 10,;i855 ; 

v,g m. Oct. 31, 1799, Sally AVatson, b. May 8, 1778, died Nov. 28, 1865. 

= ^i; •- Isaac Webster of Sandwich, husbandman, and wife Sally in her 
v": -- right sold John Webster of Sandwich, N. H., husbandman, part of 
Lot 15 in 1st long range in Sandwich beginning at S. W. cor. of 
' ^ said lot thence north to Montgomery Brook which empties into old 
sawmill pond, thence east until it hits the brook that comes from 
^ Syrus Breed's Mill. , : : ; 

Children : 
9 i Ira, b. Aug. 5, 1800; d. June 13, 1837. 

ii Lucinda, b. May 13, 1806; d. 1892; m. John Prescott. 

186 JSFote.^ in Relation to the Weh'iter Family, [January 

iii Elmira W., b. Sept. 6, 1808, d. Aug. 20, 1880; m. June 

22, 1837, Daniel M. Watson. 
iv Iluldah, b. Nov. 1, 1810, d. June 30, 1876; m. Feb. 16 
1837, Benjamin F. Burleigh. 

10 V Sarah, B. b. Sept. 22, 1817; d. Sept. 19, 1893. 

11 vi Lyman W., b. Oct. 5, 1819. 

4. Jolm Webster (James) ^ b. ■ ; d. 1821 ; m. Rhoda Pet- 

tingill. His estate was distributed Oct. 20, 1821. To John Webs- 
ter beginning at small field on Cook farm. To Betsey Webster. 
To Rhoda Severance, some land, also a front room in dwelling 
house, privilege in cellar and part of barn. To Nathaniel, land. 

Children : 

i John, m. Dec. 27, 1818, Lydia Severance ; went to Pitts- 
field, N. H. 

12 ii Rhoda, m., 1st, Asa Severance; m., 2nd, John Smith Sever- 

iii Betsey. 
iv Nathaniel. 

5. Daughter {James), m. Asa Pettingill. 
. Child: 

i Hosea Pettingill, b. Sept. 16, 1808; d. April 2, 1889; m., 
1st, Mary Q. Webster, daughter of Jacob ; m., 2nd, Polly 
Skinner, b. Nov. 1, 1818; d. Oct. 20, 1896. 

, 6. James Webster ( TFi^/ia??i, James) ^ b. Dec. 15, 1807 ; d. March 

7,1885; m. Abigail Bean, b. 1811. * 

Children : . 

"' ' * 13 i William, b. Sept. 22, 1828; d. Dec. 1, 1887. 
' ii Philip, b. January 30, 1832 ; d. April 9, 1868. : 

14 iii Charles, b. January 30,, 1837. 

iv Mary Ellen, b. Sept. 19, 1845 ; d. Oct. 27, 1868 ; m. James 
^ V Emma, b. Jan. 27, 1847; d. Sept. 9, 1865. 

7. Josiah Webster ( William^ James) ; m. Rebecca — . 
Children : 

i Maria, m. Oct. 8, 1828, Asa Severance. 

ii Daughter, m. ^^ogg. 

, ' iii Augusta A., b. 1838; m. Jan. 1, 1860, Jonathan Tappan, 

b. 1839. 

1905] ' JV'otes m Relation to the Webster Family. 187 

iv Elizabeth, never married. 

V George N., b. Oct. 5, 1830 ; d. Dec. 30, 1889. 

8, William Webster ( William^ James) ^ m. 1st, Hannah Pettingill; 
m,, 2nd, Annie Colburn. ., 

Children : 
' i James. ■ . :"\'' . 

ii William. 

15 iii Dudley, b. 1814. 
iv Josiah. 

9. Ira Webster {Isaac^ James), h. Aug. 5,1800; d. June 13, 
1837 ; m. Jan. 17, 1828, Jane Dunckley, b. 1799, d. Feb. 15, 1849, 
Danvers, Mass., daughter of Josepii and Jane Dunckley. David, 
Hilton, of Moultonboro, for $150, sold Irn Webster of Sandwich, 
part of lot 7, 4th range, in Moultonboro, Dec. 12, 1821. Dec. 12, 
1822, Ira Webster sold this laud to Nathaniel Davis of Gilford. 
March 25, 1850, Ancil IL, Elbridge H. and Sarah J. Webster, of 
Danvers, JSIass., and Lucinda Webster of Topsfield, Mass., sold land 
in Sandwich to Samuel Vittum. 

Children : 

16 i Ancil, b. 1828. 

17 ii Elbridge H., b. 1831 ; d. Dec. 12, 1884. 

iii Lucinda, b. 1833; m.May 19, 1853, Charles W. Beach, b. 
^ Portland, 1827, son of Charles and Mary Beach. 

iv Sarah Jane, b. 1836 ; m. Nov. 20, 1853, Joseph F. Glidden, 
,. of Manchester, N. H. 

10. Sarah B. Webster (Isaa,c, James), b. Sandwich, N. H., Sept. 
22, 1817; d. Sept. 19, 1893; m. Ira Marston, b. Oct. 17, 1813, d. 
Nov. 24, 1890. ... 

Children : / 

i Celestia M. Marston, b. Oct. 13, 1841 ; m. John A. Mars- 
' ; /■■■'^" ton. ^ . 

ii George E. Marston, b. Jan. 6, 1844; married twice. 
iii Julia E. Marston, b. Sept. 2, 1847; d. Nov. 11, 1897; m. 

James A. Barker, d. 1899. 
iv Charles S. Marston, b. Mar. 13, 1858 ; m. Carrie Atwood, 
d. 1897. 

V AVillis B. Marston, b. May 7, 1861 ; m. Adelaide J. Gilman. 


188 JVbtes in Relation to the Webster Family. [January 

11. Lyman W. Webster (Isaac, James) ^h, Oct. 5, 1819; m. 
Eliza J. Smith, b. Aug. 1822, d. Jan. 8, 1900, Sandwich, N. H. 

Children : 

i Celia, m. Henry C. Page of Fergus Falls, Minn, 
ii Edwin, m. Miss llanaford, lives Milledgeville, 111. 

12. Rhoda Webster (JoJni^ James), m. Oct. 11, 1821, Asa Sever 
ance, b. Mar. 31, 1798, d. Feb. 29, 1828; m., 2d, Apr. 8, 1830, 
John Smith Severance. . . 

Children : 

i John W. Severance. 

ii Asa Severance, b. Feb 1827 ; m. Maria Webster. 
•^ iii Betsey Severance, b. March 5, 1834 ; m. Sept. 30, 1857, 
Harrison M. Quimby. 
iv Sarah Severance, died young. 

13. William A¥ebster( James, William, James), b. Sept. 22, 1828 ; 
d. Dec. 1, 1887 ; m. Bclst-y Ilorne. 

Children : 

i Wesley, lives in Laconia. 

ii Livonia, m. Frank Oilman. Resides in Boston. 
iii Frank, b. 1852 ; d. Feb. 11, 1891. • ^ 

14. Charles Webster {James, William, James), b. Jan. 30, 1837 ; 
m. Marilla Bartlett; m., 2nd, D. Delia (Clark) Davis. 

Children, all by first wife : 

. V i Lizzie, b. Feb. 1864; d. Mar. 22, 1894; m. Wilfred Z. 
' " Plummer. i 

. ii Alice Maude, b. 1875; m. April 21, 1893, Erastus Bagley. 

15. Dudley Webster ( IFi/Ziam, William, James), h. 1814; m. April 
23, 1837, Fedora Hatch.. " r 

Child: -'-■'■'■'.:■ ■ -^ ■ ■ 

18 Orris D., b. Jan. 22, 1841. 

16. Ancil Webster {Ira, Isaac, James), b. Sept. 2, 1828 ; d. Mar. 
16, 1861; m. Oct. 31, 1850, Sarah E. Brown, b. 1832, d. Jan. 5, 
1863, daughter of John and Sarah Brown. 

Children : 

i Walter Brown, b. Aug. 7, 1852 ; d. Oct. 8, 1853. 
ii Willis B., b. June 16, 1854 ; d. April 10, 1856. 
. iii Lillian Brown, b. 1860; m. April 13, 1879, Jesse F. Dodge, 
son of George B. and Priscilla Dodge. 

1905] Notes in B elation to the Webster Familij. 


17. Elbridge H. AVebster {Ira^ Isaac, James), b. 1831 ; d. Dec. 

12, 1884; m., 1st, Lydia B., ; m., 2ud, Feb. 8, 1856, Abby F. 


Children : 

i Horace G., b. Aug., 1851 ; d. Mar. 29, 1859. 
ii Ella I., b. Danvers, Mass., Oct. 25, 1856; d. Boston, Aug. 

22, 1858. 
iii Marion, b. Boston, Nov. 12, 1859; m. April 16, 1881, 

James P. Stedman, b. 1857. 
iv Emma L., b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 7, 1862 ; d. Aug. 1, 1865, 

V Ira L.,b. April 17, 1865, Boston; d. July 16, 1865, Boston, 
vi Ethel, b. Aug. 31, 1870, Boston, Mass. 
vii Annie Evelyn, b. Boston, April 3, 1875 ; m. Sept. 22, 1897, 
Myles H. Keith, son of Oswell N. and Sarah Keith. 

18. Orris D. AVebster {Dudley, WUllanc, WilUant, James), b. 
Jan. 22, 1841 ; m. Mary M. Keyser, b. June 22, 1843, daughter of 
Daniel and Mehitable Ke3^ser. 


i Almon G., m. Dec. 21, 1884, Emma Stevens, dau. of John 
and Adeline (Rogers) Stevens of Rumney. He is a R. R. Engineer 
on the Boston and Maine R. R. 

{To he continued.) 

. i . 



Note on the Griffen Famil}^, compiled by Joseph Griffen about 

Richard Griffen^ emigrated from Wales, and was one of the first 
settlers on Long Island. He lived at Flushing, L. I., and had sev- 
eral children, but it is unceitain how many. The family of John 
Griffen at Purchase (Westchester Co., N. Y.) and John and Joseph 
Amawalk were descendants of his. He had a son by the name of 

Richard,- who continued to live at Flushing and married a 
woman named Haight. Jacob, Nichole!=!, and others of Nine Part- 
ners are descendants of the same family. Also the families of Haight 
at Rye. The said Richard Griffen had fourteen children. The eldest 
was Samuel ; the others are Joshua, Jonathan, Edward.^ Obedlah, 
Joseph, Gilbert, James, Richard, Abraham, Deborah, Sarah, Mary, 
Mirriam. Samuel and James went east. 

Samuel left several children. James went to Oxford, and was 
a military character ; he married in Boston, where he continued his pro- 
fession, and left no children. Richard and Abraham went to the 
southward, where they settled and left families. Jonathan, Edward 
and Obediah settled in Westchester Co., N. Y., near each other; 
Jonathan at Scarsdale, N. Y. ; Edward and Obediah at Tuekahoe, or 
Phillips Manor. Jonathan was a military character, and an active, 
enterprising man. He did much business in a mercantile way, and 
acquired a large property, but he suffered much in his estate during 
the Revolutionary War. He left no children. Edward, Obediah and 
Joseph moved to Nine Partners. Edward left twelve cliildren, whose 
names were Richard, Sarah, Thomas, Obediah, Gershom, and Jona- 
than,'* Bridget, Susanna, Sarah, Amy, Mirriam and Elizabeth. 

Richard moved at the close of the Revolutionary War to 
Upper Canada, with nine children. Left one at Nine Partners. He 

had five sons and two daughters who lived to have families, besides 

two that died young. Thomas went to Nova Scotia at the close of 

the Revolution and died there. Had three children who lived at 

(190) ^ r ; • . 

JVotes and Queries, 191 

Nine Partaers. Obediah likewise went to Nova Scotia, but after 
wards moved to Upper Canada. Gershoin moved to Coeymans, N. Y., 
and died there with an epidemic fever. lie left fis'e sous and 
two daughters. The names of the sons were Uriah, Caleb, Seneca, 
John and Jacob ; of the daughters, Mirriam and Phebe. Bridget 
married Moses Halleck and died at Nine Partners. Susannah died 
at Tuckahoe and left one son by the name of Hunt. Amy married 
David Travis. Sarah married Stephen Tomkins and died at Chat- 
ham. Mirriam married Uriah Davis ; left no children. Elizabeth 
married Thomas Wilbur ; had three sons, Nathan, Edward and 
Thomas, and several daughters; she died in Wilton, N. Y. Jona- 
than, the youngest of the sons, married Mary Brown, daughter of 
Nathaniel Brown of Dutchess Co. He moved from Nine Partners to 
Saratoga in 1783. He had eigiit children : four sons and four daugh- 
ters who lived to grow up, besides two daughters who died young. 
Their names were Gershom,^ Samuel, Bridget, Mary Elizabeth, Isaac 
and Jonathan and Sarah. Sarah died without being married. Ger- 
shom married Hannah Hoxie, daughter of Zebulon Hoxie, one of the 
first settlers of Easton, N. Y. He had six children : Joseph^, Huldah, 
Mary, Anna, Alice and Sarah. Samuel married Abagail Wilbur, 
daughter of Thomas Wilbur of Saratoga and had several children. 
Bridget married Phillip Palmer of Galway and had several children. 
Mary married Isaac S. Wilde of Saratoga, and had two sons and 
three daughters : Isaac and Jonathan, Sarah, Hannah and Debora. 
Elizabeth Griffen married Richard Barnes of Saratoga, and had no 
children. Isaac married Rjbecca Macy, daughter of Abraham Macy, 
of Ghent, N. Y. She left two children, after which he married 
Anna Shepperd, daughter of Thomas Shepperd of Saratoga, and had 
several children. Jonathan married Sarah Wilde and had one 
daughter and one son which died young. — Contributed by Zeno T. 
Griffin, 916 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, 111., who adds the follow- 
ing : . . . ■•.-.. . . . . :. .. -:■■: . : , 

' Joseph^ married Matilda Thomas, daughter of Jared Thomas, of 
Sandy Hill, N. Y., and had four children, Zeno T., David, Alouzo and 

\ Zeno T.*' married Adella L. Tucker, daughter of Morris Tucker 
of Williamson, N. Y., and had three children, Etta L., Joseph M.^? 
married Julia INIalone, daughter of Edward T. Malone, of Oak Park, 
III., and Grace A. Etta died without issue, unmarried. 

, Is any thing known of the origin of Richard Griffin, the emigrant ? 

192 -^ JSTotes and Queries, [January 

Germans. — A recent publication b}^ The Librar}^ of Congress, 
destined to prove of utility to genealogists, is " A List of Works 
Relating to the Germiuis in the United States," compiled by A. P. C. 
Grifiin, Chief Bibliographer. Mr. Griffin says this List represents the 
contents of the Library on the subject of the Germans in the United 
States, so far as found by examination of the card catalogue and of 
the shelves. The literature on the Hessians has not been noted. The 
history of colonial settlements has been noticed, as well as of the 
modern immigrations. 

Vital Records of the Town of Brewster, Mass., to the end 
of the 3'ear 1849, literally transcribed under the direction of George 
Ernest Bowman, Editor of the Mayflower Descendant. Published 
b}' the Mass. Society of Mayflower Descendants at the charge of the 
Cape Cod Town Record Fund. Boston, 1904. 8vo, cloth, pages 281. 

This volume of records is the first fruit of the Cape Cod Town 
Record Fund which originated with members of the Mayflower So- 
ciety, and by means of which we shall eventually have at hand for 
convenient reference the records of the principal towns in south- 
eastern jMassachusetts. Not only are we thus enabled to have access 
in print to a literal cop}^ not a chopped and disfigured alphabet of 
names and dates such as are being published by other societies (who 
should know l)etter), but the records are preserved for all time- 
insured against loss or defacement by fire, water or any of the 
dangers which are ever present, and of which all who have occasion 
to refer to old records are well aware. 

The history of this volume is of unusual interest. From the outset 
the Society has printed town records as in the original, and in the 
Mayflower Descendant are to be found in print many of our early 
records of births, marriages and deaths ; but it is also safe to assert, 
though the writer has no information regarding this point, that it 
was expected that the State of Massachusetts would extend the op- 
eration of the Vital Statistics Law so as to allow the Mayflower 
Society the privileges accorded other societies printing town records, 
and thus not only obtain for public libraries throughout the state the 
advantages of possession of copies of this valuable record, but permit 
the Mayflower Society to recoup itself, in part, from the fund annu- 
ally appropriated by the State for the encouragement of the preserva- 
tion in print of our tovrn records. This, however, was not to be. 
The Commission, having power to accept this work as one of the 
series of Vital Statistics, refused, on the ground, it is believed, that 



1905] '■■■'"'"■:':_-■ :-'^--\ ■ J^otes and Queries.- 193 

:^ W not being printed in the fashion preferred by the Commission it could 

not be accepted. The law calls for a literal copy of the records to 

be deposited with the Secretary of State ; does not prescribe how 

;■;■.; the printed copy shall he arranged. But it is manifestly the intent 

/ v; ■ : of the law to obtain the preservation of the records, and will anyone 

assert that there is any better manner of attaining that end than by 

■^^^■■ry$: printing a literal copy ! We regret sincerely the failure of the Society 

to obtain recognition so well deserved, thus robbing the genealogical 

;,l , public to the extent of hampering the work of the Society in printing 

■ ■ these invaluable records, which otherwise would proceed much faster. 

:. v Now as to the book itself. First, it is well printed on good paper, 

in proper sized type, and is a credit to all concerned. 
;'; Brewster was incorporated in 1803 and was named in honor of 

. . Elder William Brewster. Originally a part of Harwich, it is of course 
necessary to refer to other records than those here printed for the 
vital statistics of the people of Brewster before the incorporation, yet 
.' there are very many entries of births prior to the date of incorpora- 

: , ;. tion. In every case reference is given to the page of the original 
record, thus facilitating research if any doubt arises as to the correct- 
ness of the transcript. And in this connection it is well to bear in 
1 mind that in the town records accepted b}^ the Commission, those 

I :vC/-- publications subsidized by the State, this very important feature is 

I etitirely lacking. If one hesitates to accept the dictum of the editor 

j of the alphabetically arranged Vital Statistics there is no help for it 

save to examine either the original or the MSS. copy in the office of 
the Secretary of State, and as the majority of ancient records do not 
appear in exact chronological order, there is almost sure to be an ex- 
asperating search to find the entry Avanted. 

Mr. Bowman has edited the Brewster record with good judgment, 
printing every entry except certain duplications, but when these entries 
are not in the literal sense duplicates of former entries he has notomit- 
'.■'.^^'r ted them. Thus one may refer to this volume with as absolute surety of 
finding every item of the record as if the record itself were examined. 
:r:-^:-'^y' The names of ninety four advance subscribers to the Brewster 
Records are printed, among which appear but two Massachusetts 
libraries, a striking commentary on how the action of the Commission 
will surely be viewed by Public Libraries, who expected the usual 
distribution by the state, which has taken 500 coi)ies of the other Vital 
Statistics at a price profitable to the publishers. A hasty estimate 
of what would have been due to the Mayflower Society under a proper 



I« *-l -r- "^^^ 

194 J^otes aiid Queries. [January 

interpretation of the law for 500 copies of this voUime, the number 
the Commission is authorized to purchase, shows that the Mayflower 
Societ}^ might, under fair treatment, have recouped its fund to the 
extent of at least $750, perhaps fully $1000 ; which would have paid 
the cost of bringing out another volume of records. 

There is an excellent index to the Brewster Records, and it 
would not surprise the writer if this volume brought about a needed 
reform in the rulings of the Commission, and resulted in the pub- 
lication of Vital Statistics in the only form which should be coun- 
tenanced officially. ■ E. P. 

Johnson. — The New England Historical Genealogical Register 
for Januar}^ contains the beginniug of a genealogy of the Johnson 
family of Woburn, descendants of Capt. Edward Johnson. It is the 
result of long and careful research by the author, Hon. Edward F. 
Johnson, assisted b}^ such capable antiquaries as Mr. Arthur G. Lor- 
iug and Librarian Cutter. We understand the Register articles are 
intended to be the nucleus of a complete genealogy of the family. 

Converse. — Some of the Ancestors and Descendants of Samuel 
Convers, Jr., of Thompson Parish, Killingly, Conn., Major James 
Converse of AVoburn, Mass., Hon. Heman Allen, M. C, of Milton 
and Burlington, Vermont, Capt. Jonathan Bixby, 8r., of Killingly, 
Conn., is the title of an extensive genealogical history of the principal 
branches of the Converse family in America descended from Deacon 
Edward Convers, one of the founders of Woburn, and the important 
Vermont and Connecticut Valley family of Allen descended from Cor- 
poral Edward Allen of Ipswich, Mass., and later of Sutlield, Conn., 
introducing lengthy sketches of families intermarrying with those 
families, especially in the lines of Prentice, Edgecumbe, Painter, 
Baldwin, Nash, Porter, Lamberton, etc. The families mentioned are 
but a few of those so fortunate as to obtain representation. The 
work is to appear in two volumes, is likely to run to 1000 pages, 
and will be abundantly indexed and profusely illustrated, and printed 
on the best paper. This great work, the result of many years' labor 
of Col. Charles Allen Converse of Philadelphia, will be published in 
the early spring by the Research Publication Co., the work being 
done at the Salem Press. The price will be increased after publica- 
tion. There is little doubt that in matters of detail and conscientious 
endeavor to preserve all that is worthy of preservation concerning 


1905] JSTotes and Queries. 195 

the families embraced in the scope of the \York, the compiler has left 
little to be desired. The edition is limited. Orders for the book 
placed with Mr. P^beii Putnam, 2(j Bro^'.d street, Boston, will insure 
. earlj' delivery of the volumes. 

Knapp. Samuel, of Danbury, Conn., born 27 Aug., 1695, 
married Martha and had thirteen children. He married, second, 15 
May, 1748, Mercy Bonton. He died 21 Oct., 1751. What was the 
maiden name of first wife, and who were his children? — Mrs. George 
I. True. 

McKennan. The birthplace, ancestry and time of arrival in 
America are wanted of James McKennan, who settled in Rutland, 
Mass. He was married in 1744 at Ilolden, Mass., by Rev. Mr. 
Buckminster, to Margaret Smith, daughter of James and Margaret 
Smith, who settled in Rutland or Holden, between 1713 and 1720. 
Also names of children of Andrew McKennan, grandson of James 
McKennan. — Miss Josephine S. Keunan, 424 Washington St., 
Brookline, Mass. 

Taylor. Middlesex County Court Records show that Richard 
and Seabed Taylor took the freeman's oath, 6 April, 1680. These 
names are not on the published list. 

Adams. An English correspondent sends us the following items 
from parish register of Honington, Co. Warwick. Baptisms regis- 
tered re Adams, 1611 to 1636 : 

1611, August 24. Frances, daughter of Henry Adams. 

1612, November 22. Margery, daughter of Henry Adams. 
1614, June 3. William, son of Henry Adams. • 

1619, September 14. Anne, daughter of Henry Adams. 

1620, Novemt^er 6. George, son of Henry Adams. 

^ There are nearly 200 wills and administrations calendared to the 
name Adams at the Probate Registry at Lichfield from 1520 (the 
* earliest date) to 1650. There is only one Henry, viz. 1615, Henry 
Adams of Youlgreave, Co. Derby, Adni. 138. 

Dana. Jacob Dana, born Feb. 2, 1654/5, died Dec. 24, 1698, 
son of Richard and Anne (Bullard) Dana of Cambridge, Mass., mar- 
ried about 1678, Patience who survived him and died in 1712. 

His grandson Jacob (4) Dana (Jacob, Jacob, Richard), born in 

196 JSfotes and Queries, [January 

Ciiarlostown Aug. 16 ,1721, son of Jacob, Jr., and Abigail (x\(lams) 
Dana, lived in Pomfret and Ashford, Conn., and was one of the men 
who marched fiom Connecticut on the Lexington alarm, April, 1775. 

He married before 1754. Another account gives his birth as 

1729. Can any one supply the names of the wives of these Jacob 
Damis? E. E. Dana, Cambridge. 

Webstkr — John and Eachel Webster of Portsmouth, N. H. 
The information in regard to this John AYebster is very limited, I 
find on Portsmouth Records, Vol. 1 , the following notes in regard to 
him : 

May 20, 1G51, It is granted this Town meeting, that John 
Webster shall haue the huse sould by Jaft'rey Rugge to Roger Knight, 
on the great lUand and likewise aight ackers of land near adjoining 
to be laid oat by the Tounsmea fower Rods at the waiter side and 
the rest to goe bake. 

Jan. 12, 1652. John AYebster the younger is a witness to an 

Jan. 13, 1652. John \Yebster is to have 15 acres out Lotts. 

Sept. 13, 1652. John Webster hath agreed with the Towne for 
all the wine he hath drawn before this day and to pay fifty shillings. 

March 15, 1653. John Webster is to have the marsh that liethe 
betwin good man hames lott and the parsonage lott, which is com- 
passed with a gutter next unto goodman hames and the brook next 
unto the parsonage and upon the norther sid. 

December 5, 1653. John Webster is to have 5 acres in the first 
squadron in the plains next unto goodman pudington. 

April 17. 1654. John Websters lot doth begin at the north and 
by east corner of the parsonage lott leaving a way and doth extend 
towards the springe, north and by east corner of the parsonage lott 
leaving a way and doth extend towards the springe, north and by 
east 22 poll from the said 22 polls and toward Mr. Cuts diu north 
west and by north : 15 : poll unto Mr. Cuts his fence from the sayd 
and of Mr. Cuts fence 64 polls and at the sayd 64 polls and it doth 
extend diu east as the parsonage land doth : 56 : poll leaving a way 
between the parsona ge ground and his. 

March 8 1655, John AYebster is chosen selectman, and again the 
next year. . . 

20 March 1656. John AVebster is granted on acker of land upon 
the great Illand adjoining unto his last house or from near unto forte 
poynt. in the swampe. 

1905] ^ Notes and Queries, 197 

1658, John Webster subscribed to the rate for the support of 
the miuister £1.10. 

Dec. 16, 1658, John Webster of Portsmouth in Piscattaqu River 
sold to John Cult of same phice 10 acres on great Island; 2 acres 
of which I bought of Mr. Henry Sherburn and Roger Knight, and 
the other 8 adjoining to it for £25. Wife Rachel made her miu'k. 

July 7, 1676, Rachel Webster of Portsmouth in County of Ports- 
mouth and Dover for £6. sold to Thomas Ladbrook my now dwelling 
house in Portsmouth by y^ water side not far from y^' meeting 
house. Together with all movables and immovables belonging to 
said house. 

March 26, 1663. The widow Webster did with the Selectmen for 
droyin of wine formerly till this time sum of £3.0.0. 

Savage says, iv, 449' — .John Webster of Portsmouth 1648 a 
brewer, as constable was allowed charge for bringing Henry Taylor 
a prisoner to Boston in Col. Rec. HI 140. He may be the man to 
whom grant of land was made by Salem in 1638 in hope to draw him, 
and died 1662. 

Pope seems to think that the John of Salem was John Webster of 
Ipswich, but as the Salem man is described as a brewer and baker, 
I think that there is more probability of Savage being right. 
:■:. The note referred to by Savage is as follows. Joh. Webster cun- 
stable at Strabery Banke (psenting a bill of charges for the cariage 
of Henry Taylor to the prison at Boston to the vallew of £5.4*0. at 
by ^ticuler in the s^ bill appears for the satisfaction of whom, is 
was ordered, that the secritary should give warrent to the marshall 
of Puscataque to leuie the same out of the estate of the s'' Taylor i.<: 
if Taylor hath not sufficient &c. then the s*^ warrent to be to require it 
of the inhabitants of Puscataque & for non payment to levie the 
same. Col. Rec, III, 140. 

The question naturally arises was the John Webster who was Con- 
stable the same John as the one who was Selectman. Did this John 
leave any descendants? 

S. P. S. 

198 J^otes and Queries. [January 

Answer to Gobe query. '* Daughter Mary Gobe," mentioned in 
the will of Ralph Mousal, April 13, 1657, was the daughter of John 
Gove of Charlestown, who in his will of Jan. 22, 1647/8, gave his 
daughter ^lary, with his wife's full consent, to Ralph Mousal and 
his wife to bring up. John Gove (freeman of Charlestown, May 22, 
1638), left wife Mary, sons John and P^dward and this daughter 
Mary. His widow married (2) John Mansfield, brotlier-in-law ot 
Kev. John Wilson, first minister of Boston. Ralph IMousal men- 
tioned in his will wife Ales [Alice], sons John and Thomas, and in 
addition to " my daughter Mary Gobe," to whom he left " fifteen 
pounds to be paid at 18 years of age," three daughters of his own, 
Ruth Wood [wife of Edward Wood] Elizabetli Mousal and Macy 
Mousal, the latter of whom is said to have married Thomas (2) 
Goble (Thomas 1) of Concord. Can any one give proof and date 
of the marriage? E. E. Dana. 

GexSlalouical Books. The librarian of the N. E. Hist. Gen. 
Soc, Mr. W. P. Greenlaw, who this year completes a decade of ser- 
vice, says in his annual report — " AYhat can be done to secure in the 
printing of genealogical books the use of a durable book paper like 
that so common fifty or sixty years ago? More than five times the 
amount of money that sufficed a dozen years ago for binding was re- 
quired this year, and this increase was largely due to the inferior 
quality of paper used during the last twenty years. If the use of 
such inferior paper continues, later generations of investigators may 
search in vain for copies of many genealogical works. Measures 
ought to be taken at once to warn prospective publishers against the 
folly of trying to preserve genealogical data by committing it to such 
perishable paper as that used in many, recent works, as the only out- 
look for ultimate preservation of a goodly number of such books is 
through the expensive Emery process." It is meet to add that the 
introduction of illustrations is responsible in part for the deteriora- 
tion of the paper used, more attention being paid to getting good 
prints from cuts, than to the durability of the paper. 



Jams Fowle, a Church member, fully received and a howse keep- 
er marled and inhabating in the Town of AVooborn desears to be made 
free. Attest, Edw. Johnson. 

Admitted 14 May, 1668. 
These that hereunder named being men that are in full Comunion 
with the Church of Salem desire ye aprobatioii of this Hoii'ed Couit 
that they may be made freemen and above 24 years of age and 

Thomas West 
Henry West 

Samuel Orchard 
Jno Massy 
Will Downten 

; Attest, 

John Porter 

Edmund Batter 
Admitted 14 May, 1668. 

^ " Edward Convarse of Woburn being a member in full commun- 
yon with the church there desyreth his fredum." ' 
' Admitted 25 July, 1685. 

'.X ■,...■.■.•. ■*■>■';'''.; :;j■?^!^^\ 

■Ci ■:■'/< - 

•;>■ ■^"■--::* '■- 

'0'-:M':'i: (199) ■■ 


With this issue of the Quarterly the editors introduce 
a department through which, without resorting to 
lengthy special articles, attention can be directed to 
subjects needing the cooperation of the genealogists 
of the country, or which permits timely and friendly 
criticism of the conduct of certain enterprises which, 
properly carried out, would be of great benefit. The 
editors throw open to readers of the Quarterl}^ the pages 
of this d_epartment for suggestions of general interest, 
the only restriction being that each correspondent shall 
sign in full or with initials indicating the writer. While 
the management of the magazine does not assume re- 
S])onsibility for what may appear in these columns, yet 
the fact that a subject is touched upon at all will be evi- 
dence that, in the opinion of the editors, investigation 
or discussion relating to that subject is pertinent and 

will be helpful. . 

The Grencalogical Bulletin, which was commenced in September, 
1903, to be issued fortnightly, and 'of which twenty-four issues ap- 
peared promptly, has suspended publication with the appearance of 
the index number completing the volume. As the publication met 
with a very favorable reception and obtained a goodly number of 
subscribers, it is proper that some explanation of the decision to sus- 
pend publication should be given. The entire management of the 
Bulletin was the personal care of Mr. Eben Putnam, one of the edi- 
tors of this magazine, who finds himself utterly unable to give the 
Urae to editing the Bulletin which that publication would need, if it 
was to be kept up on the lines which he api)roved and which met 
with so hearty a support. At the same time, subscribers should un- 

1905] ;q; . Editorial and Correspondence. 201 

derstand that they themselves are in a great measure responsible for 
the giving up of the publication, for without pledges of prompt re- 
newals no one could be found willing to assume the responsibility of 
continuing the Bulletin or giving his time to its management as Mr. 
■ Putnam had done. In response to a request that all subscribers in- 
tending to renew would inform the publishers of their intention, very 
few thought it worth while to do so. It is true, after failure to re- 
ceive the following numbers of the Bulletin, more than two hundred 
wrote to the publishers, praising the Bulletin and expressing hopes of 
its continuance. But it was then too late, the Research Publication 
Co. had given up its Boston office and Mr. Putnam himself had made 
other plans which called for his whole time. 

One of these plans looks to the more frequent issue of the Genea- 
logical Quarterly. In order to make this possible the cooperation of 
some one well known to genealogists and who would consent to give 
time and labor without compensation was necessary. Mr. Putnam 
therefore purchased of the Research Publication Company the Gene- 
alogical Quarterly, which he had established in 1890 as the Salem 
'. ::■ Press Historical and Genealogical Record, and associated in its di- 
rection Mr. Stephen P. Sharpies of Cambridge, whose Kimball gene- 

• alogical work and especially his disinterested devotion to the cause 
of record preservation is widely known. Mr. Sharpies has consented 
to assume the labor of editorial direction of the Quarterly, assisted by 
Mr. Putnam, its former editor. Mr. Putnam continues to be respon- 
sible for the cost of publication of tfie magazine, and is solely re- 
sponsible for any debt incurred in its behalf. That the magazine 
might be issued as often as once a month needed the services of an 
enthusiastic genealogist, and this having been secured in the person 

: of Mr. Sharpies, the principal difficulty of a monthly issue has been 
done away with. 

Beginning with the issue next succeeding the present number the 

v; magazine will appear monthly, will consist of thirty-two pages each 
issue, and, for the present, the price of subscription will remain un- 

■ ^ 

The publisher requests subscribers to consider in connection with 

the Quarterly that this magazine has been published during -a period 

of fourteen years, without the support of any organization, without 

:; pledges from any source, and that the entire responsibility of its pub- 

202 Editorial and Correspondance. [January 

lication, with the exception of the last two years, has fallen entirely 
upon him, who has given his time and money freely to the cause, 
contributing, he is well aware, material of unequal values with the 
different volumes, but, nevertheless, being the means by which a 
great deal of valuable and useful genealogical material has been made 
available. The work of the publisher is rendered less difficult when 
subscribers renew the yearly subscription promptly. 

An index to the last three volumes is being prepared and will be 
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The proposition of Mr. Edwin D. Mead that the State of Massa- 
chusetts abandon the historic Indian as the principal charge on its 
coat of arms, substituting therefor a picture of a ship supposed to 
represent the Muyiiower, is receiving considerable attention. The 
present seal of the State may not be an ideal one, it certainly is open 
to criticism in representing the Indian in a perfectly unnatural posi- 
tion of holding the bow in the wrong hand, but whether the adoption 
of the picture of a ship which might be so unlike the real Mayflower 
as to prevent recognition by any of her passengers, would be an im- 
provement, is open to doubt. 

The Pilgrim band did much for the cause of human liberty, and 
this, is very generally recognized ; in fact, so much so, that manj^ 
Americans and foreigners think of Massachusetts as settled by the 
Pilgrims, rather than founded by the men >vhose leaders were of the 
Puritan party and who were not by any means when they left Eng- 
land in sympathy with the Separatist movement. Yet it might be 
truly said that the success of the Plymouth colony was due wholly to 
the example of a few men, as Bradford and Winslow, who came with 
the Mayflower band, and such men as Ilatherly, who followed much 
later. Plymouth Rock, and in the background symbols of the indus- 
trial and commercial interests of the Colony and State, by which it 
attained its present position, would be a fitter design for the State 
seal than an ideal ship and a tallow dip as shown in Mr. Mead's 
illustration. However, the Indian makes a picturesque design, and 
when his bow is placed by due legislative enactment in his left hand, 
will undoubtedly prove satisfactory to the coming generations to 
whom the Indian as known to the older members of the present gen- 
eration even, will be no longer existent. E. P. 


I (r\'n^*i /'% 







'il&y' >■ •' ■"-/:- -'.' 

fixVYE COPIivD oTer iS,ooo. Inscriptions 

^■1- ali prior to 1850, comprisivig over 

200 cemeteries in riyinouth County, 

Mass., a large portion of which can 

not be found on town records. •;.■, 


AVE FOR SALE v,.ritten Genealogies 
of Middleboro fai^iilv names. 


Searched and copied. Also Will; 
.■and l>eeds. ■:,:.;' /.v'''.;' 


Furpi?h^\i at Re'sonable 
Rates. v^r. ; 



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Record Agent, 

50, Besoroft Road, Brockley, London, S. E. 

In dfiily attendance at the Record Office 
and the Department for Literary En- 
;. qniry, Somerset House, Loudon. ^' ? 

'^'^- PEDIGREE research: ■*: 

Mr. Gerald Marshall undertakes profession- 
ally, all Ijranches of Genealogical re- 
search. Documents citetl for all 
facts. 'Lonij exi)erieuce. Fees 
rciisonahle. Caieof 



80 Chancer^/ Lane, Lptidon, England. 

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&aa| •^•'■^ jfV» I *1 f"*H l^*fe' ir-A^ .^\ ^"^ ^X. -f-""-- ,1^1 ' f"^ 

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^ ■■'- New Series, edited, extended and v;"'!' 
;■■;:■ cross referenced by -. ; '-/•;'. 


■io. I.-™ paper 


piIIvSE invalnable ,aieanlri.ii',b c<;iitliine e.nd ^iipplenieut Lite Gleaairi^^:^ prinlr-d by the 

N'eiY Eiiiidaad Histofic Giiiieuloirical Society, tind hnve beeii appcjir.hj.s: \i\ tlie Qiisr- 

:-■ v:-^':' terly. A small ediiioii 'wiU be rej.udnted from tlie typo used m tbe ma^aziijo. Eiicli 

•:-v!^^-i^ .part Is complete in itself, but^vheu several i^aris have been publieilied, suitable to fori;! 

■bi'^^- a volanso of handv size, an index to names found m the wills wblbe syDS»iied. 

■: ''K '■: ■-. - ' ■» ' ' '\-. 

^i-:M^.-' '-'::■■ '■■-:■■■ -;•;;--■-:•■■■■- -■:' •^^^^^ QV^CJA.l n"R"R"RI^ v^i :•;■■-• ^ . ■^-Z' :'-..:■.■ r'-'r^' ''^<^-- 

'■ In order that a coiuplete set of Mr. lleary F. A\bib.'rs' gieutung 5, the foiuidalion of 

: New England and Virginian geiicalogy, may ])e procured we make tae following oiUn- 
subject to Ayithdrawal wiibout notice :.•..;■■ :A:b;.;::K :■■'..- ■ ■ '- ' - / 

•"/:-/. Eninierton and Waters Gleanings from Etvirlish Kecords ai)ont Nev,- 

England Families, and Waters' Absti;a<;ts fr(>m MarrinL'e Licenses issued . • 
by the iiishop of boudon, 15US-InH9, pubUshed by the Essex Institute, 16S0, . . ; ; 
1802. 8vo. pp. 147, 1()7, fully indexed, j-Kiper. Tv,-o vohimes in o:k;. 

; =- ..'.-it:^ f'X'''j:y. 

Waters' Gleanings, ])ui)lisbed by the New Eniir. Hist Gen. Soc. 19bL 2 •' 

,; vols. 8VO, pp. ](; lo, cloth. . ■ ,_ , ., ^-r.^ . ;. ^ : .:.■.,,'..'.::-.:. [:\--r./-yv[r:-::- ... ••"-■'':' 

Waters' Gleaniags, New Series, Edited b> Lothrop Witliington, 8vo, 

:;;,, pp. 61, paper. :^, .;^^^.. ,.;;::, w;;,;.„^^^^^^^^ ;;;r™;-b ,; ;. -v-'ib^bb^-^v '".-,.;:• >.b A ■ j.^ -y^- 

Subscriplion to the Genealogical. Quarterly bMagaziDe for 1901 

conlaiiiiua: rortlierAjnanc-rly installments oi" Waters' Gleaibii!'i;s. A '-. ' 

A- • " ■ ■ :A-;b:.-..;AA^^^':-'b:Av: FOR $lS.OO,- ^ir /^r%:^^^^^^^^^ 

( Piitaam's Hooords and Record in Englaisd, ])eiag Vol. 1, No. f. Geii- 
j ealoi^'eaU^iiarterly Magazine, Dec, 1900, pp. 188-223, 75 cents. 

'' ) Puillirnor j-'B Silpplorneiltpo Ilov/ to Wrb.e the History of a Famby. Second 
( Ediiion, i;;Olb Pi'.- 2Ub ^LoU. b ' . . ^ 

T])eso bitter euabte tlic student not only to ?.snderstaiin {.lie diincalties nndM* which 
u-etu*alo.<2^!cal researches are carried on in Eir.u-!andbbnt how b.> uo to work" to bdlow np 
the clews and Information supplied l>y"?>Xr. Waters' researches. 

Also Vols.' A, 2, 3, -{, of The Ocnc«lo;riea! Quarterly Ma-axine, li,)00-A90a, 1 vols, in 
numbersAb'^-00, or bound in cloth, 5^10.00. 

The Kesearoli Publication Co., 1 SoiiiGrset St,; Boston, 


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